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  1. I created this on another roleplay site, that I left after dealing with some dramas. Its mine, and not plagiarisms.


    Hello, I am Mr. Foyle. Thank you for taking the time to look at my rp search thread. I decided to take the time to create my own search thread. Like with everything I create on this site I am sure it be bland as heck. So suffer with me as I try my best. ;p


    Looking for

    As of now I am only looking for one x one rp's. Way to often group rps fall apart, and I hate to be the one holding the torches of a broken down rp.

    I tend to have my rps be either erotic or having tones of violence in them. I also love blending them together.

    I prefer to have a larger plot with the rp. I do slice of life rps, but I adore huge expansion rps that have character development, love, lust and twist and turns.

    I can either rp as a male, character, or a female character. I am also fine with malexfemale, male xmale. I tend to find myself lacking femalexfemale, but I am willing to try it if we can create a good plot


    The TOS is absolute.



    As far as pairings go I am up for anything. So if you don't see it here, please message em. I most certain will be willing to try it.

    Orc X Elf
    Orc x Hlafling
    Orc x Dawf

    Knight x Princess/prince
    Knight x Queen
    Knight x Viking warrior

    Arranged Marriage.

    Traveler x Local

    Outsider x Preacher wife/daughter



    I do really any genre. So pleas hit me up with any request. Worst come to worst I say no.

    Slice of Life
    Pure Smut



    I tend to stick away from Fandoms, but I am willing to give it a try.
    All character would be age up to 18 years old.

    Games of Thrones
    Characters I would be willing to rp as
    Robb Stark
    Ned Stark
    Jaime Lannister
    Tyrion Lannister
    Sansa Stark
    Catelyn Stark
    OC Stark
    Oc Lannister
    Oc Targaryen
    OC Tully

    X-Men(Movie verse)
    Characters I would be willing to rp as

    Marvel/DC (Comic verse)

    The Walking Dead
    Daryl Dixon



    Ballard of the Frost
    Gritty medieval fantasy.​

    The first series of plots featured are based on a world I created with a feeling close to Games of Thrones.

    Hebron is a large island style kingdom like England, surrounded by the Olden Ocean and Deep Sea. In the Deep Sea lays the islander kingdoms known as the Irland isles along with the berserker warriors that crave war and death.

    In the Olden Ocean there is a strange mist, known as the Red Veil. Anyone going into it never returns. To the South east rest the Getelands, where Arch Duke's rule every so often attacking Hebron. In the South West of the Getelands is a county know as Aquita and beside Aquita is the grand Kingdom of Espania.
    The Invasion of the White Lion's.

    Irland the land of the feared raiders create a new foundation with a man know as with Grand Chief. With the death of the Itanis Empire, a power vacuum is created. And that vacuum s hoped to be filled by the newly founded Irland raiders kingdom. The White Lion looks to the Southern coast of Hebron.
    Breaking the Mountain folk lords, and taking control of their famed Stone keeps. Lord DeLowe is killed at the hands of the White Lion, his head placed upon a pike at the keep that the White Lion have taken control. Now marching toward the last of the DeLowe, little hope is left. That is until the White Lion army is stopped by a small force at the High Mountain pass. The force is lead by a son of a sheep farmer named Arcalla of Lark.
    As Arcalla battles the forces of the White Lion an older lord of the Spine Coast spots the young man talents at leading forces, and decides to seek an alliance with the young man.
    A promise is made as Lord DeWinter aides the young Arcalla of Lark in creating his own legacy and noble house. As such Lord DeWinter see to that his daughter married the young intrepid Arcall Delark, without knowing of the powerhouse that he has created in aiding the Hawk House to rise.
    The Founding of the Alliance

    The Ethelbert's of the Greater North has broken the lines of the old Dalish kings, and now set there eyes on the rich Southlands.Independent, without a main source of power the Northern King believes that they will be easy pickings. What the Ethelberts are not ready for is the uniting of the Southlanders high houses against the invaders. Seeing the raw power that hold when together the patriarchs of the houses decide to unite each other in a greater, more permanent alliance.
    As such they meet with their eldest sons and daughters on the Hill of the Grey Watch. The daughters wait outside as their fathers and sons discussed who will marry who. And none is more axinous then High Lord Bert Hayward daughter Anna. Her heart flutters at the very sight of the handsome, noble Rodney Alinor. From his dark brown hair, to the bright blue eyes. Anna prayed to the old gods for a chance to become the knights wife.
    But only in the end finds that she is sent to marry the dangerous and violent Gadius DeLark, who is both feared and hated for his cruel and violent attitude on the battlefield.

    The Kingmaker

    The age of the old tribal wars are over, the North has been subdue, and the Dalish king Reynor Fangest sees to an allaince with the rising powerhouse of Archduke Ferrain Hubert. All looks to be fine as Reynor, his son and heir Ethor and the brave knight Sir Jeron Goodin see to the signing of the peace treaty at the keep of High Lord Elim Tangnet. Little do they know that is only a trap, and that the Tangnets have sided with the powerful Huberts. Killing Reynor and Ethor, Jeron barely escapes.
    Rasiing an army in the name of revenge Jeron starts his bloody civil war agaisnt the invaders. Smart, clever and quick Jeron proves to be a force to reckon with. But with the Carolingian's pulling support away from Jeron, the young knight has little hope.
    His sister Claudia Goodin seeks the aide of the powerful Southlander High Houses. With both the Alinors and Hayward refusing to side with either, her only hope is that of Leonatus DeLark the Warhawk. Claudia enters the mythical keep of HighRock with fear of her plans falling apart. But as soon as the green Dalish eyes of Claudia meets the dark brown of Leonatus a spark is formed that would be the ire to light the forge of creating a new kingdom.

    The Old Hawk

    Reynor Goodin, Grand King of Hebron decides to once again renew the long standing alliance with the powerful warrior house of DeLark. High Lord Iason and the Grand King writes a contract to have his eldest daughter Disere to marry Iason son Aricus. But a month before the marriage tragedy strikes. Reynor Goodin, Iason DeLark and the young handsome Aricus are killed by assassins. Later it learn the Reynor own brother Erigor was behind the attacks, hoping to kill any male heir to the Grand Throne and take it for his own. With their deaths hitting the land turmoil reaches a high as people fear of a great civil war.
    Iason brother Phetos DeLark takes over the High Lordship of his house and with the aide of his pupil, High Lord Reese Alinor brings peace to the Dale and stops Erigor plan. With the now Black Stallion escaping Kerryn must seek aide from the High Lords of his land as he decides to continue his plan of an alliance with the DeLarks and have his sister Desire marry the much older Phetos DeLark.
    Kerryn also seeks a wife for his own, before meeting a raven haired beauty f the North. Lena Strannis, daughter to the Blood Wolf High Lord Logan Strannis. Kerryn is almost spell struck at the thin woman, trying to understand the strange feeling for Lena. Reese Alinor heads to the Upper North to demand an audience with High Lord Hengrist Ethelbert, who had yet to declare his servitude to Kerryn Goodin and recognize the new king. While their Reese runs into a tad of trouble with Elga, the red head daughter of Hengrist.

    Bloody Wings

    Hebron after the rebellion of the Goodin usurper, has lulled back into a peaceful state. Now a new rumble starts in the mainlands. The Head of the Mainlanders faith known as Kings Priest Julius Septis has called forth a great invasion on the pagan kingdom of Hebron.
    Heborn hopes rest on the younger nobles as the Old Stallion Grand King Keifer Goodin seeks aide form from the long standing allies of the Southlands. Princess Anessa is set to marry the heir to the Stewgood line, Tilian Stewgood. But when the Southlanders army rides into Redstone she spots a man that she cannot believe exist.
    Alexander DeLark, nephew to High Lord DeLark and famously called the BloodHawk. As the two began their lover triangle, the whole of Hebron religious and political foundation is tested in a way that no one could prepare for creating the foundation of Hebron darkest moments.

    Broken Alliance, Leads to Broken Bones

    After the dark and terrible days of the Great Northern Rebellion has passed, Hebron has rested into and uneasy peace. Now with Luken reaching old age, the Grand King seeks peace for his son Jeron. And in order to do so he offers his son hand in marriage to High Lord Harold Ethelberts young daughter Rowena. The marriage license is written and Harold travels with Rowena to Stallion Head in order to finalize the arraignment but as they enter the capital Jeron returns to court with his new wife Lady Rebeka Linsar. Rowena waits in the capital as her father and the other Northern Lords deal with the insult and Luken Goodin tries to avoid another rebellion.
    But Rowena is not truly alone, and due to her now being freed from the ties of Jeron she is able to meet with the famous lovely Elizabeth Hayward, daughter of High Lord Henry Hayward. Elizabeth had made a reputation to be the most sought out woman of all of Hebron. Quick witted and stunning, Elizabeth ad Rowena quickly become friends as Rowena is introduced to Elizabeth close friends. None other than the Grand King nephew High Lord Richard Alinor and the heir to the Spine Coast the KingsHawk Sir Hector DeLark. Quickly the trio become close friends.
    After Jeron choice to place the peace of Hebron in danger, groups inside Hebron move to change the law of succession so that Jeorn cousin High Lord Richard Alinor would instead inherit the throne. Rebeka Linsar who has worked her way into Jeron bed in order to become the Grand Queen. Now Rebeka decides to place her back stabbing skill to the greatest test as she works to destroy Richard and his supporters, even going as far to seek aid from Hebron long standing enemies the Getelanders.​


    New Haven

    Zombie Survival/horror

    Taken nearly ten years after the initial outbreak of the Zombie Survival. With Humanity now an endanger species, with the Zombie hordes amassing all over the now dead world, a single bright hope rest. What is rumored to be the last great settlement of human life New Haven. A smaller size city outside of the state of Ohio. Building both a huge wall and relying on a large river, New Haven is one of the last secured settlement. The rp centers around a team of survivors sent by mission by the council of New Haven to secure fuel depots, aide other settlement and so on.


    The Three Wolves

    Based on the events of the Viking invasion of 865 AD, the Three wolves feature a made up world where three brothers, all the bastards sons of Wulgar the Raiding Wolf. Wulfgar has mad e a legend as a raider till the day he was thrown into a pit of vipers by the King Allfrex of North Lumbria after meeting the king for a treaty signing. Little did Allfrex know, but he had killed one wolf only to release three more into the world. While Wulfgar legit son drank away his father fortune and wasted his lands the three bastard born rose to power.
    Strength and cunning, the three brothers amassed an army unlike any ever seen before. And soon the three brothers take their troops and began their invasion. To the far North the eldest Ulfric the Silver Wolk invades the kingdom Alba, while the second eldest Kaiden the Black Wolf invades the isle of Uffreix and set his eyes on Vork.
    The youngest brother Orin the Blood Wolf starts his own invasion of Bertgarland.
    As with all, the names can be change.


    Three Guns, One Man

    Set in the wild days of the west. A man has left his family farm, but in the process has committed crimes. One of them is a bank robbery that ended with a woman being shot. Now hunted, he has joined the infamous Campfire Gang led by the James Sullivan.
    As they terrorized New Mexico three stranger appear seeking something. One is former Marshal Leon Smith. His daughter was the one killed in the cross fire during the botch robbery. He is seeking the head of the man behind the robbery.
    The next is John Flitch, famed bounty hunter. he price on the Camp Fire Gang will allow John to finally have enough to put away his rifle and retire from the life he has made for himself.
    And the last is Craden West, who brother ran off to join the Camp Fire Gang. Craden prays he can convinces his brother to come back home.​
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  3. I am always excited when I see your username.
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  4. So many amazing ideas! ^-^ how could anyone choose??? O.O
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  5. Well right now I have no roleplays being set up. I love to roleplay perhaps two plots or settings with you.
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  7. Sounds fun. How about you pm me and we can pick some things??
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  9. I am still looking for rolepalyers involving one of my plots. Please forgive my mistake of bumping the page.

    Also added another western style plot.
  10. Still searching
  11. I'm looking for an rp. Still going through your plots, but I'd love to start an rp with you. Pm if still interested
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  13. New Haven
    The Three Wolves
    Three Guns, One man.

    These capture my attention the most thus far.I am willing to test the waters, even do a bit of a trial posting so you can see if you would like to engage in a Role Play that involves one of these titles.
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  14. Wow...this somehow went under my eye. But I would love to rp any of the three.
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