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  1. This thread is for chatting, planning, etc, for the group rp "Be Prepared". This is so we don't clutter up the signups thread.

    Interest Check
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  2. Well, this is certainly a interesting RP, but I am not a fan of detailed apps. I prefer simple, to the point apps so I'll just do the required and some extra. If you are displeased with that, let me know.
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  3. I need aquaintences for Elijah.
  4. Hey, all!

    Just saying hi! Can't wait to play with everyone!

    Pardon me while I think out loud for a minute as a means to help me remember key points for each potential budding relationship with some of these characters...

    @Pray4me , @Pasi , @Crowley and @Kross -- William will most likely express the most interest in your characters. Not looking for an established relationship status with them as of right now (unless you want one), but just making you aware he'll probably take a shining towards them in one way or another over the others (Aaron because of his mechanical knowledge...and 'cause he's a buff, hot dude, lol; Allistair for similar reasons as Aaron--the blacksmith and metalwork thing will be of interest to Will; Rococo mostly just because she has that physical handicap so he'll feel like he has someone to sort of relate to, but being as how he's not so great with younger people, that might make for a bit of an awkward start to any relationship formed; and Rae just because she's stubborn and bitchy and Will loves him some sass, lol).

    As far as Elijah goes, Will is generally going to avoid him. He just does not do children. Not that he won't warm up to him eventually, but that'll be a super slow build. Anyone under the age of 18 (and that's pushing it) is going to take him a minute unless they're very mature for their age. He didn't exactly think like a typical kid when he was a kid, so he just doesn't know how to relate.

    And @SoleStride , if you want to work out more deets as to what his and Remi's relationship is like, I'm totally open to that.

    For anyone I didn't mention, either I'm waiting for more info on your characters before I put much thought into how Will might interact with them initially, or there just wasn't anything about them that triggered a definite, "He's going to like that," or "He's going to clash with that" response in my head. Which isn't a bad thing at all. They're just on neutral ground for the time being.

    None of this thinking out loud means any of you have to do anything with any of it, of course. I just like people to know where my headspace is at sometimes so there are no surprises that I don't want to be surprises; or if something I'm pondering over helps trigger a plot bunny in somebody else's head, then it's awesome for both of us. :)
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  5. @Kade Well, with his engineering background, if he ever consulted with Mania Defense Inc. or had a contract to work with them then I could imagine Will working with Allistair. If special/custom pieces needed to be crafted/forged for some project he was working on for the Mania's, they would have probably had him send the blueprints to their blacksmith.

    Allistair is the type of worker that if Will said he needed it by the end of the week, despite how complex it was, Allistair would have it for him the next day. Then be back to work on his other projects for the Mania's. If Will knows anything about smithing, then I could see a friendship or mutual respect that would only last as long as the work did.

    My character doesn't function socially very well anymore, if he ever did at all. It's a miracle he seems to enjoy being around his 'Roxie'. @Pray4me
  6. @Sinopa my twin boys will be up this weekend.
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  7. He would know a bit about smithing, actually, given his main interest in historical gadgetry. Executing it is not exactly his forte. Generally smithing puts you on your feet the entire time you're working, and though his workshop is already set up in ways that allow him to sit more than standing while constructing, it's just not worth the extra effort required to move hot metal around and pound it into shape. But he does have an understanding of how all of it works (again, with special focus on how it used to work historically with limited resources -- anything medieval engineering and older is where his interests lie). If the two have already worked together professionally on projects for Mania Defense Inc (which, you're right, that's totally something Will could've been hired on for here and there as needed as a contractor), I imagine Will would've also contracted Allistair out for parts for his own passion projects or historical recon projects (making the metal joints and bolts for a full on catapult, for instance). If Will's doing a recon, he'd want everything to be as historically accurate as possible, so having an actual blacksmith on call to craft the metal pieces for him would totally be in his favor.

    And I already mentioned how much Will loves swift efficiency, so the whole having it done by the next day thing would actually make Al one of Will's rare favorite people. Actual friends? Will would be friendly with Allistair. Whether Al returns the friendliness makes absolutely no difference to Will, lol. He could sit there and have a one-sided conversation with Al all day long and not give a single fuck. (Lol, I can actually see that-- Will: "You know what would be cool? That foldout shotgun from that Hansel and Gretel movie. You know the one with Jeremy Renner? Yeah you do. I think we should make one of those. The design is actually doable." Al starts to maybe say something, but Will just waves it off and keeps going. "No, I totally get it, the thing would never fire a real bullet without the pressure blowing it apart, but it would be like the best fucking nerf gun of all time, wouldn't it? Totally useless as an actual weapon, but don't you kind of just want one? Yeeeeah, you do.")

    LMAO! My stupid headcanons. Omg. I'm sorry, lol.
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  8. @Kade Perfect! Rococo is always up for meeting new people and creating friendships based on...anything really. I don't think Will has to worry too much of awkward first meetings with Rococo since she's pretty eccentric herself. Also due to her blindness, she can't read any sort of social cues. He can make as many mistakes and Rococo probably won't even notice them lmao. She can be friends with anyone.

    I think the only issue will be Rococo's "imagination". It makes her seem extremely immature and unable to handle situations emotionally correct. But, because she's extremely unpredictable (she never sticks around for long) I think Will might be able to handle it. He'll get use to being with Rococo for several hours (or minutes lmao), look away at something that catches his attention, and Rococo will be suddenly gone. She always returns a couple of days later. It's a bad habit she formed during her childhood from lack of care from her family.

    The best way they can meet is either around Rococo's selling/trading or through Allistar/Aaron (Aaron may be a bit later in the rp since atm their acquaintances. Allistar and Rococo are already friends when the rp starts off). Though, I'm open for suggestions on how you would like to start this off.~

    @Kross If you still need acquaintances, Elijah can kind of know Rococo. I figured all the children/teens in this rp would know each other somehow.
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  9. I think given the conversation I'm having with @Crowley about Al and Will already working together on some things, that would most likely be the best bet for my boy and "Roxie" having made acquaintance. Maybe she's around when Will goes to discuss a new project with Al or to pick something up, or vice versa, she happens to be tagging along when Al's making a drop off or something. If it's just a happenstance meeting like that, Will is going to pretty much absolutely ignore her, lol. But it'll be a good start so at least they'd know who the other was when the shit hits the fan, and then they can grow from there.

    I don't think it'd be as likely that Will has met Aaron yet (that he knows of). He doesn't have a car (weak legs and all) so there'd be no need for a vehicle mechanic in his everyday life. It's possible that Aaron's expertise in electronics may have had him working on some design or other that Will would've been contracted to consult on, but practical machinery is more Will's specialty. Anything majorly electronic would probably be a different phase of the project that Will most likely would not have been as heavily involved in. When they do meet up after all the chaos though, I can see Aaron's, Will's, and Al's talents combining together to make for a pretty formidable team when it comes to building useful shit.

    Will (excited): Aaron! Aaron! Hey Aaron!
    Aaron: What?
    Will: There's a dead camper over the hill. Go give it CPR or something and bring it over here.
    Aaron: ....Why?
    Will: Uhhhh, so Al and I can turn it into a tank. Duh. Go. Shoo. Chant to the car gods and make some magic happen. I need it.

    (Random headcanons are a thing, btw. Don't mind me. When I do these things it helps me flush out my character's personality a bit more as a I go along.)
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  10. No worries, I expect most people when first meeting Rococo to ignore her. I don't think many want a teen around at first when shit hits the fan, especially her since she has no fighting skills and purely relies on her sound manipulation. But, knowing Rococo, even when ignored she'll still ask Will many questions about his work and what this specific project will be about and so on until she randomly disappears when everyone is busy. I think her tagging alone with both Will and Allistar on a project will work best.~

    If a team is made with Will, Allistar and Aaron, Rococo will most likely be more involved. While Allistar and Rococo, by that time, should be even closer friends, Aaron and Rococo should also have that brother/sister type of relationship @Kross and I discussed. That relationship isn't set in stone just yet, but we're open to a "protective older brother" thing going on. Hopefully if that happens, by then Will will be more comfortable around Rococo.

    Plus, if that tank is built, don't you need a radar? Rococo and her echolocation can just be perfect~

    But anyway, I hope it doesn't sound like Rococo will always be around. She won't be as she has her own adventures to go on. And, I don't want to butt into any planning you may have with other players here.

    It's all good. I do that same random headcanons to my characters too.
  11. I legit just laughed out loud at this, lol. Yaaaaas.

    And I have no actual plans outside of what you've already seen on this thread. I'm just rambling random shit out on the fly. Like I do. I'm kind of excited about Coco asking a zillion questions, tbh (I've also just decided that Will is going to call her that....even if she doesn't like it. He'll like it better if she doesn't like it, lol). Why am I encouraging this? Because it'll fluster and irritate him, and in my head he's amusing when he's flustered and irritated, lol.

    *Whiney voice* Will: Aaaaaal. Make it stop talking!!! It's like a...broken squeaky toy, which is making me wish my ears were paralyzed.
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  12. @Kade @Pray4me The only adventures I have planned for Alby is him trying to find a quiet place to be left alone and constantly being led to action by either his conscious or fate.
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  13. ....Or by other characters' shenanigans, lol. Will is going to make a point to try to track Alby down whenever he feels like he needs him post-apocalypse. He may not find Al, but he'll definitely try. (Lol, this may be where he starts recruiting Coco: "Hey. Kid. Find your owner. Fetch!" Omg, he's an ass, lol.)
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  14. @Kade

    Dude, no name stealing! D; My name's Will.

    J/k. But I did snort my drink at the though of a guy hitting on Aaron. He's so not going to handle that situation. xD I mean, He's comfortable with his sexuality it's just he's had to kill so many friends, family and love ones made. Him distance himself from others.
    Elijah on the other has was,and is extremly. Abused child.
  15. Ha! My real name's Alex. Do you know how many characters are named Alex? We had a player name their character Alex in another RP I'm in but then the player left, but he left at a point where it's not easy to work the character out of the story anymore so he became an NPC that we all just sort of puppet around. So I'm Alex controlling a character named Alex and it was all very weird at first, lol. I've gotten used to it by now.

    Lol! Will hitting on Aaron. Don't worry. He'll flirt a little, but he knows a straight guy when he sees one. He'll tease, but he knows he's not converting anyone, lol.
  16. I love you guys XD
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  17. @DangoYumi
    Here's the OoC chat if you want to join in XD though you should probably post your CS before people can decide on relationships with your character
  18. I have updated North Tullytown. It's not complete yet, but it does give a good idea on whats in the area. I still need to do descriptions though.
  19. Please let Udder-ly Amazing have a lil homemade ice cream parlor attached (the dairy farm near where I grew up had one and it was legit the best ice cream EVAR!). I just want to be able to say "Udder-ly Amazing" in at least one game post, and if there's no ice cream involved, Will would have no reason to go to a dairy farm, lol.
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