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  1. [​IMG]
    Day One
    Major Goal: Get to safety
    Minor Goal: Learn about your manipulation
    Manipulation Restrictions: Extremely weak; Uses a lot of energy
    : All of the Prepared have some kind of mark somewhere
    on their body hinting to their manipulation

    Date: Tuesday; November 17, 2020
    Time: 6:56pm
    Location: Tullytown
    Weather: Cloudy; light snow
    Corrupted: Red; 691,967/933,832
    Survivors: 241,865/933,832

    “Breaking news!”
    All across Tullytown every tv and radio blared out the new broadcast. In the distance weird lights could be seen, but it was so far that no one paid it any mind.
    “Mysterious orb sightings are being reported all around the world. People say that those who are touched by the spheres are leaking what seems like blood from every orifice on their face. Stay inside. I repeat, do not leave shelter. This is a world-wide crisis, emergency precautions are to be taken, this is not a drill. This could be the end of the world as we know it…”
    The distant lights got closer and soon armies of orbs the color of blood rose from the edge of the city and began plowing through the streets. Those unlucky enough to be touched by them dropped to the ground in pain, spewing red liquid as the broadcaster reported; a gruesome sight for those fortunate enough to witness.

    “…What’s that? How did it get in! The doors were locked!!! No! JAMES!!! OH MY GOD!!! RUUUUUN!!!”
    Screams filled the air as the camera dropped to the ground. Everyone in the news room ran for their lives as a swarm of crimson orbs chased them down. Then it was silent… Even in the streets where pained cries and terrified shrieks used to echo, the only noise was static on screens and radios.

    That was until the sound of a female clearing her voice chimed out on every electronic with a screen and/or speakers, including cell phones, tablets, computers etc.
    On screens a silhouette of a woman appeared. The only feature seen was a distinctive hair color of pink illuminated only by the screens of the many computers in the dark room.

    “Hey all.”
    She smiled as a small hand gave a single wave.
    “You may have seen red orbs flying around in your area as the news caster previously mentioned. I expect you’ve already seen what they can do. It’s a scary sight. Those who have already been touched are gone. Corrupted. Do not try to save them. Stay as far away from them as possible. They are much like zombies, don’t let them scratch or bite you or else you will turn. Your best bet is to abandon them. I cannot stress this enough, no matter who they were to you before, no matter how much you loved them you cannot save them.”
    A hand reached out and slapped her shoulder and her gaze slammed towards the owner. After a moment of silence and a roll of the woman’s eyes she turned back to the camera.

    “You may think that all hope is lost, but you’re wrong. This is not the end of the world. It may seem like you’re being punished, that life is spitting in your face, but do not let that get you down.”
    Her words were strong and inspirational. There was a fire in her eyes that made people believe every word she spoke.
    “Fight back! Survive! You may not know who you are now, but when you do, know that you are capable! You can defeat this blight and come out on the other side! Don’t stop fighting! Nothing can tear you down even when you feel you can’t take it anymore! You can do this!”
    She then slumped back in her seat with a proud smirk on her face as the last words she said before the screen went black left her lips.

    “You are Prepared.”


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  2. Remington Austen
    Tullytown - Bastille Hospital
    Tuesday, November 17, 2020
    6:45 pm

    A short-cut nail scratched absently at the slim left wrist of a woman. There, on the lateral side of that wrist, just below the thumb, was a mark that appeared similar to a tattoo. One short brushstroke from left to right, then a straight line downward, that line intersected numerous times by a circling spiral. The woman glanced down at the mark, frowning a little in response. It didn’t really itch, but she knew it was there, which was enough to bother her. Considering that she had no tattoos and no birthmarks, this thing was somewhat of a conundrum. It had been there when she awoke this morning before work and yet, after trying fervently to wash it off, it had proved to be permanent and almost even looked like she’d had it for a while. Sadly, she’d had no time to ponder on it much today. It was such a busy day.

    Speaking of which, here she was in the Operating Room, the sound of metal instruments clinking lightly as she arranged them carefully in place. Remington hated laparoscopics. It was much preferred to just cut a good chunk of the abdomen open and do what needed to be done. It was so much easier to see what was going on when you were looking directly at the body instead of a screen. Sure, the patient liked the smaller scars better than the large ones but they probably never thought about how annoying these procedures were. After bringing in the last tray of supplies, Remi began to prepare her own sterile gear. She set up the sterile drape and pulled it open to reveal the patient’s whole right abdomen where they would be making the incisions. Now, she was all set to go when the surgeon came in and began to help him put on his sterile gown and then gloves as she mused over today’s menu. There are ups and downs to every job, she thought; take the good with the bad. She couldn’t tell, but she thought the surgeon might have given her a smile behind his mask, probably noticing her less-than-pleased expression. This expression was of course due to the fact that she had just gotten off of an eight-hour shift and had been called back in to do another surgery which would take almost two hours, not including the prep and tear-down. She eyed the surgeon over her mask. This man was the one whom she had disappeared on five years ago. He had stood behind her when she returned and helped convince the hospital board that she deserved her job back. Remi had been stuck to his side ever since and they seemed to like it that way. It was much easier to work as a team that knew each other instead of getting a random technician or surgeon every time you went in for surgery. Though there were still times here or there where she would be called in to assist a different doctor, she looked up to this one with most of the respect her body could hold. So when his eyes smiled at her, she tried to give a smile back, glad to be assigned to this guy over all the crazy, demanding, mean surgeons she could have worked with.

    With her foot, she scooted the instrument tray over so they both could reach. Her favorite surgeon in the world gestured to the non-sterile nurse and she flicked on the radio. Country music from the early 2000s began to flow through the room and they both smirked. Another reason she liked this guy better than the others.

    “Ready?” He asked.

    Remington nodded, scrubbing down the incision sites with alcohol scrubs. “Yes, Sir.” She drawled out in a slight southern accent. She handed him his scalpel and waited for him to begin. How long would this surgery take, she wondered. There was a show on tonight that she really wanted to watch. Though she knew she would end up missing it, it was always nice to hope.

    7:03 pm

    Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, they never got to make those first cuts. Scalpel primed and ready to slice away at some unconscious guy’s skin, they were all suddenly distracted by the sound of screaming coming from the hallways. Both looked up, but neither the surgeon nor the technician moved. In sterile garb they did not want to desterilize and have to do it all over again. Instead the nurse poked her head out the door and peered around the wall to see what was happening. As if drawn to her, a bright red sphere blew right into the room through the open door, passing through the nurse as it appeared. She shuddered in what appeared to be pain and then suddenly began to vomit up red liquid that looked like blood. The poor nurse garbled out a few painful moans and by that time the red orb had made its way to the operating table. Remington froze in fear, watching it zoom right up to her, hover for a moment, and then bolt away. In its path, it breezed right through the surgeon and caused him to fall to the ground in the same display that the nurse had shown.

    Terror iced her veins. The two affected staff finally rose to their feet once again and turned their heads to peer up at the sky as if something up there was talking to them. After a moment of looking up with them to see what might be up there, Remi found nothing. When she realized that nothing was happening and returned her attention to the room, the nurse was already advancing in her direction. The surgeon, Remi’s most respected person, had gotten back up only to bite a huge chunk out of the unconscious patient’s exposed stomach. “Stop! Please! Doctor, what are ya doin’?” She yelled at them but they obviously did not care. After one bite, both of them were advancing on her now and when she took a second to look passed them at the door, she could see yet another bloody-looking creature shuffling its way into the room. The small gauze clamp in her hand fell away as if she had forgotten it entirely – and she had really. Her heart began to race, adrenaline pumping through her and then suddenly… all seemed calm in her head once again. The mounting, out of place anxiety she had felt for the last four years dissipated into nothingness. She was still afraid and yet she felt numb to it as if she was feeling it through a second party. Get out. Get out and run. Don’t look back. Her brain, now composed once again, urged her to move, and her arms and legs did so without allowing her to think twice about it.

    Remi took a step back, using her foot to pull her utensil tray back with her until she had a clear shot away from the procedure table. She kicked the tray forward and it rolled into the nurse who was standing in her way to the door, knocking the nurse over and causing the tray to fall on top of her, procedure instruments cascading down on her. Luckily, the good – now bad? – doctor was trying to work his way around the head end of the bed which gave her room on the foot end to get to the door. So she left him there and headed toward the door, ducking around the third thing that had entered and slamming through the doors to get out of the room. She pulled the long sterile glove from her left hand and tied it around the door handles to hold them closed. It would not last long if those things had any strength whatsoever, but she had to try. The sound of screaming brought her mind to the hall behind her where staff and patients alike were running chaotically through the building. Some still seemed to be alive more or less, while others looked like the cast from any zombie flick she had ever seen – only somehow worse.

    “Now don’t go tellin’ me that the damned zombie apocalypse has started.” She was talking to herself, obviously, considering that the only other surviving people were running away and screaming – probably something she should be doing, too. Something was telling her not to even try to come near those things, people or not. With another infected person meandering her way, she figured now would be the best time to do just that.

    Turning on her heel, Remi booked it down the hall, attempting to make it to the locker room. She had an overnight bag in there for just-in-case moments and assumed that now would be considered one of those moments. Somehow, she was able to get around any infected people by hiding and dodging and without having to get violent and managed to make it to the locker room where she yanked open her own locker and grabbed her bag out. Throwing the locker shut, she encountered one of the nursing staff standing uncomfortably close. A scream almost ripped from her mouth before the nurse smacked her hand over Remi’s face to keep her quiet. This one was alive apparently. “Shhh…. Those things can hear us.” The nurse, whose name Remi did not know, backed them both up against the lockers and held very still for a moment, glancing around to make sure they were alone before she moved her hand away from Remi’s mouth. “Don’t be so loud, they’ll follow even the slightest sound.” The nurse took a step back to give them some room from each other and began digging in her scrub pockets. She revealed a hand full of syringes from one of her pockets. Remi’s eyes widened. “What are doin’ with those?!” She whispered in a mild panic. “haloperidol–promethazine combo.” The nurse shrugged. It appeared she wasn’t willing to tell where she got it. Maybe she worked on the Psych floor? The only reason to have something like that was to sedate someone as quickly as possible. “Does it work?” Remi asked. “On those things?” The nurse shrugged again. “Haven’t tested it yet, but we’ll probably get to find out.” The RN began to take some things from her other pockets as well, revealing a pulse oximeter, 2 black pens, 1 black sharpie, a square of bright pink sticky notes, her cell phone, a couple squares of alcohol swabs, and a clump of blue latex-free gloves she must have been hording in her pocket. She also pulled off her neon-green green stethoscope – complete with a ladybug attachment and a clip with her name on it [Rosey Karr] and sat it on the floor in front of them with the other supplies.

    “I’ll let you have a couple of these just in case.” She pushed two of the many syringes she had into Remi’s hand and then moved to her own locker, pulling a bag out as well. Remi put the syringes in her overnight bag as the two huddled there on the floor, determining what supplies they had and what they might be able to do next. They were only there for a few minutes before they could hear the groan of something coming closer. It was already inside the locker room. Rosey apparently decided to take action, grabbing one of her syringes and approaching the corpse-like person which was dragging its feet closer and closer to them. She jabbed the needle into its arm but had gotten too close and let her guard down to do so, so the zombie-like man who had come in bit into Rosey’s shoulder. The nurse shrieked in pain, having just enough time to push the plunger of her syringe before crumpling to the ground, holding her wound and sniffling. The creature; however, was no longer interested in the fallen woman and instead turned its gaze on Remi. It was slow in its pursuit, so Remi grabbed all the supplies that Rosey had left on the floor and stuffed them into her overnight bag.

    She pulled the bag onto her shoulder and rolled around the zombie guy, who was now starting to slow down even more. The creature wobbled a few times on its feet and then collapsed to the ground. Remi took note of the effect and yanked the other woman up forcefully to pull her along out of the locker room. They were gone again in a flash, tearing down the hallway to make it to the stairwell. Even in a place that preached health, no one ever used the stairwell so she doubted there would be many run-ins. She sped down the stairs as fast as she could without tripping and falling over herself and while still pulling the moaning nurse behind her and then burst through the fire exit door at the very bottom which put them outside at the back of the building. Another wave of fear engulfed her. Those things… zombies… whatever they were… were everywhere. Even in the parking lots and on the roads. She could see the red orbs, the same as the one she had encountered in the operating room, flying through the streets. As quickly as they were there, they were gone again and the supernatural occurrence sped away as if it had someplace else to be.

    Where could she go from here? And now she was dragging along an injured person. In the cold.

    Not sure what else to do, Remi fixed her bag onto her shoulder and began to make her way down 71st street, trying to figure out where to go. Should she go back to her apartment? Could she even make it there? Now, dressed in her mint green scrubs, a surgical gown, mask, scrub cap, and her remaining right glove, Remi jogged down the street, ducking in and out from behind cars and buildings. It wasn’t on her mind at all how she had forgotten to take off her surgical mask and still wore it over her mouth and nose. Maybe that was best – is this airborne or…? Her mind shot back to Rosey who was barely keeping up behind her and still clutching her shoulder. “…Or through the bloodstream.” The surgeon bit someone as well. She stared at the injured and palling woman in front of her. What now?
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  3. Location: Will's home in Evenwillow
    Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    Time: 7:22 pm
    Mood: Surprisingly calm. And annoyed.
    Interacting With: His mother & father
    Tags: none

    "No, Mom, just do what Dad says, okay?" Will instructed into his Bluetooth headpiece as he hopped his way along the path that lead from his backdoor to his workshed that took up most of his small yard. Thank god he'd spared no expense in there, making sure it was wired for simple things like heat and electrical lighting, considering he probably spent more time there than in his actual house. It would come in handy as more than just a convenience now that he was about to hole himself up in there for an undetermined amount of time. Between the shed and his house in a zombiepocalypse when the shed was basically a fort full of ridiculous weaponry? Yeah, option Number Two hands down. It was just good to know he wouldn't freeze to death in there on top of trying to ward away the Horde.

    "Mom. Mom. Listen to yourself. You're not even making any sense," he continued, balancing on one crutch so he could bend down and grab the loose end of the wire that had been tucked along the side of the path like a million eons ago. He carefully ran it to a small trigger mechanism rigged to the base of one of his little birch trees on the opposite side, holding his breath as he looped it into place. God, he hoped the tripwire worked. It wasn't like he'd had an opportunity to really test it before. He'd built the trap on a whim one random day when he was bored, immediately realized what he'd created probably wasn't legal under home defense standards, but couldn't bring himself to dismantle it entirely. Hardly at all, really. All he'd done was kept the wire loose on one side but still maintained the upkeep on the working parts. Just in case...well, this, he supposed. For the first time since his reappearance into the world he felt like he wasn't waiting for something.

    "Hey, put...put Dad on, okay?...I know he's driving, but just put him on." He waited while his parents squabbled for a second, rolling his eyes at the absurdity of it all. Dad bitching that he couldn't take the phone while he had the wheel because he might get a ticket, of all things, and Mom pointing out the stupidity of that statement; and yet his Mom was the one trying to suggest they drive the hundreds of miles through hostile territory to try to get to Tullytown to pick Will up.

    "Dad? Listen, I--Oh, really? Well if a cop pulls you over because you're on your cell in the middle of the apocalypse, I think you can get away with shooting the dumbass in the face. It's not like a jury of zombies is going to convict you of anything.....I am being serious." He shuffled his way to the shed doors and only opened one side, being sure to set the pressure trigger up on the other door before slipping inside and locking everything down tight. That particular trap was probably also very illegal. Not that it mattered now, as he'd just informed his father. "Can I talk please?...Thank you. Now listen. I know you're taking Mom to whatever classified military bunker thing exists out in the middle of the desert somewhere, which is awesome and totally the smart thing to do, but you know she's going to drive you both up the wall being a worrywart. Let her know that I'm fine. I have everything under control. As long as the phone lines stay up, I'll try to keep in touch. If that shit goes down, we'll switch over to the CB's. Channel 24, okay?......Well, yeah, you think I'm not going to find a way to remind you about my birthday? It's the apocalypse. I feel like I have to double remind you now......Ouch. That hurt, Dad. Just remember that you raised me, so congratulations on the outcome."

    Will continued moving around the room, pulling various things off shelves that could either be made into weapons or that were already weapons he'd crafted and tested in his spare time. He wondered if a crossbow bolt to the head of one of those zombie things...what had that chick called them? Corrupted? He wondered if a bolt would actually take them out. For all he knew these things were completely immortal to anything but total dismemberment. Or maybe they still just died like normal humans did. Some very fucked up part of him wanted to test the theory. The more sane part of him said, "Dude, no. You should be praying those things don't come anywhere near you." His sane side was boring.

    "...No, yeah, really Dad, I'm fine. Listen, I gotta go. Just keep Mom in the bunker and don't let her talk you into trying to drive over here. Oh, and Dad? I probably don't have to tell you this, but seriously, now is the time to let all that crazy Special Ops training and PTSD and psychopath soldier shit come out to play. Go on a murder rampage if you feel like it. Whatever keeps you and Mom alive. I am encouraging serial killing as a fun way to pass the time. I hear it comes highly recommended in times of zombiepocalypses.....Yeah, from Dr. Phil.....Alright, Dad. Stay safe. Bye."

    Shaking his head, he hung up the phone and finished setting up whatever he possibly could. If anything was coming for him, he was ready. Mostly ready. As ready as a partially paralyzed engineering genius could be, anyway.

    Mmmmm, somehow that didn't sound very optimistic in his head. It was true though. Realistically he could only play Home Alone for so long in the shed before eventually he would run out of tricks. What he actually needed was a way out.

    Sitting down on the opposite end of the room from the doors, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and searched through his contacts. Who might....? Ah. There. The guy did say to contact him whenever Will needed him for something.

    Whistling quietly to himself to ease his wired nerves a little (the metaphorical kind, not the physical kind for once, thank god for that), he casually fired off a text:

    Aaaaaalby. Are you a zombie? If you are, ignore this text. If not, come fucking get me before I become somebody's dinner. I should be alright for a little while, but the shed isn't going to hold up forever. If you get here before shit hits the fan, don't step on the tripwire between the birch and pine tree. Unless you want to look like a pincushion. Also, don't touch the right side door. That might cave your head in. I'm talking Acme anvil cartoon style. And for the love of god, text me when you get here so I don't shoot you with something. Cool? Cool. And don't take too long. You know how I get when I'm bored.

    Done with that, he set the phone down and tapped his finger on the workbench several times while he waited for some sort of reply. He wondered idly if his neighbor, who had already gone out of town to start the holiday early, was still alive. The couple in the house next to that had left for a movie earlier and were probably zombie meat by now. He didn't know about the people in the house next to that, but if they were zombified, they hadn't thought to come for him yet. Perk of living in the last house on the street before the park? All the screaming and commotion and walking neon signs that blinked "OPEN DINING" were in the other direction. For once, he was sort of glad to have been forgotten about.
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  4. JASON


    Cold Manipulation


    Located: Back of Left Calf

    Reeves Symphony/Music Shop (South Tully)
    South Tully Streets

    Relaxed & Peaceful
    Freaked Out, Confused & Worried

    Jason's Outfit




    Jason was in his favorite place in the entire world, his family's well-known Music Shop, Reeves Symphony. He was sitting behind his favorite pair drums. He use to bang on those red and black drums all the time when he was younger; he still does it once in awhile, nowadays he is actually good at it. "I love being in here. It's like a second home." He smirked, looking around the place that would hopefully be all his one day. Jason's parents and younger sister had gone out of town for a few days because of some deal they had to finalize with some big time singer who wanted Jason's father to craft a one-of-a-kind guitar just for him. Jason and his twin, Mason, they were in charge of the keeping the shop in one piece. He knew that he was the one actually in charge, but he knew that Mason would just whine and start trouble if he wasn't in "charge" too. Speaking of his rowdy twin. "Mason! Come down here and watch the store with me... for once." Shaking his head. Mason had been upstairs in the office area of the shop since they got there early that morning. Jason didn't mind cashing people out and answering their questions and everything, but the shop was huge and he couldn't watch every area all by himself. "I swear my dad needs to hire at least one more person for this place, seriously." He chuckled, getting up and walking to the front register as a customer came through the glass double doors.

    "Hello, what can I do for you today?" He hated saying those words; it made him sound like some robotic hologram. The customer, who name was Gerry, had an issue with his guitar and wanted to see if Jason could help him out. "Oh, well I know almost as much about guitars as my dad, so your in luck sir." He looked up at the guy and gave him a boyish smirk, his signature look. "Just come over to this table so I can see the guitar in better lighting." He moved from behind the cash register and waited for Gerry to follow him.

    While he walked to the bigger table with the brighter light, Jason felt his leg itch. "That freaking tattoo or whatever is itching again." When he had woke up earlier that morning, Jason's leg was itchy and he just thought it was a normal itch, until he got into the shower and spotted some crazy looking design on the back of his leg. He, at first, thought that Mason had played some prank on him, since Mason was known to do stuff like that, especially to him. After confronting his twin, he found out that Mason had a weirder looking design on his arm. Jason didn't have time to research the two designs and figure out what they meant; his parents had rushed him and his twin off to the shop right after they both got dressed. "I'll just try to ignore it for now." He said to himself and smiled at Gerry, once the male made it to the other side of the table.

    "Ok, let's see what's going on." He scrunched up his face and got closer to the guitar. The face he was making, to Gerry it would look pretty amusing, but to anyone who knows Jason, they know that his crazy faces mean he's really in the zone and will do whatever it takes to fix a problem. He looked into the guitar and tried to see if the strings were damaged in anyway. "What exactly is the problem? Does it not tune right? Does the strings sound too tight? Are the strings frayed?" He was asking all the questions his father would've asked if he was there. Gerry started to tell him what had happened. "I see the problem now... here it is." He dropped his hand into the Guitar's Soundhole and pulled out the pick. "I think the sound was off because you dropped the pick inside and must have not noticed." He tried to keep from smiling too much towards Gerry, who seemed to feel dumb and upset that he didn't even check the inside before coming all the way down to the shop.

    Moving from behind the table, Jason moved over towards the other male. "Look, my dad isn't here and I am in charge. Usually he would've made you pay, even for such a little problem. I'm much more forgiving and fairer than him, so for this time only, it's free of charge." Yes, even for just finding the pick in the guitar, Jason's father would've charged. He loved the man, but his dad is totally the real life Mr. Krabs when it came to any kind of money and deals. His mother, she was less into the money side of things and more into the creating masterpieces that mixed music with art. While his father carved and fine tuned the instruments, it was Jason's mother who did the designs and final touches that made all the instruments beautiful. Most people didn't know that majority of the instruments in the shop were handmade by Jason's mom and dad. While some were bought from other places and famous musicians, most were one-of-a-kind, the ones that made the most money for the Reeves.

    "Don't worry about it, my dad won't notice. The cameras didn't catch anything." He heard footsteps coming from upstairs. "Of course HE would come down now." Jason rolled his eyes as he spotted his twin swaggering his sneaky way down the spiral staircase. "I know you heard everything. I'll do your chores for a week if you shut up." He huffed as he watched Mason head to the piano and rest on the chair. "Alright Gerry, next time, I hope there isn't one, but if there is; please check the inside of the guitar before..." A loud scream could be heard outside and that caused him to stop speaking. "What?" He heard his phone buzz and when he turned the screen on, there was some girl speaking about something.

    "Red Orbs? Corrupted? Prepared... prepared for what?" The girl was gone as fast as she had came on his phone. When he tried to go through his open sites and see if he could find her on one of the websites, nothing popped up. "Well... some freaky hacker girl." He looked at Mason and Gerry, who both had seen and heard the same thing that he just had. "What was that all..." A loud CRASH! sound was heard, as the glass of the big window of the Music Shop shattered and a red orb flew into the building. "That... it's..." Jason felt his body jerk back and hop behind the table. As if on instinct he knew that he should stay away from the orbs.

    He turned his attention to Mason, who had jumped behind the cash register. "Gerry..." He turned to see the customer frozen in place. "Gerry! Move!" It was too late; the orb shot into the man and he fell to the floor... spitting up blood and looking like he had just been gruesomely murdered. Jason turned to Mason, who had a confused look on his face as the orb shot towards him. "Mason!" Instead of the orb going through him, like it did to Gerry, it stopped and then flew back out the window. "Uhhh..." He ran over to Mason and the two brothers turned to see Gerry starting to rise back up. "Ger... what the fuck!" Jason wasn't that big on cursing, but when you see someone that just a few seconds ago was normal and now they had blood or a blood like substance coming out of their face and looked like they wanted to eat you, cursing would be the least of your problems.

    When the former Gerry, turned... Corrupted charged at the Twins, Mason picked up a guitar and cracked it over the man's head, which only stunned him. "Mason let's go!" The two ran towards the back exit of the shop and headed into the Alley that lead towards Bastille Hospital. "I gotta call mom and dad. I don't know what that was back there... but we have to know if they're ok." He turned to Mason who just shook his head. He let Mason take the lead towards the hospital, hoping to find some help or at least a doctor who could possibly explain everything. While Mason watched around them and they hid in the shadows, Jason turned on his phone to speak to their parents.​



    Heat Manipulation


    Located: Inner Right Arm

    Reeves Symphony/Music Shop (South Tully)
    South Tully Streets

    Snarky & Rude
    Confused & Protective

    Mason's Outfit

    Jason || Remington

    Jason || Remington


    Mason was watching Youtube Videos on his phone in the office of his family's Music Shop, while his twin, Jason was taking care of customers downstairs. He and his twin had been told to take care of the shop by their parents, who left a few days ago with his little sister to go handle some business in California. Mason wanted to go with them in the first place; he'd never been to California and that would've been the perfect place to show off his rapping and singing skills, but of course his parents said no. They wanted him to stay with Jason and learn about responsibility, like that would ever actually happen. While the good Twin was busy being good and an angel, Mason was being well... Mason. "Oh fuck! He just got punched in the face! These two are the funniest people ever!" He grinned, taking a bite of his sandwich. "Man, maybe I should do youtube videos, I'd be way better than those two idiots." He laughed and almost choked on his food when one guy pushed the other one into a pool of cow shit. "Oh damn! I know he's going to be mad." Mason loved pranks and being a total asshole to everyone and his main target/victim was his loving twin. "I should push Jay into a pool of shit... that would be AMAZING!" He stood up and started to think of a plan, when the radio in the office blared on.

    "My dad is the only person in 2020 that STILL has an old ass radio." He shook his head and was about to turn it off, when he heard the person yelling about orbs and some other insanity. "Stay inside, bleh, bleh bleh!" He ignored the rest of the "breaking news" and turned it off when he heard screaming and some other nonsense. "Fucking news people will do ANYTHING to get better ratings. Stop being soo boring and dumb, maybe then people would pay attention to you instead of Instagram Thots." He smirked. Mason never believed anything the news spoke about. They were all liars to him; he could do a better job at manipulating people into believing what he said if he worked for the news. "They should hire me, I bet I could do a better fucking job at spewing out lies about "BREAKING NEWS," dummies." He decided to go and see what his brother was up to, hearing a lot of talking downstairs. "Might as well go see what Goody Good is doing now."

    He could hear his twin speaking to a new customer about a free deal. "Oh really." He hid on the spiral staircase and placed his ear to the stairs. He had to hold back conceited laughter. "I guess I'm not the bad one anymore, at least I never gave someone a free deal." He could never get any dirt on Jason, it was always the other way around, finally he could get some leverage over his annoyingly "perfect" twin. "He is going to soo do whatever I tell him, unless he want's dear ol' dad to know about his dirty dealings." He bit his bottom lip in anticipation.

    Once the conversation was over, with his pride filled smirk, Mason swaggered down the stairs and just stared at his twin as he made his way towards the Piano. He wasn't too shocked with Jason gave in very easily, Mason was the fighter of the two. "That's all I ask... for now, dear brother." He chuckled evilly. It was because of Jason's constant naggy for him to watch Game of Thrones that Mason has now become a bit more vindictive with his games of manipulation and sarcastic wit that he knew would get on everyone's nerves that he didn't like. The man just loved seeing how far he could push someone before they broke. He isn't truly evil; Mason's more annoying and rude than evil.

    While he was thinking about what other humiliating things he would make Jason do, his phone buzzed and he pulled it out. "Who is this Bubblegum Bimbo on my phone?" He scratched the back of his head, as he listened to said Bubblegum Bimbo speak. "She's saying the same shit those reporters were talking about... what the fuck." He looked at Jason and the customer, Gerry, and then out of nowhere a red sphere object broke through the glass. Mason hopped up from the piano chair and saw the orb like thing fly through Gerry and caused the man to fall over and bleed from his face. "Yo! What the fuck!"

    Mason was too stunned by whatever had just happened, that he didn't notice the orb coming his way, until Jason yelled his name. He had jumped behind the cash register but the orb had spotted him, or sensed him. He stood there and looked at it. Instead of the orb going through him, it sped away and out the window it went. "That was weird as..." He moved a little to the side when he felt his twin move next to him. Almost ready to swing on Jason. "Don't jump at me like that, fuck!" Mason turned his attention to the moving body of what he thought was a dead Gerry. "What kind of shit is this? Is he a fuckin' zombie?" Mason had no time to get an answer, as the thing charged at him and Jason. Out of natural bravery and slight stupidity, he picked up a guitar not to far from him and cracked it over the bloody creature's head. Mason thought he had killed it or did something damaging at least, but when it started to move forward more..., "Yeah, let's get the fuck out of here." He pushed the thing into the piano and ran after Jason, closing the back exit's door of the shop behind the two.

    His chest was beating super fast, though he wouldn't let Jason know. "Call mom and dad, I'll keep a lookout for those... things." He picked up his metal bat that he always left outside in the Alley next to his family's shop; just in case some bum tried to break in. He was usually in the back of the Alley with some of his "friends" when people were dumb enough to try something like that. "Be careful... and don't talk too loud." He could hear Jason speaking to their parents, who sounded ok. He gave a sigh of relief; at least it seemed for now that they and his littler sister were ok.

    While they walked towards the hospital, Mason kept his eyes out on the streets, just to keep safe and not get surprised. He was soo busy looking at the streets and the creatures running around, that he bumped into something or someone. "Shit!" He brought his bat up to swing, but stopped before it touched the air when he saw two normal looking women in front of him. "Oh shit... my bad. I almost knocked your heads off." He smirked at the one in front, he thought she was pretty cute. "Ummm..." He looked at the lady who didn't look like she was doing good. "You know you're walking away from the place that could help her the most right?" He didn't notice the scrubs or the bag on the lady's arm, indicating that she was either a nurse or surgeon. He didn't notice the mask either, thinking it was just some precaution. "Wait, is this crazy shit contagious?" He looked back at Jason, who looked like he wanted to choke Mason. "What?" Clearly the two ladies in front of him worked at the hospital, but his mind was too focused on getting into the medical building to notice.

    "Hey, strength in numbers?" That was his horrible way of asking if the two wanted to join him and Jason. "Mason, and that's my brother... Jason. He's never talked to a girl before, so he might be scared of you." He laughed, only to feel a small rock hit the back of head. "You motherfucker!" He was about to swing his bat at Jason but stopped. "Not even the time or the place... but I will get you back, punk." Turning his attention back to the women. "Your... friend, she looks like she might need help, what happened to her?" Mason was usually a Sarcastic Asshole 24/7, at least in this kind of situation he was acting mature... no telling how long that would last though.​

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  5. Remington Austen & Rosey, RN
    Tullytown - Outside Bastille Hospital -> Bastille Hospital parking lot
    Tuesday, November 17, 2020
    7:20 pm
    Interaction: Mason, Jason, Rosey (npc) @Shattered♦Secrets™

    It was cold out and she hadn’t even stopped to find out where she had left her jacket. The no longer sterile gown she wore blocked absolutely no cold whatsoever. She was much more used to southern weather. Remi locked hands with Rosey, the currently unwell nurse at her side. It had only been maybe three minutes since she got bit, but she was looking like hell. When looking closely, she could see a spot of blood inside the other woman’s ear. “We’ve got to get you trea-“ She cut herself off suddenly as a group of three ghoulish creatures came trudging in her direction. She dragged the nurse back through the ally way, running through to the other side and sliding around the wall. Remi leaned around to peek down the ally. Those things had passed by easily. She was letting out the breath she was holding just as something rammed into her which pushed her into Rosey, which caused Rosey to let out some sort of squeal they could only assume was from surprise. Or perhaps the pain of Remi unintentionally putting pressure on the woman’s injured shoulder. Remi slapped her hand over Rosey’s mouth to cut off her scream and pushed the woman against the wall behind them, Remi turning to confront whatever had run into them. Pointless though it was, considering that Remi had no actual weapons.

    Her gaze landed on a chest and then slowly moved up to see a boy’s face. The boy was already talking before she had even fully cast eyes on his face. "You know you're walking away from the place that could help her the most right?" As soon as he said those words, Remi used her other hand to push the talkative guy back, afraid that he might try to go toward the hospital. “It’s overrun already. Even the private wings are invaded by those things.Remi had an evident southern drawl to her voice but she spoke quietly. “Anyone still inside is either one of those things or is about to become one.” Remi, just now remembering the mask on her face, pulled it down which revealed everything below her eyes. She nodded to the request to join them. Strength in numbers was right. “We don’t have any weapons.” She turned to Rosey to gesture to her. She had felt something wet on her hand and was about to give the woman a sharp glare for licking her hand that had been covering the nurses mouth – so childish – but when she actually looked at the woman again, a dark blood-looking liquid was pouring out from between Rosey’s mouth and Remi’s gloved hand. Her eyes widened and Remi pulled her hand away instantly, peering at the red juice that slathered her large glove. Thank god this was a sterile glove, made to be thicker and to go all the way up the forearm. Remi backed away many paces from the now dripping Rosey, backing into Mason in her retreat and continuing to back up, forcing him back as well. “I don’t think she needs treatment any longer.” She blinked in thought, watching hazily as what used to be Rosey advanced in their direction. “Don’t let her bite you! One of those things bit her!” Remi turned her back on the corrupted woman and lifted her hands, pushing at the two boys in front of her to get them to go in the other direction. “Go, go, go. Burn rubber!” The corrupted nurse came closer, urging Remington to grab one of Jason’s hands and one of Mason’s hands and run. They had better keep up because she was getting the hell out of dodge.

    She pulled the boys by their hands for a few feet before letting them go to reach in her bag. Her feet never stopped as she reached inside and pulled out a set of keys. She shoved those keys into one of her scrub pockets and ripped off her procedure gown and her remaining glove, tossing them away, all while still jogging through the parking lot she had led them into. Remi found her truck and unlocked it, sliding into the driver’s side quickly. The tinted window rolled down and she hollered at the two. “Get in!” She started her baby up and pulled it up right in front of the two boys, waiting to see if they would get in. She wouldn’t wait on them forever. If they were attacked while standing out there, she may just leave them behind. Or so she told herself. But now that she was sure that being bitten by one of those things could turn you, she may be less willing to help save someone in the midst of a close call. Probably. “Get in, or fend for yourselves out there alone!” She jutted a thump back toward the interior of her truck, urging them to hurry the hell up. “We don’t got all day.”
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  6. Name: Axel Sean Walker
    Location: Home -> Streets of South Tullytown
    Date: November 17, 2020
    Time: 6:45 - 7:20
    Interactions: N/A
    Tags: N/A

    --- 6:45 ---

    Axel rubbed his tired eyes for about the millionth time today. It wasn't very late, but he was exhausted. He had just recently gotten done with his student work out at the hospital he lived a few blocks away from and he had decided to study for a few hours before turning in early. Only having been studying for about two hours, he refused to let himself go to sleep, as there was still much he needed to learn with a big test coming up for school. With the words on the pages of his text books began to run together into a blur of black and white, he felt it was a good time to take a break and rest his weary vision. Arising from his chair, he flipped off the only light in his room, the lamp on his desk. After the light had been fully extinguished from his bedroom, he stepped out and headed for the kitchen.

    "Damn, why am I so tired?" Axel spoke to himself through a yawn. Running a hand through his hair, he huffed and made himself a simple peanut butter sandwich before walking out of the kitchen and sitting on his couch. Flipping through the channels, he idly scratched at the mark that had magically appeared by his hipbone while he slept. When surfing through the many channels didn't work, he settled on watching the news. "Eh, not like I'm going to be out here for too long anyway.."

    --- 6:56---

    His sandwich long gone and his body too tired to care, Axel was about to stand and go to bed when the news blared loudly through his house.

    “Breaking news!”

    Normally, Axel wouldn't care as the news never seemed to apply to him, but this time was different. There was something about the way the newscaster was speaking that brought worry to the young man. Sitting back down, he listened to the last of the report with wide and slightly fearful eyes. As soon as he heard about something getting in the news station, something woke up inside of him and he sprinted into his room. Uncovering the secret compartment that was under his bed, he retrieved his duffle bag and ran back out to the living room while opening the bag. He was rummaging around for things in his bag, but stopped when a new voice rang over his TV.

    He listened to each word spoken by the pink-haired woman carefully, making sure not to miss a single syllable. After her small speech was done, he went back to what he was doing. "Who the hell was that, what the hell is going on and what the fuck am I going to do!?" Axel almost shouted to himself as he looked out the window to the street. Already, he could see them... the Corrupted. Wandering around aimlessly like nothing more than zombies. Already, he knew what to do. It was precisely what the woman had told him to do: survive.

    Releasing a slow breath, Axel regained his composure and strode over to his bag. Reaching in, he pulled out the gun to make sure it was fully loaded and the silencer was on properly. "I guess this is what that feeling was a couple months ago." He mused in his mind. Biting his lip, he began putting on one of the few masks he had stolen. No part of him was sure if this shit could spread through the air, and he wasn't about to take that chance. Taking out the straps his twin melee weapons' sheathes were connected to, he wrapped them around his torso so that each handle was above each of his shoulders. Jogging back into his room, Axel retrieved his jacket and put it on, completing his outfit for the time being (above).

    As he neared the duffle bag again, Axel stopped in his tracks. "Wait, what the hell am I doing? Where the hell do I plan on going?" It was no more than three seconds before he spoke to himself again. "Mania." Unsure why, but something inside himself said that Mania was going to be the safest place to be, and also the best equipped to deal with this situation. Slinging his duffle bag over his shoulder and making sure the gun was planted firmly in his hand, Axel stepped out of his house and into the cold, snowy November weather.


    Axel stepped silently outside, hoping to draw no attention to himself. Luckily, the closest Corrupted had trudged on down the road, opposite of the way he was going. Contemplating taking his car, he stopped dead in his tracks. "What if those things are drawn by sound? There's no way I'd get anywhere safely in a car." With a soft sigh, he set off down the road at a steady jog. Eyes darting everywhere and head snapping at the smallest sound, Axel paid no mind to the cold that assaulted his hands or neck. Jogging down the blocks, he made sure to avoid any Corrupted he could. Turning one more corner, he stopped dead in his tracks. Ahead of him: four of the Corrupted. All were looking away from him, but he was close enough that he was afraid they'd look at him.

    Panic washed through him. Down this road was the quickest, and hopefully safest, way to get to Mania and he didn't want to retrace his steps and run into one of those things. Looking around for something to hide behind or use as a kind of camouflage. As he looked around, his eyes fell on a rock about the size of his hand. Picking it up, Axel looked around and wasted no time in tossing the big rock into a nearby alley, away from Axel. "Please be attracted to sound, please be attracted to sound.." The words were like a mantra running through his mind, in the blind hope it would work.

    Axel could feel a weight lifted off his shoulders as the four abominations stumbled down the alley after the rock. Not giving himself enough time to bask in his moment of victory, he continued down the road to his destination.


    As he continued jogging, Axel began to pick up the pace as he didn't want to be outside and not safe anymore. Sneakily dodging behind and around cars, he managed to make it quite a distance from his home. Hopes starting to rise, he continued to speed up, almost completely running at this point. That is, until he neared the corner of where the road turned down one path and heard the groaning of many of the Corrupted. Slowing to a stop, he was frozen in his tracks for a few seconds. Eyes meeting with one of the Corrupted for no more than a second was enough for it to groan and all of the others to look at him.

    "Fuck me."

    The two words were barely whispered as he frantically looked around where to hide. Turning around, he was about to sprint down the way he just came but saw more Corrupted coming from that way. Heart racing, his hands began to sweat and he looked frantically. Eyes landing on a car, he sprinted towards it and slid to a stop under it as the only protection he could find.


    It didn't even take two minutes for the car to be surrounded at all sides from the Corrupted. There wasn't a large number of them, but there was enough that there was no way Axel could get out of this unless they left.

    The loud ringing of the alarm made the boy's head drop to the ground. As it seemed, the Corrupted weren't smart enough to come after him from under the car, but they instead beat on the car enough to make the alarm sound. Axel looked up and around frantically, trying to see if there was some way he could make it so that anyone who may have happened across this part of town could help him.

    Looking up at the bottom of the car, he got an idea. Drawing one of the machetes from his back, he began to drag the blade across a hardened part of metal along the bottom of the car. The sound was much akin to the same as nails on a chalkboard and could be heard just barely above the blaring alarm.

    Deep down, Axel hoped that someone happened by and heard the sounds or saw the congregation of the abominations and came to his rescue, but he doubted any help was coming. As he continued scratching his blade along the bottom of the car, he closed his eyes and let out a soft sigh, trying to ease his nerves.

    "I can get out of this. I just have to use my head, and think."
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  7. Location: South Tullytown, Mania Defense Inc.
    Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    Time: 6:45-7:45 P.M.
    Interactions: Will @Kade

    6:45 P.M.

    The sounds of hammer strikes falling upon steel across an anvil reverberated throughout the warehouse Allistair was working in. Most of the other workers on site had punched out and went home to their families, perhaps the news announcement had ushered some home more quickly than others. No one had stopped to inform The Albatross of what was going on in the world, a man so dedicated to his work, a bomb could go off outside his workshop and he might not notice.

    Beads of sweat glistened in the light cast by his forge's fire, cascading down along his forehead and neck as the temperatures of his workshop remained a constant 95 degrees Fahrenheit, coupled with his safety gear and the immense focus that hammering out a warped piece of metal took. Though oddly the metal was more cooperative today than usual, as if by a will of it's own, the steel was being straightened and manipulated. Albatross just chalked this up to good fortune as he still had three commissions left and needed to be done with this project by tonight, the Mania's were patient but Albatross wasn't. "Wonder what Roxie will have for me today..." His thoughts slowly transitioned to the only shift from the mundane his life possessed.

    Roxie as he so affectionately called her was a young girl, he was certain she couldn't be out of her 'teens'and always found a way to make him less rigid and determined to be unhappy. She would routinely meet him upon his ten mile walk home and sell him random trinkets, none of which he ever needed but it was human interaction and he enjoyed it.

    Casting his gaze over towards his workbench near the double-doors which function as the only entrance and exits of his warehouse, he smiled as he saw the small stainless-steel kitten he'd crafted for her. "I think she'll like it...she's curious like one." He mused to himself, in truth he had no experience in offering gifts to anyone, much less females. Though the kitten itself rested three inches high and nearly two inches thick, it'd taken him hours of careful craftsmanship to get all the details correct.

    He'd heard his phone go off earlier, though he presumed the noise was simply someone persistent and waited for it to go to voicemail or cease all together as he'd lacked any desire to stop working. No one called him, not even Will and that was nothing short of a miracle, in itself. To make matters worse, he'd awoken today with a strange mark on his right forearm which oddly resembled an Anvil.

    7:25 P.M.

    Setting the metal tool he'd been heating up then hammering out into an oil quench to help prevent stress fractures, Albatross sauntered over to his workbench and retrieved his cellphone from the inner desk drawer. Missed Text From: The Lunatic. Albatross had affectionately given Will the nickname of The Lunatic in his contacts as the man perpetually vexed him. Though he was a genius in his own right, Will had a habit of getting under Albatross' skin, they often collaborated on projects for the Mania's, so exchanging numbers was done out of necessity. "No work-orders in my dropbox, so obviously not business. How many times do I have to tell him 'No' to hanging out?"

    Aaaaaalby. Are you a zombie? If you are, ignore this text. If not, come fucking get me before I become somebody's dinner. I should be alright for a little while, but the shed isn't going to hold up forever. If you get here before shit hits the fan, don't step on the tripwire between the birch and pine tree. Unless you want to look like a pincushion. Also, don't touch the right side door. That might cave your head in. I'm talking Acme anvil cartoon style. And for the love of god, text me when you get here so I don't shoot you with something. Cool? Cool. And don't take too long. You know how I get when I'm bored.
    "What...the...hell?" Albatross thought as a bewildered look slowly etched itself into the features of his face, was Will on drugs or something? Had he finally gone off the deep end that Albatross was convinced he always teetered on the edge of? Will was definitely the type to prank him and joke around but this seemed entirely too convoluted to be either of the aforementioned possibilities. Hastily Albatross began to scroll upwards along the touchscreen of his phone to make sense of this.
    Albatross didn't believe in watching television, thus he'd made certain there wasn't one in his warehouse, though he did possess a transistor radio. Digging it out of some askew box it rested in, he quickly tested the batteries and turned it on, adjusting it until he got reception, presuming if something really was going on that some form of emergency message would be on the airways. It didn't take long for a woman's voice to begin reciting the message on an endless loop.

    “You may have seen red orbs flying around in your area as the news caster previously mentioned. I expect you’ve already seen what they can do. It’s a scary sight. Those who have already been touched are gone. Corrupted. Do not try to save them. Stay as far away from them as possible. They are much like zombies, don’t let them scratch or bite you or else you will turn. Your best bet is to abandon them. I cannot stress this enough, no matter who they were to you before, no matter how much you loved them you cannot save them.You may think that all hope is lost, but you’re wrong. This is not the end of the world. It may seem like you’re being punished, that life is spitting in your face, but do not let that get you down.Fight back! Survive! You may not know who you are now, but when you do, know that you are capable! You can defeat this blight and come out on the other side! Don’t stop fighting! Nothing can tear you down even when you feel you can’t take it anymore! You can do this!You are Prepared."

    The news oddly didn't strike Albatross as that earth-shattering, or rather whether it was a lack of investment in the world around him or something else, he couldn't help but agree with her last words. He was prepared, at the least he wasn't afraid and accepted the new world order almost out of instinct. Immediately pulling up Will's number in his phone, he hastily mashed out a reply: Stay where you are. I'm on the way.

    Scrambling from all of his machines he powered down and unplugged them all with a heavy heart, dousing the flames of his workshop for an undefined amount of time. He was careful to snatch up his Clearance Keycard, a pad-lock, the chains he normally used to lock up his warehouse and the kitten he'd worked on for hours for Roxie. Bolting out of the double-doors, he quickly turned around and used the chains and pad-lock to seal them shut, he'd been correct earlier when he presumed everyone else had left, as the grounds on this side of Mania Defense Inc. were a ghost town.

    Careful to scan the surrounding environment just in case, he dashed the short quarter-mile between his warehouse and the Experiment Tech Wing. In early production, he'd assisted in developing new Riot Gear for the Police, a carbon-fiber and kevlar bodysuit. Highly flexible, incredibly lightweight and capable of stopping a straight shot from a handgun or a cut from a blade, same weaknesses to armor-piercing rounds as normal riot gear though. "I should still have clearance to access it...I hope." He mused as he scanned it keycard and the doors to the facility chimed with green acceptance.

    The Mania's had scrapped the project as the effort and time that went into each bodysuit wasn't deemed cost-effective when their current Riot Gear offered the same protection with less mobility. Though they'd kept their prototype in the Experimental Tech Wing for the sake of potential future use. Though Albatross had never really cared if the projects he worked on were used or not, only that the Mania's were satisfied with his work. "It was modeled according to my measurements...since I designed it...need to hurry."

    Albatross was in prime condition in his youth as he'd ran nearly two miles through winding staircases and endless corridors to arrive at the Tech Lab which housed the suit and he wasn't even close to tired. The scientists kept it in a glass-case, worn by a useless mannequin, though not for much longer as he smashed the glass with his right elbow and stole the mannequin's purpose.

    Albatross couldn't believe all of this was happening, in a way he was frustrated, all he wanted was to create masterpieces made of metal and be left to his own devices. Now fully dressed in the suit he'd designed, he felt almost at home as though it were a perfect fit in more than one sense. Though he didn't have time for complaints now, he needed to go save that annoying, genius, lunatic and with that, he measured out his breathing and began running towards Will's place.

    7:45 P.M.
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  8. Location: Will's workshed (Evenwillow)
    Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    Time: 7:45 pm
    Mood: Annoyed, then a lil scared. just a little.
    Interacting With: Alby, Corrupted
    Tags: @Crowley

    "Come on, come on, come on.....Dammit!"

    Will sighed as the ambling zombie thing that used to be the spraypaint hipster dude at the other end of the street turned away from the tripwire and wandered in the other direction. Stupid thing. Not that Will should've been surprised. The guy was an idiot and a half when he was alive. As a brainless, corpselike, B movie monster? Hopeless. Couldn't even figure out the simple concept of walking up a path to see if Will was in the shed.

    Not that Will was being too much more intelligent, he supposed. Granted he wasn't doing anything to draw attention to himself intentionally (he'd seen way too many zombie movies to be that dumb), but peeking out the window in hopes of seeing a critter get porcupined by his tripwire trap probably wasn't the smartest thing he could be doing.

    He watched for a bit as hipster zombie meandered away, disappointed a little until he heard his phone buzz over on the counter. Abandoning his post at the window, he made his way over to check it out, kind of glad to see it was a reply from Al. A late reply, granted, but a reply just the same. Telling him to stay where he was. Will snorted at that.

    "Oh, I don't know, I was thinking about taking a nice little stroll in the park," he texted back. "Maybe I'll waltz up the street to Udder'ly Amazing and get some ice cream. Sounds like a thing to do in the middle of the zombiepocalypse."

    That made him pause for a moment. God, he hoped not everyone at his favorite ice cream parlor had been zombie-ized. He fucking loved that place. It would be something he'd have to check out later though, he supposed. That was a lot of perfectly good ice cream that would go to waste if someone didn't eat it...

    A distinct, sort of whistling--schoom, schoom, schoom--reached his ears, and he cursed as he dropped his phone back on the table and scrambled back to the window. Dammit, he'd missed it! Goddamn it, Alby, with his terrible timing! He'd have to get him back later for--

    The creature, not the hipster creature but someone he didn't recognize, now laying on the ground with a side full of spears sticking out all over the place, twitched. Another moment later and it was lifting its head, its eyes and wide-open mouth dripping that red liquid good. If Will wasn't mistaken, it looked kind of pissed. Maybe this one was a little smarter than hipster zombie. It pushed itself off the ground a bit awkwardly given its dilemma with the spikes jabbing into its joints, but did so without getting caught up in the tripwire again. Good for it!

    With the first of his traps dismantled, Will backed away from the window towards the counter again, reaching his phone just as the creature reached his doors and slammed against them. Hard. If this was going to go the route of any and all zombie movies Will had ever seen, shit was about to get real.

    Grabbing up his crossbow with one hand, he reached for his phone with the other.

    "Al? Disregard the tripwire. It's already been triggered. And you might want to pick up the pace. I kind of pissed one of them off." He winced as another thud! hit his doors, a louder one joining with the efforts of the first that rattled the doors in their frame. That was immediately followed by the sounds of the weight falling and a heavy body hitting the ground. Will assumed that was hipster getting its skull crushed in. Goodbye, spraypaint hipster. The other one, the slightly smarter one, made some sort of creepy-as-fuck guttural sound, almost a growl, and pounded on the door some more. Then it was quiet.

    Will held his breath and everything remained silent for a full minute. It couldn't have been that easy, could it? It was never that easy. According to every horror movie he'd ever seen, this would be the moment when--

    The glass in the window shattered and a bloody arm reached in, tangling itself up in the blinds.

    Will sat down on his stool and propped his elbows on the countertop, steadying his crossbow at the window. He sat there, still, solid as a rock, waiting or just the right moment when the creature got far enough inside. Once that happened, it was getting pinned to the wall like a goddamn butterfly.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Letizia was spread out on her couch, arm thrown over the backrest and the other on the arm of the couch as she lulled her head back into a mass of stacked up silk pillows. Her eyes, a steely grey-blue colour, watched the tv absently as her expression easily depicted exhaustion and the desire to fight the impending wakefulness that would soon consume her. Though at this point, Letizia was to tired to even do that. Her lips parted in a large yawn as she cuddled herself up further into the cushions as the news continued to silence any thoughts, the model absently listening to the chatter of the news casters. The promises of even a little more sleep began to whisper in her mind, with each passing minute her eyes flickering closed before shooting open, only to repeated. So close to the sweet sleep she so neede-

    Her attention was forcefully dragged from her realm of sleep when her phone, a newer model, let out a small song chime. Bells. Letizia herself grumbled as she threw out her arm to try grab the device, only to fail the first few times. A tap of the screen later and the light of the device illuminated her pale skin and lilac hair in a unearthly glow, her eyes instantly looking to the time. '7:50'. Further continuing her whispered complaints, she hurriedly opened her messaged to the one that had the audacity to disturb her...which of course was from Derek Holmes. Her manager. Ignoring the urge to violently hit her head against the black glass of her table, Letizia rolled over in spot and onto her back as she looked over the contents of the message.

    'I know you don't need to leave to head here till later but I am making sure you are awake!
    We all know what happened last time you didn't!
    Remember. Photo shoot for Jewelry magazine ad'.

    It took all but a few seconds for Letizia to drop her phone onto the table and try to drown herself in her furniture. While she loved her career she was not a morning person and it took a lot to get her usual attitude and cheerfulness going. Though she was glad for the fact that for the past few months, by this time she had been meeting Derek, so this was break even if a small one. So for the next few hours, Letizia simply let her mind wander, occasionally looking over to watch some random show that popped up on the TV or getting up to reply to a text.


    Hours later, Letizia was stood outside her apartment building half awake and her eyes still flickering closed with the peaceful silence of the streets in south tully town. She had thrown on an outfit consisting of white, red and black. The sleeveless top was a dark red with a floral lace over it all, a white blazer like jacket thrown across the bold red as she wore a pair of skinny jeans that had a small flare at the bottom. A pair of matching red open toe heels and a white clutch purse was all she had, the purse itself stuffed with her electronic devices and more. She wore her usual silver chain with the beaded feather resting against her chest hanging from it. Lilac hair was in big loose curls, cascading down her shoulders and contrasting the white of her jacket and the red of her lips and clothes. The only other makeup she wore was some mascara and eyeliner.

    Moments later a sleek black car pulled up and she took no time in hurrying inside, collapsing into the leather seat with a false glare already directed at Derek, she threw her purse down next to her. "So...I can totally schedule a break soon, right?" She mumbled over at him, not even turning her head as she let her eyes close. "Yes, Yes. We agreed that after this week you are due for a break and Star Prestige agrees." Letizia just lazily threw her arm up in a fist pump before letting it die next to her. "Awesome because I really hate getting up in the morning...I have plans to just not wake up till dinner and order pizza or something. Maybe see some friends or something..." She admitted. Derek simply threw her an amused glance, looking up from his phone briefly. "As long as you continue your gym schedule, eat what you want...Otherwise I will honestly RSVP to all social events that you will attend for the next year." The threat had Letizia snapping her eyes open, a look of fake horror on her expression. She knew Derek wouldn't really force that much on her but she enjoyed playing along. "You wouldn't dare! Why do you hate me, Derek! I work so hard..." "Yes, Yes..."


    Upon arriving at the studio, Letizia was thrown into make up and a dress shoved into her arms. She moved mechanically, a process she was far to used to by this point in her career. Luckily her makeup from this morning was mostly fitted to the idea of the shoot and so it was simply added to with a smokey eye shadow that was quite glittery itself. Much to her disdain. She hated glitter. "The herpes of arts and crafts." She hissed, though not moving away from the brush applying what she currently considered her mortal enemy. Moments after the final touches were added, Derek hurried into the room with a irritated expression set, something that caused Letizia to smile with amusement at, brows raised. "What made you mad?" She called out as the makeup artist stepped away, letting Letizia gather herself to her feet as the black gown swayed around her, the lights bouncing off the small gem details of her dress. "Your partner for today is going to be late..."

    "...You are joking right?"


    It was about an hour later when the other model had turned up and he himself was forced to change. Letizia was fitted with the overly decorated necklace and ring, thin but beautiful twisting swirl earrings put in as her hair was pulled up into a messy but elegant bun of lilac locks. Minutes later she was perching herself in a black velvet chair, Victorian styled, as she crossed one leg over the other. The background was similar, a monochrome theme, with a large fire place behind them as candles illuminated the set. Behind her chair the male model stood in a pristine black, designer suit.

    "Okay! You guys know the look we want right?"

    A nod from both Letizia and the other model was all that was needed for lights to flutter on behind the camera crew. Soon the array of lights had the gems in her jewelry set practically glowing. It looked like a Victorian painting with the dark colours and scene, though it was effective because the entire image of lit up by the diamonds within the jewelry that seemed to sparkle. Twisting her head to the side she peered up to her partner as she settled her right hand over his which had settled on her shoulder, exposing the intricate ring of the set she wore. Both of them breathed deeply before they were exposed to the bright flashes of the cameras, not daring to even more a muscle as they simply stared into one another's eyes.

    A few more poses of the duo was taken before there was close ups of the jewelry. Hours had passed and Letizia hurried back to her room with quick steps despite the heels she wore and the floor length gown trailing behind her. The second she was in she locked the door and hurriedly moved to remove the makeup and applied her usual amount and style. The dress was quickly taken off and replaced by her outfit from before and the jewelry settled back into the different sized velvet boxes that they belonged in. Luckily she was given the set she wore as a gift by the brand...though she knew it was only because they wanted it shown off at the next party she went to... A sigh came to her lips as she unclasped her hair, letting it collapse around her before she shoved the boxes into her clutch purse.

    Minutes later she was shoving the dress into Derek's arms, another thing she got to keep, before hurrying back to the director of the shoot to see the pictures. The photographers always knew what lights and positions to use to make images beautiful, something she always just encouraged her deep respect of them. Walking over to the older man who was leaning over a laptop, she slid into the seat next to him. A quick conversation ensued before he flicked through the pictures taken, Letizia pointing out which ones looked the best in her opinion...

    "Hey guys! Come look at this!"

    Looking over her shoulder, Letizia gathered herself to her feet before hurrying over to the crowd as they all were sitting around the TV as the news played. Not that she could see over the many crew members, Letizia quickly flickered on her phone and took to the internet to watch the cast, her expression locked as one of confusion. As the cast played, Letizia could hear the gasps of shock and horror from her co-workers as fear danced in her expression, her grip growing tighter of her mobile as she had even halted her breath...

    "You are prepared."

    The second the pink haired woman had vanished from the screen those gasps of terror became screams that were drowned out by the shattering of glass. The windows. The reflective surface briefly bathed in a red glow before it shattered and broke, releasing one of the infamous red orbs into the space of the studio. Screams erupted in a chorus, bringing a dull throb to Letizia's head as she scrambled back, confusion and fear lost in her features. She could only watch, inching back slowly to the exit as the orb collided with the chest of one of the interns before reappearing from behind them to move to the next. A gruesome groan came from the intern's lips as his eyes, mouth and nose soon had blood trailing from them. It was like disease, the orb soon enough having consumed a good half of the room as the remaining half of them were scrambling out.

    She felt the bead of sweat fall from her temple, her hands following suit as she felt the panic rise up in her chest. Her eyes were drawn to Derek as he was so quickly attacked....pounced on by the first of them to have been infected by the orb. His screams echoed out before he followed in the pattern...Letizia only watcher as tears gathered in the corners of her eyes, one of the staff having grabbed her arm and begun to drag her out. However a flash of red was all it took for something to click inside of her. The orb approached and out of instinct, a muscle memory she had no physical memory of learning, threw her hand out in a punch.

    Much to her shock, the orb was set flying to the side and Letizia was left to gape, her clutch purse held to her chest with her phone in the same hand as her other free hand was grasped by a brave staff member who had halted their own exit to drag her along to safety. Each level they descended they were ambushed by more and soon the number of survivors in their studio was decreasing. Her own savior had fallen on the ground floor and Letizia was left to bolt out of the door, breaking into a run.

    Letizia's mind was a hurricane then as she headed to one of the nearby alleys, her only thought being to find a place where she could not be caught by those...zombies? She had watched nearly everyone in the vicinity be caught and turned by those things and it set her heart pumping furiously as her palms began to sweat and her lips pursed to try stop her expression from showing anymore of her haywire emotions. She tried, desperately so, to pull on her usual expression of seriousness but it failed under the memories of the slowly corrupted people.

    Having found her way into a deserted alley, Letizia hurriedly paused in her steps and pushed herself into the wall as she slipped out her phone. Fear for her friends and family arose as she hurriedly sent out a text to them all in fear for their safety. She knew with these events, even if survived, they may not reply but she had to try something. Shaking fingers typed up a messaged before she flicked through a list, hurriedly selecting contacts before sending. It was simple, just asking if anyone...everyone was okay. With that done she shoved it harshly back into her pocket before pushing herself off the wall and beginning to walk forwards, coming to a corner of the darkening alleys as she tried to stick to the shadows to stay out of the corrupted's attention.

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  10. Rococo Raux
    Location: Bloomy Herbarium, South Tullytown
    Date: Tuesday Nov. 17th, 2020
    Time: 7:15pm
    Mentioned: Albatross
    Interactions: N/A

    Rococo leaned on her tiptoes and fell back onto the heels of her feet as she waited impatiently in line at Bloomy Herbarium. Using her arms as a quick basket rested a small shovel, a mini hand rake, and a small pick axe, all gardening supplies she needed and saved for. At a quick glance, anyone would assume Rococo was a hobbyist gardener from what she bought and by what she was wearing. The 15 year old girl sported a simple outfit, a white T-shirt, jean shorts with black leggings underneath and a green knit beanie to keep her curly hair in check. The only give away were her high flip flops covered in a light coat of dust.

    Hearing the line move forward, Rococo took a single step and went back to swaying as she stood. This place was always crowded...every store at South Tullytown was crowded. The aisles were always full of people taking their time browsing. The lines for checkout sometimes snaked through the entire store and out the door. Usually, Rococo tried her best to avoid places packed with people. It was too difficult to navigate through people, especially self-centered ones who refused to move out the way even when politely asked. They always snapped at her, talking down to her, or simply telling her to go away. All Rococo could do is smile and patiently wait for them to move on their own, secretly enjoying their company even if they were rude.

    No one wants to be around those they don't understand. Most are afraid of saying something wrong or offending them in some way. Others just don't feel like putting in the extra effort of dealing with something they don't understand. It was something that was difficult for Rococo to learn. Rococo saw herself as a social butterfly, but was forced to learn to be independent and rely all on herself. Few want to deal with a blind girl, especially one with such a spunky personality. Her family didn't want to deal with it. Her school could barely manage it, placing Rococo in a special program for those with disabilities. Even that program could only deal with Rococo for so much as they had other students to tend to.

    So, she unofficially left school and unofficially moved out her house, making Rococo an orphan truant.

    "I got that much...wait a sec..." Rococo dug into her canvas bag and opened her wallet to the cashier. "Do I have that much? I can't count it."

    The cashier, a man in his late 20's, gave a confused smile until he noticed the off-coloring of Rococo's eyes. With unease, he counted Rococo's money, telling her she had enough money and what would be left.

    "Thank you! Where's the bathroom?" she asked.

    At first the man pointed, but quickly gave her the directions tongue-tied. Rococo nodded, placing her new tools in her canvas bag. These should make dumpster diving much easier for scrap metal and other items worth a good amount of cash. It was her only source of income, finding these things and selling it to junkyards or to anyone she could stop on the street. Right now, she only had one loyal customer, Albatross. At least once a week she would meet up with him during his walk back home, showing him all the things she found to sell to him. Most of the things she finds are lost jewelry and key chains, but sometimes she would hit a jackpot with electronics, tools, tiny figurines, even imported canned foods. For Albatross, she saved him the very best things she could find and sell them for half the price. Though, she always noticed she left with much more money than before when selling to him.

    "What was that?" Rococo looked up as she opened the door to the bathroom.

    A mob of people rushed into the herbarium, forcing those near the doorway onto the ground and nearly trampling them. Screams and cries filled the store, making those shopping freeze in place. The radio playing elevator music suddenly went to a short burst of static, then the emergency broadcast suddenly began. The owner desperately turned up the volume to combat the screams that played inside and outside the store.

    “Mysterious orb sightings are being reported all around the world. People say that those who are touched by the spheres are leaking what seems like blood from every orifice on their face. Stay inside. I repeat, do not leave shelter. This is a world-wide crisis, emergency precautions are to be taken, this is not a drill. This could be the end of the world as we know it…”

    Each window of the store shattered as bodies of bloody, enraged citizens fell through from the weight of them piling up to get inside. The loudness of ripped clothes and sickening bites, the slurping of blood and the crunch of bone filled Rococo's ears. Rococo stood as still as possible, dazed by the sudden nasty sounds that kept playing in her ears no matter how hard she tried to tune out.

    Her eyes widen as flashes of the scene played in her mind. Muddled block images showed the outline of zombie like creatures and those trying to run around them. With each loud scream, more of the scene shown in Rococo's mind until a sudden flash of a bright orb ended the horror movie playing in her head.

    "What are you doing?!" a woman screamed at her, grabbing Rococo roughly by her shoulder. "Come on! We have to get there!"

    The woman shoved Rococo with all her strength into the bathroom in time for an orb to engulf her. The door slammed shut as Rococo laid sprawled on the floor in the single toilet bathroom.

    "Hey! Hey!" scrambling off the ground, Rococo was about to open the door until she heard the choking scream of the woman. Her hand hovered over the lock. "Lady! Lady are you okay..."

    While Rococo was so concerned of the woman's well-being, her instincts took over. Her hand locked the door as her body stepped as far away as possible, pressing her back firmly against the white subway tile of the bathroom. The screams grew louder, higher pitched and crazed, echoing in Rococo's sensitive ears. She pulled her knitted hat down over her ears, placing her hands over it, and shook her head as petrified tears fell down her red cheeks.

    "STOP! I can't take the screams anymore!" Rococo cried, feeling her head pulse. Her body slid down the tile until she sat on the dirty bathroom ground. "No more!"

    Rococo grabbed her earpods with shaky hands, clicking it into her music player, and turning the volume as high as it could go. The radio blared through the earpods of calming music in hopes of drowning out the hellish noise that traveled throughout all of Tullytown.

    Her eyes pounded against her skull, the left pupil dilated wide and pinning shut smoothly multiple times. Rococo winced in slight pain as the pupil then split, multiple circles smaller than the one above forming, creating a hard to spot mark in her eye.

    She sat patiently, each minute her body becoming more and more stressed from the events playing outside the bathroom door. The emotions spinning through Rococo's mind with the added calming music soon created nothing but exhaustion for the young teen girl. Holding her knees tightly against her chest, Rococo placed her head on top of them, closing her eyes tightly while she furiously wiped her nose across them, sniffling in pure terror. The music blared into her ear, a soothing, rhythmic beat, making Rococo's body slowly fall asleep.
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  11. 6:50pm, Amber's apartment, Evenwillow, North Tullytown
    Amber was looking at her documents, scanning through pieces of paper and jotting things down. Her college life was supposed to start soon, and she was beyond excited to be accepted to Oxstreet Community College. She continued to look through her documents and filled in anything necessary for the first day of class. After a few minutes of making sure her documents were all set, she stretched and yawned a little. Looking out the window, she could see the sky dimming down and the sun setting far away. She smiled to herself and got up, walking to her kitchen to get some food. Her stomach was starting to rumble after a whole day of not eating much. She opened her fridge and grabbed some pasta and a jar of pasta sauce. She started boiling some water and put the pasta in before heating up a pan and pouring in the sauce. She wasn't really good at cooking so she usually just made easy meals that consist of instant noodles of some sort. After heating up the sauce she set it aside and waited for the pasta to finish cooking, taking it out once it's done and mixing it with the sauce. She took her bowl of pasta and went to her living room, sitting on her couch and turning on the tv. She was about to take a bite out of her bowl of pasta before she got surprised by the loud blaring of the breaking news, stopping her at her tracks. She looked up and watched, curious of what was happening. At first she thought it was a prank and laughed a little, but when the screams started she noticed how real it was. Everyone was in danger, including her. She froze, her bowl of pasta dropping to the floor. The sauce and pasta splattered everywhere as she heard noises outside her apartment. It got worse and worse by the minute, and she knew she couldn't stay still any longer. She quickly took her documents and put them in a bag pack with a few essentials as she ran out of her apartment. The streets were filled with lifeless bodies that were red with blood. She felt her heart pound and she could no longer think straight, not understanding what's going on. She ran down the street, dodging the 'monsters' left and right. They seemed just like humans to her, so she could not understand why they were attacking mindlessly. She was sprinting down the streets until she felt herself run out of breath. She quickly slipped into a store that seemed empty, her breath heavy. She heard the noises from a tv in the store and looked up, watching the girl speak.

    You are Prepared.

    She watched as the screen went black, leaving her stunned. 'Who the hell would be prepared for this?!' she thought to herself, unable to figure out what's going on. At that moment she heard glass shattering behind her and noises of what sounded like groaning. She turned around to see three of the 'monsters' slowly marching towards her, their eyes lifeless and their bodies red with what seemed like blood. She felt her heart jump in her chest, making her feel nauseous. She was feeling really uneasy and this stressful situation wasn't helping at all. She looked around and saw a bat at a shelf behind the counter. Quickly, she went behind the counter and picked up the phone on the counter, smashing the glass that held the bat. She reached in and grabbed the bat, turning back to face the 'monsters'. She clenched tight on the bat before swinging at them, screaming out. She managed to hit one of them and made it fall, although that did not stop it as it started crawling towards her. She knew she had to get out from this store before she got murdered by these... who knows what. She quickly ran back to the store room of the store, hoping that there will be a backdoor. She scanned the room and found the backdoor, running to it as quick as her legs brought her. She tried to open the door and luckily it was unlocked. She quickly darted out of the room and ran down the streets again, hoping she would at least find some humans to help her.
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  12. Aimery Wren
    November 17, 2020
    Galahad Park
    6:42pm EST

    “I don’t care how long you’ve know her, get rid of her!” The screams of a nearby woman caught the attention of curious azure eyes. Aimery sat on the park bench in the shade of a large tree, reading a book. His posture was straight and the air about him was almost royal, as if he was better than everyone around him, which was precisely how he viewed the world.

    “We were just talking! Quit acting so crazy” The man replied with rolled eyes. Aimery slightly recoiled with surprise as his grin grew. He knew things were about to heat up, the man obviously couldn’t read the situation he was in. Aimery blatantly stared at the two who hadn’t noticed him yet. He didn’t bother to even try to hide the fact that he was watching.

    “Crazy? Crazy!!! That’s how Carrie started and look how that turned out!” The woman was obviously fuming now. She spoke with her hands, throwing her fists through the air to further enunciate her anger. She spoke through her teeth, and you could see her veins pulsing. The man rubbed the bad of his neck as he realized the shit-storm he just released upon himself. Aimery let out a small chuckle as he watched, again left unnoticed as the couple continued on in their fit of anger.

    “You’re going to bring that up again! Come on! Like you’ve never strayed from me before.” The man’s own rage began to flare up as his motions began to increasingly intensify. The woman just looked at him, you could almost see the steam rise from her head.
    “As a matter of fucking fact, I have not! But you know what! I think I will now!” She took a step away from him and looked around the park until her eyes met Aim’s. With determination she marched up to him and sat beside the boy.

    “Hey there. Whatchu reading?” She said in a sultry voice as she leaned against him, making sure to show some cleavage, evidently trying to make her boyfriend jealous. Aimery could tell she was just a few years older than him. The boy closed the book and looked at her, then towards the man who stormed towards him.

    “Hey man, just back away. My girl here is being stupid involving strangers.” He shouted, his jealousy was clearly visible despite him trying to hide it. Aimery looked over the man in silence, then back towards the girl, who stared at her man with a furious glare.
    "Was your girl! And who are you calli..." Aim's grin grew into a mischievous smirk as he placed his hand along her jawline and moved her lips to his, kissing her deeply. At first she struggled in surprise, but it wasn’t long until she accepted it. Aim turned his eyes toward the man as he continued, who was taken aback with an astonished expression on his face. When it turned to anger he pulled away, still with the impish grin, leaving the girl flustered and upset it ended.
    “Hmm…” Aim paused for a moment, as both of their eyes were on him. “Well that was disappointing. Not interested.” He stood up and began to pass the man.

    “Hey, fucker! You take that back!” He furiously pushed Aimery to the side and bucked up ready to fight in defense to his woman.
    “No.” Aim said calmly as he steadied himself. His voice was soft, with hints of regal arrogance within it. The man huffed before taking a swing that only hit air as the boy ducked and pushed past him. As he did so, he brought his leg out, tripping the man, then continued walking away.
    “What, you scared to fight me?” The man called out as she got back to his feet.
    “No, you’re just too far below me to even matter.”

    Aimery Wren
    6:56pm EST

    Then the orbs appeared. Aimery watched them in the sky with confusion. He nearly made it to another bench in the park but soon came to a stop, distracted by the orbs transforming the people they touched. When they reached the park, they turned everyone in sight, one set its course towards him. He watched it with disbelief and stood straight, he wasn’t going to back down to something smaller and insignificant. With great speed, it rushed towards the blue haired boy, causing him to hesitate his stance for a split second until it suddenly stopped only inches from his face as if it hit a wall.

    His smirk widened. “Frightened?” The orb zoomed past him and instead, hit the people nearby. He examined them all as they stared at the sky, he himself averted his gaze to try and see what they were looking at, but found nothing out of the ordinary. When he looked back, a few of the turned were in front of him preparing to swing. He instinctively jumped back, only to crash into another, knocking it down.

    “Fucking orbs!” He steadied himself and jumped away from them. Turning on his heels he surveying the area for more. The park was full of them, and they began to step into a formation, like birds. He quickly ran towards the edge of the park, skillfully dodging any threat that came his way. Two jumped out at him, almost tackling him to the ground, but he twisted out of the way in time, making it out of the large park. As he ran, he watched them, noticing their slow pace and how they all were easily distracted by the screaming couple he encountered prior once he made it out, causing him to slow down and laugh to himself.
    “They’re snails!” He shook his head and just walked off into an empty alley, chuckling to himself. That was until he literally ran into a lilac-haired woman turning the corner.
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  13. Arima Mania
    November 16, 2020
    8:32pm EST

    “Good night dear~”

    The last words she heard before the door was shut and she was left in the silence of her dim room to fall asleep. Tonight, like many other nights, she struggled to rest. She felt anxious, the tiniest noise caused her to jump and every time her mind wondered, gruesome images would appear to force her wide awake again. Thoughts of death flowed into her mind as disembowelments, decapitations, and other tortuous scenes forced their way into her head. The experience was like her mind was detached from her body and she could see all the appalling things happening to her. She tossed and turned, she even flicked her light on and played some quiet classical music, which usually helped calm her when her mind did this to her; however, for some reason, it wasn’t working tonight. Every time she closed her eyes she would worry that when she opened them, something like a disfigured face would be right in front of her with a grisly, malicious grin staring right back at her. She would often jump up and survey the room from feeling someone watching her or hearing a sound, but when the girl found nothing, she laid back down to try sleeping again.

    She laid there for hours, not being able to shake the horrific feelings of anxiety and paranoia she was getting. She rolled her head around from side to side, catching a glimpse of the time.
    “Almost midnight…” The sound of her voice even made her jump as it was louder than she expected. She could only stare at the ceiling with wide tired eyes, until…

    That’s all that could be seen.

    She let out a whimper, she absolutely hated the dark. When she could see nothing, that was when her mind tortured her the most. Many doctor had given her exercises to wake up from these awful situations, she tried her best to move, to open her eyes, but it was all for naught, nothing worked. Hours upon hours she was constricted in this nightmare of darkness, struggling to get free. She despised it when this happened, these bad dream, she could never get used to them no matter how many times she had them.

    What she didn’t know was that the nightmare had only just begun…

    November 17, 2020
    7:35pm EST


    The terrified cries of the girl echoed through the large luxurious living room. In the center of the area lied the child, dripping in blood with two mutilated masses around her. While there was a little light outside from the full moon, only a few rays poured into the room through the dark curtains, just barely exposing the scene. There was so much blood, it covered the walls, the furniture, the floors, she could even taste it in her mouth.

    “Mom… Dad…” Tears released from her eyes as she held her parents’ mangled hands and cried into them. It was as if a bear came in and brutally maimed them. Skin was pulled from the bones, their entrails peaked from their stomachs, some of their limbs were only held on by just a few tendons. There were burn marks under them on the floor and on patches of the remaining skin and bones, even on the walls surrounding her. Arima wanted to look away, but couldn’t. It was like something her cruel imagination came up with, but now it was real; the very thing she feared the most.

    “Please wake up…” She wailed clutching onto their hands for dear life, as if that somehow could bring them back to the living. “Don’t go…” Her emerald eyes looked over their bodies, only making her cry even harder. She gently placed their hands down as carefully as she could and went to stand up, only to trip and fall into the pool of blood in front of her. She cried out more but pushed up to her feet with caution. She trudged towards the kitchen slowly, dragging her feet with each step. She sniffled and huffed, rubbing her eyes to get rid of the constantly pouring tears, but ultimately just making it worse.

    As she walked into the advanced kitchen her eyes widened at another sickening sight; a pile of bloodied, burned bodies stacked up in the corner of the room, just as mutilated as her parents. They were servants, agents, and other usual morning visitors. She brought her hand to her mouth with a whimpering gasp. Was she still asleep? There was no possible way this could be real. Everyone was dead. Everyone. Viciously and gruesomely. Everyone was gone.

    She shook her head as she reached out for a rash cloth in the pantry and ran it under warm water after pouring a bit of dish soap on it, before returning to her parents. She dropped to her knees in front of them and delicately wiped what was left of her mother’s face, doing her best to clean off all of the blood. Then she began cleaning her father’s face. She continued until the rag was soaked with crimson and she was just pushing the blood around, rubbing their skin raw. She could barely see anymore due to the tears, but she just cleaned as she wept.
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  14. 7:50pm, The streets near Will's apartment, Evenwillow, North Tullytown, Will (@Kade)
    It had been running and running for Amber. She had unable to find any room for her to stop at all. It felt like hell as her legs felt like they were burning, but she knew that she couldn't stop. The 'monsters' were moving in groups, being able to differentiate between their own and their prey. She had already been through a few districts, sprinting her way down the streets. She felt her legs give way, unable to stop it as she fell flat on the ground, her face landing onto the hard gravel. She heard groaning and grumbling once again and quickly picked herself up, her face slightly bruised from the fall. 'I can't stop... not now....' she thought to herself and took off, her footsteps heavier than before. Her stamina should've ran out by now, but somehow she had still been going. She didn't think much about it and even if she wanted to, she couldn't due to her mind being occupied by questions.

    She continued down the road until she felt once again exhausted. She reached a park and noticed that there were way less undead nearby. She felt relieved but not enough to completely relax, her eyes scanning the area. It seemed as if most of the humans had either been turned into these monsters or were long gone, the area seemed deserted and quiet except for the few undead. She looked around and noticed that there was one trying to break a window. It looked as if it was hunting something inside of the building, making her worry. 'What if someone needs my help....?' she thought, unable to just walk away even though she was really scared herself. She took a deep breath and decided to get ready for a fight, running towards the undead with her bat in her arms. She swung at it and managed to hit the back, making it turn towards her. She had no time to look around as she swung again, crushing it's arm and causing it to fall down. She held her bat tight in her hands and stared the undead down, watching it crawl towards her slowly. She continued to smack it with her bat, the sound of her loud bat turning some undead heads.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Within a quaint little home on the outskirts of the Revere living area was a detached house with white painted walls and a picket fence, looking like the house from an old sit com or something. It was the home of the Knight family and currently it was only inhabited by Rachel and Charlotte Knight. Kelvin Knight being at work and Samuel Knight visiting friends out of the city. It was a regular day for the common family, even the usual antics of the youngest was an common occurrence within the home. Rachel was humming away upstairs as she was fixing up her husband's office, intently working on changing its layout once again. Charlotte was downstairs in the kitchen, a mischievous cheshire grin revealing pearly white teeth.

    A tongue darted out from pale pink lips as her hand struggled with the small distance left that kept her from her target. Determination was written upon the twelve year old's expression as her brows knitted and eyes narrowed. Charlotte looked far more focused in these moments than she ever did at school. She was currently standing upon the kitchen counter, something she was sure to be told off for later, as she reached up blindly onto the top shelf in the cupboard where a rose pink jar was pushed into the back corner. A grumble tore itself from her reluctant lips as her fingers brushed the porcelain, only increasing her struggling attempt.


    After a few minutes she had finally wrapped her hand around the neck of the jar and dragged it closer till she was able to bring it to her chest, wrapping her arm around it as she lowered herself to sit upon the counter, then jumping onto the chair she had pulled up before onto the tiled floor. Charlotte cackled excitedly as she hurried to the stairs, up and then into her room. With a practiced ease she twisted the lid before throwing it onto her sheets as her free hand dragged out some of the candy inside. All were lollipops but all in different colours and flavors. Charlotte took a seat on a beanbag to the side of her room before putting the jar to her side, already tossing away the wrapper from the first of the candy she was about to devour, only to pause when she was caught by a familiar, motherly tone.

    "Charlotte Knight! Did you seriously steal the jar again?" Rachel stepped into the room as a small scowl brushed upon her features, arms folded to her chest. "I thought I hid them better this time..." Charlotte just smiled innocently, looking up at her mother with wide eyes as she cocked her head. "You did! It took me a bit longer to find them and I had to spend longer actually trying to reach them you know..." She pointed out, already placing the lollipop to her lips as she plucked another from the pile in her lap. Rachel just shook her head tiredly, though smiling soon after. "You know if you eat to much you will rot your teeth and then you wont be able to eat candy..."

    Charlotte looked horrified for a minute before pouting, candy still between her lips. "I haven't got a cavity yet though..." She mumbled, slumping back further into her seat. Rachel headed over, plucking the jar from her table and placing it into her own arms. "Well I would chuck the candy out but you seem to just get more just don't eat to much, okay?" Since her disappearance, Rachel had been a lot more lenient with Charlotte. Charlotte just nodded idly, having finished her first off she threw the stick into the bin before moving onto another. Orange this time. "Mom...can I go see Arima?"

    Rachel, who had turn to leave and hide the jar once more, paused before turning to look at her daughter. "Of course sweetie. Though take your phone and I want you back by dinner." The woman pointed out before turning to head out once more. "I guess I will go work on some of the commissions I need finished..." The blonde woman muttered, already thinking of the refurbishing process she would take on an old large mahogany set of drawers. Charlotte just grinned before jumping up, shoving the last five lollipops she had into her pocket before hurrying over to her bed where her cat ear backpack was settled. She shoved her pink cat ear hooded jacket inside and a scarf before throwing it over her shoulder. Taking the phone settled on her bed side table she spun around and bolted towards the steps, skipping down a few before pushing herself off mid way to land upon the ground floor with a large grin. "Ten points!" Spinning on her heel for a moment to call out "Mom! I'm leaving to see Arima! I'll say Hi to dad if I see him!" Straight after she had hurried to the door and out, already bounding down the streets towards the business areas.


    Charlotte had pulled out her phone as she reached the business district with its looming skyscrapers and buildings. She knew not to run in this area and so her mind, unable to bear the slowness of her pace, had turned to candy crush to distract herself. Crystal blue eyes were lit up as they stared attentively at the screen, only to blink furiously when she was forced to divert her attention. Large screens that were showing advertisements had flickered to a news channel. The streets around her were silent and still before they erupted in chatter, confusion evident and fear obvious in the crowd. Charlotte just watched the pink hair lady...eerily silent herself. She was snapped out of it by a female scream piercing the air and bringing a dulled thud of pain to her head with its tone.

    Immediately she was looking over to its origin where a brunette lady had collapsed to her knees as a man was struck with a red orb, the ethereal object ghosting through the person before moving on. Charlotte's gaze turned owlish, decorated with fear as she stumbled back. was the only feature she stuck around to see before she bolted ahead, listening only to the thundering noise of her converses against the pavement as she headed towards the building she knew Arima lived.


    It took her ten minutes to reach the building, a trip that normally only took her five from the point she began to run from. Charlotte had stumbled against cars and tried to avoid the running mobs in the streets that threatened to pull her along. She was to small to fight against the force of a crowd like that who would only be concerned with escaping themselves. Charlotte however could think of nothing but Arima...if she had been caught by those...orb things. Teeth worriedly bit into pink flesh as she stumbled through the automatic glass doors of the large building.

    However it was far from what she expected to see.

    With the chaos outside Charlotte expected to have to hide from some zombified freaks but... this was far from it. Bodies were sprawled across the marble floors, red decorating the once pristine and expensive furniture and decor. Limbs and other body parts were thrown far from their origins while scorch marks had painted the walls in a gruesome and traumatizing manner. Charlotte was left to gape in shock at the sight as a burning feeling began to swell in her throat. She was able to briefly stand the sight before she headed over to a nearby plant pot to empty her stomach, the gruesome remains of the workers and visitors to the Mania building had instantly prompted her to expel the contents of her breakfast. It took a few minutes before she was able to stand up straight, her eyes scrunched closed as she pressed her hand tightly to her lips, desperately trying to ignore the taste of bile that lingered upon her tongue.

    Unable to even face the state of the lobby, Charlotte pressed her hand up against the wall as she slowly made her way along it, crystal blue eyes forcefully remaining closed as she stumbled her way over to the elevator. Only then did she let them open and even then it was only long enough to stumble inside and slam the button for Arima's home. Seconds upon the doors closing she collapsed onto her knees, tears swelling in the corners of her eyes as her breaths came out shallow and quick.

    She didn't want to see the rest of the floors...she didn't even want to think about the possibility of the whole building being like this but she couldn't force away those images. Then it clicked. Her father...he was here...somewhere... Horror made its way onto her face before she sobbed louder. "D-dad..." Hands wrapped themselves around her as she tried to push away the fear coursing through her veins. Internally she was trying to tell herself there was a chance...a chance that her father wasn't here and was okay... He had to be.

    Trembling hands reached into her pocket as she unlocked her phone and quickly pressed the button to call her mom. The sound of the ringing tone continued hauntingly on without any conclusion. Moments passed and Charlotte quietly counted along with each ring...only for her prayers to be answered with voicemail. "D-damnit!" She chuckled uncomfortably. " have to answer..." With a false bravado she flicked the screen to a new one and tried to call Samuel...only for the same result.

    The faint sound of a bell caused her to drag herself, mentally and emotionally exhausted, to her feet. She was visibly trembling by now, shoving her phone into her pocket as she stumbled through the elevator doors in the living room of Arima's home... "A-arima! What is goi..." The scene here was similar to the lobby, just with less bodies. Charlotte's mind, barely able to deal with this, took a few minutes to comprehend and take in the situation. "Oh my god..." Her steps were slow as she made her way to Arima, watching the girl try to clean away the blood...Charlotte simply fell to her knees beside her friend, wrapping her arms around the girl to pull her back a bit and closer to herself. For the moment, Charlotte forced away the fear and pain she felt to focus on her friend, pulling the bloodied rag from her to throw on the floor. However she didn't know what to say, the dull thud in her chest didn't let her focus anyway, so she just hugged Arima tighter, ignoring the tears that trailed down her own cheeks.
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  16. Location: Will's workshed (Evenwillow)
    Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    Time: 8:00 pm
    Mood: totally ready, then totally irritated
    Interacting With: Amber
    Tags: @DangoYumi

    "Well this is just sad," Will huffed, settling his crossbow on the counter in front of him. Whatever fear he'd been feeling before sort of just wilted away into an odd sort of disappointment as he watched the zombie thing get tangled up in his blinds. Granted, yes, the spears in its side had a good deal to do with that, but still, he'd been expecting something a little more horror film terrifying than this. He felt more like he was living inside Sean of the Dead than Dawn of the Dead.

    "Alright, buddy, I guess I should just put you out of your misery," he stated, standing up and leaning one of his crutches against the workbench. Leaving the crossbow where it was, he reached for the spiked mace instead, feeling the weight of it in his hand. It wasn't a large mace by any means, but the solid metal ball at the end (one that Al had so kindly crafted for him) would carry momentum nicely once he swung it, something he could easily do with one hand.

    Moving slowly across the room so he wouldn't overbalance himself (fuck, he'd have to be careful walking around without his crutches in general from now on, lest someone mistake his awkward gait for an ambling zombie walk) he hefted up his weapon and was just about ready to swing it when the zombie stumbled back away from the window.

    "Oh, goddammit," he griped, dropping the mace to the floor. Bracing his free hand on the wall now for better balance, he sort of hop-skipped his way over to the door, lifting up the crossbeam and undoing the latches. "Alby, that zombie was mine--"

    He stopped short, realizing very quickly that the person beating zombie brains into the dirt was not Alby at all. His first response? He pulled the door shut again and threw the latches back in place. The second thing he did was to grab up his crossbow and point it through his busted blinds out his busted window.

    "Hey! Girl! Unless you can prove to me that you haven't been infected or whatever, you better get the fuck off my property right the fuck now before I shoot a bolt through your head."

    He wasn't sure how she could prove that she wasn't infected. Her eyes weren't red or anything, so he at least had that much to go on, but what if she'd been bitten? He wasn't even sure if these things worked that way, but so far they were showing similarities to every other zombie he'd ever seen in anything, so it was probably a safe bet. So, yes, decided then, if she could prove that she hadn't been bitten by anything weird, he might not shoot her. She was still trespassing on his property. Zombiepocalypse was so excuse for that when he wasn't dead yet. That was just common courtesy.
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  17. 8:00pm, Outside Will's shed, Evenwillow, North Tullytown, Will (@Kade)
    Amber continued to fight away, swinging her bat left and right at the undead untill it fell still on the ground. She did not notice the other undead walking towards her, feeling quite achieved being able to kill another one of them. He was then surprised by the young man who opened the door, calling her a name that she wasn't familiar with. She was just about to speak when the door closed once again, leaving her confused. She rolled her eyes, thinking to herself as she panted a little, wiping off her sweat that was dripping down the sides of her face. 'He could've at least said thank you.' She huffed and was about to leave but stopped when she heard the voice of the young man.

    "Hey! Girl! Unless you can prove to me that you haven't been infected or whatever, you better get the fuck off my property right the fuck now before I shoot a bolt through your head."
    Really? That's how he's going to act even after she tried to help? She rolled her eyes once again, crossing her arms. "I am not bitten, nor am I one of them. If I was I wouldn't be helping you. Instead I'd be trying to crawl into your shed." she answered, finally noticing the groans behind her. She turned around quickly and dodged one of them, standing back up after doing so. "Anyways, I could really use some help." she continued as she swung her bat at the one who attacked her before, knocking it down on the ground before she stomped on it. 'Eww.... now my boots are covered with..... whatever that is...' she thought, a disgusted look on her face. She shook the thought off before continuing to swing at the other two that came for her, feeling her arms in pain. The constant activity hasn't been nice to her body, making her feel quite exhausted at this point. She felt lucky to have met a human, even though he might be a little mean. Well, can't blame him, she would've been that cautious if it were herself. "Are you gonna help me or not?!" she spoke in a slightly louder tone, getting a little impatient. Her arms were so tired that her swings were starting to get weak, her swings no longer able to crush them. She could only push them further away with her swings, panting heavily.
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  18. Location: Will's workshed (Evenwillow)
    Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    Time: 8:05 pm
    Mood: relenting, curious
    Interacting With: Amber, Corrupted
    Tags: @DangoYumi

    "Are you gonna help me or not?!" the girl squawked. Annoying.

    Will bounced one leg up and down for just a moment in indecisiveness, looking like a kid about ready to throw a tantrum before cursing under his breath and drawing back out of the blinds, but only long enough so he could reach up and yank the useless things out of their brackets. They were only getting in the way at this point anyway, and it wasn't like they were hiding anything. If there were any undead in the area, it seemed like they all knew where the party was happening already.

    Tossing the blinds aside, he realigned himself in the window, mindful of the broken glass that was still hanging out of the frame, and aimed his little crossbow at the zombie nearest the girl.

    "I better not regret this later," he mumbled as he fired off a bolt, hitting the creature square in the temple. It went down hard with barely another twitch. Huh. So head shots did kill these things. Yep. Zombies. At least he was learning something from all this.

    He readied another bolt and took no time in firing it at the next zombie that was making its way across his yard, but the thing was further away and it was dark, so he wound up hitting it in the neck instead of the head. It stumbled a bit, and it was certainly bleeding a lot, but it didn't go down. Still...did zombies bleed like that in the movies? Will didn't think they did.

    "Hey, don't kill that one!" he barked at the girl, who probably would've done something stupid like smash its skull with her bat when Will wasn't done with it yet.

    Making sure there weren't any other zombie goons close enough to cause a problem, he quickly moved back over to the door and undid the latches, pushing it open a little as a sort of silent invitation before he shuffled over to one of his walls and plucked one of his bolas off their hook. He grabbed the one with only two weights on it. Normally it would've been used to tangle up ostrich legs, but ostrich, zombie, what was the difference? Except one was smaller, slower, and far more stupid. Oh, and also kinda dead. Whatever.

    Moving back to the door, and still only using the one crutch, he stepped fully out with bolas in hand, waiting a minute for the injured zombie to come closer. Moving forward so he didn't hit anything while swinging the weighted balls around (like the girl, for instance), he squared up his balance and dropped the crutch, standing still with one arm lifted high, holding the one end of the chords just under his chin, the other hand holding the weights still at his waistline so nothing would tangle. He stayed that way until he felt like the zombie was close enough for him to catch it, and when it was, he swung the weights in just one loop over his head before he let them fly forward and down towards the creature's legs, catching it up around the knees. It fell hard and tried to push itself up again, but with its legs bound firmly together, it couldn't do much but drag itself along the grass. The more it struggled, the more the wound in its neck spurted blood around the bolt shaft, coating its shoulder and torso and pretty much painting the grass in crimson.

    Another low moan--a growl, really--filtered through from the far end of the yard, making Will roll his eyes. He wanted to watch, dammit! There was science happening here! 'Know thy enemy' and all that jazz. Ah well. He could see it from the window, he supposed. He just wanted to find out if these things could bleed out or not, or if head shots really were the only way to go. Granted with an arterial bleed like that, if it were a regular human it would've already been mostly dead whereas this one was still trashing around, but even a regular human, if hyped up on enough adrenaline or just plain ol' uppers, could run around with a bullet in his chest for awhile without really noticing. The thing was spurting blood, which meant something inside it was still pumping blood, which meant it wasn't really dead. He didn't think.

    The growl grew louder, and that was Will's cue to get himself back inside the relative safety of the shed. The window wasn't big enough for any more than one zombie...not zombie...Corrupted (he supposed he should start using the term the gal on the broadcast had used) to crawl through, which pretty much created a convenient bottleneck for him. Between him and the girl and his work shed full of toys, they could hold off the attack until Al got there. He just hoped he got a chance to see when the captured one actually kicked the bucket. If it did. Information like that could be crucial to their survival, and survival really was the only goal in the game now, wasn't it?
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  19. 8:07pm, Will's shed, Evenwillow, North Tullytown, Will (@Kade)
    She continued to swing, missing more and more frequently as time passed. Her arms were really giving way, making her unable to concentrate on attacking anymore. She was about to scream at the young man once again, thinking if she made the wrong choice to help him before she noticed that he was at the window. She smiled a little, feeling quite relieved that he won't at least let her die. A small gust of wind flew beside her and a splatter of blood could be heard, the bolt killing the undead in one hit. She looked at him in awe, her mouth hanging open from his precision. Maybe he wasn't that lame after all. She watched as another bolt flew through and hit something, turning back once she heard another growl. The next one didn't seem to be a bullseye as it bled through the neck, making it even more red than it was before. She was ready to strike with her remaining energy, but was stopped by the loud sentence from the young man. She quickly stopped in her tracks, going into a defensive stance instead. She waited patiently for him to give her orders, not wanting to mess this up as it would go really bad for them if she did. She felt her heart beating out of her chest, making it a little hard to breathe.

    The sound of the doors unlocking made her turn back to the shed, her eyes fixated on the door slowly opening. Seeing the young man's face and his actions, it seems as if he wanted to invite her in. She took a moment and hesitated, watching him walk into his shed again with his door ajar. If she were to go in now would be the perfect chance, seeing as the walking undead fountain was still slow as ever. She quickly slipped in after moments of thought, standing behind him to make sure she wasn't in his way. She watched silently as he picked up what seemed to be strings with weights on them. What they were called she had no idea, what she did know was that this young man was capable of using any weapon, as her eyes quickly scanned the shed that was full of equipment and items. She continued to watch the man, seeing him wait for the undead to walk in before throwing the item, successfully capturing the undead like a wild animal. The blood pouring out of it stained the floor, making her feel a little disgusted once more, but her eyes stayed glued to it, curious as to what would happen. Unfortunately for them another growl echoed through the yard, signalling another one on their way to them. She kept a look out and as the sound grew louder, she noticed the man had moved to shut the door, locking it tight before going into deep thought. After all the chaos, she finally was able to have some time to properly observe this man. He seemed to have been using a crutch the whole time, making her curious as to what caused him to do so as her eyes scanned him up and down. She studied him a little further, taking a good look at his features. After making sure he wasn't going to attack her, she dusted herself off a little and sighed a breath of relief. "Uhm... thank you for helping me back there. I'm Amberlynn. You can call me Amber." she spoke, initiating conversation. If they were to survive this together, might as well get familiar. Besides, she hates awkward situations so she tried to get to know him better.
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  20. Location: Will's workshed (Evenwillow)
    Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    Time: 8:15 pm
    Mood: obnoxious
    Interacting With: Amber
    Tags: @DangoYumi

    "Will. Charmed," he replied back with probably the most sarcastic smile he'd ever given anyone, and he had flashed a lot of sarcastic smiles. "Listen, I gotta pee. Use whatever weapons you want. Don't break anything. There's a mace on the floor over there by the window. It's pretty lightweight and might work better at, you know, killing things than your bat. And don't cut yourself on the glass. It's got...Corrupted goo all over it."

    Without giving her a second glance, he ambled over to the back end of the shed where he'd had a bathroom installed (necessary addition for him given he spent most of his time in there), and shut himself in.

    "Hey! If that one on the ground stops moving, let me know!" he hollered through the door. Then a thought struck him as he was taking care of business. "Ya know, I don't know if you're brave or stupid, but I hope you know you just let a strange guy shut you into a shed full of weapons! I could be, like, Leatherface or something, and you seem to be totally cool with that!" He washed up and opened the door, leaning into the frame as he looked at her. "Is there a reason why you're totally cool with that? Because if you think I can't be serial killer just because I'm crippled, that is very disablist of you and I feel like I should be insulted." He glanced up as he caught movement in the window. "There's a zombie behind you."
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