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  1. Ahh, that ever bone-rattling, ice breaking introduction. I have never been one that was particularly.... fond of exposing myself to the general mass all at once? At least I am not streaking I suppose.

    Greetings, and well met to those who have shown even the slightest of interest! I have gone by many names throughout the past, but for now you know me as Ninth Divide!

    However, seeing as a name of length could prove a burden, feel free to call me any name of your choosing. Ninth, Nine, Nin, Divide, Div..... Takamakabaka...

    Iwaku itself will be a new experience, though with high hopes I do intend to stay. However, roleplaying is something I am rather experienced in. It probably shall not show for a short while, seeing as I grow rather nervous around new groups, but I do hope you all will put up with me for the time. Unfortunately, I will not go into great detail of past experiences, nor about my physical self within the world. But, do know this, I am pleased to be in your company. I may be shaky at the beginning, but hopefully that will pass.

    If any one needs a slot filled within any Genre, I would be honored to view the story you have created, and perhaps even join. I mostly fancy fantasy, but I am more than willing to reach beyond those boundaries. And seeing as I have many preferences I would rather begin with my dislikes, as odd as that may seem. My least favorable setting would have to be the modern setting, despite it also being my most frequent one (Must I say, many good stories are made within this setting that I simply can not help myself.) Next is... well.. I suppose it was near pointless to even begin listing these, seeing as even my first is not necessarily a 'dislike'.

    Otherwise, I enjoy my time sipping down tea, talking to that deranged Fennec whilst observing the purple sunrise of north coast nowhere.

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ninth Divide.​
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  2. Welcome! Should you feel like it, you may find that checking the onexone section and contacting privately the roleplayers that catch your attention via a Conversation to be less nerve-wracking, as most of us here are desperate for new bloo- er, partners :).

    I wish you a pleasant journey in these realms, stranger~!
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  3. Ah, I thank you for the suggestion! My nerves are something I shall never overcome, whether it be a group, or a single person. Rather, I prefer groups over onexone seeing as it allows me to be around more people, creating an extra layer of comfort when I do get used to them. I am odd and contradictory...

    Well met, and most pleased! I appreciate you stopping through to welcome me. May both our journeys prove pleasant as well beneficial!
  4. Whispers in the dark corners of the room.. My, my.. What a fellow~

    Welcome to the Madness xD you shall not be scared here.^^
    We don't do much at the beginning, as much as we would enjoy your Flesh ~ fu fu

    But, nevertheless. Enjoy your stay here and maybe I'll see you around the Horror section ^^
    - some madness and zombies perhaps ? If you'd be interested -

    Take care for now.. Oh! And be aware of the flying marshmallows..

    - flies away on her Tiger - xD
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  5. Oh, a Tigress hidden within the shadows. A pleasure it was, to have you stalking in that darkness.

    My flesh? Though coated with the finest of sugars an apricot can provide, I plead you not, feast upon my flesh. With poison is it filled, and waste it would be to see one so amusing fade due to my own sin.

    Madness indeed, such a fascinating thing. A time or two I have visited the zombie plagued lands, and have yet to be disappointed. Perhaps we shall cross ways!

    I fear not the marshmallows that fly! For I have nothing less than the fiercest blade! -Swings toothpick-

    A pleasure to meet you, my friend! A thousand thanks for your visit!
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  6. Trust me on this, Zombie RP I am in.. It's a promise thy is fun, purely because the group that I am in is very friendly, twisted filled with Russian twins, my French chara and two British xD

    It shall be fun if you would decided to join us :)

    Horror section - The Beginning of the end-

    P.s. Also I am immune to the poisonous skin nevertheless.. If it's sweet to ^^

    I shall see you around then, :3

    - giggles as she munched the Oreo biscuits and rides her tiger through the Iwaku's back yard.-
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  7. Hallo Ninth, welcome to Iwaku! :D
  8. Ah, my sincerest of apologies my dear. Ignoring your message was not within my intention, though it does seem that my mind has played a trick on me!

    My thanks Diana, I am rather blessed to have an Administrator greet me, alongside a number of rather friendly users. As well, must I say, I do enjoy your signature!
  9. * peeks around the corner knees shaking * U-um...
    I-I just wanted to say th-that uh..
    You seem pr-pretty cool and um..
    I like the way that you..
    put your words together..
    * with that she squeaks and runs away to hide under a table fort *
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  10. Haha, my greetings shy one. You most certainly have my gratitude for the words of praise.
    Though, fear not will you. There is little reason to run away and seclude yourself within such a lonely place.

    -knocks on table fort-

    Though must I say, I am most thankful for your visit to deliver these words of kindness. May we cross paths many times, my new friend!
  11. Hope you enjoy it here! Hopefully we RP together! Sayounara!
  12. Eeeeeeeeee~ hai, Nine. I go by the name, Angel. It is a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the Iwaku Roleplay community! I am also fairly new around here. I do very much fancy your writing style, you really do seem experienced with roleplaying. It was so much fun reading all these messages on this thread. I hope you enjoy roleplaying here ^^ *smiles brightly and soars into the clear blue sky*
  13. Once more, another thousand greetings to those that have welcomed me. The pleasure would, indeed, be mine Aragwen.
    I suppose I took the wrong turn, seeing as I came to visit Gotham, but fair day Batman! Haha, I do apologize, I could not resist. Well met Razilin, even with short words, I am utmost thankful that you have made your presence known.

    My sincerest of gratitude dear Angel. I am most glad to see that others may enjoy my ways of writing. Though I must beg, do not hold to high expectations, as the style changes frequently on near chaotic levels. With hope I say, shall we both have a good day. It would be rather pleasant to cross paths once more.
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