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  1. The untold story of The Outbreak, the infamous and world changing event that would forever cripple Earth and its inhabitants with the "walkers" the "creepers", and many other deadly alias' all pointing to the instruments of death: zombies. The apocalypse is not only here, but you have seen the beginning of the destruction. Now in a changing world where rules and laws no longer apply, who will you become? How will you survive?

    This rp will start BEFORE the outbreak and into the apocalypse. Initial setting is New York City.

    - SEX/SMUT is allowed (duh) so long as you stay true to the gritty, surreal story that is the Walking Dead. Any and Everything goes in this rp. Anything.

    - Be ready for sacrifice. Surely you can't think there will be a happy go lucky story 24/7 and no bad endings will occur? You must be willing to accept death, loss, abandonment, etc. That goes for all participants (yupp, me too)

    - No god-modding (carrying 102 guns in inventory, can't die, killing 298 walkers alone, etc)

    - Bring something ORIGINAL AND FUN to the table with characters and stories! That same reaction you get when watching/playing TWD you should get while rp'ing this! ^_^

    -Based and set in the SAME universe as Kirkman's The Walking Dead TV Show.

    If your character becomes non-frequent in posting, THEY WILL DIE.

    Be ready for sacrifice, death, and chaos at every turn. THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE RP, IT WILL GET REAL!

  2. -------MY CHARACTER---------
    Name: Faith Olivia Rucker
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Blood Type: O+
    Occupation/job: Visual & Performing Arts Student at NYU;
    NYU Women's Basketball (Point Guard - #25)

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Ethnicity: Italian & Caucasian

    Hobbies/Interests: Sports, exercise, comic books, acting, modeling, video games, fashion, LOVES to eat/cook, stunts, combat/martial training, nightlife, horror movies.

    Traits(5): Loyal/Honest/Intelligent/Strong-Willed/Adaptable
    Flaws(5): Stubborn/Melodramatic/Sensitive/Domineering/Aloof

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bio: Faith was originally born in Kansas City, Missouri. After her father, Micheal Rucker retired from the U.S. Special Forces, he was offered a prime job at the United Stated Military Academy at West Point. He moved there with Faith and her mother (his wife), Cassandra Rucker. Her mother Cassandra works at NY Presbyterian as a virologist and biochemical field manager. Faith moved when she was 16 and graduated from West Nyack High School in the top 20% of her class of 800+ students. She played basketball all four years of high school and went on to win a state title her junior and senior year, granting her a scholarship to NYU. She started her freshman year and went to the NCAA playoffs making it to the 2nd round. She has an older brother Mike Rucker (21) that joined the Air Force out of high school, working in Colorado as an aviation resource manager. She's enjoying her summer in NYC taking classes and aspiring to become a model/actress, particularly an action/stunt star.

    ...but of course none of this will matter for what she's about to face...