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  1. A lone fox is seen laying down in the sun with his back twoards the sky sleeping. " ...... " He yawned as he flipped ober to his back as he smiled feeling the warm sun on his body, he soon opend his eyes as his bright blue eyes looked up at the sky. " Ahhh such a great day... Wish i had somebody to spend it with though. " He said as he sat up looking out to the ocean. " Eh maybe somebody will come by soon. Hopefully somebody cute. " He said with a smile.
  2. Kuro bit back a hiss as the others began to get back up, "I think it's time for you to just lay down and rest doggie." The lead of the pack growled deep as he lundged for him making the panther laugh as he caught the ledge of the building and swung himself up the dog running nose first into the wall with a yelp. Kuro smirked and took off over the rooftops knowing he'd loose them; they'd wasted too many people on him. Slowing down he spotted the empty beach shore, he dropped to the ground lightly and made his way to the sandy beach.

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  3. The fox grabbed his ipod and placed both earbuds in his ears as he started to listen to his music. " Hmmm. " He then yawned again as he closed his eyes slowly falling asleep.
  4. Reaching the sandy shore he slowed enjoying the sand that squished between his toes; he stripped off his shirt and drapped it on his shoulder feeling the sun warm him and the salty wind brush through his fur. He let a light purr escape as he closed his eyes the sound of a yawn had him turning to spot a lazying fox only feet away from him he smirked finding the yawn cute; he wandered closer and dropped gracefully next to him using his arms as a pillow as he laid next to him casually.
  5. Eclipse opend one eye as he spoted the panther and smiled. " Well hello there handsom. " He said as his purple eyes looked over his body with great intent of getting to know him way better due to him being the only one else on the shore except for him.
  6. Kuro opened one eye smirking, "good afternoon cutie; what brings you to the beach on this beautiful day." His voice was low as he pretended nonchalance.
  7. " Oh nothing just relaxing. " He said as he layed back with his tail swaying ever so slightly.
  8. Kuro nodded before sticking his hand out to the fox, "Kuro a pleasure to meet you..?" He let his voice trail off as if to ask for his name.
  9. Eclipse took kuro's hand and shook it. " I'm Eclipse. Tis nice to meet ya. " He said as his eyes seemed to sparkle lightly, he smiled as he looked at him and then to the ocean. " Hmmmmm. You mind keeping me company? "