Be my master, please!

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  1. Hello, I am a maid looking for a master who I can love.... '////'
    I am very nervous and will do whatever you say!

    If you want to be my master, you can reply with your name, features and personality.
    Here is mine:

    Name: Kitu Koyona
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Star Sign: Virgo
    Hair: Wavy and chestnut coloured
    Skin: Peach
    Costume: Frilly red dress with white trim
    Personality: Shy and obediant
    Nationality: Japanese
    Sexuality: Straight
    Situation: Looking for a master to work for because she is looking for money to pay for her education and will do whatever it takes to get it
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  2. I'll be your master.

    Name: Chuck
    Gender: Male.
    Hair Blue.
    Eyes: Purple.
    1: They are a professional criminal.
    2: They were once kidnapped and the emotional scars remain.
    3: They are obsessed with keeping clean.
    Power source: Fear: They are a tyrannical despot who rules by fear, or they have channels through the underworld. They have many enemies, and little time to rest easy.
    Stress Explosion: Violence: They unleash violence on the staff.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.