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    Things will never be the same, as they were yesterday.

    "Certainly not!" The male grunted. There was a pesky pebble suddenly jabbing into the bottom of his foot. That bothered him MUCH more the hell that befell this entire planet. It had been a short time...since he crash landed here. He didn't have a fucking clue how long this crap had been going on. A couple of weeks maybe? His ship was safely tucked away in the dark. It was within the sewers to be exact. His descent took him through the walkway and into some shit. Literally. It went everywhere. There were "curious parties" that there had to be something good after destruction like that. The only thing they found was death or enough fear to run away.

    The last 14 days have been nothing but trashcan veggies and playing cat and mouse with the local bandits. Mostly, it was him who was the cat. Bandits have good stuff. Not to mention he needed to watch them. Figure them out. Trying to blend in. Still use some of what he salvaged from home. Still visits the ship every night. It was the safest place, right now.

    For now, he had to get this damn rock out of his boot. Yanking it off, he flung it into a car, making a loud FWAP. "Damn..." He grumbled and hobbled over and shook it by the sole until it came out. It plopped to the ground, looking satisfied with itself. So Jacob kicked it away before slinging the shoe back. "Bastard..."

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    Life is never the same....
    But who cares...
    We are alive...

    One month into this disaster Korra one of the few young military (she moved to Air Force right before) that was left walked through the aftermath of the calamity that had recently occurred. "Hmm another pack of foolish bandits huh? " She mumbled to herself then shook her head. Many people in the groups of Bandits and other groups were all mostly normal people pushed into a tight spot. Some were also gang members which somehow managed to keep order.

    Korra has yet to find any remnant of her friends or family. Earth was in such a shit state it was a miracle that anyone survived at all. Nuclear war, natural disasters you name it it happened. Adjusting her belt counting up her shotgun shells she began her approach to the small group of bandits that appeared to find her partner a good snack. "Loki! come here boy!" she called out.


    The dog perked his ears up and ran to his owner quickly leaving the bandits far behind him. "aren't you a good boy? yes you are" she said happily to her companion as she stroked the strong dogs head carefully. "now we shall deal with them at night" she mused to the dog as they wandered off managing to find herself a safe place to rest out the day. These bandits were untrained gun happy morons. Korra and Loki were a great team. Hidden in a ransacked building Korra opened her backpack drinking some of her water then pouring some into the plastic ice cream container for Loki. All they had to do was wait.
  3. The cloud were especially gray today. It wasn't a color that sparked his interest, but it was what they had here. The planet would repair itself, eventually, but it can't even start. Right now, if it had begun, the process would most likely outlast anyone here that would find it worth it. Seems the stupidity of people has infected more than just his planet, if these people fight him as much as they do each other. He wondered if their in-fighting caused this as well. They couldn't get their heads out of each others' ass long enough to see the real threat coming. At least, that is what happened to him and his people. By the time they arrived, blood had already been drawn. They couldn't even stop long enough to make peace and try to combat the somehow eminent doom.

    But why should he care? He shouldn't, other than the information will most likely help him in the long run. The future. That is what everything goes back to. What is going to happen next? Will we be alive tomorrow? When will Cousin Ralph come out of the tree?

    Getting himself back into form, Jacob peeped out what looked like abandoned food store. "Could be food there." He said to himself. He man began to stroll without a care in the world.
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