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I'm addicted to every hard drug there is. Heroine, Coke, Meth, I just fell in with a bad crowd and got hooked. Not for long, it's only been a month, but it's too far to go back. I need help. Help me.

I'm an orphan. No one to care enough to put together an intervention or put me in rehab. I struggle to find temporary work because I know no one will hire me permanently. You're in a coffee shop, buying coffee or a scone or something fancy in your expensive business suit. You're from a high-end job, but life has gotten mundane. You see me and immediately see a charity case. Something to pass time while doing a good deed.

You never planned to fall in love, but it just happened. Like me, you just fell and got in too deep.


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I'd very much be interested in this!
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