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    kate ; 19 ; female ; bi-curious


    Birth Name: Katelyn Monroe
    Known Alias: Katie, Cybernetic, Cy, Raye, Rae
    Age: Nineteen.
    Current Status: Alive
    Current Residence: New york city.
    Spoken Languages: French, German, English, ASL., Code, several different computer languages.

    Species/Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 110
    Physical Age: Seventeen-Twenty
    Physical Attractiveness: Er, shouldn't you be telling her that?
    Complexion: Alabaster skin, with little impurities.
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eyes Color: Green-blue
    Physical Strength: Average

    Distinguishing Features: Usually will be moving fingers, as a way to scroll through the wavelengths in the air. Can view the wavelengths at any given time, even if in a place that has no signal.

    Known Illnesses or Conditions: Intimacy problems, Bi-polar disorder, she has problems with empathizing, especially with humans.

    Extra Anatomy: Able to perceive and translate wavelengths at any given time.

    Non-Natural Abilities:
    Electromagnetic Vision

    Electronical perception and communication (Sub power of Technopathy or Technology Manipulation)


    Transducers are human antennas that have the ability to intercept communications and encrypted messages with their minds. They can literally "see" electromagnetic wavelengths but have also been shown to hear noises produced from the frequencies that even a synesthete can't hear.

    Transducers can read a wide range of frequencies but can become easily overwhelmed when they are unable to turn these signals off. Using this ability also produces headaches if the person uses it continuously for extended periods of time. Transducers can see wavelengths in colors and shapes.


    Decryption: Phones and other electronics can be penetrated or hacked by Transducers. (Either manually or mentally.)

    Disability Immunity: Immune to influencing and subliminal messages, also immune to those who can use telepathy or mind control.

    Immunity to those who read facial expressions or body language.

    One who can determine the truthfulness of other people's statements by reading their micro-expressions might find this impossible with transducers.

    Nature Signal Detection: Electromagnetic signals found in nature can also be detected, translated, and transmitted. One was able to transmit signals to a swarm of bees, commanding them to move away from the victim.

    A transducer is a device that converts one form of energy to another. Energy types include (but are not limited to) electrical, mechanical, electromagnetic (including light), chemical, acoustic or thermal energy. While the term transducer commonly implies the use of a sensor/detector, any device which converts energy can be considered a transducer. Transducers are widely used in measuring instruments.

    Kate is a transducer who can perceive and manipulate electromagnetic wavelengths. Kate can perceive electromagnetic signals and waves as streams of lights and colors all around her to literally read texts, hear transmissions, and watch videos being transmitted or simply connect to the internet. Using her ability Kate can hack into cell phone signals, television broadcasts, WiFi frequencies etc. using only her mind. Kate's abilities and skills make her incredibly efficient in hacking into restricted computer systems and tracking individuals through their digital devices as she can literally connect with electronic signals. Kate's ability can be dampened if the signals surrounding her are encrypted, and she can feel the signals but not reach them. An absence of technology and wifi makes Kate's abilities difficult or even impossible to use. However, In when Kate was separated from technology in the forest she realized that she could perceive all manner of electromagnetic waves including those found in nature, for example discerning the communication between plants and insects, hearing faint but distinct signals being passed back and forth. A downside to Kate's ability is the potential to be overwhelmed by incoming electronic signals, by streaming an E-mail bomb to a specific signal Kate is reading, forcing her to absorb a tremendous amount of data all at once.


    Intelligence Level: IQ: 198

    Mental Condition: Bi-polar, Too smart for her own good, usually gets herself in trouble and danger. Thrill seeker and dangerous when in her 'moods'. Possible traits of Sociopathy.

    Emotional Condition: Good, although is usually blunt and has a hard time communicating without insults or references. Sarcastic, and child-like.

    Sociability: Good, easy to talk to people.

    General Outlook: Positive

    Sexual Orientation: Straight (But possibly Bi-curious)

    Mental Peculiarities: Believes in impossible and far-fetched things.

    Such as;
    Belief that Deja-vu, a feeling of having already experienced the present situation, happens because in another reality, you have done the same thing. This then is deciphered into nostalgia, which brings the feeling of Deja-vu.
    Belief that there is another reality, based on which choices you make to get there.
    Belief that people with other abilities or races are real.

    Known Fears: Snakes, losing her ability, death.

    Weaknesses: She has intimacy issues, problems with respect and she can be extremely irritable. If there is no technology or wifi signals in the air, or around her in one square mile, it will become increasingly difficult to use her ability. She has been able to expand her ability to a wider radius, but she develops migraines and can pass out. It is dangerous for her to do so, but it can be done. She cannot use her ability for more than seven hours in a row, because it will create headaches for her and could develop into an aneurysm. She has a problem talking to new people and can come off grumpy or mean, but she has a good heart. It takes her a while to get used to people, as she is used to people using her. Her walls protect her but don't get on her bad side, she can be a great asset to any team, but can also be detrimental to a team she does not like.

    Weird, not really useful facts: She has been in Juvie.

    She once got a job for a year as a private investigator. She mostly spied on people's texts and came up with evidence that the investigatee was cheating or something. It was quite humorous for her.

    She has a literal sign on her door that says 'Computer, phone, tablet and radio repairs. If you screw it up, take it to us so we can screw it back'.

    Her room is a horrible mess, computer parts, desk, and motherboards in one corner, dresser in another, and bed by the window.
    Ever stepped on a computer part? It hurts worse than a lego.

    When fixing computers, or computer-related devices, she often will talk to them, like one would talk to a newborn or child, often feeling more compassion for computers than humans.

    Ambition Level: Ten/Hyper.

    Biographical Data

    Ethnicity: German, Irish, English, American.

    Birth Father: Duke Monroe.

    Birth Mother: Amelia Dane

    Birth Order: Only child.

    Known Immediate Family: Grandmother, Aunt.

    Brothers: None

    Sisters: It was rumored after her mother took off, that she had had a second child, but Kate never found out if that was true or not.

    Educational Level: Extremely intelligent.

    Known Languages: French, German, English, ASL, Klingon, Morse code, Computer code and wavelengths.

    Talents and Skills: Able to strip any computer, communicate with computers, (Literally be able to send commands or override a computer with her mind, she can ride the wavelengths to actually get into a computer, phone, or another electronic device. Can view cameras/sensors and override them. She is the best tool for a bank robbery/prison escape. She's extremely good in hacking, even without using her ability. She only uses her ability for seven hours a day maximum, because she develops headaches if she uses it more than ten hours at a time.

    She is a master inventor, creator and has impressive intelligence. She can literally ‘see’ the components and parts needed to make a particular device. Along with that, she is extremely adept at making plans, and understanding complex situations. She prefers computers over humans, and even went so far as to invent a computer named Albert, which resides in her mind.

    When Kate was a little girl, a family friend on her mother’s side named Ally came to visit them. Ally was a technopath like Kate, and Ally had been in contact with Kate’s father, when he contacted her asking for her help. Kate had been going a bit stir crazy, and had torn apart almost everything electric in the house. The Radio, the Television, the Stereo, her Father’s two laptops and his phone.

    Kate had torn apart these devices to build something. Her father had recently come home, and he had been demoted in the company he worked at. Kate had seen an ad on the TV for a robot car. Kate had wanted it to show around at school, but her father didn’t have the money. So kate decided to build it herself. It took two hours and a steady hand, but at the end of her voyage, Kate had herself a robot.

    Of course, what she took apart probably cost more than the robot itself, but the lesson remains the same. Kate was smart, smarter than her father could handle, which eventually led to the onset of her father’s anger. However, she always tried to keep that childlike wonder inside of her, even if she didn’t end up so happily ever after, after all.

    Good with computers, including hard-drives and the physical aspects of them. Has a small computer shop in her room, and can fix a phone, radio or computer in under five minutes. (Her record speed.)

    She can fight moderately well, but her skills are mostly learned from the street. She got into many fights when she hung out with the bad kids in her town, and at one point even participated in street fights for money.

    She is good at gymnastics, although she never pursued gymnastics. Most of her fighting skills use Gymnastics and upper-body strength to defeat her opponent.

    Her mother was never really in Kate's life, leaving her father with Kate right after her mother gave birth. She has thought that maybe her sarcasm, bi-polar disorder and intimacy issues came from her mother, but it is unknown. When Kate was seven, her father met another woman and fell in love. After getting married, they moved to California to live there when her father got a promotion to be the head of a large branch office for a fortune 500 company.

    When Kate was ten, Two years after her father had re-married, his wife, Alice, died in a car accident, while she was pregnant with Kate’s half-brother.
    After they died, her father grew cold and became distant, taking time off work and losing his mind at the bottom of a bottle. After six months of heavy drinking, he started to become abusive, taking his anger out on his daughter. This caused Kate to spend every moment she could outside the house and instead with bad influences, even going as far as to sleep over at other people’s houses as often as she could. After a few years hanging out with the ‘bad’ crowd, Kate got involved in a gas station robbery that her ‘friends’ were going to rob. She unknowingly participated in stealing alcohol from the gas station and subsequently got arrested when her fingerprints were found at the scene. She spent a year and three months in Juvie. On the day she was getting released, her father showed up, drunk. While driving home, he couldn’t keep control of the wheel and he crashed into a power line, which snapped and the live wire fell on the car. Kate woke up and tried to get out of the car, touching the metal door handle. She was electrocuted and passed out on the chairs. She awoke later in the hospital, suddenly seeing things floating in the air around her. She was admitted for a concussion, but no electrical burns even though she distinctly remembered pain.

    A week after her injuries, a man approached her with a distinct cause. Help her refine her abilities, and train her amidst other people who are just like her. So she packed her bags, got her plane ticket, and returned to New York City, her hometown.

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