Beautiful Fascination

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  1. Alan slumped in his chair, definitely not up for another class. He had stayed up most of the night studying for a Calculus test, and it had really taken it out of him. He was pretty sure that he had gotten a decent grade, though, so it was all worth it. Chatting somewhat amiably with his friends that sat next to him, he got out the homework from the night before, which was only half-done.

    "Any chance I can borrow someone's answers?" he asked, knowing that someone would come to his rescue. He did enough times for them, and it was long overdue that they return the favor. As he frantically copied down answers, he kept an eye on the clock, knowing that the teacher would enter the room, and he was in a direct line of sight to the door.

    Brushing back strands of his shaggy black and light-brown hair, he ran his fingers along the spiderbites on the right side of his lips, deep in thought as he tried to figure out a way to rewrite one of the questions that required an explanation. He couldn't write it verbatim, but it was hard writing it in his own words. His dark eyes studied the problem and then the answer, and then he had it. Thankfully, it was the last question on the assignment, and he finished it just in time for the bell to ring.

    Sliding over the paper to his friend, he looked innocent enough by the time the teacher had entered. Suddenly, he wished he was able to wear his hoodie in class rather than the uniform, because then he could hide the spiderbites. Turning to his friends in a way that hopefully would keep the teacher from seeing them, he started up a conversation, keeping an eye on the teacher, not wanting to have to take out his piercings.
  2. Cordell Knutson could feel the butterflies in his stomach as his pale green eyes stared into his own reflection in the mirror. The man before his eyes stood at 5’8 which doesn’t make him the tallest in his family but of a respectable height in the population. His olive skin was a result of his frequent trips to the beach where he’s an active beach volleyball player, this made him stood out from his families who were predominately pale skin. His hair was styled in a way that has a heavy front with a slight wave which appeared to be very natural and reminiscent of beach vacation hair.

    Approximately two months ago, under the recommendation of his college professor, Cordell accepted a one-year internship to be a teacher at a local high school teaching English Literature. He did a double major in English Literature and English Language with a minor in Creative Writing. After his graduation, he was clueless about his career path and when the opportunity arises, he decided to jump on it. The prospects of a teaching career is great although he was uncertain whether been a teacher is his calling in life, he finds it to be rather fulfilling and something that’s outside his comfort zone.

    Today is the last day before the launch of the summer break and despite having a few months of experience, Cordell finds it nerve-wrecking to be teaching in a group of students who may or may not overrule him. He sighed as he picked up his outfit for the day, starting with a regular fit navy white stripe cotton shirt that were full sleeves, it was one of those shirts that he’d held close because it’s the first piece of clothing his previous lover had presented to him. They’d just broken up two weeks ago under the reasoning that Cordell is too boring for him. He’s never one who’s an extrovert and outgoing, instead he finds comfort in stability and routine which is just the combination for been boring. Shelving those negative thoughts to the back drawers in his mind, he continued with his outfit with a pair of ironed trousers custom-made with rayon fabric, the slim cutting highlighted his pair of well-defined legs underneath it. A pair of shined black leather shoes completed his professional look.

    A blackish red Toyota Wish is his travel companion, picked because of its fuel efficiency and sleek design, Cordell had it for the past five years and though many had urged him to change into a new vehicle he choose to ignore the advice. Been practical by nature, he’d taken great car of it and it’s in a fantastic condition and hence he didn’t see the need to get a replacement.

    Reaching the school approximately an hour before the start of the first lesson, the intern teacher made his way towards the cafeteria where he brought an egg and tuna sandwich and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Taking the food, he took a short stroll to the office where he sat down at the pantry and ate in peace. Occasionally his colleagues would drop by and he would greet them warmly, they had been helpful and friendly towards him and he appreciates that.

    Finishing up his breakfast, Cordell grabbed his teaching materials and a bottle of honeysuckled tea he had prepared beforehand and walked towards his first class. It was one of the senior classes that’s under his belt and as expected, the classroom was overly noisy and they were all excited since it’s the last day of the school term before the summer break.

    “Class, time to settle down.” He raised his voice a little to capture the class attention, “Mr. Alan, please take out the piercing now. You know it’s not allowed in school.”