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    Willow's World Building Method is a series of lessons/workshops that guide you through world building via my method. My method consists of exploring Geographical & Climate Aspects, Biological Aspects, Culture Aspects, Science & Technology Aspects, Species & Population Aspects, Magic Aspects, Government & Politics Aspects, Borders & Locations Aspects, Adversaries & Affiliate Aspects, and so many more facets of world building, in a fun and quirky way!

    I aim to make these lessons easy and fun to read. World building is my favorite thing to do and you can craft worlds for many different things, such as; roleplays, books, movies, video games, and other projects. When I create a world, I look at every single detail that can be had in a universe, even down to what the kitchen sink looks like. World building can be a fun activity to do for various projects and I can't wait to share my method with you in the coming threads.

    Geographical and Climate aspects of a world are crucial to the natural atmosphere and surfaces that make up the earth. The various land formations can be unique to the world in a variety of ways. When creating a world you should focus on the facet of the earth that excites you the most. Until you have completed all details down to the least exciting aspect of world building. This has been the introduction to the series of workshops known as "Willow's World Building Method". If you have any questions or comments, let me know! I can't wait to explore the facets of world building with you!

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  2. **To fully understand this roleplay, reading through every tab in this OOC Sign Up Thread is highly encouraged!**


    A Post-Apocalyptic Hope

    • The future of Earth is bleak. With so many different humans, how will all of them come to terms? Tension between elite forces grows with every passing year, hinting at a future of chaos. In this time, there are many prophets that speak out about truths and ideals known to them. Some are even more gifted, and can foresee prophecies. One particular prophet called 'Oma Mioati', in the year 2130, spoke aloud about a prophecy that could save them from the chaos that loomed before them:

      "When the fabric of dimensions rips apart,
      Only the ones with the divine heart,
      May wield the power to build a new,
      An expanse for them and their people too."

      At the time, no one fully understood this prophecy and merely shrugged it off for a fake. Why would the people want to build a new? Earth was perfectly good for the humans, wasn't it? It was five years after Oma spoke about the "Divine Heart" prophecy, that a mysterious occurrence happened in America. Right in the middle of Central Park, New York, a rip tore itself open in thin air revealing a starry void inside. However, anyone who tried to touch the rip or go near it, were blown back by an extremely strong gale of dimensional energy. Even the elite forces of Earth could not penetrate this rip, and that made them very curious. It seemed that everyone on Earth was captivated by this one mysterious rip in the fabric of dimensions.

      In 2136 blueprints were released to the public about several underground testing and living facilities being created throughout the world. It seemed that only the very wealthy and famous could run these labs only. This upset the common folk who wanted to have their own underground tenements, and several small riots broke out in the cities where vault construction was located. However, this did not dissuade the construction workers and the building process continued to run smoothly.

      Finally in the year 2142, all underground vaults are finished and several elite forces and celebrities relocate. There were many tests conducted and researched in these labs. All of them were trying to modify a human to become the "divine hearted" and enter the rip in New York. To no avail, however. Even the elite forces of the Earth could not procure anyone to enter the mysterious rip. This was an outrage to everyone and the elite forces grew even darker in their motives.

      In 2144, an eccentric scientist, Dr. Xristofer Jurgatt, pushes out advertisements about his proven method to enter the rip in New York and offered access to anyone who was able to volunteer. Dr. Jurgatt has recruited your character(s) to volunteer in his "Divine Heart" experiment so that someone may know what lies beyond the starry void of the rip. He tells all volunteers that his experiments are long term endeavors and only those who truly want immortality should come. There will be a year's worth of painless tests before all characters are enclosed in a CryoSleep Chamber. This is a device to freeze the human body so that the tests for immortality can have an incubation period. The year was 2145 when all characters were placed in their CryoSleep Chambers and put into a frozen sleep.

      Meanwhile others still had no success in entering the rip, and were extremely angry. The elite forces blamed each other and accusations flew. It seemed that war was on the horizon. Indeed it came as the 'War of World Powers' was declared in the year 2146. This war was mainly between the main elite powers of the Earth nations. But, that does not mean the common folk were unaffected. In fact, only three months into the war and ten nuclear bombs were deployed around various points of the world. As each of them hit, those who did not seek adequate shelter in time were decimated. The earth was left in shambles...

      Since your characters were tucked away in their CryoSleep Chambers deep underground, all of them would be safe from the havoc wreaking above the ground. The last thing your character(s) would remember is feeling extremely sleepy. A century would pass before the final caution alarm would go off and your characters would be released from their frozen sleep. When they have awoken their senses will be ten times as strong as they remembered, and they will feel as if death is no longer a problem.

      In the In-Character Thread Dr. Jurgatt is waiting to greet your character(s) as they wake up. All character(s) will have to meet up with Dr. Jurgatt in his Residence and Offices near the back of the Underground Terrain. This will begin your first quest. From there the journey to Wuinderre-Expanse awaits your characters! This roleplay is a long term endeavor to create a story about immortal beings saving their post apocalyptic earth with the help of Dimensional Magic. More information about the many facets of this game are located in each tab. I hope you all enjoy this roleplay and utilize it to your full potential!

    • Underground Terrain

      CryoSleep Testing Area

      The CryoSleep Testing Area is the first place your character(s) will be when they join the IC. The area is filled with room sized chambers for your character(s) to wait in. These CryoSleep Chambers are designed to freeze your character into an incubation sleep for the immortal gene to fully take affect in your character's body. There are caution alarms all over the area that ring when the chambers are being opened and closed. This area is the furthest from the Resident and Offices, and is closest to the Experiment Research Room.

      Experiment Research Room

      Dr. Jurgatt Residence and Offices

      Post Apocalyptic Badlands
      Ravaged Metropolis
      Rip in the Fabric of Dimensions
      Mystonder Hollow Quarter
      Stavedurte Quarter
      Arnacwa Quarter
      Ilphoba Quarter
      Cartemae Quarter
      Dexishva Quarter

    • This tab holds all the Non-Playable Characters that only the GM WhisperingWillows plays. All characters will have a chance to interact with these NPCS at least once.


      Dr. Xristofer Jurgatt is the Head Scientist that asked your character(s) to volunteer in his long term experiments to become a "divine heart" being. He is one of the first NPCS you will interact with in Wuinderre-Expanse. When your character awakens from their sleep, they must find Dr. Jurgatt. Once all characters have found him, he will explain everything to you and show you to your second quest.



      Doxen Areth is the second NPC that the characters will interact with. She is the New York City Safe Haven Leader and she guards the entrance to Central Park. In the middle is the rip in the fabric of dimensions and none shall pass without her approval. She will require your characters to do a series of tasks to prove your a divine heart being before she will approve your characters to all go to the portal.



      Vixxey Foxyen is the third NPC that the characters will meet. She is the ambassador and guard of Wuinderre-Expanse. She will be at the end of the starry dimensional tunnel blocking the portal into the new dimension. Your characters have to explain the story of the ravaged earth and ask to become citizens of Wuinderre-Expanse in order to follow the prophecy from your old dimension. Vixxey will be your guide as you all go through the new dimension.



      Stradvent the Strong Wuinderre-Expanse information goes here



      Armaya the Arcane NPC information goes here for Wuinderre-Expanse



      Illoni the Intellectual Wuinderre-Expanse information goes here!



      Carmonelle the Charismatic Wuinderre-Expanse information goes here.



      Dysterix the Dexterous Wuinderre-Expanse information goes here!


    • The explanation of the world building system in W.E. and how it ties into classes.

    • This is where all records of player made creatures are kept.

    • Content 2

    • This tab will be a record of all player made structures and landmarks in Wuinderre-Expanse.

    • This tab will hold links to different guides on certain aspects of Wuinderre-Expanse that are located in the Mythos Clan.

    Roleplay Rules & Guidelines

    Roleplay Rules
    Rules about the roleplay and the password

    Character Guidelines
    Character Guidelines and the second password

    Roleplay Perks

    • Crystal Mushroom Guide Goes Here and explanation of Leveling system.

    • A list of all available player classes goes here

    • Every Rank a Player Can get within a Class

    • Energy Stones and how they are created and used in Wuinderre Expanse.

    • The Hidden Object Game System, in where I detail many hidden items and your character can try to get them. Will use Random Number Generator to decide if they receive item.

    • Knowledge Trees and the information you can receive with various tokens.

    • Ability trees and the skills you can acquire with various tokens.

    • The Inventory Slots Rules and bag creation explanation.

    Character Sheet

    • Full Name:
      Why did your character volunteer for Dr. Jurgatt's experiments?:

    • This information is for WhisperingWillows to fill out once the characters have entered the Rip and met Vixxey Foxyen.

      Experience Points:
      Class Rank:
      Knowledge Granted:
      Abilities Granted:
      Inventory Slots:

    Below is the code for the Character Sheet & IC Roleplay Stats, I'd like it if you'd please copy this and fill it out!
    [tab=Character Sheet Template]
    Full Name:
    Why did your character volunteer for Dr. Jurgatt's experiments?:
    [tab=In-Character Roleplay Stats Sheet]
    This information is for WhisperingWillows to fill out once the characters have entered the Rip and met Vixxey Foxyen.
    Experience Points:
    Class Rank:
    Knowledge Granted:
    Abilities Granted:
    Inventory Slots:

    Cast List

    Valentina Phantome | Lovelessesbutterfly

    Aphrodesana Phantome | Lovelessesbutterfly

    Ophelia Nicolaides | -'ToxicGhostie'-

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    Content 3
    Content 4
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    Full Name: Arianna Alexandria Estrus

    Nickname(s): N/A

    Pronunciation: Are-e-on-uh Al-ex-and-ree-a S-ter-us

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human-Gorgon

    Class: Tamer

    Personality: Arianna is a very reserved individual. But do not let her seemingly shy outside fool you, her true nature is that of a predator. Arianna sees everything very...objectively. No cost is too great, no blood too precious. She seeks for the constant advancement of all things, and those deemed unworthy of continuing are coldly shut out, or even cut down. She acts kindly towards those she sees as friends, but enemies are nothing more than obstacles on the path to perfection. This pride in her own strength, and that of her creations, may one day cause her downfall; but until then, it is rather well-placed pride. She has no fear of what is normally considered "Gross" and openly embraces the unknown.

    As a human, Arianna was a brown haired woman with pale white skin. She stood at 6', rather tall for a woman. She was often seen wearing a darkly colored dress and a necklace with a single emerald in it. Her eyes were as green as the emerald in her necklace, shining a brilliant green.
    Extra Information:​
    • May choose when to turn enemies to stone, but may only do so up to 3 times a week.​
    • Wields a whip​
    • If whip is ineffective, often resorts to her claws​


    World-building Attributes:
    None yet

    None yet

    None yet

    4 Slots Available

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    Full Name:
    Yacoub Abraham Floros

    Yacoub, Ab

    Yah-koob Abe-rah-am Floor-ohs



    Age Appearance:

    Age Actual:

    Sand Demon

    August 17th

    Physical Appearance:
    Yacoub has two forms overall. His more humanoid form has tan skin, brunette curly hair, and golden brown hues. His demon form is a horned sandy giant.

    6'1 | 10'5

    210 LBS

    Eye Color:
    Golden Brown

    Eye Shape:

    Hair Color:
    Dark Brunette

    Hair Style:
    Curly Mop

    Hair Length:

    Skin Tone:

    Body Modifications:
    Sand Demon Tribal Tattoos

    Two on each hip

    Birth Marks:

    Yacoub is as shifty as the sand he controls. He is cautious and silent in his observations, not allowing himself to speak unless spoken to. The more mild mannered of demons, he prefers to only encourage chaos but not cause it. His curiosity is large and wild, being more flamboyant with his adventures.

    +Can Control Sand
    +Has a second form
    +Is rather cunning

    +Control Freak
    +Enjoys a good time at any cost.


    +Buzz Kills
    +Not getting what he wants

    Yacoub has several relatives dispersed about the various deserts in nomadic tribes.

    Where are they now?:
    Heading to a bar with their gay friend Ray.

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    This is the div thread box for Willow's guide to creating characters. :)

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    character guide div box test

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    Dr. Jurgatt information and posts go here

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    Values & Beliefs
    Iridis believes that you should always be honest with your intentions. That you should make your life worth living for. As well as, she believes that once you have performed a blood ritual with another mortal you are responsible for their well-being and survival. Iridis believes that any killing can be justified if you have honest intentions. Iridis values immortality and seeks to further her knowledge upon expanding her powers and abilities.

    The night watching over Elisven has been relatively easy and quick, few animals wandered by and no hostile threats had tread there. Iridis was eager to reach the kingdom with her new mate. They had made it to the gate hastily and were entered into the kingdom as soon as Eli showed her badge. Iridis couldn't help but think how much Elisven deserved her position here in Mordonia.

    As they made their way to the Mage's Court, Iridis took in the beautiful red brick structures that the Kingdom City was famous for. They were elegantly crafted with many features that caught Iridis' eye. She hadn't been to the big city in what seemed like a century. With the vampire hunters doubling in numbers she had to lay low. Iridis had fled to the farthest icy peaks of the Arami Mountains, she even roomed with a beautiful frost witch in the icicle caverns there. She too had vampirism in her blood and was also hunted like Iridis.

    As they entered the court, Elisven urgently asked for a "Garvonis" person, and Iridis was sure she would soon find out why exactly Eli had come to her. He sat down at the table with Iridis and her lover before explaining the situation. Iridis was overjoyed at the assignment for Elisven and was eager to spend much more time teaching her about the blood bond.

    As Garvonis explained about the donors he would offer, Iridis turned to Elisven and stroked her hair softly twirling the purple strands between her manicured fingers.
    "If Elisven deems them vorthy enough for me to drink from their veins, I vould like to take that offer. I can't continuosly feed upon dear Elisven, for she vould vither into nothing. As long as she approves of those I drink from, than I vill most gratefully accept the donations." She clasped the hand that was clutching Eli's hair onto her shoulder and squeezed it lovingly.
    Powers & Abilities

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    This is for Roleplay Perks Guide

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    A Letter to the Chosen

    Dear Citizen,

    Congratulations! You and several others have been selected from our sweepstakes to participate in a very important event. The most recent data (however few) has confirmed that a planet that we have nicknamed "Floranota" has the correct conditions for all kinds of life to form! With this data
    , we can now safely send colonists to this new planet. Which means that you and others will be the first Earth people to make your mark in this world. Thank you so much for entering our sweepstakes. Your space course training will be conducted for the next several weeks before you and others are prepared to make the flight. The body under our new hyper drive can be awfully strange for new comers. No worries, however, with our space training program we will get you up to par in no time! In two months time, you will be journeying to this far away planet and colonize it for the benefit of the entire globe. Thank you again for your entrance into our once in a life time sweepstakes.

    Space Control Management

    Rules & Guidelines

    Roleplay Perks

    Character Creation

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  17. Humreous Withersby


    Humreous Withersby

    GENDER: Male
    Department of Arcana Analysis;

    • Counterpossession: The occult counterpart of Counter-Subversion, put in place to ensure that no Laundry personnel are being ridden as meat puppets by alien beings or else are secretly worshipping Elder Gods on their off hours.

    Humreous is tough and to the point. He doesn't play games and is very persistent. Humreous can be very persuasive at times, and he is very good at intimidating people.

    FLAWS: However, with these skills he can be rather over bearing with those he is close with, pushing them away with his rough exterior rather than keeping them close. He is too honest with his opinions and can forget when to stay quiet.

    Humreous has lived in Britain all of his life. He was born to two ordinary parents and seemingly lived in an ordinary house. As he grew up Humreous started noticing something different about his parents. As if they weren't acting like themselves. The house grew darker and colder as the time went on. Their eyes weren't their own. It was only when his parents tried killing him did he realize that they weren't his parents anymore. This attempt at their own son's life prompted the investigation into his parent's life. Something had happened to his parents when they had attended a religious ceremony about the time Humreous was 8. After his parents were taken away from him, he was place in an orphanage under the watchful eye of the Laundry. He grew up there and when he finally grew to be an adult, the Laundry explained the real reason his parent's had changed; possession. They discussed a place for Humreous in their group, and he had no choice but to accept.

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    Character Profile Information for Zeta goes here.

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