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  1. Yuki Furukawa
    Appearance (open)
  2. Yuki Furukawa
    Silence. Darkness. Those were the things that filled Yuki's vision as he opened his eyes slowly, locking his gaze on the ceiling of his room. Pressing his lips into a thin line, he slowly sat up, pulling his feet over so that the were planted on the floor before groaning and holding his head in his hands. Needless to say, the male wasn't a morning person in the slightest.

    After a few more seconds of pushing his drowsiness away, Yuki slowly stood and scratched at his bare chest lazily. Walking to his closet, he grabbed his school uniform and quickly put it on. Leaving the top few buttons unbuttoned, he then grabbed the uniform jacket, throwing it over his shoulder before leaving his house. Fortunately, the school wasn't too far from his apartment, and he could get a few more minutes of shut-eye on the roof, like always. It was one of the very few things he actually looked forward to with school... other than the music club, of course. Yuki would even skip classes to just sit in the music room and relax.

    After a few more minutes of walking, he looked down at his watch, seeing that school didn't start for another thirty minutes. Despite the time, Yuki could see quite a few other students walking into school, making the male slowly set his jaw. Under most circumstances, he would avoid the other students at all costs, but unfortunately, walking the halls of the school wrecked that for him.

    Rolling his eyes to himself, Yuki simply stepped inside the front doors, shoving one hand into his pocket, while he held his messenger bag with the other, his uniform coat still hung over his shoulder. Immediately, he could feel eyes turning to look at him, and whispers that started from small clusters of people. Narrowing his eyes even more than they originally were, he also deepened his almost-permanent scowl. Turning his gaze slowly, he locked eyes with a small group of girls, pressing his lips together as he did so. The girls' eyes widened slightly before they instantly turned away, changing their conversation topic quickly. IT never bothered him anymore, since he was the type of person most would gossip about. Not in a good way, of course. Having a reputation as a cold isolated person who fought people didn't exactly smooth over well with the others. Slowly rolling his shoulders, Yuki turned down the hallway, seeing the staircase that lead to the roof.

    Once he walked to the roof, he let the door slam behind him before walking to the corner of the fencing on the edge of the roof. leaning his back against the fence, he closed his eyes and pulled out his earbuds, putting them into his ears. He sat there as music slowly began to fill his ears, letting his mind grow quiet except for the music.
  3. Yuki Furukawa
    Interactions: Snowe
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    Snowe. Of course, it was Snowe that managed to get under his skin so early in the morning. Sending a death glare to the said male, he snarled and set the guitar down. "Bite me." he snapped, slightly irritated. However, despite how much the other might've irked him, he was still more bearable then the demons from the art club. Rolling his eyes, he scratched the back of his head and was about to lay back onto the table when he saw Katsuro freaking about about missing the first bell.

    Yuki blinked and had to register the realization of being late before he grabbed his jacket, flinging it over his shoulder, and grabbing his messenger bag. After Katsuro bolted from the room, the snow-haired male sighed and followed suit. He walked at a decent pace, knowing he was already late, so he watched as Katsuro made his way past the other students. What would it matter if he was a bit later? Even if his teacher was scary to the other students, he couldn't care less. She was just a teacher with over-sized breasts and a devil-like personality. Rolling his eyes, Yuki watched as the hall quickly filled with students rushing to get to class, bumping and elbowing past each other.

    Walking toward the large mass, he moved his arm in-between clumped people, shoving his way past, his eyes closed as he did so. A few turned to curse and insult whoever was shoving them, but stopped upon seeing him. Opening his eyes, Yuki glanced at them with a icy grey-eyed glare. Two of the boys stumbled back, and tapped for their buddies to move. Finally, he could breath. His eyes glanced down the hall at what looked like Ivanna from the art club. She looked like she was confronting a boy for whatever reason, and simply scoffed. In other circumstances, Yuki might've stepped in, but since it was one of the dreaded art club members, he simply rolled his eyes away from her, adjusting his messenger bag over his shoulder.

    Despite not being too fond of the art members, he was just glad he didn't have to run into Mai before having to be in the same class as her. For some reason, that girl irked him to his last nerve. Just the thought of sharing the same room as her for most of the day made him inwardly cringe, his lip twitching slightly. Closing his eyes, he ran into another student, his shoulder hitting theirs. Not bothering to turn and see who it was, he moved inside the classroom and nonchalantly walked to the far seat by the window, the end of one of the middle rows. There, he laid his jacket on the back of the chair and stared out of the window, deciding to just not pay attention to the day's lesson.
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