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    If you do wanna do another RP that's not this one just hmu man, s'all good.

    So what I'mma do is that I'm going to list out some little preferences or rules [coughs], the plot description and some stuff I have planned for it, the literal character herself and just sit back and wonder if any few people wanna take me up on it.
    We can totally rp in the messages or the forums, and multiple people can take on my idea, so don't think if someone replied first and is interested that you can't rp with me as well.... -wink!!!-

    You can also ask questions ofc, don't hesitate!


    → I need porn with plot. I don't do porn without plot, I'll get so bored with it so very fast.

    → Don't expect our charas to fuck every second! there's gotta be room for plot devices, character development, bonding that doesn't involve intercourse.
    → I'm doing anime for this plot, but if you wanna do realistic, hmu!
    → Don't be rude to me, you can totally be rude IC, but to me, no. I'll drop you so fucking fast. I've dealt with a lot of assholes in the past, I've lost a lot of patience and tolerance.
    → I like for posts to be 2-4 paras, it'll fluctuate and become more or less depending on the scenes and stuff, i like literacy and like that of course.
    → I also do MxM! c;
    → I can deny your offer to RP, I'm pretty sure everyone has that right.
    → The obligatory, have fun and don't be afraid to uh... Ask questions, and talk to me! Yaay~


    I will be leading the story along, so try to limit any plot changing events and whatnot. I got it covered, m8!!

    Honey is a nationwide idol, known for her happy go lucky demeanor, excellent popularity and fan base. There doesn't go a day where her face is plastered around, in magazines, signs, sometimes even t-shirts or phone cases. Since she's posted a rather vague contest, which all you have to do is find a super secret jar of honey [a picture of her inside a literal jar of honey... great humor] in the outstanding Kuu Magazine to win, seeing her big violet eyes everywhere has become almost irritating to say the least.

    The winner of this contest, which there can be only one, gets to meet Honey personally and go on a date with her! I guess then, you know what happens to your character. He either buys a Kuu Magazine, is loaned one, or buys one to give to someone else [etc etc] and he ends up winning.

    Before your character makes a decision of what to do with the winning ticket, your character receives a call from Honey herself, congratulating and saying that their date should be sped up to the next day. When your character asks why, she hesitates and says because she's going on a surprise tour soon enough, and wouldn't want to make you miss the fun they'll have. Before he can ask her how she got his number, however, she ends the call and doesn't pick up afterwards [or he doesn't call her back.]

    The next day, you head over to meet with Honey at the designated place given to you after turning in the ticket in her website. It happens to be a bit on the country side, and there you are picked up by what seems to be Honey's chauffeur with little to say.

    He rides you over to the hotel Honey and you should be having your date and drops you off, mysteriously speeding off. As you hesitate inside, no one seems to be there, which is strange for such an expensive hotel. You decide to sit in the lounge and wait.
    No one shows up for a long while, before a small brown dog waddles up to your character before promptly stealing their phone [or other precious belonging] and darting off. Given no choice, the character runs after it in attempt to snatch back their belonging before the puppy speeds off.

    The puppy darts into an open suite that seems more bigger and more expensive than all your life's earnings combined, the door strangely bolting shut after your character. The dog tumbles and you're able to retrieve your precious belonging. When the character looks up however, there Honey is in all her idol glory, with tow fluffy ears and a tail on top of her head.

    Honey is able to explain why she's brought you here and why she has a tail or whatever.
    Honey is an descendant of Ayero, a powerful ancient beast in the form of a wolf that you've read about in history books and ancient tales of culture and mythology. They were thought of as fake. She continues to explain the tradition led down of generations.
    The descendants of Ayero will be cast to death if they do not complete a trial of strength. Iio was all about strength, if anything, braving through his foes with courageous spouts. She was given this trial.

    During the trial, they will be cast into Ayero's homeland, a place of magic and tranquility where they normally fear and worship Ayero. However, during the trial, Iio resets everyone in the land's mindsets and chooses for them to mock and despise the descendant during the trial, who happens to be Honey. It is Honey's third and final task to get the residents to worship her once more under six months, or she will fail the trial and lose her life, ridding her from the human world as well.

    Honey explains that she has just started her third trial, and from pestering her elder brothers and sisters, she's come to the conclusion that she needs a powerful descendant of Ayero's main ally, Lau, to aid her in this task. And she was able to connect to you.

    However, as far as you're concerned, you're not some magical being or some descendant to Lau. But Honey doesn't seem to even mind it, pressing that fact that you do have magic in your blood, and that she knew it for sure. Honey then let's him know that he doesn't have a choice either if he can help her or not, they are already bounded by fate by Lau. And no matter how much he tries to leave or escape, he will always end up back in her presence.

    Honey then explains that they will be transporting from the human world to the magic world [which is called Haven] tomorrow, and that they needed to rest. And that's where the character is able to question her, try to leave, or why she keeps calling him 'Master'. There is more to ask, and more to be answered.


    Honey's Haven name is Anastasia, she appears to be a teenage girl but is about sixty years old, which is very young for a god's descendant.
    Her apparel from the human world to haven is completely different, but her facial features, hair color and length stay the same.
    Her height is 5'2, weighing about 154 lbs and a lot more curvaceous and rounded than most girls seemingly her age. She often has a pair of brown puppy ears and a thick fluffy tail.

    Honey (open)




    Haven apparel and looks.[​IMG]

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  2. I'm interested in this
  3. That was really interesting until I saw the anime pic :p awe shucks
  4. It's alright, we can do it without anime if that's what you're suggestin'!

    Alright cool, Ill just shoot you a PM. cx
  5. If you're still looking for more partners, I'd definitely be interested in doing this.
  6. I sure am~ I'll shoot you a PM! c:
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  8. Um, do you have a summary of your plot?
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