Beat me to that Pun!

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  1. Alright you lot. We have a pun battle on our hands!

    The rules?

    Come up with a pun to the poster above you. Example:

    Logic posted:

    Next poster, your word is Gravity.

    fromLogic replied:

    I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down.

    Next poster, your word is baseball.

    So on and so on. You try to find a pun to the word you have been given.


    NO inappropriate puns please. Since there is a select age group around this area, I want to keep this at least tolerable.

    If you cannot find a pun to the word given to you, you lose. You may still post, but that round you lost, and the next person after you has to figure a pun out for your word; do not post a word if you lose that round.

    So, here we go:

    Next poster's word is duck.
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  2. I guess I can't DUCK OUT of this one

    Your topic is trees
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  3. I better bark out a good tree-pun...

    Your topic is intestines
  4. Well I hope this pun is on the right tract

    the topic is cats
  5. Do I have to right meow?

  6. I bet a bad drunk comedian gets a lot of booze from the crowd.

    Your topic is astrology
  7. I don't think I can divine a pun from that.

    Your topic is jaundice.
  8. River, than you cannot give a word. That means you lost this round.
  9. He didn't give a word, he gave a topic

    You don't have to YELLOW 'bout it
  10. I meant that he lost that round because he couldn't give a pun about the topic given, thus that round was lost. Which the next person has to find a pun to astrology.
  11. H
    he did make a pun.

    Divination and astrology are closely linked; he said he couldn't DIVINE a pun
  12. Oh...I feel stupid now. I will go sit in a corner now in my shame.
  13. Lol, I just realized I forgot a topic after my jaundice pun

    Next person gets 'sweets'!
  14. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, Honey. Coming up with a sweet pun can make you a Smarties

  15. Salmon else get this one

  16. I think I need to spruce up my place for Christmas this year.

  17. Do top scientists in the North get the Snowbelt Prize?

    Your topic is felon
  18. I saw a midget escaping from prison via a rope down the walls; as our eyes met he sneered at me and I thought 'that's a little condescending'

  19. Music puns are just not my forte

  20. Hope this pun's funny... Nah, it probably won't be. Oh well, it's the principal of the joke that counts.