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  1. My town is in the middle of a heatwave; what do you do to stay cool?​
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  2. You keep your mouth busy with Ice cubes !!~


    Or you simply stay hidden in the shadows with plenty water!@.@

    Or showering..
  3. I love the warm. I like to work out in it. Humidity is bad though, sweat doesn't evaporate as well.
  4. Eat lots of ice cream while watching anime ~ the latter might not help against the heat though :3
  5. Central AC and lots of cold drinks. :D
  6. Wet your hands; then, with your fingertips, touch the metal floor of your local freezing unit, and leave them there for about two to three minutes.
  7. Hide in the basement with your laptop. The ground will keep the heat out, and it usually settles at a comfortable 70 or so degrees.
  8. If you are outside simply drink alot of water. Do not guzzle it, as the human body passes it off as waste. The average mouth full is roughly 4 oz of fluid. One should drink around two mouth fulls every 30 mins. Until you reach eight 8 oz glasses of water that day. If it is above 90 degrees one should up the amount to 10-12 glasses.

    I work outside year round, and it makes it far easier to be outside. Sweat can not be helped much, but wet rags over the back of the neck will keep you cool.
  9. Put crushed ice down my pants.
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  10. so i am baffled why this wasn't linked here yet

    minibit! much fail! ph41L!
  11. step 1: remove shorts

    There is no step 2.
  12. I actually do a number of things to keep us cool. I'm sort of the go-to guy for that in our little family. I open and close windows and position fans to maximize air flow so there's at least a breeze. In the hottest of weather, like now, I use the AC, but it broke so what I do is get air flow going and spray Andi, my kid, and myself with water. We just sit around spraying ourselves and waiting for it to get cold.

    Some actual tips:

    • Keep shades draw and even invest in thick curtains that have a white lining. I've noticed that can take down the warmth considerably.
    • If you already have a hot room and it's colder outside the room, aim a fan to blow air in while using another in a window facing outward to blow the hot air out. Note: This can be messed up rather easily I've found, so experiment.
    • Remember that hot air rises and cold air falls, so a low to the ground fan aimed upward can cycle the cold air and lower the temp of the room a bit.
    • As someone pointed out before, finding the lowest point in your house also helps, as the cold will settle there.
    • I will sometimes use a big chunk of dry ice in a pot of water behind a fan to get cold air into a room. It's not a long term method and I've found it's good for giving a space "shots" of cold. You'd have to get a brick or two to make a big difference.

    That's all I can think of for now... Oh, I like using Honeywell fans. They're powerful, relatively quiet, and fairly priced.
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