Be My Valentine!

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  1. What is your favorite characters idea of a perfect date?

    Feel free to post for more than just one of your characters :)

    My character, Castor, from my oneXone with Fluffy called 'Lay me down', would most likely enjoy an evening out with Zoe followed by an early morning bank robbery that would net enough money for them to flee the country.


    Get into the minds of your characters and tell me!

  2. So far in my 1x1 experience the RP that I am doing with @Scare-me-not-rose is actually pretty fun. It's about a guy in a shifter's class and he finds out about her. Then all sorts of high jinks unfold.
  3. Flutter would call anything that happens not a date. When you say date to her, she thinks of the fruit automatically. She's logically inclined to a fault. But...Let's see...-thinks- I have a character, Chloe, whose idea would be cooking dinner for someone at her home and then going out for a walk. :)
  4. PERFECT DATE YOU SAY! Surprisingly enough, it's not something I think about a lot. O__O Maybe I will add that to my infinity character sheet.

    Leslie just had her perfect date. ;__; Looking at the stars and snugglies. Only thing that would have made it better would've been an I Love You.

    I think Katrinka would like dinner and dancing on a super high roof top. It's classic romance and she loves classic romance!

    *Ponders others* This is hard... I'mma have to go snooping through my bios now...
  5. Adare's perfect date would be lots of drinking (on someone else's tab) while celebrating and dancing with Malcolm, before carrying Malcolm home when he got handsy.

    Hmm. I might think of other characters and add them in.