Bear Grylls: Running Wild

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  1. (This is not a Survivorman vs. Bear Grylls debate)
    So, Bear is at it again. This time, he is taking celebrities into the wild to learn. So far, I've watched the one with Ben Steller in it, and while it had it's moments, it really wasn't all that interesting. All Ben really did was complain about everything and threaten to leave Bear.

    But I am really kind of excited for the other episodes; who else has watched this show?

    I really like the old show better though. While I love seeing people struggled outside of their comfort zones, I love seeing the shows that teach you things rather than the ones who laugh at other people's toils.​
  2. They're labeled as Docu-Dramas. While Bear was entertaining to watch once or twice, everything he did just made me cringe.
    "I gotta cross this FREEZING river to get over there. BETTER DIVE ON IN." Cut to a few moments later as he climbs out. "OH THATS A BAD IDEA YEAH. YOU'LL DIE IN THAT WATER."

    At least Les Stroud did it all alone. Gryll's had more hits because it was exciting and teaching people while Stroud was purely about actual survival.

    While Gryll's may actually be a survival instructor, his show isn't very good at it, unless you take most of the stupid things he does and go Yeah, screw that..

    Also find it funny Bear is just his nickname from a baby by his sister. It'd be a bit more entertaining if they called him Edward Michael Grylls.
  3. But you know it makes summa them ladies and men swoon more.

    I mean, "BEAR" is a lot hotter sounding than "Eddie" or "Mikey." I DEFINITELY want a man named Bear all up on me. Eddie or Mikey? Maybe.
  4. The amusing part is, my wife and a few friends call me Bear too, but it's not the name I usually go by.
    Then again, Grylls is more lanky dog than bear compared to me.. I should really go back to losing weight.
  5. While I don't like some of the things he pulls, I think I got a lot out of his show
Thread Status:
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