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This is just an interest check to see if anyone would be interested in a Bayonetta and Devil May Cry crossover. I do have a rough idea in the works, but I haven't developed it quite yet. Basically, Mundus is back, and he has actually formed an alliance with none other than Jubileus the Creator. Why? Why have two completely opposite forces aligned themselves? Simple, the eradication of the Sons of Sparda, and the Umbra Witches. The story essentially takes place after Devil May Cry 4, and the first Bayonetta, but before Bayonetta and Devil May Cry 2.

If anyone is interest, please respond with the character you'd like to RP, OC's are allowed, but no additional Sons of Sparda or Umbra Witches. I'll be roleplaying as Vergil, who will indeed make a return.

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