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  1. Here we go! This Black Butler RP is open to those who are open to a few rules. Although this is an improv RP, I ask that you have good grammar and spelling, and that you attempt to be how your character would be. Obviously, no godmodding during a fight if there is one. Thanks! ^^

    Sebastian walked down the corridor to the kitchen, checking his pocket watch again. He was already three minutes late on the schedule, and he was hoping dinner would go as planned. Ciel had invited Lady Elizabeth over for an evening, and he could only hope the Young Master wouldn't lose his temper again. He began to make the food, deep in thought about every other thing he needed to get done that night before the Lady got here.

    (Also, looking for a Ciel. We have A Lady Elizabeth, though.)
  2. The sound of horses' hooves clattering on the drive and a carriage rolling behind them sounded through the grounds of the Phantomhive manor. The horses clattered to a stop and the driver hurried down to open the door. He offered his hand to the Lady inside, who accepted. Out of the carriage hopped Lady Elizabeth. She nodded her head in thanks to the driver and then ran up the steps of the manor. She opened the front doors, skipping through. "Ccciiiieeeellll!!!" Lizzy called out, looking around for her beloved. She was excited to be having dinner with dear Ciel. She just hoped he wouldn't be angry with her at any point. He was often upset with her, but she didn't understand why.
  3. Sebastian paused, looking up with a grimace on his face. Ah, the Lady is here. He set down his things and went to the study to get Ciel. As he opened the doors, he saw that he wasn't there. "Young Master?" He frowned. "How peculiar." He checked the bedroom, only to find it empty. Shaking his head, he ran down to the doors to greet Lady Elizabeth.

    "Good Evening, Lady Elizabeth. And, how are you this evening?"
  4. Lizzie frowned a little when Ciel still hadn't arrived. She gave a small curtsy to Sebastian when he arrived.

    "I'm well.... But... Where's my darling Ciel?" She asked, tears threatening to spill down her cheeks. What if he was avoiding her? He had become so distant since his parents had passed away. Of course, Lizzie had sympathy for him, but why did he have to ignore her so much?? She stared at Sebastian, waiting for an answer. Surely the talented butler would know where his master was.
  5. Putting a believable smile on his face, he closed his eyes to think a fraction of a picosecond. After he knew what to say, he opened his eyes. "Ah, milady, he's hiding. He asked me to tell you that he planned to play "Hide-And-Seek" with you, because he knew you were very good at finding him." He grinned. "Are you up for it, Lady Elizabeth?" He laughed softly to himself. It's perfect. She'll find the Master and everything shall turn out fine.
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