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    Day 1; "The First Wave"

    November 17, 2020, at 1:50pm
    The day seemed like any other usual Tuesday, those who went through routine went about their usual business; work, school, etc. Others of less predictability did what they felt the need to do at the time. A rare few found that they could do things that they couldn’t even dream of before. But life must continue on, and so they progress with their day.
    Then it happened…
    An armies of orbs the color of blood rose from the edge of the distance and began plowing through the streets of the city. Those unlucky enough to be touched by them dropped to the ground in pain, spewing what looked like blood from every orifice on their face; a gruesome sight from those fortunate enough to witness. After minutes of hacking up red liquid and crying out in pain for help they all paused, then everyone looked up simultaneously, as if listening to orders given to them from the gods.
    While people ran around screaming and running around in fear like maniacs, a certain few seemed to have a grip on their sanity and knew that they needed to get away, as if they were “prepared” for the event. While some did have trouble keeping from freaking out, they managed to get it through their heads. “You must survive. You must leave.”

    Letizia; Brooklyn; 1:55pm EST
    The large hall was bathed in illuminating white glows of the lights as the sound of shuffling feet and props danced around the room. Mutters were drowned out by the constant calling of the photographer, one well known for his job, for a new pose or a slight shift. The room itself was buzzing with life from the crew members to the models themselves, with one model poised currently before the backdrop for the shot. The movement and livliness of the scene was broken with the resounding shatter of glass, the windows, with the entrance of red orbs that caught the attention of everyone. As if guided, the mysterious objects found themselves passing hauntingly through the bodies of the crew till people were lax, eyes lifeless and moves sluggish towards anyone who had yet to gather their wits and run.

    Allistair; Brooklyn; 1:57pm EST
    Inside a garage on private property, a man worked diligently on the forge. Motorized machinery sounded as he worked. The inside seemed peaceful, although the same cannot be said about the outside world, where orbs began turning everyone in sight into dreadful corrupted creatures. It was only when the people ran past screaming that the man noticed something was wrong. He found bloodied people scattered around the area staring up at nothing. He could tell something was wrong. Then they began walking. It was slow, but a few were starting towards his garage. As survivor tried to escape, some were not fast enough. The Corrupted would reach out and try to scratch as many people as they could, but once they were cut, the corrupted continued on.

    Iris; Manhattan; 1:59pm EST
    With great speed, a single red orb burst through a window of a building in Manhattan. It quickly stalked the many aisle of bookshelves passing through anyone it could find. It got through half of the store before abruptly pausing then retreated back through the window. Only a few were in the untouched part of the store, however, one would not define them as “lucky.” After a few moments of looking at the ceiling, those corrupted by the orb locked on to the survivors and slowly began walking their way. They said nothing, didn’t utter a single sound, they stared with lifeless eyes at their targets as they shuffled closer and closer. A few survivors tried to run towards the entrance, but one was tripped out of fear too close to a Corrupted being and was tackled, and bitten. Once. Then the corrupted stood back up and returned to walking towards the other survivors. The man cried out in pain as the bit mark that pierced the skin on his arm began gushing out blood. He quickly jumped to his feet and ran out as his screams in fear and pain faded in the distance.

    Amory; Manhattan; 2:00pm EST
    Located at a well renowned video game store in Manhattan, roamed several gamers. Several were sucked into the demo games set up around the shop, while others perused the many shelves of videogames. In the background, game reviews could be heard on the tvs, along with excited chatter about the latest games on sale. It was busy like it was every day, then a strange disturbance shattered through the glass doors. A few bloodied figures began prowling in like zombies, and the gamers reacted in quite a different way than the regular civilians. Some grabbed nearby replicas of swords and bats, some just threw up their fists, and they all began to fight back with battle cries. It was the very thing they prepared for, and the thought they could stand a chance. While they managed to beat down those few, several of them got cocky and charged outside to attack the rest, blinded with adrenaline and excitement that they are “living” in a live video game. They soon found out that it was very different in real life and were quickly overwhelmed. A few then trekked in the store to take care of the rest of the survivors.

    Charlotte; Staten Island; 2:02pm EST
    The street looked as if one from a tv show as children played in the front gardens of houses, a game played on the empty road as the occasional parent peered outside just to check with an amused grin on their faces. The sound of laughter dominated when one team had "scored" while there was the subtle sound of groaning from the other team, having lost a point again. One child stood to the side as they walked upon the pavement with a skip to their step, pink hood drawn up over blonde hair despite the sun as they continued on with a hum. Only when a sharp scream broke the general tone of the area did the kid notice and turned around. A red orb had already passed through a few of the children, some had run, while others were now caught by the corrupted where a deep slash was inflicted before they were abandoned. Parents flitted out, in terror, from their houses to see what was wrong, only be caught when hurrying to their corrupted child, others having luckily gotten to their child first and already bolted.

    Asuka; Queens; 2:03pm EST
    The orbs had made its way around most of Queens by now, and most of the inhabitants were either corrupted or fleeing for their life, except for a few who remained clueless about the disaster that plagued the area. Mainly those who remained inside unscathed buildings and homes didn’t know about the blight happening outside. Corrupted beings marched the streets searching for those the orbs missed, waiting to turn them themselves. Houses were broken into and people were ambushed, but a certain house at the end of the road was left untouched until a few began their way towards it. Slowly.

    Ethel; Manhatten; 2:05pm EST
    A small but family owned tea shop was perched upon one of the mighty corners of Manhatten, sat squarely in the middle of the cities liveliness with a calm appearence in netural and soft toned colours upon its sign. The windows were wide and open, giving customers a chance to peer outside and watch the day go by in such a busy place, left to relax with one of the many flavours they served. Few customers were sat upon the delicately intricate chairs of the shop, with porcelain china settled before them but it just made the atmosphere of the shop floor calm, relaxing, breathable. Outside had begun to stir, not from the chaos of the bussiness men and women or the cars and busses that went by but by the fact red orbs seemed to line the streets as if strings of fireflies. They had long since begun to brush against the terrified mortals and leave chaos in its wake as the corrupted ones began to trek slowly through the streets, spreading further the corruption. The tea shop in its calm nature was last to be hit as an orb of glowing red slammed open the wooden door with a echoing slam, moving to the closest victim to corrupt before moving onto another, only then retreating to leave the corrupted to claim the staff, owner and the remaining elderly lady sat quietly in the corner with her tea.

    Aimery; Brooklyn; 2:06pm EST
    The park was not the safest place to be, especially in the most populated borough of New York city. It was open area and several corrupted began to move in formations, making it easier for them to attack despite their slow pace. It was behavior unlike those mentioned in books, movies and shows. They trailed in a V formation through large areas like the park, and when they broke off from the rest of the group they would travel in little groups. No corrupted being could be found alone.

    “The First Wave.” Millions of people were corrupted. Out of the 8,491,079 people in New York City, only around 3,000,000 survived throughout the entire city, and that number drops as time passes. Currently the Corrupted seem slow, and they do not pursue, however that could possibly change and time progresses…

    *These are just introducing the setting your characters are during the "First Wave", when you post opening for your own characters you can write what they were doing before the wave, and how they react to what's going on.*

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  2. Letizia Jane Fiore


    The morning itself was uneventful for Letizia who followed her usual routine of waking up with little less than a frown upon her icy features, grey-blue orbs dulled with the irritation that crept sneakily into her consciousness as she awoke. Grumbles fell from her lips as the dark purple and white room seemed, at that very moment, foreign to her. Caution decorated her form with a tense posture and guarded expression.

    After she had gathered her wits to simply brush off the feeling that plagued her, the lilac haired model had climbed her way out of the many pillows that she seemed unhealthy attached to before heading to the kitchen area of her apartment, yawns stringing from her lips repeatedly as she hurriedly moved around to find something worth eating. Of course, she would eat light considering her shoot that very afternoon but it was of little concern to her at this very second.

    A yogurt and glass of orange juice later, Letizia had slumped onto her couch to catch up on the news. Back against the arm and her neck rolling back, she watched the flashing images light up the screen and the room with a glow, though little interest seemed to linger in her gaze. She could not seem to settle and though at this point she would of been her eccentric and sarcastic self, Letizia could not seem to ignore that there was something different...

    Hours ticked by with her idleness, only did she get up when her phone rang with its obnoxiously loud rock tune, the ringtone of her manager, that was effectively informing her that the woman expected her to ready to meet up for the shoot. Though she didn't answer. Simply slipping a grin onto her lips before jumping up from her seat and heading back to her room to clean up and get ready. The phone unsettling loud behind her.

    Slipping back out from her quarters, Letizia scanned her outfit in the mirror that stood against the wall a short distance away. She adorned a simple white tank top with a dark red leather jacket on top, black skinny jeans and a pair of high heel military black boots. A silver watch framed her thin wrist as a silver chain hung around her neck where a thin cross was settled between her collar bones. Lilac hair was done up into a high ponytail with two locks framing her face, each one slightly curled. To finish off her outfit was a dark red painting her lips.

    She smirked softly before hurrying over to the phone which was now repeating the tone for the fourth or so time. "Tch~ She knows I wont be late yet she is still going on..." The soft tone whispered, not matching the irritated expression she adorned. "Geez..." A soft huff fell from her as she turned to grab the dark red bag, it matched her jacket, from the counter where her stuff had been packed into last night. Briefly glancing over to the white orchid plant perched upon her window sill she briefly reached over to gently run a finger against the soft surface of the petal, smiling gently. In her hectic life, she adored the small plant given to her from her best friend, if only to give her a focus other than mind numbing work. With one final longingly glance she gathered up her stuff before hurrying to the stairs, not noticing the withering shudder of the plant not the immediate putrid brown that took over the once pure white as the plant began to wither within seconds, collapsing on itself.


    Letizia arrived an hour later at the shoot and immediately was shoved into makeup, dressing and hair. Her favourite jacket was hidden and her phone taken, as she had spent many shoots ignoring people to text away, before she was shoved into the bright, harsh lights of the set up. This time was a shoot with her endorsing some makeup brand, hence the dark matte ruby red that rest upon plump lips.

    Minutes passed by as she had posed a few times, one even conducted with her 'applying' the lipstick, a slight twinkle of mischief to her gaze as she glanced to the camera. Letizia herself was quite happy, she enjoyed her job, though the heat of the lights caused a light sweat to her skin that was barely noticeable, yet uncomfortable to her.

    The second the photographer, while famous she forgot his name once again, called out that it was a wrap she had scrambled from her seated position at makeup table to stretch. Her settled nature was disrupted when a sickeningly freak...ball of light? burst through the windows of the hall and into the space. Seconds passed, she was shocked still briefly, as people began to sway lifelessly before stumbling clumsily forwards to 'infect' others. Lilac orbs remained still on these swaying creatures before they narrowed. Her body seemed to still before a deep, shuddering breath caused her chest to heave.

    The orb seemed to flash in front of her, due to her lack of focus for a bare second, and Letizia instantly reacted by throwing out her arm, having seen what the floating monstrosity had done to her friends, her best friend and even her manager. However, expected to become zombified or whatever had happened herself, Letizia had gasped sharply when the orb was flung away from her hit.

    She didn't freeze then.

    Despite her heels, Letizia seemed to instinctively turn at this point and bolt from the room, the inappropriately high heels doing little to effect her movement at this point as adrenaline coursed through her blood stream, sweat seeming to gather upon her arms and palms in the heat of the moment. Running past the many dressing rooms, prop rooms and kitchen, she grabbed her jacket from the tablet and throwing her bag over her shoulder she bolted. From the floor, down the steps, even out the building. Glancing briefly at the corrupted people that loitered outside, the model muttered a quite "...Fucking hell..." before bolting into the shadow lit alleyways to the side of the building, a scowl marring her features.
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  3. Charlotte Knight


    Every day started the same, nimble hands stretching far above their reach to try and grasp at the hidden treasure that was just a short distance away. Crystal blue orbs danced with glee as fingers grazed the plastic packet of the candy upon the top shelf as the twelve year old stood tip toed upon the kitchen counter, lips pulled back into an insanely wide grin as she continued to try get at the pack of branded lollipops her parents had hidden from the seemingly daily hyper child that apparently lived on the sugary energy of candy.

    This was Charlotte Knight.

    Her left hand grabbed onto the edge of the highest shelf, the one holding the candy from her, as she begun to try and drag herself up just an inch or so further so she could claim her prize. It worked. Within seconds she had taken her grip on the bag and pulled it forwards, closer to her before she pushed herself off the surface, jumping down to the ground. It seemed insane for the short blonde haired twelve year old to practically throw herself off her kitchen counter at twelve in the afternoon after having risked falling and breaking her neck for a bag of lollipops of all things. Yet, while her parents and brother would be in disarray at the action, they had long since grown used to her moments of recklessness and insanity as the girl never calmed to give them a chance to not become used to it.

    With her prize in tow, Charlotte happily skipped up to her room before slumping on the bed with a wide grin. While her room was that of the typical girl with the pink and posters, it was the magnitude and piles of wrappers and sweet packets that littered her floors and desks that was the most shocking feature of her bedroom. Charlotte had weaved around the piles with professional ease before she reached the bed.


    With a cheery, glee filled shout, Charlotte ripped opened the package as she pulled a bright pink lollipop from its contents, removing its wrapper before popping it in her mouth, humming excitedly. Her life revolved around moving, never stopping and candy of all kinds. Since her 'vanishing', she had gone from antisocial and reclusive to practically an unlimited source of energy and eagerness to do anything. A book was pulled into her lap, filled with minuscule amounts of notes on her school work, as she glanced over the chicken scratch she called her penmanship with a barely attentive gaze. Charlotte would follow her usual pattern, struggle to find a way to concentrate on her work and only find herself able to when she met up with Arima, her best friend.

    While the stubborn child continued to try and focus, her gaze was soon caught by a movement on the wall that instantly had her eyes flashing wide with unparalleled amounts of fear... A spider. Though it was no bigger than the common spider, Charlotte shook and sniffled as if someone had taken her precious, beloved candy from her. "..." Tempted to scream out for her parents, Charlotte narrowed her gaze as she slowly shifted across her sheets to the opposite side of her bed, pulling the candy from her lips...

    Then she threw it.

    Charlotte had no explanation for why she did this because in normal circumstances, this was effectively equivalent to blasphemy to her. However, in the moment of fear and dread, she reacted as if it was entirely normal. The hard candy was sent spiraling towards its target with an ease she never knew she had, watching as the candy impacted the wall, though there was two thinks that shook the bright blonde's composure. Firstly, there were small cracks that lined the cream and pale pink walls around where her candy had impacted. Secondly, the lollipop that once fit into her hand stood about the size of her lower arm, which wasn't huge but it was still a shocking sight...

    "What the bubblegum...?! "

    The child hurried from her position as she shot over towards the still object, only reaching over to poke at the surface, though sticky as it was. While it was excitable to potentially have giant sized candy, she was intrigued. After shoving the lollipop, that she had no idea what to do with at first, under her bed, Charlotte moved onto trying it again with some of the other lollipops. Only to find that she could do it again... Then she tried to do this with the bag of candyfloss settled in her room, only for her to instantly feel a loss of energy at the failed at the attempt.

    Though Charlotte sulked for a moment or two, she soon perked up. "Arima would looooove this....." A attempt at a evil chuckle parted her lips as she kicked the last of the over sized candies under her bed, grabbing her black cat ear backpack as it was flung over her shoulder before she practically jumped from the top step to the lower floor. "MOOOOOOOOM! IM GOING OUT TO SEE ARIMAAAAA" She ended up screaming at the top of her lungs, throwing herself forwards to the door and then out of it.


    Much to be expected of the candy filled menace, Charlotte was running at what seemed to be her top speed down the pavement with her arms thrown up into the air as a particularly loud shout echoed from her lips... "ARIIIMAAAAAA" Her steps, strangely quiet, were quick as it was bringing her eerily closer to the building she knew to be that of her best friends. Charlotte was only stopped when she stumbled into one of the parents in the neighborhood who gave her a strange glance before telling her that her running would only cause her to fall and eventually hurt herself.

    Charlotte muttered an apology and thank you before beginning to walk to Arima's house, her eyes focused on each step as if it was more energy to try and stop herself from running like a deranged person from a nightmare. Her attention focused solely on this, she never noticed the children playing in the street or the fact they were warped into corrupted beings by a red, glowing orb. Only when the scream echoed did she snap her head around, eyes wide.

    She watched as parents fell trap to their corrupted kids while others ran both with their kids, some even leaving them behind. Still for a second or so she soon grabbed a lollipop and ripped it open, placing the candy back into her mouth before she turned and ran once more. It was acting as a comfort to the thundering in her chest that made her feel as if her ribs around snap from the force of it. Without a second thought, even to that of her parents, Charlotte had stumbled slightly before breaking out into a run in the direction of a tall building belonging to her friends CEO parents that only resides a few buildings down...

    The home of her best friend, Arima.
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  4. Listen to the music as you read

    Arima Mania
    Staten Island; Home
    November 16, 2020
    8:32pm EST

    “Good night dear~”

    The last words she heard before the door was shut and she was left in the silence of her dim room to fall asleep. Tonight, like many other nights, she struggled to rest. She felt anxious, the tiniest noise caused her to jump and every time her mind wondered, gruesome images would appear to force her wide awake again. Thoughts of death flowed into her mind as disembowelments, decapitations, and other tortuous scenes forced their way into her head. The experience was like her mind was detached from her body and she could see all the appalling things happening to her. She tossed and turned, she even flicked her light on and played some quiet classical music, which usually helped calm her when her mind did this to her; however, for some reason, it wasn’t working tonight. Every time she closed her eyes she would worry that when she opened them, something like a disfigured face would be right in front of her with a grisly, malicious grin staring right back at her. She would often jump up and survey the room from feeling someone watching her or hearing a sound, but when the girl found nothing, she laid back down to try sleeping again.

    She laid there for hours, not being able to shake the horrific feelings of anxiety and paranoia she was getting. She rolled her head around from side to side, catching a glimpse of the time.
    “Almost midnight…” The sound of her voice even made her jump as it was louder than she expected. She could only stare at the ceiling with wide tired eyes, until…

    That’s all that could be seen.

    She let out a whimper, she absolutely hated the dark. When she could see nothing, that was when her mind tortured her the most. Many doctor had given her exercises to wake up from these awful situations, she tried her best to move, to open her eyes, but it was all for naught, nothing worked. Hours upon hours she was constricted in this nightmare of darkness, struggling to get free. She despised it when this happened, these bad dream, she could never get used to them no matter how many times she had them.

    What she didn’t know was that the nightmare had only just begun…

    November 17, 2020
    2:10pm EST


    The terrified cries of the girl echoed through the large luxurious living room. In the center of the area lied the child, dripping in blood with two mutilated masses around her. While it was light outside, only a few rays poured into the room through the dark curtains, just barely exposing the scene. There was so much blood, it covered the walls, the furniture, the floors, she could even taste it in her mouth.

    “Mom… Dad…” Tears released from her eyes as she held her parents’ mangled hands and cried into them. It was as if a bear came in and brutally maimed them. Skin was pulled from the bones, their entrails peaked from their stomachs, some of their limbs were only held on by just a few tendons. Arima wanted to look away, but couldn’t. It was like something her cruel imagination came up with, but now it was real; the very thing she feared the most.

    “Please wake up…” She wailed clutching onto their hands for dear life, as if that somehow could bring them back to the living. “Don’t go…” Her emerald eyes looked over their bodies, only making her cry even harder. She gently placed their hands down as carefully as she could and went to stand up, only to trip and fall into the pool of blood in front of her. She cried out more but pushed up to her feet with caution. She trudged towards the kitchen slowly, dragging her feet with each step. She sniffled and huffed, rubbing her eyes to get rid of the constantly pouring tears, but ultimately just making it worse.

    As she walked into the advanced kitchen her eyes widened at another sickening sight; a pile of bloodied people stacked up in the corner of the room, just as mutilated as her parents. They were servants, agents, and other usual morning visitors. She brought her hand to her mouth with a whimpering gasp. Was she still asleep? There was no possible way this could be real. Everyone was dead. Everyone. Viciously and gruesomely. Everyone was gone.

    She shook her head as she reached out for a rash cloth in the pantry and ran it under warm water after pouring a bit of dish soap on it, before returning to her parents. She dropped to her knees in front of them and delicately wiped what was left of her mother’s face, doing her best to clean off all of the blood. Then she began cleaning her father’s face. She continued until the rag was soaked with crimson and she was just pushing the blood around, rubbing their skin raw. She could barely see anymore due to the tears, but she just cleaned as she wept.
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  5. Allistair "Albatross" Buchannon

    12:57 P.M.

    The radiant sunlight trickled through the sparse cracks in Allistair's blackout curtains as the hours of the day marched onward. Flooding his bedroom little by little until all was illuminated, the light crept finally over his bed. Though Allistair had been awake for hours, his hair lie askew from heavy shifting and uncomfortable positions. His sheets were half torn off the bed and both pillows were on the ground beside his nightstand.

    He inhaled deeply before hastily tracing the tip of his tongue along the corners of his mouth. "Cottonmouth...again." He thought sullenly, he was careful to always hydrate properly given his long hours in his forge, so why was he waking up with a throat parched as if by a desert?

    Allistair was covered by a faded, white tank-top and a pair of black boxer shorts as he finally elected to rise up into a sitting position at the edge of his bed. Purposefully he raised his right arm upwards and silently allowed his fingers to delve through his ruffled hair and press it back before scratching his scalp a few times. After a few minutes he would allow his arm to descend, joining his left as he positioned his palms flatly on his knees and hoisted himself off the bed with a grunt. "Three orders to finish, time to get to work." He mumbled under his breath as he approached his bathroom to get himself cleaned up.

    1:50 P.M.
    Breakfast consisted of seven raw eggs which were blended together with an energy drink that Allistair hadn't finished drinking the previous evening and had placed in the refrigerator. The initial taste wasn't nearly as disgusting as the after-taste which followed him throughout the day, though it was high on protein and he'd forgotten to shop for groceries recently. He felt a certain anxiety in the pit of his stomach as he marched out of the kitchen and through the living room, heading out of his back door towards his workshop. Though he silently dismissed it as the result of his unorthodox eating habits.

    Allistair had mentally prepared for what was likely to be another ten hour day of non-stop work in his forge, he wasn't foreign to the concept of burning the candle at both ends. Stepping into his workshop, he finally felt at home; this was his place of zen and peace. Approaching his tools and machinery with with a delicate precision, Allistair then took the first blade to be completed today firmly in hand and examined it before lying it in the fire pit.

    The ignition. The flame and the bending of metal to his will. These were among the highest of pleasures that Allistair ever felt, forging a masterpiece out of something worthless. Ten hours? His addiction was no different in his mind from that of being hooked on a good book, becoming so thoroughly engrossed in a protagonist's tale that hours at a time slip away. The steel was ablaze now and he'd already begun hammering it into pristine shape when he heard the first noise.
    1:57 P.M.

    The first scream broke his concentration as he nearly broke the tip from his blade on the anvil, similar to being ripped from dream abruptly he shook his head and looked around. "What the hell was that?" He stated aloud as he set the blade in oil to cool, pacing over towards the double-doors of his workshop to peer outside. The scene was by all accounts straight out of the Old Testament as fetid, wretched forms of individuals were meandering through the streets of his neighborhood. Allistair watched with cautious curiosity as several of these mangled creatures that were once human chased down the normal people, biting and clawing at them in a frenzy.

    "I'm not afraid."
    Those words echoed repeatedly in his mind, not as a reassuring mantra but as if to assist him in recognizing it as a fact. Despite all he saw he didn't feel fear and the anxiety which had wrought knots in his stomach earlier that morning had vanished. This moment of existential realization was not without a cost though as several of the creatures that were once his neighbors had taken notice of him and were sauntering towards him now, he knew it wouldn't take long for them to arrive, but he was prepared.

    Allistair hastily dove back into his workshop and bolted the doors shut behind him, "Protection. Survival. Armor." the thoughts echoed inside his mind as he paced over to a set of Medieval gear he'd crafted for a client from the Renaissance Fair. "One Iron War-hammer, One chain-mail piece to cover the upper torso. One Shield." Luckily the measurements of both himself and the client were compatible as he examined the chain-mail and corresponding leather. The creatures were already belligerently assaulting his workshop as he grimaced, realizing the situation he was in as he slid into the armor. He quickly approached his anvil and paced around his shop gathering as many tools of his trade as possible before tossing them all into a burlap sack which he used to transport them on out of town events.

    The tools were slung over his back in the burlap carrier which was then covered by the iron shield as he readied the War-hammer in his hands. Allistair was neither a man of diminutive stature or a coward, so he wouldn't wait. The screams were piercing and shrill as he could hear the slaughter occurring outside, the rending of flesh and the gnawing of hollow beasts. Focusing his senses he withdrew them until all he could hear was the sound of his own breathing, forcing himself to take one step and then another forward until he reached the moment of truth.
    2:10 P.M.
    The monstrous beings which had torn asunder his once quiet neighborhood were taken aback at first as they clawed and barraged the workshop tirelessly when the doors nearly exploded off their hinges from the giant wielding an Iron War-hammer. Allistair barreled through the doors as he joined the fray, the initial creatures being knocked several feet away. They attempted to unify and swarm the mountain of muscle and iron-rage as his hammer pulverized them one by one, his chain-mail even acting as a weapon as he knocked one of the creature's teeth out with his forearm.

    From the dozens that opposed him, Allistair slew them all with a vicious determination as he caved their skulls in and turned their innards into gravel with his hammer. Though he was getting tired already, encumbered by nearly one hundred pounds worth of gear and tools, along with his armor and weapon. He made a point to finish off the remaining revenants carefully as he progressed out of his property and towards the street, he would need to find a new place to reside and one where he could actively avoid combat. Though he took note of the creature's slow movement and predictable attack patterns, as long as he kept a reasonable pace and stayed off the densely populated streets he should be able to avoid trouble.

    Despite having survived his ordeal and apparently having been prepared for an apocalypse, one singular thought reverberated in Allistair's mind. It pulsed relentlessly against his temples as he struggled to find an answer for it. "Where do I go now?"
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  6. Aimery Wren
    Brooklyn; Park
    November 17, 2020
    1:42pm EST

    “I don’t care how long you’ve know her, get rid of her!” The screams of a nearby woman caught the attention of curious azure eyes. Aimery sat on the park bench in the shade of a large tree, reading a book. His posture was straight and the air about him was almost royal, as if he was better than everyone around him, which was precisely how he viewed the world.

    “We were just talking! Quit acting so crazy” The man replied with rolled eyes. Aimery slightly recoiled with surprise as his grin grew. He knew things were about to heat up, the man obviously couldn’t read the situation he was in. Aimery blatantly stared at the two who hadn’t noticed him yet. He didn’t bother to even try to hide the fact that he was watching.

    “Crazy? Crazy!!! That’s how Carrie started and look how that turned out!” The woman was obviously fuming now. She spoke with her hands, throwing her fists through the air to further enunciate her anger. She spoke through her teeth, and you could see her veins pulsing. The man rubbed the bad of his neck as he realized the shit-storm he just released upon himself. Aimery let out a small chuckle as he watched, again left unnoticed as the couple continued on in their fit of anger.

    “You’re going to bring that up again! Come on! Like you’ve never strayed from me before.” The man’s own rage began to flare up as his motions began to increasingly intensify. The woman just looked at him, you could almost see the steam rise from her head.
    “As a matter of fucking fact, I have not! But you know what! I think I will now!” She took a step away from him and looked around the park until her eyes met Aim’s. With determination she marched up to him and sat beside the boy.

    “Hey there. Whatchu reading?” She said in a sultry voice as she leaned against him, making sure to show some cleavage, evidently trying to make her boyfriend jealous. Aimery could tell she was just a few years older than him. The boy closed the book and looked at her, then towards the man who stormed towards him.

    “Hey man, just back away. My girl here is being stupid involving strangers.” He shouted, his jealousy was clearly visible despite him trying to hide it. Aimery looked over the man in silence, then back towards the girl, who stared at her man with a furious glare.
    "Was your girl! And who are you calli..." Aim's grin grew into a mischievous smirk as he placed his hand along her jawline and moved her lips to his, kissing her deeply. At first she struggled in surprise, but it wasn’t long until she accepted it. Aim turned his eyes toward the man as he continued, who was taken aback with an astonished expression on his face. When it turned to anger he pulled away, still with the impish grin, leaving the girl flustered and upset it ended.
    “Hmm…” Aim paused for a moment, as both of their eyes were on him. “Well that was disappointing. Not interested.” He stood up and began to pass the man.

    “Hey, fucker! You take that back!” He furiously pushed Aimery to the side and bucked up ready to fight in defense to his woman.
    “No.” Aim said calmly as he steadied himself. His voice was soft, with hints of regal arrogance within it. The man huffed before taking a swing that only hit air as the boy ducked and pushed past him. As he did so, he brought his leg out, tripping the man, then continued walking away.
    “What, you scared to fight me?” The man called out as she got back to his feet.
    “No, you’re just too far below me to even matter.”

    Then the orbs appeared. Aimery watched them in the sky with confusion. He nearly made it to another bench in the park but soon came to a stop, distracted by the orbs transforming the people they touched. When they reached the park, they turned everyone in sight, one set its course towards him. He watched it with disbelief and stood straight, he wasn’t going to back down to something smaller and insignificant. With great speed, it rushed towards the blue haired boy then suddenly stopped only inches from his face as if it hit a wall.

    His smirk widened. “Frightened?” The orb zoomed past him and instead, hit the people nearby. He examined them all as they stared at the sky, he himself averted his gaze to try and see what they were looking at, but found nothing out of the ordinary. When he looked back, a few of the turned were in front of him preparing to swing. He instinctively jumped back, only to crash into another, knocking it down.

    “Fucking orbs!” He steadied himself and jumped away from them. Turning on his heels he surveying the area for more. The park was full of them, and they began to step into a formation, like birds. He quickly ran towards the edge of the park, skillfully dodging any threat that came his way. Two jumped out at him, almost tackling him to the ground, but he twisted out of the way in time, making it out of the large park. As he ran, he watched them, noticing their slow pace and how none of them were following him once he made it out, causing him to slow down and laugh to himself.
    “They’re snails!” He shook his head and just walked off into an empty alley, chuckling to himself.
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  7. Letizia Jane Fiore


    The alleyways remained shrouded in silence despite the chaotic state of the world around them as if a secluded area for those still bearing will and a restricted area for those who didn't. Letizia herself had found herself navigating through the barely lit and closely positioned walls with a complex mix of emotions twisting and pulling at her expression. Her eyes danced with the dim sunset shade of orange lights, presenting both a combination of fear and calculation as her lips remained pursed into a thin line of matte red. Her steps were eerily silent despite the three and a half inch heels of her boots, her movements were swift but precise as she kept herself bound to the veil of shadows in case a corrupted did in fact come along.

    Letizia was honestly left in a mental state of confusion. She had no idea what these orbs were, what happened exactly to the people touched by them and she had no idea where she was exactly going. A tired sigh tumbled from the normally cocky girls lips as she scanned the area once more, pausing in her almost hurry as she began to slow herself. If she moved to fast it would make her obvious if a corrupted were to look upon the general area... "Where the hell did that come from?" Letizia had always walked with prideful, almost predatory strides wit the echoing taps of her heels to follow as if a warning...yet now she found herself calculating how best to remain hidden.

    Eventually the lilac haired model shook her head and mumbled a few curses before adjusting the red leather jacket thrown over the bang that was hanging from her left shoulder, hand wrapped around its handles. Sweat had long since gathered in her palms, from nervousness, but within her conflicted state she went without noticing the acidic like nature of it upon her real leather, expensive red bag. She wouldn't notice for a while either. "I cant be the only one to survive this weirdness...Just got to find them..." She added for good measure, a small attempt to justify her current actions. Though there was a part of her that didn't wan't to find them, the idea of a huge group causing a scowl upon her lips. "...Hopefully the idiotic half of the species were taken out first..."

    Though it seemed mean, Letizia just found that logical.

    Her thoughts were disrupted when Letizia spun around the corner, worry dancing in her gaze as she was suddenly thrown back after having walked into something solid. For a moment she believed she may of missed the wall in her thoughts. Her bag fell from her grip, jacket as well, as she found herself sitting on the ground with a hand pressed against her forehead, the other against the solid ground. Grey-blue orbs blinked aimlessly as she slowly peered up from her moment of distraction and towards what she had in fact collided with, a person.

    Letizia ended up cocking her head, a motion to signify her analyzing of them as she quickly determined this male was not in fact corrupted. Azure blue eyes and a matching shade for his hair, a abnormal colour but she couldn't really say a thing considering her own hair was a light shade of purple. It seemed to be a moment before either one of them reacted tot he situation and Letizia's expression morphed to one of a small, though cautious, smile. "I... I apologize for running into you." She muttered politely as she shuffled slightly to reach over and grab her stuff, bag and jacket, to which she threw the former's handles once again over her shoulder, wrapping the jacket back around the thin strap, only pausing when she saw the hand held out to her.

    Blinking away her momentary straying thought, Letizia reached out and tucked her hand into his before she dragged herself up to her feet with his assistance. Sweat lined her skin but in the events transpiring, she , for once, went unnoticing of it. "Again, Sorry about that." Now standing she released his grip. "I'm Letizia Fiore...Nice to meet you?" She greeted, a small grin upon her lips.
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  8. Charlotte Knight


    It took her a good ten minutes to reach the tall building as she continuously had to slip behind a nearby dumpster or car to hide from the zombified masses. Far from her style personally, hiding that is, Charlotte was currently sitting on the pavement with a small huff heaving at her chest as she tried to gather her breath. Charlotte had been running the majority of the time and even though she was quite physically fit, she was still young and the actions caused her to tire. Crystal blue orbs peered out from behind the abandoned vehicle to study the corrupted once more.

    A determined grin seemed to settle upon her lips as she gathered herself to her feet, eyes still on the mindless walking beasts, before she shot off towards the revolving doors of the building, throwing herself into one of the gaps as she soon stumbled out the other side. To her own benefit, it seemed that the occupants of the building had stumbled out once corrupted, probably with the intent to find survivors and corrupt them in turn. Though the thought made her shudder in minor fear, Charlotte was glad because it let her hurry over to the elevator she was quite familiar with.

    Once inside, Charlotte sighed in relief when she became trapped in the small area by thick steel doors. No way could someone break them down without tools and so for a few minutes, Charlotte felt truly safe. It was around then that the thoughts of her parents and Arima began to cross her mind. Fear and concern dawned on her features as she shuddered. "Mom...Dad...T-they..." Her hands reached up and settled in her hair, the hood having long since fallen back, as she found herself sat in the corner of the rising elevator. "They could of been caught by the zombies...Brother...."

    Then realization dawned on her further, making the expression on her face settle to one of determination, weak willed but still determination. "A-Arima could have been caught..." She hissed out, tears swimming at the corners of her eyes as she reached up to rub at them furiously. Two floors away. Teeth sunk into her lower lip as she reached into her bag to pull out a new lollipop and removing the wrapper instantly before letting it, like the rest, fall into her mouth. Charlotte gathered herself up to her feet and hurried to the steel doors, exiting the second they began to pry open.

    It was not what she expected.

    There was blood everywhere and the coppery scent seemed to dominate, making the blonde hyper child gag with her very first steps. Tears once again made an appearance in crystal blue depths as she stumbled further in. More blood...and bodies. Her small form shook with terror as she gaped at the sight of them, piled up with entrails spread everywhere. Charlotte wanted to fall and scream, cry and pretend this sight didn't exist but she wanted to find Arima. She had to find Arima. Soon enough she found the girl scrubbing at the blood upon her own parents corpses, the sight alone causing Charlotte to loudly gasp and stumble forwards to hurry to the girl.

    "Arima!" She called out, collapsing next to the girl as she cast a glance to the parents. "Arima stop!" Her hands wound around the others wrists, her own tears falling, as she pulled the others hands away to stop her rubbing at the hauntingly cold skin. Charlotte wrapped her friend in a tight embrace as she squeezed her own eyes shut, trying to regulate and control her own breathing as tears stained her face in shimmering trails. She had no idea what was going on anymore... Though she had a deep set feeling that they have to leave.

    "A-Arima....we need to leave here...N-now...Everything is strange. P-people are becoming some type of Zombies! And there are these red orbs that go through p-people!" Charlotte whispered, though minor hysterics seemed to lace her tone in places. "We need to leave..." It was her pleading now, desperate. "We need to leave and find somewhere to hide...or something!"
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  9. GM Post
    2:12pm EST

    Piercing screams filled the air as the Corrupted turned more and more into an organized horde. There was panic everywhere. People screaming, running around like maniacs, pummeling other survivors to save themselves. It was utter chaos. Those who were untouched by the orbs were doing just as much damage as those who were touched. Criminals wasted no time taking advantage of the disarray. They broke into stores, stole, beat anyone near them, raped anyone they could, destroyed property. They could do anything and everything they wanted because law no longer applied.

    “Someone help us!!!” A woman in one of the many towering apartment buildings, not too far from the blacksmith, shrieked from one of the windows, before disappearing into the shadows of the structure. She scrambled up the stairs in the main hall, carrying a baby in one arm and the hand of a child in the other. She panted as she practically dragged the kid upwards in fear. But her trailer was not Corrupted, at least, not by the orbs.

    “Yes, yes. Keep running.” A gruff voice called from the bottom of the steps as slow footsteps ascended. “Sooner or later you’ll reach a dead end, then the real fun can begin.” He said with a chilling cackle as he pursued the woman.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Letizia Fior and Aimery Wren

    The moment something rammed into him, Aimery prepared to fight. His blue eyes quickly scanned the girl, but when he found that she was cleaner than the tainted creatures he relaxed, but kept his guard up.

    "I... I apologize for running into you." Her quiet voice mumbled as Aim’s head tilted to the side to further examine her. She was slender and well kept, with ruby lips that complimented her bluish eyes. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t place where he had seen her before.

    As she scrambled to retrieve her things, the boy reached his hand out. When her delicate hands slipped into his he gently pulled her to her feet.
    "Again, Sorry about that." She repeated as she took back her palm.
    No worries. It was an accident.” He replied with a voice of silk, pulling his hands behind his back. The name immediately clicked in his mind. He saw her in magazines around the city. “I’m Aimery Wren. The pleasure is all mine.”

    A small smile danced on her lips as Letizia seemed to relax. Aimery definetely wasn't one of those zombie...things. "Nice to meet you Aimery." She replied before glancing back behind her, eyes steeling for a moment as if expected the corrupted to appear there and then. "Though it'd probably be a better meeting if the world wasn't going crazy, ya'know?~" Letizia added, sighing. "I'm glad I've found at least someone who isnt walking around as if they were in the walking dead or some crappy video store game..."

    Yeeaaah speaking of which…” Aimery leaned to the side to get a better look at the horde that began to block their way. “I don’t think we’ll be going that way any time soon." He glanced behind him to find more of the corrupted passing the other side of the alley way. His breath left him as a twinge of anxiety began to creep its way into his stomach.
    They were trapped.

    Letizia let her eyes widen for a second before she began to mumble furious curses under her breath. "Oh this is great..." Grey-blue orbs flickered around from left to right, searching the alleyway that had become a trap for them, only to find a fire escape a short distance away, which could be reached before the corrupted appeared if they were fast enough.

    "Right...Okay...Follow me for a sec, yeah?"

    Adjusting her items she spun herself around with a practiced ease she did not know she had before she made her way over to the fire escapes ladder as hands locked themselves onto the old steel bars as she began to pull herself up quite quickly. After a few moments she got onto the first level, quickly heading to the next ladder, only pausing to look behind to see if Aimery was okay before continuing her way up.

    Aimery followed silently, letting the woman take the lead. When they managed to reach the first floor, the alley was completely full. For a moment he watched as they mindlessly bumped into each other trying to escape from the complicated predicament they put themselves in. Soon he pulled up the ladder and locked it above the massed just in case they figured out how to climb then continued to trail behind.

    The building was several floors high and as he climbed, he noticed that he was almost completely out of breath. Already they had scaled around 10 floors, and while he wasn’t one to take up the hobby of running, he knew he had much more stamina than this. It was very strange.

    He peered up past the girl to see how far they had left to go when suddenly a figure barreled out of the nearby window and knocked into Aimery.
    Shit!” He gasped as he was pushed over the edge. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as his heart pounded against his chest, he had to think clearly.
    Look out!” He called out, warning the model of the Corrupted beginning to get back to its feet, as he reached out to the railing and grasped it as hard as he could. His body jerked forward, but he managed to keep his grip tightly on the bar.

    Her eyes widened at the sudden shout, causing her to turn in time to see Aimery get hit by the corrupted. A short hiss escaped her lips as the corrupted came closer to her, strangely leading her to take a step back, a step closer to the slow moving creature before turning to watch as a clawed like hand moved to reach out to her. Instinct must of kicked in as the lilac haired model wrapped a tight grip around its wrist, her other arm locking around its upper arm as she pulled it closer with its own movements and her strength, only to throw herself down into a slight curl. The movement brought the creature over her and over the rails of their current level.

    Eyes danced with shock as she reached out to grasp the rails, peering over as the form fell into the mass of corrupted. "What the hell is that...the hell did I just do..." Mumbling to herself at this point she simply decided now wasnt the time. "" Looking over to Aimery she stepped quickly to him before reaching over the rails to wrap her own grip around his arms before pulling up. "Come...C-come on! We need to loose this mob..."

    With the help of the woman, Aimery pulled up with all of his strength until his feet rested steadily on the platform.
    That was not fun at all…” He chuckled, out of breath as he rubbing off the dirt and rust from his hands. “Thanks.” He nodded, then pushed forward.
    We should keep our guard up just in case something like that happens again."

    They trekked up the rest of the way until they were safely secured on the roof. Aimery plopped down with a sigh as he fought to catch his breath.

    Letizia waited until Aimery was up the roof before she followed this time, only stopping moving once they were surely up. Collapsing just a small distance from the other she let her bag and coat fall to the ground with her. Her eyes immediately were led to the sky as she eventually collapsed onto her back, grumbling. "This is insane..." Letizia mumbled. "Floating orbs? Damned zombies? I'm...I...Now I can throw people?" Tilting her head she glanced over towards Aimery, a small frown on her lips. "I dont think you have any idea whats going on, do you?"

    I have… Absolutely no idea…” He replied between breaths. “I don’t know how stuff like this… could even be possible in the real world… There is literally no scientific explanation for this at all.” He really hated this. He was so tired; this was definitely not good for this kind of setting. He felt insignificant, he was stronger than this, a few flights of stairs were not going to beat him!
    I haven’t seen anything… in the news about some kind of scientific experiment that would… cause this. Have you?

    Letizia finding herself thinking back, she eventually shook her head in response. "Nope. Though to be honest, I rarely get a chance to check out the news for longer than a couple minutes." She really regretted that. Twisting her neck back around again, she now watched the clouds float lazily back, relaxing her if only a little. Though her peaceful moment was broken when she noticed an orb...a black orb. Her gaze narrowed as she gathered herself up to sit, lips pursed and brows knitted together.

    "Hey...Aimery...its a black orb..." She pointed out, reaching out to point up at the floating object that resembled the red ones in all but colour.

    A what?” He asked as his gaze followed her direction towards the sky. Sitting there completely still, surged a solid black ball of energy, much like the red ones that caused this entire blight. “That’s strange. I don’t remember seeing any black ones before during the attack.” He fell back as he stared at it with a look of bemusement. Then he recalled something.
    Hey, remember before those things started going crazy after the orbs went through them?

    Letizia couldnt take her gaze away from the odd orb as she remained silent for a few seconds, forced to shake her head before she spoke to refocus herself. "Thats true. The orb that came where I was passed through a few people then left...Oddly though, all those hit just stared at the ceiling before they did anything... Those people then went around after the rest of them and then BAM! They were zombified too by something as small as a scratch." she explained briefly, turning to face Aimery now. "Though I am sure that the only ones I've seen have been red..."

    Yeah, that happened in the park too. But what really bugged me was that part when they looked up. They were completely still and acted as if they were taking orders or something, when I looked I didn’t see anything, but what if they were looking at that.” As he rested there, he was able to speak now without pausing to breath, though it was still troubling.

    A small glimmer of recognition shone in her expression before she spun her attention back to the orb. "So that thing could potentially be the boss...thing...for the zombies?" She repeated before looking back to him. "I have to say its awesome that we have at least something to explain this, even if we cant be sure." Letizia pointed out, pausing. "Though it brings to question what do we do now..."

    Aimery nodded. “Yeah, the more we know the closer we are to figuring out what the hell is going on around here.” He said as his eyes never left the strange phenomenon in the sky, before letting out a large sigh.
    That’s a good question.” He thought about it for a second. “If you’re talking about what to do about the big picture, well we’re not scientists, at least I’m not, not sure about you. So even if we do figure it out we can’t really do anything… but if you mean what to do right now, I think we should wait a while. Find a safe and guarded place and see what happens. This is only the first day.”

    Letizia simply nodded in response. "Definetely not a scientist, pretty much the exact opposite. Using looks instead of brains, Model." Letizia was far from stupid, though she found the stereotype of models intelligence quite amusing. Especally when she proved her intelligence to be smarter than other peoples.

    After a moment of thought she simply agreed, a grin back on her lips. "So camp out here for a while then go hunting for a place these zombified creeps cant get." Reaching over to grasp her jacket, she folded it a few times before slipping it under her head, laying back straight after.

    "I have some random candy bars in my bag, they were for after my shoot, so if you get hungry just go and take one."

    Thanks…” Aimery browsed the rooftop for a moment. Apart from a few pipes that stuck out, the roof was clear, no entrances, and the fire escape’s ladder was pulled up at the bottom, they were safe for the most part. He folded his arms behind his head and relaxed. “I think I’m going to take a nap…” He said quietly as his eyes fluttered closed. “We should sleep whenever we get the chance.” He slowly drifted off into a light sleep.
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  11. Part 1
    Allistair Buchannon

    The shrill cry of a woman in dire trouble was discordant against the melancholy backdrop of a world in utter chaos and anarchy but it didn't fall on deaf ears. Allistair had only been free of his own nightmarish hellscape for an hour or less before hearing the damsel in distress in the looming apartments which lined the street on either side of him.

    Casting his gaze upwards he searched for a glimpse of the source and being rewarded briefly with the sight of a woman and her children as she hastily withdrew from her window.
    "I shouldn't involve's not my problem." He thought as he lumbered rapidly towards the apartment's entrance and up the spiraling staircase that led to the upper levels, his war-hammer at the ready.

    Each passing moments the woman struggled to get away. She knew it in her mind that going up, never ended well, but she had nowhere else to go.
    “I can’t wait till this chase ends. I’ve got a lot in store for you.” The man taunted as he followed, step by step.
    “Someone please!!! Help!!!” She cried at the top of her lungs hoping that someone would come to save her.
    “Don’t worry, soon enough the entire city will be able to hear you scream.” Sadistic laughter could be heard a few floors down.

    Allistair listened intently for the cries of the woman as he heaved himself up the ocean of stairs, the weight of his gear causing strain and muscle fatigue to set in very early.
    'Keep moving lady...give me time to get there...' He thought as a horrible thought entered the forefront of his mind but he tried to beat it back as he shuffled onward.

    Fatigued breaths were now audible as he crossed the threshold of the twelfth level of the apartment, as his chain-mail jingled like poorly made chimes from the shifting and bouncing of his cadence.
    'Not the rooftop...don't corner yourself...' He thought feverishly, hoping against all odds the mother would cling to logic in this time where a mistake meant death...or worse.

    Terrified eyes jumped from surface to surface. Heavy breaths filled the cool air as her mind jumbled with a thousand thoughts that clashed into each other. Then, when everything seemed like it couldn’t get worse…
    “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” The baby’s cries somehow cleared her mind as suddenly an idea that should have surfaced minutes ago finally made itself apparent.

    She put an extra boost in her steps as she raced up the steps as fast as she could, sending shushes towards the baby trying to calm her. Once they put a little more distance between them and the man, she quickly turned onto one of the floors.
    “Go go go go.” She whispered as she hurried her son into one of the open apartments.
    “Hide in there and stay quiet!” She handed her son the baby then quietly closed the door. She felt her heart sink as she turned away, then ran back to the main hall.

    “You’re a monster!” She screamed at the man, making her way back up the stairs, though this time her pace was slower, making sure that the man was still chasing after her.

    The beads of sweat which covered Allistair's face had unified in the form of a cascading torrent as his entire body mirrored his exhaustion, though he ignored the soreness and pains in his muscles and the corresponding cramps. The chain-mail and his cargo pants were plastered to his flesh as he finally caught sight of the pursuer and his prey

    'I''ll get her out of here...find her and the children a reinforced safehouse...maybe I'll build something...' Allistair thought of anything he could to challenge the reality of the situation, desperately clinging to that hope.

    Allistair had never been outgoing, he'd never felt that genuine sense of compassion towards his fellow man, but he was at his core human and didn't desire to see anyone suffer unjustly. It was perhaps his most redeeming quality, at least he hoped so, the drive to protect those who couldn't defend themselves.
    "Dig deep...pain is weakness leaving the body. I can make it.."

    Upon reaching the fourteenth floor he noticed a door in the corridor part slightly, it was barely ajar before it was abruptly closed. Allistair was certain the assailant had trapped his prey there until he heard the screams and shuffling of two sets of feet in the stairwell above him.
    "Shit! Shit...she went for the roof." The words exited his lips this time as he willed all of his strength to gain back his forward momentum and traverse the final flights of stairs.

    Now, instead of running, she was more like leading the man towards the roof. When the last flight of stairs were in view a sigh of relief came when the man continued to taunt her. She was content he didn’t get to her kids.
    With haste she plowed through the final door and bursted into the sunlight. The door stood in the middle of the empty roof, and the edges had a small brick wall. She circled the rooftop until the man finally peaked out from the doorway.

    “And now we’ve reached the endgame…” He gave her a toothy grin as he lightly swung a metal bat ono his shoulder. “Shall we start a new game?”

    The woman turned to face the thug. Rape, beatings, mental abuse. She would endure anything and everything if she had to, that was how it worked in the world now. The man inched closer and closer, seeming to be getting a kick out of the suspense. She closed her eyes and stood still, waiting, praying it would all just end soon.

    Then she felt it, the air around his hands as he reached towards her chest. Suddenly she was jerked back onto the ground and felt the figure crawl on top of her.
    “I could say this won’t hurt a bit, or last long… But then I’d be lying.”
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  12. Amory.png


    His Home in Manhattan
    Voltage Video Games

    ⇒Streets of Manhattan

    ⇒Excited & Energetic
    ⇒Amused & Relaxed
    ⇒Terrified but surprisingly Prepared at the same time.

    Amory's Outfit

    No One

    No One

    No One

    Amory was sitting in the Living Room of his home, playing a new video game that Voltage Video Games just got in stock last week. That was probably the only perk of working at The Video Game Store that him and his friends usually went to every other week, he got the Exclusive on all the new games that came into those Glass Double Doors. The only reason he had to get a job at the Store in the first place, was because his parents wanted to see how mature he could be. Now out of High School, they expected him to do something with his life, other than spend up all their money on games and girls. Luckily, his best friend, Chuck's father owns VVG and hooked him up with a Part-Time Job. He had work in a few, he decided to play one more round of the First Person Shooter game. He's already gotten the High Score overall, even though the game just officially came to The U.S. three weeks ago. "That's what I'm talking about, Let's Go Baby!" He slapped the couch and then proceeded to hop off of it, excited that he had just beaten his biggest rival in the game. "Nice! I'm the motherfucking Champion!" Throwing the game controller onto the soft couch, he got his boots on and got ready to leave for work.


    Making it to VVG in just a short walk down the street from his house, he said hi to all of the gamers around the different sections and got ready in the back of the store. The place wasn't strict about employee clothing since the store didn't actually have a company uniform, just as long as your clothes weren't looking like some X-Rated RPG outfit or anything like that you could wear whatever you wanted. Placing his hat on top of his hair, after pushing it down a bit, Amory went to the front counter and played on his phone. He didn't do a lot in the place, most of the regular customers already knew what game they wanted and what they needed so he didn't have to show anyone anything that often. He smirked at the little fish that kept trying to get away from his Fishing Rod but ended up getting caught, just like the other twenty fishes he had already caught. "Man, I'm just the best at every game there is." Shaking his head.

    "Hey! Did your hear about the new Creator X Game?" He raised his left eyebrow, wanting to hear more about this new game that some of the people in the store were now talking about. "Yeah, I heard it's suppose to be the hardest RPG game ever, like you have to do so many different achievements just to get to level ten in the game. It's crazy but it's worth it." Smirking, he started to search up the game. "Creator... X, hmm." The game was justifying the hype going on in VVG, the graphics shown in the test video were the best he had ever seen. "I will definitely have to get this game, seriously." He already knew that his boss, Chuck's dad, was probably already talking with the makers of Creator X to get an Exclusive First Deal of the first few copies of the game in America... one of those Exclusive Copies would be his, he would make sure of it.

    While his mind was on the new video game, he didn't see the red orbs coming straight for VVG. When he heard the huge crashing sound coming from the glass doors bringing destroyed, he looked at the orbs in disbelief and confusion. He had never seen anything like this in real life, maybe in a video game or two... but this was real fucking life! He could see some gruesome looking creatures jumping over one another as they all flooded into the store and started to attack the customers. Amory was shocked to see that some of the kids in the store actually picked up the fake swords and other replicated weapons from various video games and started fighting the bloody creatures with the various weapons. "Do they actually think this is a real life game?" He raised his eyebrows in shock and annoyance.

    He was soo shocked and stunned by everything going on around him, that the usually fast and energetic male hadn't noticed that one of the red orbs was coming his way. When he turned to see the orb speeding towards him, out of instinct, he raised his arms across his head like a shield in a X Formation. The orb came shooting at him and... it bounced away like a ball would when it hit something that had a steadier stance. "Wait... what?" He watched as the orb went to find another human and it turned the poor human into one of those... things. "Shit..." He hid behind the counter, trying to think of an escape plan. For some reason he felt like this was suppose to happen and that he knew exactly what he had to do to get out of it. "Okay... think, think." He didn't have a lot of time to think, as one of the bloody creatures hopped over the counter and was now right in front of him.

    Something had clicked in his mind, he didn't know what made him do what he did next. Standing up, Amory charged at the bloody creature and kicked it into the backroom and closed the door as fast as possible. His Adrenaline and Fight or Flight Response kicked in as he moved from behind the counter and made his way towards the destroyed entrance of the building. He jumped over some of the bloody creatures, punching a few in the face and the other parts of their bodies, making sure to stay out of their reach. While he was running and hopping over the creatures, a red like colored aureole seemed to emit a few inches around his entire body, it was very faint and unnoticeable to anyone that wasn't very close to his moving body.

    He had finally gotten away from some of the bloody creatures, he had luckily got away without being attacked by the creatures... they definitely tried their hardest though. Amory doesn't know what switched in his mind but he just felt and still feels like he was meant to be in this crazy situation and he was meant to fight those things... "This is fucking crazy..." Trying to find his phone to call his parents, who were thankfully on a Business Trip in some Foreign Country, he came to realize that he had dropped his phone in the store. "Fuck!" Trying to not bring anymore attention to himself, he moved around the streets of Manhattan in a slow but steady pace. "I need to find at least one other person who isn't... one of those things." He looked behind him and in front of him, seeing as the creatures were coming from every direction, he decided to go in the direction that led to a little Tea Shop... maybe someone would be there that could help him, or at least he could get something to drink... his throat was super dry.

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  13. A cold breeze blew through the building, though that was usual; the other residents had been "urged to relocate", shall we say? As such, most of the building's heating units were either inactive or had been removed. On the fourth floor, the origin of that relocation urge was busy working away. Asuka, a girl whose name was known all across New York, was building her newest item. She defined herself as an orphan, however, she did have registered parents. A certain Mr and Mrs Shall-Not-Be-Appearing-In-This-Story, whose jobs were phenomenally boring and took up the majority of their time, to the point that they didn't even notice their daughter had been missing for 2 years until she rang them after reappearing and said "Sorry I was gone for so long." As such, she usually told people she was "independent", as she put it, but their constant flow of money was quite useful, so she didn't want to formally disown them just yet. Asuka used this money for one purpose - to build crazy shit. That was the reason the other residents had vacated the premises, too - Asuka had filled the stairwell with so much scrap material that it took several minutes to step around it all, and two people had been given infections from cutting themselves on it. Her particular reputation was most prevalent among the ghetto community, who were quite large fans of hers - after all, she was capable of supplying them with weapons equal in lethality to their own handguns, but with no muzzle noise, making it very difficult to tell where the shots came from.

    Her current project was another variant of that - she had decided to attempt making a semi-automatic railgun, although admittedly, she had no idea whether or not it would work. The room she was in was quite a mess, and it was slowing her progress. Mounds of junk rose to the ceiling, and the reclaimed pool table in the center of the area had piles of tattered notebooks littered across its surface. The room's window had a plywood board across one pane, and glass shards could still be seen in the windowsill (one of those giant window seats that you can use as a bed if you're really desperate). The lampshade had long been torn off, so a bare bulb hung precariously from the roof, flickering the faint orange glow of one of those relic incandescent bulbs. That was the real measure of age, Asuka felt. Not whether you had an Xbox Three or a 4000p 3DTV, or whether you had still had your gamecube in the attic, but how many incandescent light bulbs your house had. After all, production of these bulbs had stopped years ago, and they had been made outright illegal 2 months prior to the episode's events in a last-dash bid to save the forsaken atmosphere. Every bulb in her building was incandescent, since the landlord had been shot in a gang war ages ago and Asuka was left in charge of maintenance. She didn't like the sterile white light of halogen and LED bulbs, so she had simply left them as they were when the law was enforced. The house looked like an uninhabited wreck from the outside, so no one really bothered questioning the oddly yellow light it emitted.

    An old CRT television hummed away in the corner of the room, its flickering, low resolution display desperately trying to tell Asuka the world news as she vainly ignored it to continue twisting screws and bending wires. A red "breaking news" headline popped up, but its volume was not enough for her to notice, though she didn't care. Obviously, she couldn't care, considering she didn't even know. What did get her attention though, was the noise of a low flying helicopter hovering slowly across the estate. Crap, have they finally decided to lock me up? the girl wondered, and she crept to the window, carefully removing the board and allowing wind to blow through the gaping chasm in the glass. She carefully picked up a long, metal object from a rack above her and brought it to her level, then perched on the window seat and poked the barrel of the gun through the hole in the pane. As she loaded the ammunition, though, she noticed the sound of the helicopters blades fade into the distance. She looked around to see if there were any ground units, but saw only a crowd of civilians, accompanied by several strange, hovering globes of... stuff. It reminded her of ball lightning, except strangely red in colour.

    Come to think of it, these people were moving very slowly, and looking directly at her house. She peered through the rifle's scope, and noticed each person wore a very blank expression. A small amount of excitement washed over Asuka's subconscious mind, and she eagerly turned up the volume on the TV. As she did so, the breaking news ended, but she was able to catch the words "real life Zombie Apocalypse?" She let out a small expression of joy; finally, she would be able to test her creations without anyone caring! She did just that, sending a 3 inch nail flying at 300kph into the skull of one of the people. It made a very satisfying noise, a mix between the sound made by standing on jelly and the sound made by dropping a clay plate, and the man toppled backwards. A spout of blood erupted almost comedically from the wound, before a light "ping" sound indicated the nail had passed through the mushy brain-flesh and ricocheted off the tarmac behind it. She repeated this several times, before turning her attention to the peculiar orbs. "Come to think of it, what are these things anyway? Well, they don't look good, that's for sure. Fine! Guess I'll shoot one and find out!" Right on queue, some kind of screw-nut complex catapulted through the air, striking the orb in the exact center, which exploded dramatically in a flash of bring light. What remained was a cloud of red semi-transparent smoke, however, it quickly coalesced and in a matter of 30 seconds, the orb had reformed. "Ah. Well, I guess I'll get out of here then. It'd be useful to be in a crowd anyway." She shouldered the sniper rifle and picked up a pair of pistol-style railguns, which she placed within her jacket's interior pocket, before recovering her "In case of a survivable apocalypse scenario bag #3" from a wardrobe and leaving the building.
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  14. Part 2
    Allistair Buchannon

    The plateau was within sight as the doorway leading out of the staircase and onto the roof was only a final flight away when Allistair's right foot slipped off the step he was pivoting off of. The weight and momentum sending him flying face first into the stairs as he covered his face with his arms.
    "Son of a bitch...I don't have time for this."

    It wasn't broken but he'd twisted his right foot and landed with his full body weight upon it when he careened with the stairs. Raising his left fist he punched the stair he'd tripped on with enough force to break off a portion of it, along with bloodying his knuckles. As though it were the inanimate objects fault.

    Allistair took several deep breathes before lurching upward off the ground and attempting to put weight on his now sore foot. It felt as if a dagger were wedged against the joints of his ankle as he resumed his arduous hike up the final staircase to rescue the would-be damsel and her innocent children.
    "Bruised the bone...can't seem weak right now." He decided.

    As he reached the top of the stairs he noted the light filtering into the hall as he made his way to stand firmly in the doorway, his long shadow cast over the rooftop . The sight before him made his jaws lock as he produced his war-hammer in his hands and readied it, his teeth now grinding against one another, he was prepared.

    The woman kept her eyes closed tightly as a warm, wet mass licked the side of her neck. The tearing sounds of the elegant red dress, she was trying on for a party that night before everything turned to shit, filled the air. She just couldn’t believe all of this was happening to her.

    ‘Just lay here, let him get his rocks off, then he’ll go. My children are safe. That is all that matters. She chanted to herself in her head as the man rubbed his gruff hands upon her legs.
    “Come on. Squirm for me.” She laid their still and tense, refusing to open her eyes, or say a word. She just wanted it to be over with.

    Allistair found the duo on the ground with the male in the process of shredding her dress to ribbons as he groped and felt along her legs. The sight made Allistair's stomach turn as he lurched forward into the open, his right ankle now screaming in pain with each movement but he was deaf to pain right now.

    The sound of tools jumbled together, bouncing against one another was audible and mixed with the jingle of his chain-mail as Allistair paced towards the couple, marching with a purpose, he would've ran if he could.

    Rage had gripped him so tightly that he now carried his war-hammer firmly in his right hand as though it were a club made of iron instead. Though he remained silent, hoping that the monstrous and perverse machinations of this predator would keep him too occupied to notice Allistair's approach. As he now possessed every intent of murdering this pile of garbage, he was bewildered that in the midst of the world ending this was what people were doing with their time.
    "He's not walking off this roof alive. There are enough monsters in the world now."

    Allistair was a dauntingly large man, his hands much larger than an average individual's, a fact he was grateful of as it meant there was more hair to be grasped with his fist. Weaving his left hand's fingers into the assailant's hair, he roughly jerked the man upwards off the ground and away from his victim by his head.
    "I've got you now you demented bastard..."

    The man was caught off guard as he was dragged off the woman with one massive hand. The woman’s eyes flew open in surprise as the weight on her lifted.
    “Fucking let me go, you fuckwad!” He struggled to break free, punching at the armor only to hurt his fists instead. Then he noticed an opening. With as much strength as he could, he pulled his fist back and punched the side of his neck, then lifted his legs and kicked off of the giant hard enough that he jerked out of Allistair’s hand. The woman barely made it out of the way in time before the man went tumbling to the ground with a groan.

    Allistair felt the impact of the man's fist on his neck but the raw magnitude of his anger blunted most of the pain, though the drop kick with all of his adversaries weight was enough to cause him to stumble.

    “Hey, man! It’s the end of the world! Lighten up!” He jumped to his feet and quickly grabbed the bat from the ground beside him. He pointed it at him with a smirk on his face. “No wait! It’s a new world! Where this shit right here is allowed. You don’t like it? Oh well! You can do something about it though. Kill me perhaps? Or maybe you can join in!” He let out a small hysterical chuckle. “I’d be happy to share. She’s more than enough woman for both of us.”

    He quickly regained his composure despite his right ankle sending spasms of pain through his entire leg. Raising his war-hammer over his head and then arcing it down onto the roof to cause a booming threat to the man, Allistair finally spoke to him directly.
    "How many good people died? are proof that life isn't fair."

    “Yes. Life isn’t fair. It’s the first thing you learn when your life is complete shit! You think I’ve always been like this? You think that the horrible people out there were born scum? I’m sure some of them were, because I mean, there’s always those true heartless bastards out there who were literally born without souls.” He let out a chuckle. “But I am living proof that life ain’t fair. I’m just looking on the bright side of the literal shit that just hit the fan."

    Shifting his gaze over towards the woman who was apart from both of them, Allistair spoke to her through gritted teeth as he prepared to challenge the beast before him.
    "You're safe now. Get behind me."

    Allistair's eyes never left the woman as he motioned for her to do as he'd said with his head, though the last bit of the deviant's rambling caught his attention. The audacity of attempting to justify or rationalize what he was preparing to do, it was sickening.
    "She is going to return to her family. You aren't going anywhere though."

    “Ahhhhhh…” He said in realization as the woman did as she was told. “I get it. You’re playing hero. And once you save the damsel in distress, you can get the fucking of your life as a reward! That’s very clever. Wish I thought of it myself… Actually no, I enjoy watching them writhe in anguish; the fear in their eyes, their shrills of pain, how pathetic and weak they are to stop you. Oh and I love it when they fight back. Ahhh sweet satisfaction, it’s the best feeling in the world to be honest with ya.”

    Twisting his neck in upward diagonal motions he forced the joints and bones to crack audibly as the speech he'd sat through had given him enough of a respite to battle now, as truthfully the journey in all that armor and weight had worn him down.
    "It sounds like you've had a hard's a good thing it's over." These were the last words he planned the speak to the dead man before him as he lurched forward.
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  15. Collab Post
    Charlotte Knight/Arima Mania
    Staten Island; Arima's home
    November 17, 2020

    Arima could hear her best friend’s voice call to her, could feel her warm hands around her wrists, but dried tears stained below nearly lifeless tired eyes as the girl stared off in the distance. She continued to slightly move her hands within Charlotte's, off in her own little world; one where her parent's were alive and well, taking care of her, loving her. It was only when the girl pulled Arima into her arms that she seemed to return to reality.

    “Ch… Charlotte!” She cried out as she wrapped her arms around her friend and pressed her face into the girl’s shoulder, wailing in sorrow. She couldn't take the immense pain she felt.
    “They’re gone! They’re gone! They’re gone!” She repeated between sobs, completely ignoring Charlotte’s pleads. She wasn't ready for this, she couldn't live without them right now. She knew nothing about the world. She was sheltered from the cruelties of life, and now she was being thrusted into an even crueler life without them! The most important people in her world were gone.

    Charlotte tightened her grip on her friend, a frown marring her own lips as her crystal gaze stared dazed at the fallen and bloodied forms of her friends parents. Though she personally had not spoken to them often, it was still a tragic sight. Tears had trailed their path down her cheeks but she had little time to mourn the death.

    She didn't even pull away to speak. "A-arima" She muttered under her breath as she scrunched her eyes closed. "I'm so sorry...I-i'm so sorry..." Charlotte repeated as if a mantra. She was too young to have any idea how to comfort Arima, so she simply decided not to let her go at all. Though Charlotte couldn't ignore the reason she had furiously ran here.

    "Arima..." She paused. "We...We need to leave. Something creepy is going on and we can't stay here..."

    “I can’t leave them! Th… they… They need me! I-I can’t leave them alone!” Arima spurted in small hiccups, having no idea what to do. She just couldn’t accept that they were gone. She wasn’t thinking straight. It was actually dizzying and exhausting. She felt so weak, as if all the life and energy within her were leaving her body. It was all too much for her, and there was so much blood. It surrounded her on the ground, the liquid covered her skin, it’s taste lingered on her tongue, it’s strong scent filled the air, and it stung her eyes. She hated it. She hated it so much!

    Charlotte's gaze softened visibly as she slowly unwound her arms from Arima, settling her hands upon the girls shoulders as she pushed her back enough to look at her friends own tear filled eyes.
    "Arima. They...they are gone. They would want you to live. By the looks of outside and downstairs, we won't be if we stay here." Charlotte paused then, frowning. She felt bad for her bluntness but she didn't want to her friend to remain here to die or become some creepy zombie. "We need to leave...W-we...can make a memorial place for them somewhere...It'll be pretty and we will go visit there but...we need to survive, Arima." It was childish hope but it better than nothing.

    Arima listen to the girl’s words as she stared into her bright blue eyes. She was silent for a moment, except for the puffs she made from all the crying, taking that moment to fully take in what she was saying. She glanced down at the disfigured bodies of her parents, tears fought their way to the surface be she refused, she wanted to see them. They were gone. They’ve been gone. She didn’t want to accept it, but she had no choice, Charlotte was right.

    She slowly lifted to her feet and wiped the tears from her face as best as she could.
    “W-we should grab what we c-can while we’re here.” She said between deep breaths and teary gasps.

    Eventually Charlotte gathered the courage to nod to her friend, pulling them both to their feet as she stood. " go find yourself a bag. Backpack is probably best..." She instructed before looking around, brows furrowed. "Ill shove whatever I can into mine..."

    Arima nodded and sauntered into her room, immediately going into her bathroom. She stared into the mirror for a moment, she was covered in blood, save for the cleared trails from her eyes due to the tears. She looked away and washed her face and arms in the sink. Refusing to look back at herself, she grabbed her small bathroom travel bag. With blank emerald eyes she scanned the room. She reached up in her closet and grabbed her colorful, polka-dot, rolley backpack, which was already filled with essential traveling belongings. She traveled a lot so she always had her stuff ready.

    She stuffed the bathroom bag in her backpack, Arima then went over to the closet and changed out of her bloodied bed gown. She drew on a thick long sleeved red shirt, and black skinny jeans. Then she donned her black poncho with a fuzzy collar, and pulled her leather boots and gloves on.
    With one last look at her room she left to return to her friend, her backpack rolling right behind her.

    Charlotte in the mean time had thrown her backpack onto the counter as she had climbed her way up onto the surface to roam some of the higher cupboards. Any snack like food was already thrown onto the space near her bag and now she was looking for anything that would be easy to eat, especially considering she didn't know when they would be able to stop.

    With the cupboards nearly emptied, Charlotte shifted slightly before twisting to jump back down onto the kitchen floor. With the thud, the blonde kid was already over by the fridge, pulling it open to drag out the bottles of chilled water that sat there along with some fruit and random other bits.

    "This is going to be heavy..." She muttered to herself. Moving to her backpack she shoved it all inside before zipping it up after some difficulty. She had already decided she would carry the heavier load, especially considering Arima's state.

    "The food is packed, Arima." Charlotte informed, grumbling as she pulled her bag over her shoulders. Looking over at her friend she grinned, though it was not as bright as usual. "Got clothes and that? you think I could borrow some if it comes to it? I didn't really pack clothes, didn't expect this..." She hesitated then "Do you want anything picture wise and that?" For now, Charlotte would focus on Arima. When they were safe she would think about her own family.

    “Do you want me to help with that? I have some room in my backpack, and it rolls.” She offered without returning the smile. “Of course you can borrow them." She replied as she looked over the livingroom, though avoiding her parent’s bodies at all cost. She found a small picture of the three of them together, smiling. She slowly picked it up, plucked it out of the frame, and placed it in one of the smaller pockets of her bag.

    The blonde just grinned, giving her a thumbs up. "Nope! I got it. You just get as much a you need" She sung, a small skip to her step as she headed over to her friend, propping her own cat ear styled hood over her head. "I think we are good then...though Im not sure where we are going to go." Charlotte pointed out, shoving her hands into her pockets. "I cant even explain whats going on...Though its bad, Arima..."

    “Hmm.” Arima thought for a moment. “Worse than in here?”
    She wondered where a safe place would be. “If its seriously that bad out there, we’re not going to be able to survive.” She focused on Charlotte and the problem they faced, working hard to push back her pain. “We’re only kids! What can we even do?”

    Charlotte's expression shifted to a small grin as her hand slid into the jumper pocket, pulling out a wrapped lollipop that she quickly moved to discard the plastic flimsy casing. "I was hurrying here before all this to show you something!" She cheered, fingers wrapped rightly around the small stick of the candy as she once again replicated her earlier action of increasing the side and hardness of the candy lollipop. "It is not much but I could be a weapon? I mean we should avoid those zombie things but just incase..." Not knowing how to decrease the size, she placed it onto the floor.

    Arima’s eyes widened at the sight of the lollipop morphing right in front of her.
    “How…” She started, but paused as she tried to put the words together. “That’s not possible…” She said as her eyes never left the object, even as it dropped.
    “…That’s just what you need.” She let out a weak giggle. A little life returned to her blank eyes. She wasn’t alone after all. Right in front of her was her best friend in the entire world. The crazy, hyper, candy loving fool of a best friend.

    It was becoming apparent that the twos idleness was effecting Charlotte as her limbs would slowly twitch or move to a new space for a few seconds. She needed to move. "We are kids...maybe we should find some adults? It cant just be us who survived, right?" She pointed out, shoving her hands in her pockets to stop her fingers tapping against one another. "We could try the school..."

    “You’re right!” The red head replied, “School would be going on right now, so there has to be people there right now.” She stepped forward towards the door, but stopped herself as she remembered something. She quickly turned back and ran into her room really quick to grab a bag of her hidden stash of candy, shoved it into her backpack, then returned to Charlotte.
    “You ready?”

    Charlotte nodded, back to her previous level of energy, as she bound out the door with slightly stumbling steps. Her serious nature was temporary, even in the best of times. Though she could not be as optimistic. Charlotte headed to the elevator once more, hand slapping over the button as the doors slid open from her journey up here. "Yep! Lets start this adventure!" She ended up pausing for a moment, expression shifting to a slightly embarrassed one. "Ah - Well - ....I mean, lets get to the school and stay safe...?" She said, correcting herself to sound more serious.

    Arima let out another giggle. The poor girl was trying at least, which made her feel better. Charlotte’s upbeat attitude even during the worst times warmed Arima’s heart, and reminded her that not everything has changed.
    “Yeah, let the adventuring start.” She cheered, trying to sound upbeat herself, though she was fooling no one, but she tried, as she followed the sunny girl into the elevator. However, the more appropriate term would be;
    ‘The Gates of Hell’​
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  16. Part 3
    Allistair Buchannon

    "It sounds like you've had a hard's a good thing it's over."

    The man let out laugh, like he was enjoying the entire encounter. “Yes, I don’t doubt it. But I’m not going down easily!!!” He yelled as he pulled his bat behind him and flew forward, swinging it towards the giant with the momentum he gained.

    Allistair didn't move to dodge the bat, instead he opened up his side fully to the hit, lifting his arm up to grant access to his ribs. He knew the chain-mail under the leather tunic would drain some of the impact but he'd suffer from a few cracked ribs regardless.

    Bracing himself he waited for the crushing blow to his side to occur before clamping down on the bat and the man's arm. Dropping his war-hammer out of his right hand, he closed his fist and back-handed the deviant with the chain-mail covered portion of his forearm.

    The man threw his head back upon impact with a grunt, he definitely had a broken jaw; which was upsetting because he loved to talk. He let out an angered broken growl, feeling all of the damage to his face. He knew this was a lost battle, he knew it the moment the colossal man made his appearance, but he didn’t plan to quit.

    His gaze quickly returned to Allistair, and with the flick of his wrist, he tossed the bat in the air only to catch it a second later in his free hand. Swiftly, he swung the bat again, downwards toward Allistair’s opposite shoulder in an attempt to free his arm.

    Allistair's right hand fly up to catch the predator's wrist and prevent his strike from landing, while simultaneously slamming his forehead downwards aiming perfectly for the center of his enemy's face. The chilling crunch of what used to be the predator's nose and Allistair ripping the bat from his grasp were the only things to be heard in those moments.

    Turning to the side, Allistair tossed the bat clear across the rooftop before taking the man's head in both hands and bringing his face down upon the former's left knee.
    "I hope it was worth it"

    “Oh. It was.” He muffled as he wavered, struggling to keep his balance. He prepared to fight fist to fist.
    The woman only watched from behind the armored man, a hint of enjoyment surfaced as she watched the filth’s end.
    Peaking from the other side of the walled entrance was the young boy with the quiet baby. His curiosity got the best of him as he couldn’t help but to see what was going on.

    Allistair raised his arms as if he were a boxer, throwing a feint with his right arm to get the man to block high, leading him into a trap. As soon as the man indulged Allistair and motioned to block his feint, he caught the man clean in the solar plexus with a ferocious blow from his left hand, following it up with an uppercut to shatter teeth and lift him off the ground.

    The adrenaline had rushed to ever muscle in Allistair's body as he surged forward to snatch the man up off the ground by his collar and drag him over towards the west facing side of the rooftop, dangling him over it.

    The man couldn’t move, he was beaten. The impacts on his body were unbearable. Now, this was his own endgame. He’d chuckle if he could, finally receiving the sweet embrace of death.

    There would be no one liner or witty statement coming from Allistair, there was a raw hatred for this type of criminal. It was a hell of a thing to kill a man, but to go after women and children, it was unforgivable. Allistair made the man make eye contact with him, right before he released him. Turning away from the ledge as he dropped the monster, to now face the family he'd been trying to protect.

    The man fell through the air, his horrible life flashing before his eyes and all he wanted was for it to end. Unfortunately, his wish didn’t come true, for when he reached the surface, he crashed into a mob of corrupted which cushion his fall. While most of his bones were broken, he only slept as he received bite and scratches from the rest of the crowd.

    When Allistair turned to face the woman he found a figure slowly creeping up behind her. Only a second later the woman’s eyes widened in surprise as the creature took a bite out of her shoulder.

    "Nooooo!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, as he rushed towards her, taking up his war-hammer as he made the trek across the rooftop.

    Separating the two with his left armored forearm, he would raise the hammer high with his right arm before caving in the beast's skull.

    She fell backwards, a look of disbelief planted onto her face. She couldn’t believe it. Was this truly the end for her?

    Kneeling down beside her, Allistair slipped his arms under the woman and eased her into his embrace, cradling her tightly like a lover. "I'm sorry... everyone I've seen bitten or scratched... has turned. Where are your children?"

    “Mom!!!” The son cried out as he rushed to their side. The woman slowly placed a hand on his face, caressing his cheek with care. Then she reached over to pet the baby’s soft head.
    “I love you, dear. Watch over your sister, okay? My strong little warrior.” She cooed as her body slowly began to weaken.
    “I will mom.” The boy said as he sniffled. “I’ll watch over you too! It’s just a little bite. We can just put a bandaid on it!” He said with hope. The woman gave him a small chuckle.
    “Sadly, that won’t work this time honey. You’ll have to be strong without me.”
    “But I don’t wanna.” He huffed as tears began to run down his red cheeks.
    “You have to do it for mommy, okay? Say you’ll do it.” For a moment he was silent, but he eventually nodded as tears blinded his eyes. “Good. Such a brave little man.”

    She looked over at her savior with distress, but it soon turned to gratitude.
    “Thank you for saving us. You are an angel sent from the heaven.” Fighting to hold back her own tears, she then pulled her hand to the stranger’s face.
    “I don’t want to turn. I would only be harming my children. But I can’t die without knowing that they’ll be safe. Please, you’re the only one we have right now, please protect them. I know I’m asking for much, but I beg of you, make sure they make it through all right.” She pleaded.

    Allistair's eyes stung with a pain so immense that it dwarfed anything he'd ever felt in his life, he wasn't a hero. He was just someone who tried to do the right thing and failed. A single tear streaked down the right side of his face as he stared down at the weakening woman. "Yes I will, I won't fail them too."

    Clutching the mother even tighter to his chest now, he looked towards her children and the pain was nearly unbearable.
    "Take your sister and go back to the staircase until I return okay? I will only be a moment." His words weren't a command, they were spoken in a somber and pleading tone.

    “No!” The boy cried as he held his sister tightly as he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to stop them from crying. “No, no!”
    “Honey.” She said softly. “Listen to him. He’s your protector.”
    “L-Like Alby?” He spluttered as he peaked at them.
    “Yes. Like Albatross. Only stronger. And he doesn’t lift his leg when he goes potty.” She gave another weak laugh, and the boy offered a small smile before looking up at the man’s face for the first time. He saw that he was of no threat, and actually felt a comforting air about him. He knew his mother was in good hands.
    He wiped his eyes on his shoulders and nodded.
    “I love you, sweetie.” She said, still battling tears.
    “I love you too mom." He said before running off, following the man’s instructions.

    “Thank you so much.” She said before leaning forward to give the man a sweet kiss on the forehead. Then she leaned back, closing her eyes to wait for her death. She was at peace. She felt it in her heart that she could trust this man with her children, he was the only one who answered her cries, no one else came. He saved a complete stranger when he could have just left her and saved himself. While she only knew him for a few minutes, she trusted him with her life, and even more, the life of the ones she loved with all her being.

    Shutting his eyes tightly, Allistair's tears streamed down his face silently as he placed both his hands around the mother's neck. Exhaling slowly, he snapped her neck with a sudden jerk of his wrists.
    'Better this way...a mercy.' He thought to himself as he eased her body from his embrace and laid her to rest on the ground.

    Retrieving his War-hammer, Allistair adjusted the burlap sack on his back with all his tools and shifted his shield somewhat to ease the weight from his right side as his ribs were definitely bruised if not cracked. Finally sauntering into the doorway leading away from the grisly spectacle he'd happened upon, he offered the child with his baby sister a soft smile. "Now then...let's find a safe place to rest huh? We'll need to get some food for your sister too. My name is Allistair...I know it's weird, but weird is cool right?"

    "... I'm Alexander."
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  17. Staten Island

    Alex had been up since 5:30am, he was riding his high from his most recent win, taking an early morning run, eaten breakfast, tried to get in touch with his ex, and was currently about to get some sparring in with a few of the guys. He had begun to really make a name for himself since his return a few years ago, and he was looking forward to taking his career to new heights. Today he had a unusual burst of energy, as he stepped into the cage, his partner today had been called in from another gym. He was the gym's prized heavyweight, nicknamed Colossus, and with good cause. The man stood at an impressive 6'5" and looked like he was made of muscle. Looking at him one might be surprised that the he was able to even walk like a normal person, but just from looking at him, Alex was able to see that this man was quite battle ready. Alex was planning on moving up to the next weight class since he had already dominated his current class, and he wanted to test the waters. He had been called The Devil of Staten Island for the way he seemed to toy with opponents in the ring, giving them a sliver of hope and then just completely destroying them. He seemed to transform into a real monster inside the cage, showcasing a completely different style than when he had began about 7 years ago. He grinned mischievously as he entered the ring, dressed in sweatpants a tank top, and his gloves. His opponent seemed unfazed by his unorthodox choice in sparring clothes, Alex figured that some of his guys had told him ahead of time.

    "So you're supposed to be the Devil of Staten Island?" The brooding mad pounded his fist together with a smirk on his face, he came ready to give his all this morning.
    "Depends on who you ask, some might just call me the Devil. You can call me Dev." Alex grinned as he threw a quick series of jabs while lightly bouncing on his toes, he was just getting his blood flowing again.

    While his body was prepped and ready to throw down, his mind was elsewhere. Kara hadn't been returning his text or phone calls as of late, and it was really beginning to bug him. It was true that she had broken up with him, the whole ordeal had even been publicly broadcasted, which he was still a bit sore about, but they had recently reconnected and had gotten on better terms. Or at least he had thought so. When he had heard that she would be filming in New York, he figured that she would make time to see him or at least have the decency to let him know she wasn't going to have time, but that didn't seem to be the case. She could certainly be cold at times, but this wasn't like her. His attention shifted back to the task at hand as he caught Colossus slowly making his way toward him. This spar was certainly going to help him get out of the funk that was slowly falling over him. The big guy wasted no time throwing a 5-punch combo; left jab, right straight, left hook, right hook mid to right hook high. The power behind each punch slowly picked up, and by the end of the combo, Alex's arm was feeling the burn. The last two hooks had penetrated his guard, and even with the power reduced, Alex found himself stumbling to the side.

    "Don't go and drop on me so soon, okay?" the hulking mass jeered, slowly circling to the left.
    "Was just making sure that this was going to be worth it." Alex shoots back as he quickly advances on his opponent.

    The difference in strength, height, and arm length were all clearly to his opponent's advantage, a situation he was grateful for. He wanted to push himself and this was exactly the opponent to do such a thing with. With a grin he quickly dashes to the right of his opponent throwing a powerful roundhouse kick to the man's front leg, testing the sturdiness, and finding it very much rooted in place. He immediately jumped off the ground and delivered a well aimed back kick toward his opponent's face, feeling the sensation of glove on his foot rather than the crunch of bone. However, when he landed, he was met with a front thrust kick to the chest that nearly knocked that air at of him as he was sent back stumbling to catch his balance. This gave his opponent the confidence to charge in and close the distance on him, and brought a slight grin to Alex's face. It quickly turned into a brawl. They were nearly toe to toe, throwing blows at each other with all they had. Each hit that landed on Alex shook him to his core, yet he remained standing, and for every hit that landed, Alex landed two of his own. They went a full four rounds for 15minutes each, and each one was just as punishing as the first one. The end of their match was certainly a win for Colossus, as Alex couldn't overcome the man's reach or match the damage being dealt to him. The next class of fighters was certainly going to be something, and as his opponent left the ring, he fell down to his back.

    "Most men would've called the match, but you made it 4 rounds. Impressive".
    Alex was too tired and sore to sit up, instead choosing to throw up his arm in recognition of the man's words. "I'm...not most me...I'm Dev. You'll be seeing me again....Mountain Troll." Alex was splayed out in the ring in an X stance, his entire body screaming in pain, the all familiar copper taste of blood filled his mouth. He had tried to fight against that guy using sheer power and lost, it wasn't the best feeling, but the fact that he hadn't been knocked out was something to be proud of.

    Alex had dealt with his defeat with an hour of extra bag work and another hour of cardio, the entire time his sore and exhausted body had been begging for a break. The gym had seemed empty as he had finished using the ice bath, showering, and changing. He checked his phone and seen he had missed call from Kara, he smiled to himself, about to call her back, but decided against it. She had made him wait, and now he was going to return the favor. He through his bag over his shoulder and was still holding his phone as he exited the gym and stepped out of the gym. He paused at the seen before him. There were loads of people standing put and staring up at the sky. His phone buzzed in his hand, but he ignored it. He looked left then right, seeing that there were about two dozen people doing this. The phone buzzed again, and again he ignored it. Just what the hell was so damn interesting up there? He stepped from the sidewalk out into the street a bit and looked up, trying to get a glimpse at what everyone seemed to be looking at, but there was nothing. His phone buzzed repeatedly, indicating that text were coming in rapid fire. It was about this time that his body suddenly became flooded with adrenaline, as if his body had just kicked into a fight or flight preparation. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end, and he suddenly felt that he wasn't safe. The strange thing was that the feeling didn't die down or fade, but grew stronger. He felt that his sense were growing sharper as if his mind was trying to tell him something but didn't know how to communicate it, so instead was getting him ready to be mobile. He knew the feeling of excitement and of anticipation and this was the opposite. It was a mix of anxiety and dread, yet he felt that he would be able to run a marathon if the sudden need arose.

    He was finally about to look down at his phone to see who had texted him when he saw it. A red orb had suddenly appeared from an apartment building across the street, following were what sounded like screams coming from the building. Alex only eyed the orb for a few moments before his body began to take steps backward toward the gym. As he reached the door, the people who had been staring up, Colossus among them, slowly looked down and turned their attention his way. He knew right then and there that this was about to get real bad real fast, but a second later a group of people burst from building the orb had been in. They became the new target of attention, and Alex couldn't have been more thankful. However, the gruesome seen that unfolded for that family of three wasn't something that he wished on anyone. Those that weren't close to him had flocked toward those people and swarmed them, seeming to tear into them like a zombie movie scene. The scene only interrupted as more shouts and more screams could be heard echoing down the street. It was enough to make Alex quickly move back into the gym, clicking the lock on the door behind him and send him moving quickly to the backdoor exit. He wasn't sure what the hell was going, but he was sure that he didn't want to figure out the hard way. He'd just have to get back to his apartment quick, and figure shit out there. He only lived a few blocks away afterall. Flight seemed to be the option his body was taking for the time being, as he wasn't sure what the hell he just witnessed. A red orb...drone people...angry mob...he thinks he may have seen red lquid dripping from those people, but he wasn't entirely sure. As he cracked open the back door of the gym and peered into the empty alley, he could hear the echo of screams out on the street. This alley lead to two streets, one to his right and the other to his left. The sound of breaking glass behind him, indicating that he now had company, made him bolt out into the alley. He no longer thought about his moves as he made them, deciding to take the left alley, even though he knew is his mind that the right one was a faster route to his place. Making it out on to the street he was nearly trampled by a horde of people that seemed to be fleeing from something. Managin gto navigate the stampede, he witnessed that red orb float through 3 people, who immediately hit the ground, screeching in agony, writhing in a manner that looked like they were being possessed. The descrition didn't seem far off, for as soon as they were done acting like reanimating marionettes, the things began to advance toward the nearest screaming and scampering people. They didn't seem to run though, so as long as you didn't get caught in a small space or get surrounded it looked as if you should be safe. That red orb though, was another story.

    Alex seemed to sprint at full speed back to his apartment building, unhindered by the weight of his gym bag. Once there, he didn't even bother closing the door, not planning to be there long enough for it to really matter. He went straight for his closet first, grabbing loose comfortable clothes and tennis shoes, grabbed his travel hygiene kit and soap, went to the kitchen and grabbed all the canned fruit and vegetables, and his favorite junk foods and candy. The last thing he grabbed was Baxter, his aluminum baseball bat that sat beside the television. While he was quite confident in his physical prowess to handle most issues, it was always good to still have something other than your fists, not everyone fights fair these days. With Baxter in hand, he finally pauses to look at his phone. Kara had blown him up. He unlocked the phone and scrolled through her messages, it appeared that she was just checking up on him. Telling him to be careful, don't get touched by those things, to run, and that she was safe in Brooklyn for the time being. She wasn't too far away! The thought lifted his spirits a bit, but also put a bit of a sour taste in his mouth, he had some choice words for her when he saw her again. Realizing that he'd need his phone to be working he ran back to his room and packed his charger, and when he got back to the door he froze. Perhaps he had been a bit too reckless as the world around him had begun to slowly spiral into madness, because now in his open doorway stood one of those things, and it seemed that perhaps there were more in the hallway. Without further thought, he quickly bolted for the fire escape out the window of his room, began his decent from the sixth floor, and running into trouble 3 floors down. He watched as a guy seemed to be struggling to pull his girl from the window because those things had her. The girl was screaming and clawing at her man, Alex jumped off the side of the ladder to land on the landing past them, leaving the young man to handle his problem. He wasn't planning to stop to help any strangers or deal with anyone unless they were directly involved in impeding his progress. As he finally made it back to the ground, he contemplated where to go. He was at the moment jogging at a brisk pace in the direction that would take him to Brooklyn, but it was dumb to think that he could run all the way there with no problem. He was going to need shelter from whatever the hell these things were and from the red orbs that seemed to be doing this to people. Of course the end of world would happen when things started to work in his favor, god forbid War of the Worlds happen when he's depressed and down on his luck. He smirked as he gripped Baxter tightly in his right hand, listening to screaming and carrying on as he made his way through the streets.

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  18. Manhattan

    It had already been four whole years since he "returned". That period of time was still branded in his memories as if it had just recently occurred. Well, aside from the fact that he didn't actually remember what happened in the span he was "gone" in the first place. It was all so bizarre. He had gotten the shit kicked out of him, again, and then—nothing. Blank. He was back in the same alley those damn jocks jumped him, but he was fine and—strangest of all, he wasn't afraid anymore. I mean, the whole one year having transpired in his "disappearance" was obviously a cause for concern as well, but the lack of fear, the acquired bravado and feeling of strength was—different to say the least. Oh, speaking of getting jumped in an alley.

    "Yo, runt. Get your ass in here and don't try running." Sighing, as if the whole event was more of a nuisance than anything, the bleach-blonde Asian-American turned from the sidewalk in which he strolled and turned into the alley, hands shoved in his trademark fur-lined coat pockets.

    They were the same kind of schoolyard "gangs" that thought they were tough shit—despite that, always targeting people they outnumbered and outsized. Regardless, back to his thoughts of his vanishing. When he returned to his family, they of course were overjoyed and in shock, though when they asked the big question of "What happened?" he couldn't answer them. He told them he didn't know, because he honestly didn't. The cops asked him a bunch of questions that he also didn't know. And—then his parents took him to the doctor who suggested due to the bullying he went through, might have gone through a period of Dissociative Fugue. Yeah, right. He totally left somewhere, adopted a completely different persona and life, forgot everything else, then left and came back to the exact spot which he was before the blank spot in his consciousness. Not to mention—

    With another sigh, the Asian-American exited the alley with an aggravated scowl.

    —Even if he did suffer from that fugue crap, what was the source of his new confidence? His new power, and speed? What changed to make him go from freezing up when called out to like that to clobbering the idiots and teaching them physically why they shouldn't go mug people for things they earned with their own hard work. Couldn't they just get a jo—

    Suddenly, shrieks and cries enveloped the streets, yanking him from his thoughts. The people, normally too busy to even give a shit if you bump into them, were now all focused on one thing, or rather, many people who were chasing after each other, and assaulting them. The people—or things, whatever the hell they were looked like the creepiest damn zombies he had ever seen.

    "AAAAAAAAGGGGHH!" A scream came from the alley behind him sounded. One of the idiots that was still conscious was blasted into by—some kind of an orb, and after he began morphing into whatever those other things were.

    "Don't touch the eerie floating balls... Got it." Rather than care for the well-being of the fools in the alley, he was more concerned with getting out of there himself.

    Shooting out of the alley with such speed that even he had to stumble back out of its path, the orb continued on, slamming into people running through the streets. It would probably be better to head through the alleys himself; the streets were unarguably fucked. Unfortunately, he now had one of the creatures, things, whatever, shambling in the alley, halting his progress. He didn't have time for this, and not just because these things were mobbing the streets. He was meeting someone before getting jumped by those goons, and of course before all this shit started happening.

    "Look. I don't know if this is a giant prank or a nightmare... but you're going to have a really bad time." Pulling out the switchblade from his coat pocket, he wasn't willing to take the chance that this was all one big prank or joke. Walking into the alley, he still felt no fear, even in this situation.​
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  19. November the 17th 12:00 Pm Russian Consulate General to New York City.

    Sitting in the break room for the local FSB Platoon, Rei had felt like shit this whole morning, even more so right now, with her Ballistic mask sitting on the ground one of her comrades approaches. Pasha, of course. Only he was that friendly. Picking up the mask in his hand, he felt sorry for the Asian girl...well she was as loyal to the motherland as all of them, it didn't matter what she was, the Yakut people long proved themselves after all.

    "Ey Tavorish, whats wrong? We need the Akula to put on her mask, stand out at the Entrance, fun watching the Americans shit their pants!" With some laughter in agreement, other soldiers were gearing up, some in official clothes, some in combat fatigues. It was a mixed group, there job amongst all 36 of them was to guard the Russian Embassy, the Ambassador, his family and this sovereign soil of the Russian Federation. Unofficially at times they were given to scare American visitors or to conduct clandestine operations on the behalf of Moscow. Though mostly old men passing letters did that business. Neither country even in these worsening times was crazy enough to attack the other with commandos....were they? Though the Russian Ambassador seemed grateful to have them over the normal guards they had from within the US.

    "Heh I'm just under the weather..but yes that is always fun isn't it? You are easily amused being a Carpenter's son, you cheeky little bastard." Smiling thinly at Pasha, Rei motions with her right hand as her cheeks swell briefly. It seemed she was about to vomit. Placing his hand on her forehead she was burning up badly.

    Alexia one of the other soldiers snorts while eating some sort of Chinese takeout seemed uninterested in the whole affair, one of the few perks in being in America was the wide range of food, though she personally preferred home comforts like Blini, or roasted Salmon. Turning her attention to him the man waves his chopsticks making a clicking sound in disapproval. "She likely drank too much! Leave her be pasha, I don't want our little Katyusha vomiting on the..." Before the words come out of his mouth, a pile of blood comes from hers, splashing all over the unfortunate Pasha. Too bad it wasn't on Alexia, she hated that name he gave her, since the day the unit caught her singing it was the most requested song, and one of her two nicknames. That being Akula, though pretty much only he used Katyusha.

    "My god! Pasha, Misha, Gregori! Stop her now! Something is seriously wrong here!" Stating the obviou and being the most senior man in the Room as a Captain, and she as a Sergeant, Rei doesn't attempt to fight the command, slumping to the ground, her back burned and squirmed, her teeth hurt terribly, it was all she could do to not pass out. Laying face down to take a break Pasha had a lot of nerve ignoring the blood already on him as he reaches for her gums, pulling them down, with a startled Scream Pasha backs away hurriedly, falling on his ass as he did so.

    "Kapitan! Sh-she, We need a medic here now! Right now! Her mouth is bleeding like a slaughter pig! Her Teeth are broken! Sharp like Shark's! If I knew she would really turn into an Akula I would not have joked as much!" Feeling her eyes getting heavy Rei slumps to the floor as seizures seems to set over her body, at this even Alexia rushes from his meal in a hurry. "What in the..Remove her shirt now!" While unusual for a command and even refusal, another woman of the unit, Katalina sets her coffee cup down, heading over to follow the command and see what this fuss was all about. What the gathered soldiers seen next had Alexia running for the Alarm. Something was trying to burst out of his comrade..something terrible was going on.

    Moving Rei to another room, it was a holding cell for questioning and observation. While the Captain watched from his own window time passed slowly, all too slowly for her the ambassador himself had came to watch. After some debate, the Medic made it clear that whatever was going on inside of Rei he couldn't stop it, and that the Americans might could, or at least it wouldn't help to get her to a real hospital. For political reasons this was refused. Though it seemed the situation was rather heated on the other side of the mirror, to the point she half wondered if the Captain drew his pistol on the Ambassador in order to get to the microphone.

    " Aka-chan..we will send for a plane to bring you back to just need to hold out for eight hours. Katalina will do your shift today, we are getting some..clothes for you. Some Americans seem to be going crazy in the street..strange balls are floating around. I'm not sure what is happening but we've even had to lock Misha and Sergei up...the secretary carved her own face up and bit Konev.. It is as if all hell is breaking loose.."

    "At least you listen as well as ever Aka-chan. I'll see you soon Sergeant.. If not, May god be with us both. Dasvidaniya little Katyusha..get better and make some Blini for us. Pasha can't cook for shit, and Katalina only knows how to make Tea and Coffee, we'll starve or get fat on American junk at this rate. That would upset you, eh Tavorish?"

    Clicking the comm off and leaving the room a few moments later, one, two, three, then finally four arms seems to burst from Rei's back, while the wounds healed quickly, she was clearly in a lot of pain, sprawled out face down. Passing out as she hears a shrill scream and a crashing sound of some sort, she had a terrible feeling about all of this..she knew he was telling only part of the truth, he was always a terrible liar, she had wanted to say as much but couldn't muster the effort..should have just stayed in bed was her last thought.

    Waking up some time later, Rei is suspicious of the fact shes dressed, though the baggy clothing had some alterations done to it on account of these...things. Stretching out her new arms, it was interesting how effortlessly it was done. These were part of her..though the fingers were webbed, seemingly unable to split minus the index. Gazing at them in wonderment, but more important matters were at hand. Just what was going on here..least of all with herself. The Captain had said all of that strange stuff earlier, was he fine..what about the others? Approaching the window the light was out, well didn't hurt to try.

    "Hello!? Anyone there! Its Me Sergeant Amane! Let me out!" Beating on the window, there was no response. But she could hear the sound of gunfire from within the compound, someone was still here but...gunfire..this was concerning. Giving up on a response and making for the door it was curiously unlocked.

    Bracing to open it, her arms in unison push the door open, rushing low as her training dictated a hail of bullets greeted her, most missing, but a few passing through her right most spare arm, and another hitting her original shoulder blade. It seemed to be the Captain, bloodied and breathing hard. "Stay back you damned monster! I won't be turned! I'll see you in hell!" Rushing him, there was little choice, she had to try and plead with him he was being dillerious. Bleeding from gunshots and some unknown wound. "Its me! ...You bastard Kapitan...Katyusha.." Pausing, the man frowns, he was dying. That much was sure. And her...she was even as phased as she should be from the handgun rounds and barely breathing...she was a monster alright, just not one of them.

    " you finally woke may need to dig that bullet out of your shoulder Tavorish.. Sergeant..I have one final order for you. I want you to link up with Pasha's unit on the upper floor, they are guarding the Ambassador..and I want you to kill me. I won't become one of them. And I want you to put our brothers and sisters to sleep as well. You are the only one left who can. Illia and the others cannot shoot so well...and Pasha has too big of a heart.. Sing my lullaby before you do it..will you my, Little Ka.." Before he can finish the Captain falls deadly silent, seemingly dead.

    Opening her mouth to sing..or maybe to object, or just to question what was said the gunshot was highly annoying, but she couldn't deal with it yet. She had to see if the Kapitan was alive, if he could be recovered. What happened next came as a brutal surprise. Suddenly without working Captain Alexia glows a faint red, rushing forward with a mad screech in spite of his own wounds aiming to bite herself, a hand to hand struggle ensues. "Kapitan! Whoa-Stop! I'll kill you! Don't make me! Why?!"

    As the pair struggles, the now turned Captain is at a disadvantage, not only was the Sergeant stronger than him, she had spare arms, Grabbing his gun and discharging it repeatedly. Breathing heavily the Sergeant watches the red glow subsides. The Captain could now rest. There was still his other orders. Rather than fight her way to the upper offices by hand or with a single pistol, the Sergeant leaves the window of a neighboring wall, climbing up it to a higher access point. She had questions that needed answers, and orders. Fortunately they matched.

    It was there she ran into the few survivors. Who were quick to draw weapons, until Pasha intervenes. "Sergeant..Amane? Are" Warily even he had his hand on his AK-12 while Katalina kept and SVD aimed at the woman, shaking slightly in fear. Sighing a bit and spreading her six Arms, it seemed somewhere down the line the Sergeant had picked up her mask, unwilling as of yet to look at her open mouth. "I can only be as I seem. Katalina, point that gun at me when you aren't about to piss your pants. I would feel much safer. Or we can settle this right here and now."

    With a relieved laugh the situation seems to calm if just barely. As Pasha and Rei talk about the events that had transpired, the medic from before studies the two gunshots. Noticing the stares and raised weapons, Rei reaches a decision to remove the round herself, the other wound was already healed largely, but this one, it seemed the bullet had irritated it. Or rather the area around the foreign object would not close. Taking Pasha's bayonet, a bit of nerve and borrowing a bit of vodka laying on a table, Rei takes a gulp, then uses the bayonet to pry the bullet out, watching it clatter to the floor as she stifles a curse, taking another shot of vodka right immediately, then throwing the bottle in turn.

    "Easy there! You'll pass out drunk on us! What in the hell is wrong with you!?" Pasha seemed just a little upset over the bravado first aid. With a head shake and a sigh he looks at the vodka bottle, cracked and spilling. "I had that imported you know, from my Babushka's farm...she will be upset..Sit down Sergeant..relax its a--"

    With that done she almost could feel the wound tending its self, as a scream and more gunfire erupts from outside, Pasha quickly takes all but the medic, Katalina and another two soldiers with him to secure the lower floors, or so Rei had assumed. For the first time she had seen a clock, noting the time. 2:05 PM. Having a bad feeling, the knife, and handgun remain in Rei's so called off hands, as Katalina leaves the room to talk with the Ambassador. Carrying out hushed talks with the others upon her return she knew what was going on when the woman spoke next. "...Sergeant, the Ambassador would like you dealt with..Pasha is much too soft, he made that top for you based on what I brought, and talked the Kapitan into seeing what you may sound human..but...may god have a place for you Tavorish."

    Leveling her rifle as the others joined suit, Rei reacts on auto pilot, first throwing her knife into Katalina with one of her spare arms, and taking aim at the Medic, putting him down as well, but there was only so much she could do. As the final pair get ready to fire, Pasha returns, in shock firing upon them. Given the final two were suited rather than battle armored they didn't stand a chance. With a muffled laugh, one final shot is heard within the Ambassadors office. It seemed he committed suicide.

    Releasing what the pair had done, Pasha didn't seem in the least bothered. Rei knew this was a mistake, but she wasn't content to just die. So why did Pasha seem to not care. "...Stupid fools..we need all the help we can get...Sergeant, lets get you suited up. I want you to carry out the Kapitan's last request as well." Staring at him with narrowed eyes, she half expected even him to try and kill her, but she had questions of her own. There were 30 odd men and women in the unit...surely not all of them were...turned..killed. "Cut the shit Pasha...your haven't called me Shark face like you are you want to Armour and arm me? After we both killed our own?...why in the hell did you do that anyways. I'm not doing shit till I have answers." For the longest while Pasha pauses, then motions for her to look at the bodies.

    "They were stratched. They didn't have long..we didn't think that would be enough to spread but we had no way of knowing. Markov and his unit of six escaped earlier, deserted their postings...idiots had firefight with American Police, so we had them to deal with during your nap. Akula, please, for the memory of us and the Motherland, hunt Markov down. Bring him to justice...the Kapitan was bit because of his unit running away. You have a scared oath. Twelve of us died there because of them. I am sorry Sergeant. lets get ready to leave. I'll go with you, okay? Take my rifle, and the SVD. Here is key to armory. Remember you represent the Russian Federation."

    With a smile Pasha hands over the key, it was just then she noted he was bandaged...was he okay? Glancing at the bodies she wasn't so sure they were scratched, but that would be difficult to confirm now, but the other two weren't bitten or srcatched.. She knew that. "...Pasha..Do not take this the wrong way but..were you bitten..or are you about to paint the walls?" Laughing a bit he shakes his head. "Bullet wound from American police, I'll pick up one of the Ak-74's, I'm in no condition to use the AK-12 Comrade Sergeant. You will get more use out of it than me. Now stop being a dumb Akula. Get going." With a bit of unease, she follows his suggestions, though he barely outranked her, he did outrank her. Going through the halls to the Armory she takes her time to kill what zombie like beings were on this floor, collecting a single Dog tag from each man. It was rather painful in its own way having to kill there own. With these long corridors and the hallways it was rather a simple affair soon she had 24 tags. With the others in the office, that would be the bulk of the soldiers, minus that bastard Lieutenant Markov and his traitors squad..she would hunt them to the ends of the earth if she must.

    Returning to the Room with a collection of ammo, a bag of rations, she wished the Anti-tank rifle was here, but Markov likely took it, or it was in one of the safe houses in New York..this would do for now. She was reasonably well protected with armored plates, and the Armored ballistic plate vest pinning her chest slightly. It was a mixed blessing that she didn't have to kill all of them some of them with American SWAT were dead around the compound interior. She didn't care much about what happened to the later, as she recovered the tags of the former, spent shell casing littered the ground, weapons were spent, grenades were even used. Some of the deaths made no sense and were likely the result of whatever madness this was.

    She could complain but.. "Pasha lets go." It was just then she noticed an AK-74 trained on her. "You have one more task Akula, you kill me. Or I'll kill you. Its not personal..I'm just too much a coward to do it myself..just like I was to kill our own.." Pulling her own trigger that instant, his words didn't register till after the fact. "Pasha! Don't move! Don't Talk! I'm sorry!" Inspite of her plea and long face, he didn't listen like always. "heh...thats my Akula..not even..chance to finish." Laughing with a bit of a cough, he was in bad shape, idiot removed his armour, the rifle rounds tore into him like a knife through butter "I wish I told you earlier that I.." Couching up blood with a little laugh he seemed his normal self. "loved you...heh..kidding..though..a glimmer..or a date would been damned shark...see you on the other side..kill those shit heads for me. Dasve.." With that a sad smile crossing his face, and all movements cease as his innards pour out onto the table from the multiple bullet hits. "Pasha! You...Cheeky son of a bitch! Why...why..I'll get revenge...against Markov...against...who or whatever caused this...I will..even the rest deserve it.." Checking his body and the bandages, he wasn't shot at all...but bitten. Checking the AK-74, it was empty. Screaming in frustration with some tears starting to wail up, Rei grabs the Vodka bottle from the floor drinking another two huge gulps before smashing it against a wall, clearly pissed.

    Taking Pasha's tags and camo poncho, she never understood why the idiot carried it always..but she would need it, she couldn't stay here. Collecting the remaining tags, and whatever else was useful and could be carried, Rei leaves the building in lockdown, scaling the outer wall. She would return once she knew what in the hell was going on to give them all a proper burial. More of those things were coming. Least they would be stuck outside, most of the ones inside were shot dead during her clearing. The rest...well it was 2:45. She had enough killing...all she wanted was to head for Central park, pick a tall tree, and think of what to do next. Finding Markov wouldn't be too difficult...and when she did. Glancing at her arms with a slight laugh. "...lets see how much of a monster I am...when I rip you apart limb for limb..MARKOV!"

    Though the timing of this could have been better, as a panicked security guard discharges his handgun at the FSB Guard. As the round uselessly impacts upon her armored chest from within the poncho Rei angrily stares. "I'm human! Stop Shooting you fool!" She calls out in accented English. Though the man was having none of it. "Yeah! And my sister has six arms! You damn Commies likely caused this!" "Do unto others before they do unto me!" Leveling her SVD, she fires upon him a single shot using her upper left arm with one of its lower for support. "Die you mon-!" The security guard shouts in reply preparing to shoot again. Dropping from a shot to the head, he wouldn't fire a third.

    From there she fired on two more civilians for just being near him. She wouldn't allow them to pick up that gun. If she was a monster, and it was kill or be killed. Then so be it. She would be the monster to wipe out this land of the dead. Curiously when noticing one of those...things heading for a group of children from the local school, she fires a shot into it as well, taking aim at them, they quickly flee, though she doesn't fire a shot. For now...she needed a place to rest, and there was a nice group of trees at the near by park..she wondered if there was fish in the near by man made lake as well.. For now she was overwhelmed by her feelings and a bit too much Vodka, she wanted somewhere to rest, above this madness and under the fall sky.

    "...I'm...not a monster..I'm...what..what do I do..kill Markov..then what? I friends I dare contact Moscow now..while the traitor lives..what of my family.." While there likely was other Russians in the City or those who didn't work today within the unit, there was little chance she would find them..and if she did, could she face them? Would they try killing her, would she need to kill them? Lots of thoughts raced around in her mind, as razor teeth clench bench a mask just as sinister as what laid beneath.

    She wasn't sure what hurt more. Her heart, or her shoulder. All that was on her mind now, was revenge..and getting to a nice tall tree. After that she could plan, or eat..she would for sure return to the Embassy at some point to finish things rightly.

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  20. November 17th, Brooklyn, 1:30pm
    Kara Durst was up at 5am, as she had to be prepped and ready to shoot by 7. She had been use to getting up early thanks to her ex's inability to simply enjoy sleeping mornings away, which is something that she once cherished being able to do. Once up, she quickly strolled to the bathroom of the hotel room for a morning shower, bringing along her phone just as it began to ring. It was Morty, her agent, the short-fat money hungry of a man was certainly calling her to make sure she was up and more than likely to perv on her a little. She had been signed with Morty since the beginning, and even way back then he had tried different ways to make their agent-client relationship more than it was. He was a persistent man, good at his job and a beast in negotiations, but a perv nonetheless.

    "Good morning, my favorite talent!" He sounded like he had been up for hours already, she was sure she didn't care to know why, "How's my favorite lady doing? You ready to get things underway?" He was breathing a bit heavy, she sighed in disgust but blocked it out.

    "I'm doing just fine, Morty. I'm hopping in the shower now, I'll meet you downstairs in 45 minutes." She put him on speaker and set her phone down on the sink as she stripped before the mirror. She gazed at herself and contemplated on how things had changed over the course of the past few years. She dwelled on the last time she actually saw Alex; their fight just before their split, the interviews, the questions, and the stay at a friend's house before her "disappearance". It was something she refused to dwell on, but was still at the forefront of her mind. A blank space of time, apparently a year according to sources, that she couldn't recall a single thing. She huffed at herself and gave her reflection a smile before turning on the water to the huge oval-shaped tub that faced the rest of her room.

    "Well don't make me wait too long, or else I'll have to come up there after you. Can't have you running off on me again, I don't think my heart could handle such a thing. We've come a great distance, Kara, I want us to do bigger and better things together! I'll have a table ready and waiting."

    Kara didn't even respond to him, having heard that tired line about disappearing too many times. She sat along the edge of tub waiting for the water to warm up before plugging the bottom and sitting on the inside. Her career had been on the rise right before...that. However, her return had sparked a bit of a media frenzy since nobody had any clue where she had disappeared to, and then she became an even hotter commodity in part to Morty's spin on things and her own inability to answer the questions that people wanted to know most. With the addition of The Guardian of the forest bath bomb, she lathered herself while still in thought of everything that lead to here. Morty had stood by her when she resurfaced and was quick to get everything in order to begin her return to the big screen, he hadn't tried to pry any info from her, not that he could, but he did hint at expecting more from her since he was still willing to help her out after her sudden and abrupt vanishing act. He had spun it so it seemed that the mounting pressure of becoming a rising star had been weighing heavy on her and that she needed time to deal with the newly found stresses in her life, saying that her latest lover had simply added to her mounting stress and anxiety, leaving her no other option then to seek seclusion until she felt better. Kara actually commended the man's working spirit and his ability to make things work for their mutual benefit, she just didn't care for the hungry look in his eyes that she caught at times. Where the past her would've made her objections to his behavior known, goading him to continue in such behaviors, she no longer gave him the pleasure of outwardly acknowledging his perverseness. Even now, she knew that he hadn't hung up the phone yet, but she didn't care. A pig is a pig, and if need be, she'd put him in place if he dared to overstep. 20 minutes later, she was done and dressed, snatching up her purse and phone, seeing that the call had only ended 10 minutes ago, and headed down to breakfast.

    "There's my girl!" Morty raised both his hands in exultation at her arrival, standing and pulling out her chair for her. She allowed him to seat her, motioning for the nearest with a simple hand gesture. Her meals were pre-ordered, and this gesture simply signified that she was ready to be served. She looked across the table at Morty, "Anything I need to know, I don't want any surprises," she sipped from the glass of water that was already waiting for her, "If Jeanne is still gonna act like a child then I'm not going out there..." she stared at Morty, waiting for a reply.
    He sat silently for a moment, as if waiting for the words in his head to reach his lips, "Here's the thing, doll..." Another term she hated hearing him use with her, "She just doesn't see things the way we do. I understand what you were trying to convey, the cast understands what you're saying, but she just sees your character reacting differently. There's no need to fight her over something like this, it's a minor detail in the bigger scheme of things, right?"
    As her food was brought to the table, she considered what he said. He was obviously right about it being a minor issue in the big scheme of things, but it wasn't so much that, it was more of the fact that Jeanne had decided to get into an animated argument with her. They, at one point, were almost face-to-face with each other. As she began to eat, she mulled it over in her head, and figured that it was probably best not to anger the produer any further, and just to do it the way they had wanted it done. The woman had simply gotten under her skin, and a night's rest hadn't helped her shed the feeling of anger quite yet.

    She smiled softly at Morty while they ate. "You're right, perhaps I was a bit too harsh about things yesterday. No need to fret about the small stuff, right? Let's get going."

    On set, she was being dressed and prepped when her phone began to ring. It was Alex. She considered answering, but decided against it. It wasn't so much that she no longer wished to talk to him, but rather that he made her lose focus, and that wasn't something she could afford. They had chatted a bit in the past couple of years, Alex adamant about seeing her while she kept putting it off. She had been away in California at the time before the movie that had her shooting in NY. They had spoken recently and she had agreed to make some time for him, knowing full well if she didn't that he would probably show up anyway. Thinking back on it, she recalled being a little annoyed with how structured and disciplined he use to be, always sticking to a time frame and practically living his life by an itinerary of his own making. She chuckled to herself at how ironic it was that she had been irritated by that when her entire career is held together by such a thing. Regardless, Alex was a part of her past and she intended him to stay there, even though she was positive that he had other ideas. They hadn't even discussed their last fight in all this time. Ugh! Just thinking about him was disrupting her thoughts.

    "Alright! I need everyone on set! Let's get this show on the road people!" Jeanne Summers' voice boomed through the prep area. She pulled Kara aside as the actress began to make her way to the set, "About yesterday, I-," Kara cut her off.
    "Don't even worry about it. I was being a bit impatient and got lost in the moment. You were right," she gave Jeanne a smile, "Let's get this show on the road, don't want all these extras just standing around without getting some work out of em, right?" She scampered off to the set after gently patting Jeanne on the shoulder, giving the women no time to respond to what she had said. She didn't want a drawn out conversation about the events of yesterday, she simply wanted to get to work, she had a career to focus on after all.

    The scene was an altercation between Kara's character and her character's boyfriend, it took place in a crowded neighborhood and was calling attention to the altercation that would eventually take a bad turn. All the extras had gathered and where standing on the far side of the set, this area of the street having been blocked off from pedestrians.

    "Alright! Everyone!" Jeanne was on the loud speaker now, getting everyone's attention, "I'd like to thank everyone whose out here to help us with filming, I appreciate your time and cooperation. We're gonna get underway in about 5 minutes, so if you all coul-." She suddenly stopped talking, her attention seemingly occupied by something else.

    Kara had been going over her lines in her head while empty staring Jeanne, but her sudden silence grabbed her attention more than the sound of her voice had. She looked at the woman, trying to figure out what it was that made her stop talking, and followed her frozen gaze to the end of the street down behind the extras. In the road there seemed to be a red balloon or something, and as her eyes locked on to it, her body tensed up. A strange feeling was surging through her body, yet at the same time it was all too familiar. Her body was telling her that she needed to do something, but her mind wasn't registering what it was supposed to do. She could feel in her bones that this thing, though it looked like a simple balloon was dangerous, she slowly took a few steps back as it made its way toward the gathered extras. They had no idea it was there for about 30 seconds, then upon noticing it, a few ppl walked up to it. It was shortly after that it seemed to pass through those people. They dropped in agony, twitching and wheezing. Kara's view was blocked as a sharp gasp expelled from the group and they all backed up in a sort of huddle. Kara couldn't see all that took place, as a scream from behind her caught her attention. There were screams and gunfire. Gunfire! There were cops stationed down the street around the corner to give them the block, but why was there gunfire? She had concluded that something was most definitely amiss, but it seemed as if they were sort of boxed in. An issue at the back, and an unfolding situation before them. There was another scream closer to her, coming from the huddled mass, but before she could deduce what was going on, she felt a hard yank on her wrist.

    "We're getting outta here!" Morty nearly pulled her straight into the ground, he yanked her so hard.
    Kara quickly recaptured her balance as she looked over her shoulder to see the red orb making its way through the slowly scattering crowd, and before she was forced to turn back toward Morty, she thought she saw what looked like a zombie.

    What the fuck is going on? Was the thought that was going through her mind, before she managed to wrench her hand free from Morty. He was taking her toward the direction of gunfire, and she wasn't sure that was the best option. "We can't go that way," she quickly ran to find Jeanne, who was already making a break for her car, "Hey! Wait!" She cught Jeanne as she was fumbling with her keys, her shouts making the female director drop them under her SUV.

    Morty seemed betrayed that Jeanne was considering leaving us all behind to deal with...the zombie apocalypse? "What the fuck, Jeanne! Were you really trying to leave us in the middle of this shit show!" He strutted up to her and shoved her up against her SUV, "You bitch! You wonder why I had second thoughts of having her work for you, huh? It's because you're a colossal c-," Kara cut him off.
    "We need to go!" She pointed to the group of running extras and actors, dropping low to look under the SUV for the keys, "You two can chew each other out later," she half crawled under the truck so she could fish for the keys, "What the hell is going on?" she was more talking to herself at that point. A scream from Jeanne made her jump and crawl completely under the SUV just as her hands hit the keys, and as she shifted so she could see what was going on, she was able to see slowly shuffling feet approaching. She quickly rolled out the other side, unlocked the SUV, and hopped in the driver's seat with Morty forcing his way into the passenger's seat and Jeanne scrambling to her feet to the door to the back. However, she was grabbed by what appeared to be a bleeding oozing zombie and bit on the shoulder. Kara threw the key in the ignition, started the SUV, and began to haul ass. She honked the horn at the people she could tell were people, but didn't give the same courtesy to the things that clearly were not, although she did try to avoid hitting them head on, as to avoid possibly wrecking the truck.

    Morty was sitting beside her spouting all sorts of obscenities as she pulled her phone from her pocket, taking her eyes off the road in short bursts as she lead them the way of the gunshots, opening her texts to Alex. She started texting as she slowed down before the the cross street, hearing the sreams and shouts of sores of people. She sent Alex a text; Are you okay?...there was no response; Asshole! Answer me!...still nothing. Call...Me...ASAP!..Deveraux, I swear! She had surprised herself with how hard she was trying to reach a guy that she constantly had been trying to avoid thinking about. She was losing her composure, she focused on the road again, swerving and clipping a few of those things, redirecting and pummeling through a few more. The streets seemed to be in a state of chaos, and while Kara felt safe driving, she had no idea where they should go. She figured that they should probably head back to the hotel to grab their stuff, and as she began to pay attention to where they actually were, she was elated to see that she seemed to have been unconsciously heading there already. She turned up the radio to block out Morty, who was just talking aloud about the state of things. They were about two blocks from the hotel now. Kara sped up as a horde seemed to be making their way into the road, the sound of bones snapping and metal denting was heard, the SUV seemed to swerve as a squelshing noise could be heard. One block away now! As they were going through a green light, Kara saw motion out of the corner of her eye and turned to see one of those construction dump trucks speeding toward them. She pressed down harder on the gas, hoping to avoid being T-boned, but she wasn't fast enough. The dump truck slammed the back end of the SUV, the sound breaking glass and crunching metal rang loud as the truck twirled like a top and then began to roll end over end. The initial impact slamming her head against the driver's side window hard enough to crack it but not enough to knock her out, although her vision was like a shutter camera during the crash. She remembered the initial impact, a few twirls, the sensation of being upside down, and then suddenly everything was still. When her vision came back into focus, she was hanging upside, she turned to right to check on Morty, and instantly regretted that. He was a bloody heap...or at least what was left of him was. She could feel blood running down her arm and her head, her whole body was in pain, but she knew she had to keep moving. With any luck she was still relatively close to the hotel, and she'd need to gather up her things if she wasn't able to see if it was possible to fortify the hotel.

    This movie was on its way to being a major hit...and now it looks like I'm starring in a real life apocalyptic event. Morty's dead, Jeanne is dead, Alex is M.I.A., I'm currently upside down. This day is turning into quite the shit show she thought to herself as she began to slowly check herself before going for her seatbelt. She managed to still have her cellphone in her pocket, and it seemed that she hadn't broken anything. Unfastening her seatbelt made her drop on her head, the pain instantly shot through her whole body as she crumpled to the side. She managed to slink her way out of the destroyed windshield, cutting up her hands a little and her jeans and knees as she crawled over some broken glass. She took a quick look around to see chaos still enveloped the area, but the hotel was only about 40 yards away. She managed to fast walk/shuffle all the way to the hotel front door, screaming for someone to come and lock the doors. She was lucky that a staff agent and the manager were on their way to do just that, and she sighed in relief. Now all she had to do was gather herself and figure out her next move. She tried to make it to the elevator but suddenly became extremely lightheaded, she felt her body become weightless for a moment before her world went dark.

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