Be A Man!

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  1. "It's time to wake up, Holly." The voice rung in her ears, and made her grumble, Holly rolled over in her bed and lifted up her hands, covering her ears. "Holly! Get. Up." Finally, Holly peered over her shoulder to the tall woman trying to wake her up, and she gave a nod, sitting up in her bed. "I'm awake, get out of my room so I can get dressed..." She rolled her eyes, and her mother left, pointing to her pile of clothes and making a remark about how she needed to clean her room and such. Holly just rolled her eyes as she stood from her bed, and walked to her closet, stepping into a pair of tight jeans and a loose shirt that hid all her curves. She moved to her desk, and grabbed a pen, marking down what she needed to do that day, and gave a sharp nod. First on her list, get dressed and go to soccer practice.

    Before she could check it off her list, she had to do it, therefore, before she knew it she was standing directly in front of her coach. Her eyes narrowed and she gasped. "Are you serious?! You're kicking me off the team! Just because I have a couple personal problems happening at home!?" Holly couldn't believe what she was hearing, how could they kick her off?! She was one of the best players; soccer was her life! Her coach, -ex coach!-, looked at her and shook his head, frowning. Holly hissed through her teeth and turned her back on him. She just couldn't believe this, why the hell would he kick her off?! Grumbling as she walked into her house, she looked at her mother and raised a hand. "I'm going to dad's." Her mother sighed, and nodded her head. Holly went up to her room and packed a few things before she went to her friends' house.


    "You want me to what?!" Her best friend, Jesse exclaimed. Holly lifted up her hands to press against her forehead and she smiled at him. He gave a careless shrug and nodded his head, getting to work. Making her look like a guy. She looked at herself in the mirror and grinned widely. Jesse pressed his hands to his hips and checked her out by slowly rolling his gaze up and down her newly man form. "So, what are you going to claim your name to be?" Holly paused as she looked at him, and cursed under her breath, then she tilted her head, and tilted it back to look at the ceiling. What could she name herself? And then it hit her; "My name is Jeruad." Jesse arched an eyebrow, and tilted his head. "Jeruad?" Holly nodded her head, and gave him a playful wink. "Nickname is Jer."

    After parting with her friend, she went into the college that he told her about to found a way to register. Walking around she bit her lip as she walked around dressed and acting like a guy. Oh booy this would be funn...
  2. Lance leaned over the counter, his shocking brown hair and green eyes enchanted the girl at the computer. "All I want is to sign up for some classes. Will you be a doll?"

    The girl at the counter, pushed her hair back and smiled up at him. "Of course Lance..."

    He smiled, handing her a paper on which he had scrawled his wanted classes onto. "Oh, and could you tell me when the soccer team is holding tryouts?" He ran fingers through his hair and put his chin on his palm.

    She batted eyes at him, trying to flirt. "Well, they should be holding them in a week." Lance nodded, trying to remain his cool self as he took his registration approval from her. He unfortunately had a way with girls...he was called the school "Prince" no matter which one he attended. He was kind, but remained his cool self. Trying, but always failing, at being alone.
  3. At first glance Holly saw the male at the counter, and she heard the words 'soccer tryouts' everything in her body screamed with excitement. Holly just had to rush towards the counter, and she smiled, but then she remembered... 'I'm a guy. My name is Jeruad.'

    Holly nodded, and moved towards the counter, speaking in a low voice. "You a soccer player too, man?" She nodded, and held her hand out. "The name's Jeruad; but people call me Jer." She gave him a nod, and couldn't help her girly instincts of secretly looking him up and down, but when she was done, she gave another firm nod.
  4. Lance thanked the girl and turned as "Jeruad" approached. He held out a hand, eyebrow rising slightly as he noticed the look up and down his form. This kid was already sizing up his competition? He laughed pleasantly, already liking the guy's guts.

    "Yes. Soccer is...well, I suppose you could say my special talent." He responded easily, a grin breaking out on his face. He ignored the girl at the counter as she sighed and swooned at the sight of his grin and sound of his laugh. "My name is Lance, great to meet you Jer."