BB's Version Of The "Darkside" Roleplay Search

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Greetings fellow Roleplayers!

I'll try and keep this as short and sweet as possible, but this is a RT after all!

Here's a little about me and what I'm hoping to find in my Roleplay Partner.

  • Please be active. At least a reply a day or once every other day.
  • No one-liners. At least 3 - 10 sentences per paragraph.
  • I ask that we write in 3rd person-paragraph-style. Not a fan of 1st person.
  • I write "submissive" female roles only.
  • I also love dark and gritty Roleplays, so do be prepared for that.
  • FC's are preferred, but they aren't a must-have-deal-breaker.
  • Roleplay's will be conducted on-site, and via PM's only.

Physical Torture
Angst / Pain
Romance / Betrayals
Belly Rubbing
Whippings / Floggings
Binding / Gagging / Blindfolding
Pregnancies (If it fits into the RP and Plot.)


BB's C: Human X YC: Vampire
BB's C: Vampire Fledgling X YC: Vampire Sire
BB's C: Human X YC: Demon Lord
BB's C: Lesser Demon Slave X YC: Demon Lord
BB's C: Slave X YC: Master
BB's C: Princess X YC: Evil Prince
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I may be able to do the princess x evil prince.