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  1. How many drugs is BB Code on and why does it add 5,000 codes every time I choose to edit a post?

    Spent 20 minutes trying to edit a post because every time I went to edit it, it added 3 more spoilers, untagged someone, and / or separated my tabs into separate tab groups. Any reason why it's adding extra codes, or...?
  2. Could you link the post so I can take a look at it?
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  3. Pretty much the only reason this would happen is because you didn't close one set of code quite right. In trying to "fix" it to match what the computer thinks you want, it uncodes more things. Every time you try and edit and saves it works harder to "fix" the catastrophe, which just puts in more code. :O If Noctis can't figure it out, I'm more than willing to take a look as well. It's just a matter of finding the right thing, fixing it, and then cleaning up the rest.
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  4. Okay dokey :3
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  5. It does that sometimes, I've noticed.
    Especially when I do fancy things with loads of tables and bullet points. I think it comes not from not closing it (the editor should do that, I double checked) but from it not nesting in a way that it likes at the end.

    The best route I've found for editing such things is to ctrl+x the whole post, paste it into a text editor (like Word), edit it, and then copypaste it back in from there and save.
  6. Psst. You can also switch between the Rich Text and BB Code editors, if you didn't know. The BB Code editor shows everything in plain text so you can catch any unclosed tags or nesting issues.
  7. I've noticed that this happens less when using the BBCode Editor instead of the rich text editor. Maybe because you can clearly see everything.
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