Be the Sadist to my Masochist? (m/m)

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  1. Rules
    1. I only write male/male relationships
    2. I'm a bottom during sex, but outside of that my characters aren't usually very submissive
    3. I want fairly literate partners, meaning good grammar and punctuation
    4. I usually write 1-5 paragraphs, depending on what I have to go off of
    5. I don't do bathroom play, vore, furries, futa, mpreg, or tickling/feet fetishes

    Feeling frisky now that it's winter break and would love a sadomasochism RP! Some kind of dysfunctional or abusive relationship with lots of angst and kinks would be amazing. Anything not listed above is up for grabs, including 2+ penetration, toys, hitting, biting, spanking, bruising, bondage, public scenes, humiliation, etc. We can work out an exact plot in PMs. (:

    PM me or reply here if you're interested!
  2. I would so go for this if I wasn't a submissive rper . . .
  3. I would RP with that. i can be the Dominant one and u can be the submissive one
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.