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  1. Is anyone else here a fan of this gorgeous witch? When I first heard of Bayonetta, I immediately thought she was a female version of Dante from Devil May Cry. Ironically, the creator of Bayonetta also created the DMC series XD I really hope Bayonetta becomes a lasting series because it definitely has potential and she may just become the moneymaker/mascot for Platinum Games! Bayonetta 3 PLZ! Also I want a DMC and Bayonetta crossover! Just don't let that shitty reboot anywhere in it -_-

  2. Bayonetta from a gameplay standpoint, is the perfect japanese style hack and slash. Its pure fun to play. Everything else feels like a bonus.
  3. She has a nice butt.


    Though I admit it is a bit hairy.
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  4. Apparently, 2 almost didn't get made unyil Nintendo saved it, which is why it's an exclusive. It'll be curious if a third game gets made, depending how well 2 sold.

    I played a demo for 2 and decided it wasn't for me. I'm not super huge on button pulping beat 'em ups.
  5. The first game is my favorite action game of all time. I haven't had the chance to play 2 because I don't buy consoles for 1 game anymore.
  6. Not a huge player of these sorts of games, owning the DMC collection and yet to beat the lava spider but I do love Bayonetta.

    Need to get 2 someone.

  7. Pretty rad soundtrack I might add.
  8. And kids that is the soundtrack...OF THE FIRST BOSS in Bayonetta 2

    The whole fucking game is so intense
  9. The monster designs are so fucking good.
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