Be damned stupid racists!

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Okay, so perhaps I am naivee. I know racism is sadly alive and well still in society, but I guess I'm just not use to seeing such blanent examples of it. When I do see it, it's usually under the guise of nationalism (Mexicans are taking our jobs) or humor (What do you call a black man that....). It's not right, but I try to realize people at times can be ignorant and fearful. However when people down right just start laughing at someone of a different creed I'm shocked and maybe it's my own damn fault for reading comments on newsweb sites like Yahoo. It seems the worse of humanity is spewed out on there.

I don't get it, and I think I never will. I know at times I can make some broad generalizations that I should have stopped and thought about, but I just could never really hate a whole group of people just because they speak differently then I do, dress, eat or worship differently, let alone because their skin tone is different then mine.

So do I hate the haters, or pity them?
If it was on a site like yahoo, or youtube... they probably think they're being funny, or 12. Best course of action is to shake your head sadly and move on. The prob;em with racism is unless its addressed as a society it will never go away, and with the 'political correctness' bull it will never be addressed, rather just glared at rudely and told to shuffle on. Its deeply ingrained in all peoples and sadly will most likely be with us to a greater or lesser degree until natural selections had its fun with us. It all boils down to the distrust of that which is different and that leading to fear and hate. As far as I can see you both hate the haters and pitty them, the two are not mutually exclusive.
Never read comments on the internet. .___.; Especially on largeass sites.
I have to admit that I'm sure all of us are subconsciously racist in some way. I'll laugh at racist jokes and such, but I certainly don't seriously feel that way. Everyone is equal in my eyes, but it doesn't really mean I can't have a laugh now and then.
Then again I'm rarely offended so..
I'll quote the Internet Fuckwad Theory here; Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Fuckwad.

Places like Yahoo or the comments on online newspapers are filled with the ramblings of the skidmarks of humanity; it's best not to pay it much mind.