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My Pokémon Team
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Species: Riolu
Nickname: Anubis
Level: 21

Shiny: No
Accessories: Red bandanna
Short biography: When Lily was little, she begged and pleaded for her own Pokémon; she wanted to go on an adventure terribly bad. She often threw fits or proceeded to tantrum each time she was told she had to wait until she was ten. When the day finally arrived, she set out for the lab only to realize that they were fresh out of starters. However, the local breeder offered to give her a mystery egg. After a short while, her very own Riolu hatched, and she nicknamed him Anubis.


Species: Swinub
Nickname: Ivory
Level: 20
Shiny: No
Accessories: N/A

Short biography: Lily had never been to the colder regions of Kalos before; she wasn't used to the frigid weather. Because of this, she felt as though she needed to explore the new territory while she had the time. While searching around, she noticed a hurt little Swinub stuck on a thorn bush. After helping him out and making sure he was healthy, for some reason, he began to feel an odd attachment to her. Ever since, they have been best friends.


Species: Drifloon
Name: Maria
Level: 20
Shiny: Yes
Accessories: A baseball cap

Short biography: During a trip to the Sinnoh region, Lily met all kinds of Pokémon. She quickly befriended many wild ones, but for some reason, there was a Driftloon that was colored differently from the rest. It acted the same, and looked quite normal, but the colors were totally off. She began investigating, and it turned out that she had discovered a shiny Pokémon. She quickly caught it and introduced it to her others.
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