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      efore World War II,

      Wizardry came to existence around the 18th century, however garnered popularity in the 19th century, when quite the significant and ingenious individual created laws and regulations.

      These said laws would be abided by the Muggle population, and would protect the witches and wizards whom of which resided in the States for the centuries that would follow.

      His name was Abraham Lincoln.

      Due to these policies, which were given on a need-to-know basis, over the years, more and more witches and wizards became politicians, keeping seats in the government to protect the constant and steady growth of the Wizarding community in the US.
      Because of the exponential growth of the American population, Wizarding policies became vastly different than of their British comrades'.

      It was during World War II that it became difficult and problematic for the Wizarding community to disregard and stray away from the war, when so many American wizards had Muggle families to concern for.

      Previously, wizards and witches had left Muggle business to their own kin.

      However, with assistance received from wizards of higher positions, a bill was created that granted allowance to wizards to join the war; provided that magic done was not in direct conflict of the statute that prevented witches and wizards from revealing their magic.
      With this law, wizards were given a bit of leeway in order to serve the country.

      Roughly five million wizards served in the war.

      Thus, this is how four wizards were able to stumble upon each other during the war, and later creating Beaumont School of Magics.

      ehind the academy,

      Celestine Song was the remarkable visionary; the daughter of a Korean immigrant and a Japanese-American mother, her life had been anything but simplistic and facile.

      Upon her newfound knowledge of her magical abilities, her family was unable to afford schooling fees to even the most expensive of Wizarding schools in America, an injustice she felt that would later lead Celestine to create the Academy.

      Celestine learned of magic from her mother, the same way her mother had learned it. However, she would not encounter another wizard or witch until the war.

      In 1941, the Japanese bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. A year later, when Celestine was of the age of sixteen, she and her family were forcibly moved to an Internment Camp in California.

      And two years later, all of her suppressed ambition would finally come to light.

      When Celestine was of the eligible age, she volunteered to serve in the US military. Although Japanese-Americans were generally forbidden to fight a combat role, especially women, Celestine proved to be an outstanding, and was soon invited into the Army Air Forces.

      It was here that she networked to discover other wizards, three of whom would become her closest confidants - Dolores Rocher, Senri Calavera, and Vernier Titan.

      She told them of her childhood and later came up with the idea of the academy, despite it being a long-off fantasy at the time.

      In 1949, Celestine's plane was shot down, and although surviving the crash, was greatly injured, and within a few weeks, passed on.

      After the war, the individuals of which she befriended would create the school of which Celestine had spoken of, making use of the plans of which she had left behind.


      This roleplay's rating is: L3 S1 V2. Mature content isn't allowed because it goes against Iwaku's rules and regulations.The Libertine and Liberteen section is always over here if you're searching for content like that.

      Triggery content must be be labelled with a large red "!" at the top of your post . We want a safe environment for everyone here, so we will be very strict about this.

      We don't have a character creation limit, meaning you can create as many characters you think you can handle. However we do have restrictions on the types of characters you can create.

      Non-human characters, special powers, are all prohibited, and any powerplaying or godmodding may result in a warning.

      The maximum amount of warnings before getting kicked out of the roleplay is three (3), so use them wisely.

      You should complete your application within seven (7) days. We have this time limit in place so no face-claims are hogged and we know you're serious about joining.

      If you need more time don't sweat it, but please let a Co-GM/GM know before the week is up so we don't accidentally write you off.

      We have activity checks at the end of each month. We're pretty lax about what counts as activity, but if we see someone that hasn't posted within thirty (30) days, we will send a warning before writing them off as 'kicked off' after two (2) days.

      We have no word count, however, you must be able to write up to two (2) - three (3) paragraphs of writing, in order to ensure others have something to work with.

      Face-claims must be actors, musicians, or signed models. No internet stars or deceased celebrities because that gets a bit icky.

      Because students are depicted as high school students, we only ask that your face-claim be over the age of thirteen (13), and not over the age of thirty (30), unless they look younger than said age. We are overall lenient on the subject face-claims.

      We count your application as a face-claim reserve for fairness to prevent any face-claim hogging, and as said in the above, if you don't complete your character sheet in a seven (7) days, it will be up for the taking.

      We're pretty chill around here, just don't be a total dick. Any excess dickery will be given an official warning, or depending on the severity of dickness, result in being kicked off.


      Students are brought to the academy on a school bus. From the outside, the bus looks like an generic double-decker bus, while the inside has been enchanted to have multiple levels of seats, completely equipped with a mini kitchen, bathrooms, and individual dorms.

      The bus starts on the East Coast and travels at high speeds to each major city's bus station. The bus is the only way to get to the school as the location of the school remains a mystery to all who even bard the bus, as all windows are covered by blinds enchanted to withstand the strongest of magic.

      All students they are responsible for getting to their bus station on time.

      The Sorting Ceremony takes place on the first schooling day. Unsorted students are brought on stage at the end of the day and called one by one to the enchanted fountain. The circular stone fountain is summoned from the center of the amphitheater stage and is filled with water from the underground river that runs under the school along with smooth, charcoal black stones.

      When a student is called up, they choose one of the stones from the fountain. When the stone ceases contact from the water, the stone transforms into the gemstone of their assigned house, eventually turning back to stone.

      For Calavera, turquoise; Rocher, emerald; Song, gold; Titan, ruby.

      After the sorting, all the students are led into the main hall for a formal feast.

      Each student is given a room at the beginning of the year in their respective house. Students can request to room with a specific person, so and so, as long as their request is reasonable, it shall be granted.

      If no request has been made, they will be randomly sorted with three other students of their same gender and year. Each room has barriers of which limit to which students who are able to enter. Any student that attempts to enter will be violently bounced back once they cross the doorway.

      Rooms house up to four students and have have two bathrooms and are decorated prior to their house. There is no magic preventing students from other houses from entering other house common rooms to promote house unity.

      Trans, non-binary, and gender-fluid students can choose to be placed in their own dorm room with other trans, non-binary, or gender fluid students, if they feel uncomfortable living with other binary students. These rooms can be reserved by the student or their family when they are accepted or when they arrive.

      Uniforms are required for all houses. They are gender neutral and include a white collared button-up shirt, black pants, or a black skirt (thigh length and ankle length), a dark gray vest, a tie in their house color, and a black jacket with the house's crest embroidered on the pocket. Students are able to wear their own clothes on weekends and special holidays.

      Students are received a form in which they order their uniforms from. Uniforms are priced inexpensively, and are relatively quite affordable.

      Students and faculty may bring up to two pets to keep them company while at the Academy. Pets that are allowed at the Academy are: owls, cats, and reptiles (no more than 1 foot long). Only reasonable pets will be accepted (nothing large or dangerous).

      Other possible pets include: ravens, crows, pigeons, chinchillas, hedgehogs, ferrets, turtles, fish, or rabbits.

      Because the school receives support from the Magical Congress of the United States of America, tuition costs are covered for students with optional scholarships and support for books, food, and uniforms for students that require it.

      Wizarding technology was introduced to the Wizarding community in the late 2000's, since then, it's taken huge strides to match Muggle technology with some key differences. All Wizard devices need a tap of a wand for it to work, which re-energizes it (like plugging a cellphone into a socket).

      Depending on the quality of the device, the spells powering machines can wear off in a matter of days to a matter of decades. Devices do not use circuitry or wires to run, only bolts, cogs, and wheels.

      Although American Quidditch has the same rules and regulations as their UK neighbors, Quidditch Teams at the Academy work differently than at various other schools.

      Because the academy favors house unity rather that house rivalries, it has student created school leagues.

      Students create their own team of seven players from any house and year, all teams are separated by skill when playing matches against each other: Freshman Varsity (which includes Freshman only teams), Junior Varsity (Freshman and Junior Teams), and Varsity (Freshman, Junior, and Senior teams). During Quidditch Season,(August - December) there is a game every second week, normally a Tuesday.

      Coyote Flats is located thirty miles away from the academy and is the only magical town nearby. Accessible by students only on weekends and special occasions (strictly with a Professor Chaperon).

      Coyote Flats is a quiet western town. Getting it's name from the wild coyotes that roam outside of town (and even inside now and then), the lazy flats have quietly been growing over the years with many attractions for the Academy's student population.

      The academy is lucky enough to accept faculty from many different background, even ones considered "shady" by most of the Wizarding community, like werewolves and vampires, and other supernatural creatures.

      Though sometimes they are scrutinized for their hiring process, no one has been fired based on their origins.

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    • SONG

      » ELEMENT
      » SYMBOL
      Gold and Sky Blue
      » FOUNDED BY
      Celestine Song
      » VALUES
      Intelligence, Ambition, Vision

      Song House was built entirely above ground, though it has a hatch in the common room that leads to the underground tunnels. The massive circular dorm is several floors high and was built haphazardly, with some floors sticking out farther than others.

      Because of it's look and the house it represents, it's also called 'the Nest'.
      There is plenty of open space, windows, and wind chimes and in the middle of the dorm is a large open courtyard that serves as the common room.

      The lawn is decorated with lawn chairs and in bad weather, a roof is let out to shield the lawn from the downpour. There is also a landing on the roof of the dorm where Song students can stargaze.
      Dorm rooms house four students each and are decorated in sky blue and gold with bird motifs, a minimalist design that has quite the calming effect on students.

      Song House was named after Celestine Song and her values that she shared: intelligence, ambition, and vision. Represented by two feathers, reminiscent of the wing tips of the plane she piloted in the war.


      » ELEMENT
      » SYMBOL
      Emerald and Tan
      » FOUNDED BY
      Dolores Rocher
      » VALUES
      Loyalty, Teamwork, and Patience

      Rocher House dorms are a collection of quaint little cob houses that are similar to hobbit holes. They are built from the sand dunes that surround the school and are made with cob; a mixture of sand and straw.

      The common room is located below ground and is also made out of cob, and features circular archways and wooden floors. It is also decorated with a few plants that are cared for by Rocher students.

      Dorms house up to four students and are decorated with tan and green furniture. The rooms are very earthy and have a natural feel.

      The loyalty, teamwork, and patience Dolores showed during the war carried with her when she founded the Rocher House, named after her surname. The antlers that represent this house also represent her family crest.

      Dolores is the only pure-blood founder, his family coming from an old French-Creole bloodline.

      Titan House is inside a large one story building with rust colored tin roofs and floor-to-ceiling windows to let in the natural light of the desert. The expressionist house was created by founder Vernier Titan, an artist that enjoyed lots of open space. Therefore, the interior design of the house is very open.

      » ELEMENT
      » SYMBOL
      Lightning Bolt
      Ruby And White
      » FOUNDED BY
      Vernier Titan
      » VALUES
      Honor, Leadership, and Expression

      The common room has a collection of large comfy armchairs that don't necessarily match each other, and a fireplace is almost always burning at night, to keep away the chilly nights.

      Dorm rooms house up to four students and are decorated with red and white furniture. On rainy nights, students can hear the rain hitting the tin roofs.

      Those who value honor, leadership, and expression belong in Titan house. These are the students that favor action and approach life with boundless enthusiasm.

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