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  1. I want to know all the secrets to making pretty BB Code things. D:
    I am use to HTML and CSS, but of course Iwaku doesn't use those, so will someone help me learn all the ways you can make posts pretty and awesome with BB Code? :D
  2. Welllll.. I'm no expert on coding, but here's the list of the BB codes: BB Codes |

    So you can see if there's anything there that tickles your fancy. :D
  3. Have you taken a look at the BB code help page? That, and practice, are the best way to learn BB. :D

    Edit: Got me that time!
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  4. Thank you guys, I was actually looking for that page :D I will go study it profusely now. >.>
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  5. Aside from the BB Code help list, if you're not on a mobile device with a small screen you can sneak a peak at other people's BB Code stuff, so if you find something pretty you can totally steal it. Quote their post (don't post anything, just hold it as quoted in your text box), then in the upper right part of the post formatting options area there will be a symbol that looks like this:

    Click it to change to BB Code Editor mode, which will allow you to see all the coding tags in use instead of seeing the formatted product. That way you can see how someone did a certain thing and emulate it for your own uses.
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  6. If you're familiar with HTML/CSS, the [div] is going to be your best friend.

    It will create a literal <div> element, and any arguments you supply it are parsed as in-line styling applied to that <div>.

    Do note that any multiple-parameter styling that is delineated by commas probably needs to have the space omitted to avoid invalidation by the bbTags parser (which is looking for comma-space as a token of its own).

    Example! :D

    [div="margin: auto; width: 100px; height: 24px; background: linear-gradient(to top,white 0%,black 100%);"][/div]
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  7. Yep I made this pretty thing just now:

    This is text in a box.
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