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    Name: Chloe Winnser
    Age: 16
    Interest/slight background: Chloe is a very quite girl. She loves to read and keep to herself. She is very caring and loving to those who accept her. She is kinda nerdy and dorky. She is smart and watches anime. She never wears makeup, because she think it covers her true beauty. She loves animals. Her favorite time of day is night time, because it is so quite and dark. Her favorite color is Midnight blue.

    Chloe sat at the desk in her room, she had a math lesson to finish. Chloe was homeschooled. Had been for 2 years now. There was a public rather close by her house, but she stopped going after...well after IT happened. Chloe hated math. It was her least favorite subject. If it was up to her math wouldn't even exist. Her favorite subject was actually science. How peoples minds worked fascinated her, why they did the things they did and what made people go crazy. She loved it.
    It was bright and sunny outside today, her mom left for work early that morning, leaving Chloe alone. She liked it that way nowadays. Chloe finished her lesson and went to open her window, across the yard sat a moving truck in her neighbors drive way. 'I didn't know people were moving in..' Chloe just shrugged it off. 'probably some old couple, like last time.' The last couple that lived next door, died there, just too old. No one interesting ever lived by Chloe. She hadn't even had a friend since freshman year and that didn't turn out so well. Chloe turned away from her window and sat in her desk chair opening her book and beginning to read.​
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Bryce Duncan Courtney
    Age: 17
    Bryce tries to keep his head above water if nothing else. He likes to reserve his good days for those who deserve them and take his bad days out on everything else. There's a temper to him that he does his best to keep under control, if only for the benefit of the people around him. He doesn't often smile anymore, but when he does it's absolutely radiant. He likes being alone, loud music, and spending time in certain parts of nature because it lets him think without suffocating him. Thanks to the divorce of his parents that forced him to move from Australia, he needs that.

    I don't want to be here, I don't want to be here, I don't want to be here, Bryce thought angrily as loud music played through his headphones. His mother had been speaking but he didn't know what she was saying. He didn't want to know either. Anywhere but home wasn't home, and he didn't like it. At least here he would be able to leave anytime he wanted in the middle of the night if he wanted out. And he could smoke without getting his ass beat for it. At least there was that. His mother parked the car in the driveway and popped the trunk. Most of the furniture was in there already, so it was just the little things like dishes and everything he owned.

    Bryce sighed as his mother threw a box into his arms. "Try and smile here, yeah? You're staying here until you move out. Put these in the kitchen." She sounded so pleasant. He walked into the house and found his way into the kitchen, letting the box drop onto the counter. He didn't care that it was fragile. He brushed his hair out of his face and waited until his mother went inside to reach into his pants and grab a pack of cigarettes. Of course, she came right out and he had to hide them again. Damn. So close.
  3. Chloe sat in room reading. The book was interesting but she was so enticed by the movers she heard a younger woman's voice. She knew it would be wrong of her and rather creepy to spy on them anyway. Chloe knew she was just getting her hopes up though. She sat back in her chair and then remembered the chores she had to do still. Standing from her seat. She went and grabbed a basket and started outside to get the laundry from the line. Chloe hated how sunny it was outside and it made her look paler than she normally was, but she had to do it.
    The fence between the two yards was rather short, so when Chloe saw a younger woman walk outside she smiled and waved at her. The woman half smiled back and then went back inside. 'Uh...okay then.' Chloe shrugged it off and continued to take the clothes of the line.​
  4. Bryce was running everything into the house. He stayed silent and oblivious to anything his mother had to say. It was once he was taking the final box of stuff (his stuff) inside, that he was starting to snap. There weer a lot of heavy, harsh sighs. In the kitchen, his mother was unpacking everything and trying to forget that her son was probably going to ruin her fresh start. "There's a girl next door. Go talk to her and see if you won't be as miserable." Bryce rolled his eyes and didn't say anything to her. He just huffed and closed the door loudly behind him. Once outside, Bryce pulled out his lighter and the pack of cigarettes from the back pocket of his torn jeans. He looked over to the other side of the house where his mother said a neighbour girl was. Back home, his best friend had only lived three doors down. He sighed and walked around the yard for a moment, lighting the cigarette. Bryce started smoking when he was fourteen years old; the legal age was eighteen in Australia too.
  5. Chloe stood there taking down her laundry. A short while later a young boy about her age walked out of the house. Chloe smiled inside at first and then saw him pull out a cigarette. Chloe hated cigarettes, she used to not mind them, but now she hated them. She looked away form the boy and finished with the clothes. Taking the basket of clean clothes inside and later carrying out a basket of clothes that needed to be hung up. She stretched up and began to hang them up. She assumed the boy was old enough to smoke, he looked like he could be. Chloe started to hum a little as she hung her clothes. Her dog had came outside with her and he was sniffing around the yard. Chloe's dog was a great Dane. He was a blue gray color and had the most beautiful bright eyes. He was a big teddy bear but his bark made him look like he could eat your face off. His name was George, Chloe got him when she was 10 and for his age, he was surprisingly very healthy, although his laziness most likely contributed to that.

    George began to growl a little and Chloe looked over at him. "Hush George." George growled louder and began to walk towards the low fence. Chloe knew he could jump it, but he never had so she didn't really worry about it. George barked loud at the neighbor boy. He started to run towards the fence and Chloe dropped her shirt back in the basket and ran after him. He had never done this before. "GEORGE! NO!" Before she could stop him, he was over the fence and basically on top of the guy. Chloe hopped the fence and trotted towards her dog. "I'm so sorry. He has never done this before." Chloe grabbed George by his collar and pulled him away, gently swatting his butt. George whimpered a little and stood behind Chloe's legs. "He is actually a big teddy bear...obviously." Chloe chuckled a little, then stopped abruptly, she hated her laugh. She pretty much hated everything about herself though. "I-"She cleared her throat. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again." Chloe turned away from the boy and started back to her yard. George jumped back over the fence and so did Chloe. Going back to hanging her clothes back up.​
  6. Bryce could hear noise and assumed it was the girl next door that his mother had mentioned. There was a distinct air about this place. It was different, less clear, fresh. He missed Australia already. There wasn't anything he could do about it until he got old enough and had enough money to move back there. A few of Bryce's friends back home offered to let him couch hop day in and day out until he could afford to do otherwise, but of course his mother refused that option. She would rather be miserable and look like a good mother by having her child than let everyone - and literally everyone - be happier for it. He exhaled a stream of smoke up in the air when suddenly he was attacked (albeit not viciously) by a dog. "Well, hello," he said, patting the dog's side from on his back. His elbows were rested on the ground as he looked up at the dog and then at the neighbor girl whose dog it apparently was.

    He raised his eyebrows at her at the abruptness of her leaving. Bryce liked it when people left him alone, so that wasn't really the problem. He waited until she hopped the fence again to get up. His cigarette was smoldering in the driveway. After lighting another one, he stood up and walked over to the fence, leaning his arms on the top of it and watching her a minute. "So," he said, the cigarette briefly hanging in his mouth before he grabbed it and let it rest between his fingers. "George, huh?" That was the only thing he could think to say. Bryce wasn't even sure why he wanted to go talk to her. He didn't. But if he talked to her that meant he didn't have to go back inside. "Sorry 'bout my mum... I know she saw you, and that couldn't have been pleasant." His mother was definitely a piece of work, apologizing for her was natural at this point.​
  7. Chloe jumped a little and looked at the Australian boy talking to her. 'He is Australian...that's kinda awesome' Chloe looked over at him. "Oh yeah, I named him when I was like 10..." Chloe hadn't had anyone besides her mom to talk too since she was in 9th grade, so holding a decent conversation wasn't something that she was very good at. "Oh no, your mom is fine...I smiled at her and waved...she just kinda shrugged it off..." Chloe realized how rude that must of sounded. "Not, that that's a problem, I mean...everyone ignores me so its no big deal." Chloe also made her self sound like a loser. 'Good job Chloe, now you're ignored and rude' Chloe smiled and grabbed her basket of clothes. "If you need anything feel free to ask I guess, my name is Chloe....towns kinda boring unless you like old people." With that Chloe turned to leave. She didn't want to make a bigger fool out of herself.

    Once inside Janie opened her window to her room letting the fresh air inside. Her room window was across from another window of the neighbors house, but she had never seen it open before. You could see the two windows from either driveway as well. which is why Chloe was so surprised she had never seen it open. She turned on her music, which currently she had been listening to Queen on repeat for about 3 days now. The boy was still in his driveway, his face was so pale and porcelain his accent was real. Chloe realized she was staring and quickly looked away. 'This is why you don't have friends Chloe.'
  8. Bryce nodded at her when she said how long she'd really had the dog. He almost felt the need to smile, but there wasn't any reason to and he didn't smile at people... he just didn't. His last girlfriend told him it was a shame that he didn't smile more because she loved his smile. "Don't take it personally, she's a real bitch. I'm more sorry she didn't ignore you more. Best to stay out of her gravitational pull of bitch." He smiled then at his own cynical sentence. It wasn't his usual smile, but he didn't pay much attention to his own facial expressions anymore since they were so rare. Even so he stayed staring at her, almost like he was trying to figure her out. She didn't give him a chance, however, as she left before he could say anything else. Chloe... Huh. He liked the name. Once she was gone, he sighed again and went back to his yard and driveway. He lied down there then, right in the middle of it, and stared up at the sky.

    The clouds moved in intricate patterns and then his exhalation swirled with the designs and made him smile. It made him really smile. It was the little things that he had to appreciate now. He didn't know how much time passed because he was letting his cigarette go down to the filter and listening to the music he could hear playing somewhere. "Bryce!" he heard an angry voice shout. He threw the cigarette as far away from him as he could but it was too late. He scrambled to his feet and saw the angry woman standing in the doorway. "What the fuck do you think you're doing? You told me you were smoking anymore!" He damn near ran into the house, going by her quickly, and said,

    "You told me you weren't going to take me away from dad." He went up the stairs and into his room and slammed the door. His mom hadn't bought him a bed, just two mattresses on the floor. It was probably better for him that way. Everything made it less sentimental and easier for him to leave one day. On those two mattresses there were two boxes of stuff that needed to be unpacked and a backpack that he'd taken with him as his airplane carry on. He could see out the window into Chloe's room. That was kind of weird, almost like a movie a girlfriend would have made him watch, but he thought it was a touch that made it a little bit more bearable. Those movies usually had happy endings, right? He remembered he didn't give her his name and decided to fix that. Bryce opened the backpack and grabbed a piece of paper and a blue Sharpie. In big letters, he wrote "BRYCE" and then proceeded to fold it up into a paper airplane. He'd made them before and had competitions with other people to see who could get them to fly the furthest and thought he still had it in him. He opened his window after he folded it up and sent it flying out towards the window he saw.​
  9. Chloe had Queen playing rather loudly, until she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket, it was her mom calling. Chloe answered the phone, turning her music down. "Hey ma, what's up?" Chloe looked across the room, half hoping that the window would be open. "Hey hun, am not gonna be home until late they are putting me on call all night at the hospital...I'm really sorry Hun." Chloe frowned and ran her fingers through her hair. "...Its okay ma..." Chloe turned around and saw a piece of paper lying at her feet, Bending down to pick it up. "Lock the doors before you go to bed okay." Chloe sighed. "I always do mom." Chloe opened the paper and read the "BRYCE" On it. Looking up she saw him sitting on his bed across her window. "She smiled and turned to her desk. "Hey mom, I gotta go okay. I love you." Chloe's mas said bye and they hung up. Grabbing a piece of paper Chloe wrote in red with a sharpie. 'Nice to meet you' Chloe had never made a paper airplane before so she just crumbled the paper into a ball and threw it from her window. She played softball her 8th grade year and was the pitcher, so she had a good arm. She threw the paper wad and almost hit Bryce in the head. She smiled and turned back to leave her room.

    Walking downstairs she went into the kitchen and looked out the window, seeing a group of kids walk down the street she quickly closed the blinds and ran to lock her front door. Her heart was racing. She remembered her window was open upstairs and she went up stairs and quickly closed it. She started to have a panic attack. Chloe opened her dresser drawer and took some pills that were prescribed to her, to calm her down. Chloe hadn't seen these kids in a year now, why today were they walking down her street. She used to go to school with them but after everything happened, she obviously didn't. She waited for the kids to pass by her house and slowly opened her window, seeing Bryce still in his room she half smiled at him and exhaled, calming herself. She hated that she couldn't face anyone anymore.​
  10. Bryce couldn't help but smile as he watched her get his name. He didn't know if he wanted a friend or if he just wanted someone on this soil to know who he was. Either way, Bryce felt truly happy to know that she knew his name. The blank walls stared back at him and Bryce was convinced he was going to go mad. So instead of focusing on his boxes or his bag of his mother or his cigarettes, Bryce focused on the Queen and the pretty girl next door who was a little weird. Then again he couldn't judge people on weirdness. He heard himself laugh for the first time in months when he had to duck to get out of the way of a paper ball. It was nice to meet him? Well, she was the first person to ever think so in a long time. He watched her get up and suddenly leave her room and took the change to write back. He ripped another piece of paper out and took his time writing, "You didn't have to run away. I don't bite."

    The dog had been the first living creature outside of Australia to show him any kindness at all. He sighed and leaned back against his wall. In the back of his mind he wondered if his mother had changed his phone over to an American number yet. Bryce already knew he was going to keep the phone itself because it had all the numbers, pictures, etc. from his old life. There was no way in Hell he was getting rid of it. International texting was going to cost a fortune, but his mother was going to pay (quite literally) for taking him away from home. He could understand maybe moving away, but to a different continent? Winters would be cold now... he was terrified of that. When she came back into her room, Bryce folded up the paper for her again and sent it flying out his window into hers. At least he had a way to kill time now, right?​
  11. Chloe ducked a little to avoid the paper hitting her. This was honestly the most fun she had had in a long time. She picked up the paper and chuckled a little. Turning back to her desk she scribbled on another piece of paper. 'I wouldn't run from you. You probably don't even bite hard.' Chloe crumbled the paper and threw it across the yard. It landed at his feet. George walked in her room pushing the door open with his nose and jumped up on her bed, making himself comfortable. "Hey Georgie." Chloe pet his face and walked back by her window slowly, looking at Bryce as she walked by. He looked so harmless, Chloe couldn't help but be intrigued by him.​
  12. Bryce rolled over on his mattresses to grab the paper and uncrumbled it. This was probably a terrible waste of paper, but there wasn't really a way that was more useful. He grinned a little to himself. He wasn't sure how to respond to that given he'd had a couple of past girlfriends who'd confirmed that he did indeed bite hard. So he wrote,
    "Not unless I'm asked to.
    Do you always do this or am I just special?"

    before folding his paper up again and sending it over. It landed right next to her. He looked around his room. He should probably get unpacking to make his room a little less depressing, but it wasn't like he had anything else to do. He could do it tomorrow.​
  13. Chloe picked up the paper and sat down on the small bench by her window. Reading she smiled, picking up her notebook and her pen she wrote back. 'I guess you're special, I don't really talk to anyone to be honest.' Chloe crumbled up the paper and threw it back across, it landed on the windowsill. She more of tossed it then threw it. Chloe felt like she could talk to him all day. So many questions popped into her head but she didn't know which ones to ask and which ones would make her sound like a stalker, but she was so interested in him.
  14. Bryce didn't get a chance to look at her reply when she tossed it over. He heard his mom thundering up the stairs and quickly shut his window. She would ruin this for him somehow if she knew. Without knocking, she opened the door and looked at him. he had just landed on his mattress again. "I'm leaving to go see where my job is. Dinner is in the oven. Take it out in 45 minutes."

    He nodded and said, "Can do. Bye." She left the door open. Bryce got up and opened his window again after reading her reply. "She's gone... if you want to talk instead of write you and George can walk through the front door." He sent that over too. It wasn't likely that she would accept, but he thought he could make the offer anyway.
  15. Chloe sat there disappointed when he closed his window. She went and sat over by George and pet him softly. When a piece of paper flew back through her window she skipped over to it and read it. Her eye's got wide. 'He wants me to come over? No, he wants my dog to come over...that's it.' Of course Chloe realized how ridiculous that sounded but she couldn't believe that someone actually wanted to spend time with her. Chloe pulled her shoes on and er and George went downstairs. Hearing a car pull out of the driveway next door she opened her front door and walked out. Slowly walking across the yard and over to her neighbors house. She stood on the porch for a second and then slowly knocked, she knew he said to just come in, but her mom had taught her that was rude so she knocked. George just sat there calmly, his tail wagging.
  16. The odds of Chloe coming over were slim to none and he was okay with that. Bryce expected her to write down her refusal. He watched her read it and then proceed to get up and get ready to leave. Wow, she was actually doing it. He smiled. And then he realized his room wasn't even a room so he got up and closed his door. He slid down the guardrail on the stairs and made it right to the front door just as he heard a knock. Bryce opened the door and let her and George in, closing it afterwards. "You've officially seen as much as the house as I have," he told her once he turned around. From the doorway he could see the living room to the right and the kitchen and dining room to the left. Directly in front there was a small hallway that led to a closet, a half bathroom, and the laundry room. The stairs were along the right wall before the hallway started. "Haven't really unpacked anything yet, but y'know, it's livable."
  17. Chloe stepped inside slowly and nodded as he spoke. George on the other hand, trotted in and began sniffing everything in sight. "It's nice. I have only been over her one other time and that's when I was really little and a really old couple lived here. It smells a lot better than I remember, but yeah." Chloe chuckled nervously and looked around. "So, where did you move from?" Chloe asked as she looked around and followed George as he explored the home.
  18. Bryce didn't think there was anything spectacular about the house. He actually didn't care about the place either way. There was a pool in the backyard, which he supposed was nice. He missed having a house right on the beach. Frankly he just missed Australia. When she asked where he'd moved from he smiled a little. "Australia. Perth, Australia, if you want to get specific. Lived there all my life until now." He had to get used to the culture and the seasons and... everything. It was all different. So far he hadn't had to interact with many people, which he supposed was a good thing. He had to hope there were amicable attitudes otherwise this wouldn't be pleasant.
  19. Chloe smiled at him and nodded. "That's really cool. I always wanted to get out of here and go somewhere like Australia. It's so beautiful there...well from pictures I have seen it is." When Chloe had walked all around the house she stopped in the living room. "So do you need help with anything, I mean, I can't like lift anything super heavy-" Chloe lifted her arms and flexed what tiny muscles she had. "I am kinda weak." Chloe laughed. She felt so comfortable around him fro some reason. He seemed so calm and relaxed, it was nice. George had finished his exploration as well and sat himself down next to Bryce. Chloe smiled again. "He likes you." She said gesturing towards George. "He normally cowers around new people."
  20. Bryce smiled a little fondly and nodded. "It's beautiful," he said. "It's really dangerous too, but it's pretty normal for us. The wildlife is a lot more... aggressive than it is in America." He was still trying to get over the fact that there were screens on the windows; they would need to be taken off otherwise how was he going to leave in the middle of the night? "The only things left to really unpack are what little I have and my stuff that'll go in the family, er, living room. So if we wanted to watch a movie we could unpack those." He wasn't going to have her unpack his stuff and see the sorry state he would be living in. Having a mattress on the floor like a druggie didn't bother him any but it would probably look a little pathetic until he could at least go for a cool guy vibe. He crouched down and ran a hand over the dog and chuckled a little, having never had a pet himself. "Probably knows I'm good with animals, from what I've been told... or he knows there's food in the oven and wants it."
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