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  1. Welcome to Beautiful Bakas academy
    We hope you have a fruitful stay with us
    Here at Beautiful Bakas academy we understand your imperfections
    That's why you don't have to be a genius, sporting champion, or top mage to join us
    You simply have to be good at one or more of the fine arts
    Most lessons will be centered around the fine arts, and not much else
    You will get extra lessons on the arts you specialize in
    Forty percent of your lessons will incorporate using magic with a fine art too
    Most of our students are rich or beautiful, but being those is not mandatory
    Though, if you want to do well it's highly recommended you are one or both
    You do not have to be pay to come to this private academy
    Everything is funded by the government
    All required items are supplied by the school
    But you may pack any items you wish to bring as well
    Other information will be supplied when you arrive
    We hope you make it here well and healthy

    Beautiful bakas academy

    Beautiful bakas academy if a lavish private school focusing on the fine arts, and a little magic. It has no other lessons. It is entirely free to attend, and the only requirement to attend is to be adept in one or more of the fine arts. Many students are also rich and beautiful though. For those of you who don't know, baka means idiot. It is named beautiful bakas because so long as the students can create something beautiful, they can be idiots in all other topics.

    The fine arts by the schools standards are:

    • Painting and drawing
    • Photography
    • Sculpture (includes all 3D art)
    • Other illustratic arts (mosiacs, printing and imaging, fiber art, calligraphy, comics)
    • Dance
    • Theatre
    • Architecture
    • Classical or Avant-Garde music
    • Poetry, prose, and creative writing
    Your character must be a student adept in one or more of these categories. They will learn the fine arts they are best at with some magic. In the world the are living in, magic had been around for one thousand years, and used in day to day life.

    There aren't any other plot points or rules, so when posting IC you don't have to worry about time tables or anything. I would like detailed posts (at least five lines a post), and you can post a maximum of twice a day, unless the role play requires otherwise. This is so the posts are easy to follow. You can have up two characters, but NPCs can also be controlled where needed (eg. teacher speech). You can not reserve a place for a character, this just messes things up for me. Please just post your character as soon as you can to sign up.

    Character templates

    Age: (12-19)
    Favorite fine arts: (Min.1, Max.4)
    Brief personality description:
    Other: (Not a required field)

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  2. Name: Faul Ganz
    Age: 13
    Sweet white girl.jpg
    Favorite fine arts: Theatre, dance, and singing (and a little of piano, but not a class she is taking.)
    Brief personality description: She is spoiled and haughty, but tried to act cute to get attention. Often uses her dad to show off. ("My daddy says...)
    Likes: Pretty and fine things and trinkets and people to ogle over her
    Dislikes: Not getting what she wants, being made fun of or being showed up
    Other: Her father is a very rich and influential person and is in fact, a fonder of the Beautiful Baka academy, so his word does carry some weight.
  3. Name: Alira Thist
    Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Favorite fine arts: Painting and drawing, sculpture, poetry, theatre.
    Brief personality description: Sweet and quiet, but bitchy and cold behind your back.
    Likes: Candy, art, cute boys, gothic lolita, being popular.
    Dislikes: Ugly people, rude people, chips, liars
  4. Both characters are accepted! They look great!I'll post my character when Im on my laptop not phone.
  5. Name: Ambros Chesterfield
    Age: 17
    Appearance: NihilisticShadow.jpg
    Favorite fine arts: Drawing, Dance, Creative Writing, Cello
    Brief personality description: Reclusive and solitary. He is egalitarian, and though he appreciates the fine arts, those who are more stuck-up sicken him. Has a motto; "If a man wears a suit and it is not black, he is not to be trusted."
    Likes: Symphonics, Space Rock, Abstract Art, Romance Novels
    Dislikes: Opera (exception: Italian), Hip-Hop and its subgenres, death metal, simplistic art, cubist art
    Other: Pursuant of a career as a Cellist. The other arts are just hobbies to him, though he rather likes Dance.
  6. He sounds cool. Already three people now!
  7. This sounds like it'll be fun when we start.
  8. Name:

    Hello there all...introducing:

    Name: Tamsin Willoughby
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Favorite fine arts: Music (Violin), Art (mostly sketches)
    Brief personality description: A lover, not a fighter. Although she is a talented musician her heart lies elsewhere as she is a girl who seeks to better the lot of the less fortunate. Generally quiet, Tamsin usually keeps herself to herself, unless she feels the need to defend someone else. Never herself though, she sees even that as selfish. She's odd that way.
    Likes: Peace (both the lack of war and quiet time), the great outdoors, birds of prey, cooking. General mother hen activities.
    Dislikes: Being sent to a frivolous academy xD, selfishness, lack of compassion. Not to mention rodents...her kryptonite.
    Other: (Not a required field)
  9. A Cellist and a Violinist. Quaint.
  10. Name: Maris (Mouse) Belsus
    Age: 16
    Appearance: working on it like a busy bee!
    Favorite fine arts: Bass Clarinet, singing, dancing, and acting (known as a triple threat)
    Brief personality description: Mouse is rather quiet and sweet until she gets on that stage. If you strand between her and her goal prepare to get squashed. Mouse may seem cute and good but she secretly loves a bad boy and tries to do anything she thinks well attract attention
    Likes: Music, sweet things, cute boys, naughty things, and bad boys
    Dislikes: bitches, people getting in her way
  11. And other likable musicians, as well.
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  13. Bass Clarinets the best :D
  14. Yay, lots of interest!

    All the characters are accepted so far! We can start soon too.
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  16. I think I'll put the IC up on Sunday. Friday is the closing date for sign ups though.
  17. (Thanks for suggesting this to me Red!)
    Name: Kathedra Motisque (Mo-T-kiss)
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Anime girl4.jpg
    Favorite fine arts: theatre (acting), singing, and violin (which she is especially good at!)
    Brief personality description: Outgoing, smart-ish-not nerdy at all just not really dump :P!, doesn't like to speak about her parents.
    Likes: cute boys, acting/singing, and farari cars that are red (guys: you can hook with a red hotrod car!)
    Dislikes: her mom, squash and nerdy guys :P
    Other: Her parents when she was 10, but 3 years ago her father died and she was stuck with her mother whom she does not like as much. Also was forced to play violin by her mom.
  18. Wow, so much interest! All characters so far are accepted, they look great.

    About time I did my own character... Best have a boy to balance things a little! Maybe a cute boy, since three girls especially like cute boys...

    Name: Louis Sullivan
    Age: 16
    Favorite fine arts: Photography (especially ones of flowers and birds), architecture (he wants to become an architect, and has a collection of building designs in his room), and piano (his doesn't enjoy this, only does as his father made him, and girls like it).
    Brief personality description: Louis tries to be polite and charming as much as possible. Louis is a show off, who loves attracting ladies attention. He doesn't date multiple girls at once or anything- he just likes having a lot of attention from girls. He has rich parents, who have taught him to never hurt and always help young children, ladies (exceptions for dangerous ones), and cute animals. He is intellectual, yet not streetwise. Louis isn't very good at sports either. If somebody is very rude to him, a secret superiority complex side to him emerges, and Louis goes mental.
    Likes: Roses, hawks, designing buildings, pretty ladies.
    Dislikes: Piano practice, being muddy, lack of female interest,
    Other: Well, if things get boring I'll make up an extravagant secret to reveal. Till then, nothing here.
  19. Only be nice to cute animals? Poor little warthogs! xD
  20. HAHA! :D so when do we start?