Beautiful Disaster

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  1. Beautiful Disaster
    By: Ange and Odette

    Accepting New Characters: No
    Posting Expectations: Frequent
    Rating: Adult content inside. (Cursing, sex, etc.) Rated “R”

    Genre: Modern Romance
    Atmosphere/Mood: Romantic, serious, comical... a little bit of everything!

    Timeline: Modern (21st century)

    ~ ~ ~

    Cameron and Ella are opposite in every way possible; she from the Middle East and he
    American, poor and wealthy, a mute and a businessman. But somehow, as all love stories
    proceed, their worlds soon become entangled, and before either can take control, their
    relationship spins out of control. But Ysabella has secrets of her own, and she's not sure
    Cameron is ready to embrace them.

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    Character Name: Cameron Ford
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Dutch and German, although he was born in America.
    Age: 29
    Birthplace/World: New York City, New York
    Occupation/School/Grade: Executive Manager of Ford, LLC. Graduate of Columbia University.
    More: -


    General Appearance: Scruffy brunette hair, tall/strong-built form, light grey-ish blue eyes.
    Strengths: Track, swimming, anything outdoor-sy.
    Weaknesses: Dancing, because he's absolutely terrible.
    More: Although he is dating Miranda Churchill, childhood friend, their relationship is mostly on and off, which tends to upset their families. However, as long as the spotlight is on them, they're the most loving couple you could ever meet.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To expand his father's company, Ford, LLC and continue to lead it efficiently.
    Talents: Manipulating clients, communicating with others, being the life of the party.
    Inabilities: Relating with others that are below him.
    Fears: Being alone.
    [B]General Personality:[/B]
    [B][B]Inner Personality: Extroverted, charismatic, good sense of humor, classy.[/B][/B]
    [B][B][B]Secret: Feels his relationship with Miranda is going nowhere, however, in fear of not only tarnishing his families' reputation but hurting Miranda's feelings and damaging their friendship, he continues to date her, leading them on to the possibility of marriage.[/B][/B][/B]
    [B][B][B][B]More: -[/B][/B][/B][/B]
    [LEFT][COLOR=#F2F2F2][B]General History:
    [B]Cameron is the son of Isaac and Miranda Ford and brother to four other siblings that comprise of the Ford name. Born from a family of politicians, to fashion designers, and television personalities, Cameron was taught to withhold the family name by attending the best private schools across the country followed by a degree in business from the highly prestigious school of Columbia. Now he is the executive manager of his father’s business, Ford LLC, a highly-praised law firm spanning in 195 countries around the world. Still, contrary to popular belief, Cameron is unlike most stuck-up rich kids with opportunities practically thrown in his lap - his father made him work for the family title before it officially became his the year he graduated college. He is currently dating Miranda Churchill, a heiress to her families’ multi-million dollar trust fund, the daughter of famous modeling firm company founder Gillian Churchill and internationally renowned film producer Everett Sykes. They had been childhood friends ever since they could walk, and their relationship was something highly anticipated by both families. After all, there was a certain reputation to obtain, and the joining of two prestigious families was exactly what the media craved. Even though a marriage isn’t exactly what Cameron strives for at the moment, his parents prod him about it incessantly, hell-bent on setting up dates. Other than that, he is your average humbled guy that hates to be thought of as the ‘rich kid’ and enjoys hanging out with friends at the local bar whenever time allows.

    [LEFT][COLOR=#F2F2F2][B]Present Life: Currently continues to run his father's chain of law firms, living things a day at a time. [/B][/COLOR][/LEFT]

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    Character Name: Ysabella Numair
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Middle Eastern, possibly part European
    Age: 22
    Birthplace/World: Yemen
    Occupation/School/Grade: Maid, no formal education


    General Appearance: 5'7”, hourglass shaped but always covered in a hijab and long clothing
    Strengths: Singing, cleaning, cooking
    Weaknesses: Men, talking to others
    More: Despite wearing a hijab at all times, Ella does not believe in the Islam faith. It is simply she has worn all her life, and believes in being modest.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Enjoy her new life here in America
    Talents: Singing, cleaning, cooking
    Inabilities: She does not speak, but also has an aversion to men and tries not to associate herself with them
    Fears: That her family will drag her back to the Middle East, that someone will hurt her
    General Personality: Ysabella does not speak solely by choice; she wishes now to allow others inside, and thus restricts her voice. She is extremely docile and shy by nature, and very submissive. However, she is also very loving and maternal.
    Inner Personality: Secretly wants to find someone to talk to, but doubts she ever will. As a child she was bubbly and sweet, rather talkative, but believes that part of her died long ago.
    Secret: She is hiding.


    General History:
    Ysabella was born to to a Yemeni mother and father; severely premature at birth, her presence was hidden from the world. Her mother feared that the war raging beyond their door would swallow her daughter whole, and thus Ysebella never experienced much of the world. Her more prominent childhood memories are of the bombs blowing nearby, and her mother screaming as her father beat her.
    Ysabella was only five when her father shot her mother in the chest, and the image of the pool of blood still haunts the grown woman to this day; since that day, she has not spoken. His only reason was that he suspected the blue-eyed girl of belonging to another father.
    Ysabella's father, Tarun, carted his young daughter around the Middle East, smuggling her through wars and barricades between nations. Knowing that her muteness often frustrated the man, she often wonders why he hadn't just taken her life as he had her mother's. But instead, he smuggled her about, often escaping to northern nations as refugees. His treatment of her was awful, however, and the mute girl had little defence against the three-hundred pound man. He humiliated her in public, forced her to wear a hajib, and used her as a toy rather than his own daughter.
    When Ysabella was eighteen, she escaped into the Iraqi night; and since then, she has never seen or spoken to her father. After six months she was able to access a ticket to America, a refugee from a war-stricken country. And despite the loss of her old lifestyle, Ysabella keeps most of its aspects in tact; she still refuses to speak, and always wears a hijab.

    Present Life:
    Four years has passed since Ysabella (who is more commonly known as Ella in America) escaped her world and her father, but her fears and roots remain strong. Through a series of thoughtful people she managed to acquire a job as a maid and a home, and she takes each day one step at a time. She lives every day in fear that her father will discover her, and kill her like he did her mother.