Bay's Transformers movie is trying to push for an Oscar Nomination...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Darog, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. You have failed me again, Bayscream.
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  3. In the following:

    Best Picture

    Best Director

    and whole bunch of others.
  4. bwahahahahahahahahahah


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  5. I secretly hope it wins so it can show how pointless Oscars are, so we can stop having Oscarbait shoved down our throats...
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  6. i don't really watch movies so :D
  7. *laughs*

    Although I'm not particularly fond of Oscar Awards, Transformers doesn't deserve shiet. It was made to be a movie about entertaining explosions, and as long as we don't have an award for "Best Entertaining Movie with Explosions and Giant Robots" Transformers ain't getting awards
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  8. I actually want this to happen. And I want it to win something.

    Then, then we can rise up as a peoples and topple the crippled, rotten system that is the Hollywood system!
  9. People still pay attention to awards shows?

    Fuck it, give it to Bayformers. That's about all the integrity it has left.

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  10. Oscars in disguise....
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  11. The only thing Michael Bay deserves is a kick to the nuts. ._. Seriously, the man needs to be stopped from ruining even more of my childhood, in as violent a manner as possible.
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  12. Dude can't erase stuff that already exists. Do what I do and pretend his shit doesn't exist and enjoy the old stuff. I finished watching the original G1 season 1... it didn't age well, but it was still quite amusing.

    I also sometimes do "reviews" of old 80's cartoons for shits and giggles where I basically poke fun at the show relentlessly with the utmost affection.
  13. Read the thread title and laughed.
    That is all.
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  14. >Never really got into Transformers when I was a kid
    >Not all nostalgic for TMNT either


    Because the headdesking that would ensue would make it worth it!
  16. Oscar for Best 'Splosions?
  17. ...Hahaha....AHAHAHAHAHA. You gotta be kidding me right?