BBC Sherlock Alpha/Omega Universe! MxM

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  1. A few requirements before I go on :)

    1)Please be on often, as I have about two months without school and I'm terribly bored. If you're not on for a while, please say.
    2)Feel free to get to know me through PM, sometimes it's weird rp'ing with someone and not knowing them.
    3)Be prepared to make up plot rather than having a whole story planned out. Just 'winging' it can make the best plot.

    Ok so I got this concept through numerous fanfictions. It's basically the whole Alpha/Omega bond dynamic set in the BBC Sherlock universe~ MxM

    I think it would be interesting if Sherlock is an alpha who's had a mate for a long time~ but people like Lestrade don't believe that anyone would be 'bonded' with him (In this universe, if someone enters a relationship with someone else then it's a lifelong bond).
    Mpreg would eventually be involved- but it doesn't have to be.

    I could play either Sherlock or an OC, but I would MUCH rather play the OC :)
    If you wanted to play the omega OC for Sherlock, then maybe you could double as Jim for my OC omega.

    Either post here or PM me if interested ! :D
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  2. I would love to this rp with you!! it sounds amazing!!
  3. Yay!!

    How should we do this? As in who would you want to play?
    I personally write better over emails, but it's ok if you want to Rp over the site.
  4. This thread is still open~
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