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Hey ya. So, I haven't posted any of my own RP's for some time because I couldn't come up with any good ones. However, this might be my break-through plot...maybe.
So, I don't want to reveal of the plot because I might actually make this into an RP and I don't want any surprises ruined. So here's the basic foundation:

It's a Sci-Fi RP. It takes place in a city filled with horrible monsters but the people can't escape because the city is quarantined. The quarantine was put there by the government in an attempt to contain the monsters, despite the cost of many civilian lives. People try to live their life normal in the city, but with the monsters killing and wreaking havoc, it's very hard. The giant dome covering the city and trapping the people inside along with the monsters. In the city, a group of people (played by us, of course) decide to hunt the monsters down and kill them. Why? Maybe for the greater good of all the people in the city, or maybe for their own personal reasons...
Will be rated PG-13 for violence, blood, and maybe some language. Action-packed, of course.

That's the overall foundation. There's way more to the plot, however. Though I've already stated my reasons for not disclosing it...
Still in progress. There's a couple of things I don't like/am working to improve on. For one, I'm a bit iffy on the whole "hunting down monsters" thing, since it seems to be a bit over-used...Also, I'm trying to find a way to make it so that the roleplayers (not the GM) have a little more influence and power in the RP, instead of having the GM control every little thing...

But what do you think? Comments, thoughts, and advice are greatly welcomed!

I love your idea, but there's one itty bitty thing bothering me... in this sort of situation – humans trapped and harassed by monsters – you'd ask yourself why they hadn't started killing the monsters millennia ago. I don't see this as a weakness in your premise, I see it as an opportunity to add some inventive catches.
<enter brainstorming="" session="">
What if the monsters are very, very hard to kill? This could be because they gang up in packs, because their skin is like armor and there are only a select few weak points, because killing them backfires negatively upon the killer, etc. Maybe there's even a sort of ecosystem that has evolved within the dome, and the monsters keep it in check.

Or, perhaps there just wasn't anything to kill them with. The monsters could be intelligent, or at least some species of them, and stockpiled weapons. The humans must first get to the fiercely guarded "treasure" before they stand a chance against the beasts. Perhaps the outside world planned a project to trap the monsters and used something as bait to draw them in. They removed weapons from the area so the beasts wouldn't be suspicious and their plans foiled. (But of course, this leaves the question, why are civilians there...?)

Lastly, some questions –

How large is the dome? How many people are actually in it, and how many are involved in the monster hunts? Depending on the answer, the humans could be under a repressive government designed to keep them safe from the monsters, and the hunters are rebels trying to end the monsters once and for all instead of cowering beneath the threat.

Does the dome provide tiny openings for air to come through? If so, this could present interesting strategies on potentially destroying this dome. I'm sure many trapped humans would like to do it, while others would stop them, since this would only cause the monsters to be released -again-, and the problem would begin worldscale all over again.

If not, you'd have to find some way for the humans and the beasts to get oxygen unless the beasts have evolved to not need them. This isn't a problem, this allows for awesome creative room! People could carry oxygen tanks with them. There could be several streams where they go to get freshwater and oxygen, using special devices/machines to convert the oxygen in the water to pure oxygen. (The streams would have an underground source and allow no passage through the dome – or would they?) There could be an enormous oxygen tank somewhere that the humans rely on. If the monsters need oxygen, they could have developed their own ways to acquire it. Part of the monster hunting plan could be to deprive them of their oxygen!

Are there different species of monsters? Do said species have different social behavior, reproduction and rearing methods, and eating habits, besides having a different exterior? This would be really fascinating. What if some monster species eat other monster species? What if there are parasite monsters, insect monsters, aquatic monsters? This would lead to a whole new range of possibilities, but getting too carried away would make things look a bit bleak for the monster hunters.

How long have the humans and monsters coexisted in the dome? This could affect all and any of my previous suggestions in multiple ways.

Anyway. If these suggestions were of merit to you, I'd just love to add some creative input for you to do with as you wish, or reject if it doesn't fit your vision. Such as, monster species or oxygen-getting devices. Even if you can manage fine on your own, hurry up and finish it so I can post some CSes and hopefully join!!! :D</enter>
Oh and I was thinking – is the RP just about the humans hunting the monsters into oblivion? What if they somehow kill all the monsters and escape from the dome, only to find that the outside world isn't what they expected it to be?

The OW could be unbelievably technologically advanced, it could be ravaged and taken over by more monsters or some natural disaster, so that ironically the dome was actually keeping the humans in it safe, it could be controlled by people who want the dome sealed and the civilian victimization kept secret, with many other locked domes still left to their fate... This RP could go on and on and on!
Sorry for the late reply! Nobody was replying at first so I just assumed nobody liked it. Yes, there are many little plot holes in this idea, just because it's a new one and I haven't gotten a chance to patch them all up, haha. I would like to thank you for pointing those out! Now I can fix them and make i better. c:
Okay, now onto your questions:

1. This is one of the major plot holes I've been working with. The best solution/patch I thought of so far is that they are very hard to kill and if you do kill one, it's basically useless because more often show up. No one knows where they come from since they just seem to appear out of nowhere. Many people don't know how to fight so they simply try to live free and escape from the monsters (this is not a very good tactic). Another possible reason is that people don't have the motivation. Why kill these monsters at the risk of your own life? Why not just try and hide? The characters that are hunting them have more compelling reasons to hunt them down. I don't plan on making the monster's extremely intelligent. Just to the point where they are cunning and effective killers.

2. It's pretty large. I haven't been really exact on this since I'm too lazy to, haha. But the city is supposed to be a kind of major city with homes and large buildings. I'd just thought I'd note that some sections of the city are abandoned. I just thought I'd note that there are electrical energy fences at circling the city to keep people from touching the barrier. If you touch it, you die. Painfully and slowly.

3. Hm, I haven't thought of this...If I had to make something up, I'd go with two options: The dome only keeps physical things in. So things like air and rain are able to get in and out of the city, but not people and animals. I kind of don't like this one because than it raises the question of where the oxygen comes from because you need plants to make it and there'd likely be very little plants in a city like that. So I made it that there are oxygen pumps on the outside of the dome. It pumps in air, but the barrier effectively keeps the humans on the inside of the dome.

4. Yes, there are many different forms of monsters. There are some that look like demonic crabs while others look like deformed tigers. They all have different abilities but also they all have the same kind of weakness. What that weakness is I'm still trying to find out.

5. Very interesting idea! I actually already have what would kind of happen at the end and how they would try to save themselves. As much I would love to tell you, I can't Tee hee. :P But I might kind of twist that into my ending.

I'm very glad you like the idea and if you have any more thoughts/questions, I'd be glad to answer/reply to them!
Hmmm ... no more questions or critique, but a comment.

This setting ... I feel like it seems likely that the entrapment of civilians in the domes with the monsters wasn't a pure tragic accident. Some interesting Hunger-Game-ish themes could be developed here >:} [insert evil laugh]

Oh and it would be awesome to make a list of monster species, unless monsters are of all and any kind/s imaginable. Which would also be awesome!
Damn, I still need to read that book, but at my library it's always freaking checked out. >:C

I was thinking that the roleplayers could make of some of the monsters too, so they have a little bit of power in the RP world. It could also text their creativity.