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  1. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Love is in the air this week at Jamerson Highschool. Students of every grade level are preparing for the school's first annual "Valentine's Day Dance". A dance designed to make every single student suffer under the mushy lovey dove hearts and chocolates. Or, so they think. This year cupid's coming and he's pointing his arrows of love at some lucky (or very un-lucky) students.

    Between battling the snow covered roads and preparing for finals week. Who has time for love? Well while the weather outside may be frightening, inside the heart covered hallways students are feeling the heat! Nobody wants to be left alone on valentine's day! Will these certain students find love or will the winter weather freeze their hearts this year?

    Welcome to Jamerson High's Hell Week!
    I mean Love Week!
    That's right everyone it's Valentine's Day!
    Will your characters find love?
    Or will you be left alone on the dance floor this year?

    Every good role-play has a solid set of rules.
    So here are mine

    1.) Don't godmod. It's not cool and you will be kicked
    2.) Swearing is allowed but if you're using Fuck in every other sentence.. we have a problem
    3.) The post minimum is 3 sentences.
    4.) Good grammar and spelling is definitely appreciated
    5.) This is a MODERN Role-play so any magic of any kind is not allowed.
    (Unless it's the magic of loveeee)
    6.) GM's word is law. Please don't fight it.
    7.) Romance is of course encouraged but if it gets steamy, please use fade to black
    8.) All Iwaku site rules apply
    9.) Have Fun!

    Don't be an asshole and we won't have a problem!

    A few things to keep in mind
    This Role-play will be starting on the 1st of February and running until February 14th
    The role-play will go until about the 17th of February so everyone has time to wrap up their story line.
    Keeping this in mind you need to be mindful of the time frame, I will post in bold letters every few days when we start a new day.

    Each day a new "plot twist" Will be added into the plot so watch out!

    *Characters can be LGBT*
    *Characters are first come first serve*
    *Characters can be reserved for 72 hours*
    *1 Character per User*

    Character Story lines (All Taken)

    Girl 1: G1 is a popular girl who is not the brightest one in the bunch. She doesn't pay any attention to her "nerdy" tutor, until she starts really seeing the true him.
    Girl 2: G2 is the "new girl in town" who wants nothing to do with "bad boy 2" But when they begin to work together she starts seeing a different side to him.
    Girl 3: G3 is already dating a boy (NPC). They are a powerhouse couple! But when he starts pulling away she begins to drift to the boy next door.
    Girl 4: G4 is an artist girl who prefers to keep to herself and her small group of friends. She can't stand the class clown, Boy 4. When she starts getting notes from a "secret admirer" She starts looking for him everywhere. Will she be happy when she finds out it's the one boy who she can't stand?
    Girl 5: G5 is a pretty and popular girl, she prefers to show her skills on a stage instead of a field. Her older brother is a sports superstar at her school, so when her brother's best friend starts flirting with her will she take a leap of faith with him?

    Boy 1: B1 is the "nerdy boy" who tutors pretty popular and way out of his league Girl 1. He tries everything to sway her attention to him. Will he turn out to be the man of her dreams or shy away from the beautiful cheerleader.
    Boy 2: B2 is the school's bad boy. With a bad reputation and a secret soft side he's broken more than a few girl's hearts. But when his job sets him up with the new girl in town, Girl 2, He wants a chance with her. Can he prove to her he's different then his reputation.
    Boy 3:B3 is the "boy next door" to Girl 2. Though he knows she has been dating another guy since freshman year. But when Girl 3 begins noticing a distance, B3 sees his chance to sweep her off her feet.
    Boy 4: B4 is the class clown. A guy who tries, and most of the time succeeds, in making the classroom roll on the floor in laughter. He's a bit cocky and likes to push the limit, but deep inside he has a caring side for Girl 4. Though he knows she dislikes his cock attuned he tries to win her heart though secret notes and little gifts. Will he muster up the courage to tell her before the dance?
    Boy 5: B5 is a jock. He's been best friends with his friend since they were little. When he starts noticing his friends little sister will he be willing to risk his friendship in order to ask her to be more than friends?

    Character List
    Girl 1: Chloe Grace Mortez- Played by Adira
    Girl 2: Natasha Genesis Evans-Played by Unicornx
    Girl 3: Naomi Fawn- Played by Whirl Wind
    Girl 4: Charity Beaumont- Played by April
    Girl 5: :Kaitlynn Ann Cloud:- Played by Rare Secret

    Boy 1:Daniel Miles- Played by Polystcal
    Boy 2: Christian Wilde- Played by -QT-
    Boy 3:Kevin Sinnet- Played by KingMAi_
    Boy 4:Abel Teller- Played by Raine
    Boy 5:Nikolai Emensky- Played by BEXTRICK

    All Spots Taken?
    Because I'll be accepting character sheets for the actual night of the dance so you can join the fun dance without playing a story line!

    Character Sheet
    *This must be completed before being accepted*

    :Full Name:
    :Year of High school: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
    :Appearance: (Human Picture Preferred)
    :Best Friend(s):
    :Likes and Dislikes:
    :Character Position: (Ex Girl 1/Boy 1) You do not need this if you're not in the story line

    Comments? Concerns? Thoughts?
    Feel Free to Message me!

    -Your GM, Adira-

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  2. I've been waiting for this to be up ~
    Girl two please <3
    It's finally up ahhhhh so excited
  3. Would like to reserve a spot for Boy 3. Gonna have my CS up by tonight after work!
  4. Reserving Girl 3 :)
  5. I hope it's okay that I've already written my profile. I find if I delay things, then I forget to do them for days. So I just tackled it.

    Is it long enough?
  6. Can I reserve girl 5?
  7. Yeah... She posted that while I was writing the profile.

    Unsure what role Jin will fit now.
  8. WIP

    :Full Name: Charity Beaumont
    :Age: 15
    :Year of High school:Sophomore
    :Appearance: image.jpg
    :Personality:Charity has a strong sense of right and wrong, and whenever she manages to find a wrong she does her best to correct it. She is willing to use force though, she is no softie, and she hates when people get away free because they have a sob story. Even though she has a hard exterior, once you get into her heart, it takes a lot to get out. Charity has a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility.
    :Sexuality: Straight
    :Best Friend(s):Natasha (@unicornx )
    :Likes and Dislikes: +Drawing +Reading +Rain +Apple flavored things +Dogs -Vapid People -Goof offs -watermelon -sadness
    :Background: Charity grew up a only child, with her mother, who loved to enforce the "children should be seen not heard" rule, as a result, she is good at sitting in a corner quietly while listing to the things about her acutely. Once Charity entered public school, she found it easier to sit in the back of class quietly, until she met Natasha. Upon meeting Natasha and becoming close she came out of her she'll a bit, and soon was more than happy to throw smack at her new friend, to keep her grounded. Ever since then, she hasn't made a lot of friends, but people certainly know who she is. Charity also can't stand the local goof off, and would much rather be at home working on her latest art project (her favorite activity that her mom doesn't abor), but unfortunately, she is still stuck in Trig, day dreaming about art college and her latest favorite book series.
    :Character Position: Girl 4
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  9. You have written in the rules that characters aren't accepted unless they're complete.

    Mine is complete... so...
  10. Yes but I also said reserved characters would be held for 48 hours.
  11. I see.

    I will wait 2 days, then, and see if there is space for me.
  12. **wipes sweat off forehead,** okay! to finish the background before I lose track of time then!!

  13. :Chloe' Grace Mortez:

    She's warm-hearted and loyal. She can always be seen with a smile on her face and is easy-going around friends and family but always eager to make new friends, no matter what. She's unfortunately not very organized and loses every paper she receives. She's dedicated, proud and rather stubborn at times. With a bold sense of style of style and a head strong desire to be right she's one tough cookie. She's incredibly sassy and very outgoing when meeting new people. She hates feeling inferior to her older sisters and can't stand any type of school work because of it. She's not stupid but she's definitely not a straight A student.
    :Naomi Fawn, Kaitlynn Ann Cloud, Daniel Miles, ?:
    :Likes: Her friends, her family, fashion, vogue, sketching, doing her hair, boys, roses, and ice skating.:

    :Dislikes: ACT Prep, Math, Rude Boys:
    :Chloe' was born into a family of 2 brilliant older sister. While her sisters were blessed with both the brains and the beauty of her lawyer and doctor parents, Chloe' only got the beauty. She was never as smart as her older sisters Kendall and Kasey. She always suffered under the constant pressure to live up to her families reputation. Chloe' tried for years to succeed in academics but could never outshine her sisters. Though she felt terribly lost in her family she found an outlet for her creativity, Fashion. Chloe' soon found she had a knack for color and design. She began to explore options of modeling and fashion designing as her hobbies. Though her parents allowed her to continue exploring these hobbies ether wanted her to keep her grades up and have a sport of some sort for college applications. Chloe' picked up ice skating as her sport and tried to keep her grades up.In an attempt to prepare her for both the ACT and the SAT her parent's hired Daniel to help her. So even though Chloe' wanted to pursue a career in fashion she kept quiet in fear of what her parents would think. :
    :Girl 1:
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  14. Question! For girl 5, what do you mean by stage? Is it like singing and dancing or more like beauty pageants and cheer tournaments?
  15. @RareSecret I kind of left that to the player. If you liked theater more than you could go that way. If you wanted to pursue the beauty competition way you could do that as well.
  16. The Perfect Couple
    :Full Name: Naomi Fawn
    :Nickname: None
    :Gender: Female
    :Age: 17
    :Year of High school: Junior

    :Personality: She tries to be open minded, but can argue if she feels like it. She in general is a caring, positive, sweet person that her friends come to when they have problems and need advice or simply comfort. She is brilliant at calming people down. She has never cried when a pet or family member has died, or at a movie. She rarely gets angry and can be very flexible and forgiving. She is –not- honest for the most part. She is overly trusting and has been called naïve, but she thinks of herself as far from innocent. She enjoys attention and romance, and finds monogamy hard despite it being what she desires. She can be pretty competitive, as she was raised to be that way, and loves to cook. She snorts when she laughs sometimes, hates being alone yet hates being the center of attention in a group, dislikes dogs, and can be lazy.
    :Sexuality: Hetero/Straight
    :Best Friend: Kevin
    :Friends: Chloe, Kate, & Danny
    :Half Brother: Christian
    :Likes and Dislikes:
    She likes singing, playing video games, horror movies, sports, and spicy foods. She dislikes the color pink, seafood, country music, chick flicks, and seeing innocent people hurt. Her perfect date is binge watching tv shows on the internet while eating pizza and talking, never getting out of her sweats and cami.
    :Background: Naomi has grown up in a single mother household that has left her feeling rather neglected most of the time. Her father never wanted her, but in an effort to prove her worth she has spent most of her life trying to be the best at things. She tried numerous sports although she was only naturally talented in volleyball, badminton, and basketball, and has gotten straight A’s all through school. Just this last year, her mother had numerous maxed out credit cards and her father went to jail for theft, her sister was in jail but for bounced checks, and the rest of her family had basically disowned her for not wanting to associate with anyone but her mom after all that was happening between them. She really only talks about any of it with her boyfriend of 2 years, Robbie. Everyone else has no idea she would just about rather be anywhere but home. And though they’ve had rough patches, he’s begun pulling away from her these last few weeks, when she needs someone most.

    :Character Position: Girl 3
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