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    The Summary

    The world has fallen into disarray as unknown orbs begin transforming civilians into savage creatures. No one knows where the orbs came from, all they know is that whatever they touch turns into something much more dangerous than the zombies they’ve seen on TV. All hope seems lost, except for a select few who vanished for a year, 5 years ago. They remember nothing of what happened to them during their disappearance, but when they came back, they were not the same. For some, their personalities changed, for others, they gained skills they never had before, and some were effected by both or some other way. Another thing they came back with was the ability to control some sort of substance (fire, energy, sand, etc. Limited one substance per person, i.e. one who can manipulate fire cannot manipulate sand. And there cannot be multiple people who can manipulate the same substance.) However, this ability only surfaced the moment the orbs did. This strange phenomenon can’t be explained, but it may just save their lives when confronted by a horde of Corrupted.

    Summary of the summary (?)
    Extra info!

    I have so much more detailed info on this but I’ll save that for the actual thread, but basically this is an apocalyptic modern rp (it’s in the year 2020, but its modern). The setting is the state of New York, and don’t worry, unlike other apocalyptic themed things, there will be electricity! I plan for this to have many twists the further we get into the rp, and for those of you who have a life outside of the rping community you don’t have to worry, I have college so I know life can be hard, therefore there will not be a posting limit to begin with, however, if this ends up getting a little too slow I will push 2 posts per week (which isn’t really bad, I’ve done it with ease while taking 4 classes at once).

    The Characters

    You all will be playing “The Prepared”, which are those who vanished in 2015 and returned a year later changed with no memory of what happened to the during that year. No, this is not based off of 4400, or some kind of alien movie (Aliens did not abduct them!). I would like some variety in the characters, and I’m not afraid to reject some.

    The Dreaded Rules

    1) Follow Iwaku’s rules. Follow the GM's (me) and CoGM's (@Aka~Kitsune) rules.

    2) You guys can use gore (I love gruesome posts, most of mine WILL be gruesome) and romance/vulgarities (I encourage it) are allowed, but when it comes to actually having sex, please don’t go into detail. Fade to black or take it to the PMs or something like that, this is not a libertine!

    3) I’ll be lax with postings for now, but if this gets too dead I’ll enforce 2 posts per week from each person. I understand that real life gets in the way, but if you’re going to vanish please let me know so we can move your character into a position that doesn’t hold your fellow players back from posting.

    4) Although this apocalypse is happening all over the world, please remain within New York, you have Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island to work with here.

    5) While drama is welcomed in IC, please don’t cause drama out of character with your fellow players. If something arises please come to me privately and we can come up with something to fix it.

    6) No perfect characters, they are beyond boring and will be rejected. Flaws, weaknesses, etc. Let’s get those creative juices flowing and create someone who can make this story so much more interesting, because characters are the source of a good plot.

    7) People can have up to 3 characters for now, but no one is forced to have multiple characters. In fact, if you think you won’t be able to handle multiple characters then I implore you to only have one.

    8) I expect intermediate writing or higher when it comes to posts. If I see a one liner I will kick you in less than a heartbeat. I’m not expecting novels, as my favorite GM always says, “Length doesn’t matter, it about how you use it” or something like that (>_> perv). Quality over quantity pretty much. But I do understand that sometimes writer’s block strikes (I fall victim to it many times). Push past it and try your best, your posts don’t have to be perfect masterpieces.

    9) Imagination is requires.

    10) You must have fun!!!

    Important Links
    (Please don't clutter the signups, chatting should be done in the OoC)


    (Must have an approved character to post in IC)

    Finally! The Long Awaited End!

    That’s pretty much it for now. If you’re interested just say so below and I’ll let you all know when it’s up. Also I won’t start it unless I have enough people (I’m hoping for at least 10, but 5 will do to get it started.)

    I look forward to roleplaying with you all!​
  2. Interested!!!
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  3. Signups are up, so go ahead and make your character. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
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  4. I'll get to work on my CS now!
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  5. I'm definitely joining! I'll have a sheet up soon!
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  6. Awesome! I can't wait! Thanks for joining =)
  7. If you're still taking people, I'd be interested in joining.
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  8. Of course! Thank you for joining!
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