BEAST MODE Challenge- Dolphin

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    'Beast Mode'. What does that make you think?

    In this challenge, you will take a DOLPHIN and make it into a person.
    I might turn this into a regular thing. Probably bi-weekly.

    You will take the most majestic dolphin and create a person based off of one.
    Think about how dolphins ACT, they are usually playful and harmless. Cheery?
    Think about how they APPEAR, they are usually grey or white, with sleek, smooth bodies.

  2. Name: Flynn Dalph

    Age: 36

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Personality: He's a psychotic Rapist. He tries to be cute in order to draw women in and then rapes them.

    Appearance: Completely bald and shaven with a creepy glint In his eye

    Bio: Several prison sentences and a unfulfillable powerful Freudian attraction to his mother. Define his life fully.

    Notes: Dolphins are notorious rapists
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  3. That's very bare bones..... And I think your making a joke.
  4. It is and they are, seriously, look at any video with a woman and a dolphin and the dolphin will go right for her crotch as well as trying hump them.
  5. I got the inspiration for Cassie when I thought of how carefree and playful dolphins can be but they are still predators and despite their smaller size can fend of sharks with quick, hard blows, and no matter how intelligent a wild animal can be they tend to only learn and repeat things they like doing.

    Name: Cassandra "Cassie" Vivano

    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human

    Personality: Happy, outgoing and bubbly Cassie loves to have fun, she still has her inner child left in her and she doesn't care if people call her childish or immature, if she enjoys what she is doing then she'll do it as long no one gets hurt. Carefree and not tied down by negative emotions Cassie easily gets along with others and knows how to speak for herself and is also a quite skilled diplomat.

    Not many would guess what Cassie hides beneath all that, a serious and deadly calm side of herself that surfaces when she need to, she can be ruthless in her pursuit and deals with her targets swiftly and silently. A rarely seen reserve of patience and concentration emerges when the situation calls for it. This is not her real personality but rather one born from her grief and anger, to shield herself from pity and constant wishes of well being she rarely shows this new side of herself.

    Cassie can be rather rash however, acting before thinking and also letting her cold fury get in the way of logic, she is singleminded in her pursuit of the man responsible for her pain, his face burned into her memory. While she searches for him Cassie takes care of other thugs and criminals she encounters, she views it as a good dead to prevent others to experience what she did.

    Appearance: Cassie is quite short standing close to 5'6 with pale skin that refuse to gain a tan no matter how much time she spends outside in the sun, her hair is a ashblonde bordering on a pale silvery blonde hue with dark brown, almost black, eyes. While slender and fast Cassie has a solid build making her quite strong for her size, using speed and stealth combined with quick, hard strikes to win.

    Biography: Born to a relatively well off family Cassie was raised in a secure home with a large family including sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, grand parents and parents, needless to say family gatherings were an affair all on its own. She grew up on the outskirts of a large city but spent a lot of time both inside the city and outside it, the beach being a popular place in the summer heat. Cassie feels at home in water and can spend hours just looking at the ocean but due to an accident when she was young Cassie never learned how to swim and gets scared near deep water despite loving it so much.

    She went to school and later high school like any other normal kid her age, she was one of the best students when it came to subjects she liked and the ther subjects she was more average in. She later moved to another city where she worked with children, she met her husband there as well and she was soon pregnant with their first child. Her luck turned when a man mugged them on the way home one late evening, Ewan, hur husband, was killed trying to resist and Cassie who was eight months pregnant hadn't mch to put up in a fight but while feniding him off she saw his face. In an act of desperation the man shot her, snatched their belongings and ran off.

    Against all odds Cassie survived the ordeal but her child did not, she miscarried and becauseof a petty thief she lost everything she held dear in one night. Since then she has only one goal, to find the man responsible for her misery and see him writhe in pain, this need for vengeance goes against her very core however, she isn't that kind off person inside and this never ending hate slowly eats her up inside. Cassie takes a break every now and then when she visits the sea, it's calming surface and cool depth calms her, soothes her mind, sometimes she swears that she is connected to the ocean in ways deeper than one could imagine with just their mind, despite her fear she feels an innate connection to it.

    Notes: Cassandra lives in a world similar to Earth but with a mix of medieval/steampunk style with greater tolerance against genders/races and so on.