INTEREST CHECK Beats and Melodies: A Different Kind of Warfare

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  1. So I'm thinking of a more of a modern kind of RP. First time making an RP and GMing one, so we'll see how well I can plan this out. The general idea is that there is a constant struggle between genres of music, or rather the spirits that embody said genres of music. Each genre has its own patron spirit whose power and rank are assigned depending on how popular their music is. In order to gather more power for themselves, each genre influences musicians to try and make their genre more popular.

    Each Genre competes with all other genres for an 'ultimate song', the greatest enigma of music for no one knows how it may even begin to sound like. This perfect song is said to be the one that any ears would agreeably call a masterpiece, the melody that would be everyone's favorite, the sickest beat, the most haunting chant, whatever it may be, it is the 'ultimate' and each Genre is vying for it. There's the annual Music Festival coming to town, well-known for its showcase of multiple talented musicians from all genres with a record-breaking amount of tickets sold, attendees arriving, and musicians playing this year. It's a perfect stage for this fight; it'll be an all-out war with nothing held back. The ultimate song would become the ultimate weapon, if anyone could find it and use it in time.

    Basically, the characters may not necessarily be famous, but they're good at what they do. These characters act according to behalf of the spirit of their genre, taking shots at other people who are influenced by similar genres. This can mean a variety of things, from ruining someone else's work to outright injuring them so that they can no longer produce. At the same time, each person is being pushed to seek out or produce themselves the perfect song (whatever that may mean), bringing them into increasing conflict with others looking for the same.
  2. Seems a bit like the Music Masters series.
  3. Oh gosh, now I have people fighting for my ideas? Well, thank you anyway.

    But in all seriousness, this sounds pretty interesting, soulless. I like the idea but I'm a little confused on the exact, perfect song, I guess. Like, what do you mean by this ultimate song? Why is it the most ultimate and perfect one? Can there even be such a song?
  4. That of course is all a question isn't it? Since music is so varied it's a debate of what it would even sound like. Though, if all you want is to beat everyone else and proclaim your genre as the best music, that doesn't matter too much. If Rap is the best genre of music, then the ultimate song surely would be the greatest Rap number in the history of rap, right?