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  1. I'm looking for more casual role plays, which means no strict limits on how much either of us write.
    However, I'll simply not allow one liners. Unless there's absolutely nothing else to say, please don't write a one liner.
    I ask that each of us write at least one paragraph per post.


    1- Please be active. I lose interest if my partner is not active.
    I'd like someone who can reply multiple times a day, but once a day is acceptable.

    2- Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    Though this may sound arrogant, if you're unsure of something, please feel free to ask me for help.

    3- Be honest with me.
    I don't give two shits if you want to quit the role play. Sometimes partners don't mesh well, or sometimes you just get uninterested out of nowhere. That is totally cool with me!
    And even if you're too afraid to send me a PM letting me know you're done, that's fine too.
    If you've read this far, please put the word "peach" somewhere in your post/message.
    All I ask is that you show me enough respect to answer my PMs, if I ask what's going on.

    4- Be friendly and help me plot!

    So, I do both fandoms and original ideas.
    I prefer canon x oc for fandoms, but I will double and do canon x canon or oc x oc for a pairing of your choice.
    I also prefer female x male, but once again, I will be happy to do m// or f// for your pairing.

    Romance is a must in all my role plays! It does not have to be right away, however. I prefer romance to build.

    So, I'm into dark themes quite often, and I like violence and trauma. If you have any triggers, please let me know before hand.
    Libertine is fine, if you're a female. If you're a male, I'm sorry, but I'm uncomfortable role playing sexual scenes with you.

    So, onto the fun stuff!!

    (Bold is preferred, * means I have a plot, and Italics mean that a f// pairing is acceptable)

    The Walking Dead*
    Percy Jackson
    Dragon Age
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy 8
    Chrono Cross
    Dragonball Z
    Death Note*
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Avatar: The Last Air Bender*
    FMA: Brotherhood
    Steven Universe*
    Sailor Moon
    Life is Srange
    Fallout 4
    Tomb Raider
    The Hobbit
    Fatal Frame


    Basically, anything you can think of, I'm sure I'd be interested.
    I'm very interested in fantasy and the use of magic, along with historical things.
    I like unusual pairings as well!

    (Note: I am not interested in things such as master/slave, however, or DD/LG, or dom/sub stuff.)
  2. Peach is adorable, i would like to hear your PJ plot
  3. NANA~! I tend to stay away from fandoms, but I really like that one. Would you Pm me please to discuss this further? :3

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.