Be My Friend?

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  1. I'm pretty new here on this site but so far I really love it. The nice comments and such from the very moment I created my profile and things like that. A friend of mine wanted me to come play in one of his stories and that's why I joined. I figured I'd just do that story and not much else. But I'm finding that as I'm waiting for new posts, I'm going through the forums, just reading a lot of what people talk about. And it was only a few moments ago that it hit me.

    I'm terribly lonely.

    I'm naturally introverted, always have been. But my life has been turned upside down lately. Long story short: I've been on the other side of the country, living in a hotel for 41 days, helping my mom out as she starts up a new job here. But for those 41 days, I've been stuck in the hotel. No job, no friends, no social outlet save for the internet. And thank goodness for that! There's a three hour time difference between me and all my friends back home and that makes it a pain in the butt to talk to them. Not to mention they have jobs and lives they're living. A lot of them don't really have the time for me anymore and I totally understand that.

    I've only ever had a few online friends before, people who I never met in person. But I'd love to "meet" and talk and get to know you! I'm just not brave enough to be the first one to send a random PM to someone. It's hard enough trying to type all this out.

    If nothing else, thanks for reading my sob story! =)
  2. Go to the Chatbox! GO!

    You'll definitely find people to talk to during the evening hours when everyone is home and winding down for the night. There are plenty of us on this site who are introverted so don't feel bad about that. It's not a bad thing to be introverted either!

    I'm sorry you're living situation isn't ideal. T_T Hopefully it will get better when your mom is settled down and you can look for your own job? Keep your head up, it will get better.
  3. A wise man named Sabzi once said. "Only in our home, can loneliness become a hell." Though, you're not at home. You're living in a hotel box constantly which makes it all the worse. I understand how you feel though, honestly you're best bet is to just get out and go do something. Take a stroll to a coffee shop, and bring your laptop with you. Lets you stay connected to the internet, and gets you around other people for awhile. Never mind a delicious chocolate flavored cold coffee of sorts. The point is that it gets you out of a soul crushing routine, if only for a few hours. Get's you around people so you don't feel as isolated. Being an introvert is difficult! Yet it doesn't have the be the final be all, end all of social interaction. So just get out of the hotel for a bit, do it! It's gonna be fun, i swear it!

    Feel free to drop me a PM also. I can be decent conversation when the mood strikes me, which is often. You bring the topic, Celeste, and I'll bring the lol's