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  1. CINNA
    Cinna's phone vibrated with a text as he rode the elevator to the BAU floor. He was unable to check the message, however, as he carried a stack of at least twenty potential case files, topped with contracts for his new house, a piping hot mug of coffee and the paperwork for the new agent starting in the BAU today. Cinna could already feel a migraine coming on as he kicked his office door open and slid the teetering stack of paper onto his desk. Cinna took a few painkillers with his coffee as he reviewed the paperwork for the new agent.

    Five doctorates, can speak eleven languages ... how old is she again? TWENTY THREE? What the hell?

    Completely lost in the paperwork, Cinna started and slopped coffee all over his annoying sister's wedding photo when he heard a knock on his office door.

    Jesse knocked on Cinna's office door and gave a laugh as the team leader jumped, spilling coffee all over his desk.

    "A little jumpy today, hey, Cinna?" he teased.

    Cinna scowled. "Shut up."

    Jesse laughed again and stepped into the office. "What're you looking at?" he asked, noticing the heavy-looking file his boss held. "Have we got a new case? Did Hadrian hack the Pentagon again? Are those his charges?"

    Cinna snickered. "No, I don't think he's been caught again," said Cinna. "No, this is the paperwork for the new agent starting today."

    "Oh, yeah, I forgot. We're getting a newbie today."

    "Take a look at her paperwork -- you'll be shocked, I promise."

    Jesse read a small part of the paperwork, and his eyes shot up. "Wow. Twenty-three, and she's got five doctorates?"

    "And she speaks eleven languages," nodded Cinna.

    Jesse felt mixed emotions; both surprise and anticipation. But mostly fear; anyone who graduated from high school early enough to earn a doctorate before they could legally drink was sure to be a force to be reckoned with.
    Wren followed the directions given to her by the receptionist in the lobby to her new boss's office. A tornado of emotions raged inside her; fear, nervousness, excitement, pride, success. She couldn't wait to get straight to work, to throw herself into the career she had been pursuing since the age of twelve.

    Two men stood in the office, one reading some paperwork and the other mopping coffee from his expensive-looking suit. Wren politely knocked on the door.

    Two pairs of eyes shot up to meet hers. Both men were quite good-looking, thought obviously far too old for her. They both looked to be in their thirties; she was twenty-three.

    "Can I help you?" the man in the suit asked.

    "Um, yes, I think so," said Wren, stepping into the office with her small cardboard box of office supplies. "Are you SSA Closs?"

    "Yes, that's me. Please call me Cinna," said the suited man -- Cinna, Wren mentally corrected herself. "Are you Dr Ollivers?"

    "Yes, that's me," said Wren breathlessly, sitting her box on the floor in order to shake Cinna's hand.

    "Well, welcome to the team," said Cinna. "Dr Ollivers -- "

    "Wren. Please just call me Wren."

    "Alright, Wren. Wren, this is SSA Jesse Cray," said Cinna, gesturing to the other man.

    Jesse Cray smiled widely and offered his hand to Wren. Wren took it. "Nice to meet you, Jesse."

    "Likewise, Wren." Wren could see the millions of questions swimming behind Jesse's eyes -- How did you graduated so early? and the likes.

    "Well, Wren, we'd better introduce you to the rest of the team," said Cinna. He and Jesse left the room. Wren scooped up her box and followed.

    Hadrian was currently in his Lair, or room filled with his equipment. Since he was the BAU's technical analyst, half of his room was filled with multiple monitors, desktops, and accessories. It was a computer geek's paradise. He bought most of his equipment with his own money. No one was allowed to use his babies without his permission. He wouldn't hesitate to reduce a colleague to tears if they didn't listen to his rule. Hadrian was extremely protective over his technology. He bit into a bagel absentmindedly and typed on his keyboard. His fingers glided across the keys rapidly. He was currently hacking, his favorite hobby. Despite working at the FBI, he didn't stop. He wasn't foolish enough to leave a trail. After he was caught by the FBI, Hadrian learned to leave no loose strings.

    "What are you hacking this time?" an amused voice drawled.

    His eyes remained fixated on his computer screen. "Nothing bad," he replied nonchalantly. His voice was deep and smooth, like milk chocolate. A thick British accent rolled off his tongue, signifying his foreign roots. Hadrian glanced at his friend briefly. His green eyes filled with mischief. "Just the Scotland Yard database," he revealed.

    Cas snorted in response. She shook her head. "Do I want to know why?" she countered.

    His grin widened. "Probably not," he admitted unabashedly.

    Her lips twitched. "A new recruit arrived. I was sent here to fetch you. I got a new case," Cas replied.

    A frown marred his lips. "Understood," Hadrian declared. He removed his "claws" and retracted from the Scotland Yard database without a trace. After exiting out of his programs, he rose into a standing position and picked up his bagel. He sauntered toward Cas and followed her out of his Lair, closing the door behind him.


    Carina was currently sitting in her cubicle, filling out paperwork. She sipped her black tea, focusing on her work. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a familiar blonde and ravenette approach her. She lifted her head, staring at her colleagues, Hadrian and Cassandra. Her eyebrow lifted in response.

    "Do we have a new case?" she inquired.

    Cas nodded in response. "I'm gathering the team and we're going to meet in the conference room," she explained.

    She nodded in response. "Understood," Carina replied. She placed her pen on top of her table and organized her papers. After her files were in order, she pushed her swivel chair back and stood up. She followed her teammates toward the conference room. Cas made a detour to inform Cinna and Jesse.

    "I heard we're getting a new recruit," Carina drawled casually.

    Hadrian shrugged. "As long as this recruit doesn't touch my babies, I'll be fine," he replied.

    Her eyes glinted with amusement. "Your attachment is a tad unhealthy, piccolo," Carina jested.

    A scoff escaped his lips. "It's perfectly healthy," Hadrian denied.

    Carina rolled her eyes and entered the conference room with Hadrian. She took a seat while Hadrian set up the projector.


    Cassandra, or Cas, spotted Cinna and Jesse, along with a young woman. She looked young, around her early twenties. Based from her body language, she looked nervous. Who was she? She approached the group and raised a manila file.

    "We got a case. It's pretty gruesome," she announced.

    She slipped into her professional mask. A calm expression plastered on her face. Despite her seemingly cold front, a soothing aura surrounded her. Other colleagues, except her team, didn't witness Cas's warmer personality. She was mistaken for indifferent and uptight, but it didn't bother her.
  3. JESSE

    "Aren't they all gruesome?" he said, rolling his eyes and following Cas to the conference room. Cinna and Wren, the new girl, followed suit.

    Jesse took a seat beside Carina, smiling warmly at his colleague. "That's the newbie," he muttered into her ear, nodding at Wren, who stood behind Cinna, looking nervous. "She's ... unique."


    "Team, this is Dr Wren Ollivers," said Cinna, putting thick emphasis on the doctor. The team needed to know that, despite Wren's startling young age, she was to be taken seriously. "Wren, this is Hadrian, Carina and Cas, the other members of the team."


    Wren smiled nervously at the other members of the team. She barely took note of the other two women as Cinna nodded at Hadrian. Oh my God, he's gorgeous, thought Wren. Wait, what? WREN. NO. THIS IS WORK.

    "Nice to meet you all," she said nervously.

    Cassandra ignored his comment. She turned around and returned to the conference room. She didn't spare the girl a second glance. She meant no harm. When she encountered a new teammate, it took awhile to gain her trust. She didn't give her trust out easily. After the group arrived at the conference room, she handed Hadrian her manila file. He was in charge of debriefing the team with his projector. Once he was finished, the team discussed the case.

    "Team, this is Dr. Wren Ollivers."

    Hadrian turned his head, staring at his boss. His gaze shifted to Wren. He blinked in response, surprise flickering through his green eyes. "Blimey. We got a certified genius! You must have one hell of a brain," he declared bluntly.

    Carina snorted in response. "Subtle, piccolo," she mused. She observed the new recruit, incorporating trivial details to memory.

    Hadrian rubbed the back of his head. He grinned in response. "Sorry, love. Slip of the tongue," he replied. He stepped forward and stuck out his hand. "Hadrian Novak, technical analyst. Welcome to the team," he introduced politely. He pointed at Jesse discreetly. "Watch out for him. He has the IQ of a walnut," he stage whispered.

    Cas shook her head. "Direct your attention to the screen and we'll get started," she interjected, ignoring Hadrian's childishness.

    Hadrian stepped back and clicked his remote, pulling up a picture of a woman. "Righto! Last night, Rosemary McDonald received a package delivered on her doorstep. There was no return address or prints. When she opened it, she found this-" he clicked his remote, revealing a photo of a decapitated head inside a box. "-along with a note-" he pulled up a note. It read,

    I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you enjoy my present!

    "It was her birthday yesterday. The decapitated head has been identified as McDonald's boyfriend, Marcus Barker. According to McDonald, Barker was visiting his parents in Oregon. Due to work, McDonald didn't join him. His parents claimed he left for the airport a day ago, but never arrived," Hadrian explained. He pulled up other photos featuring victims and boxes of decapitated heads. "This is the fourth case in two months. All victims were women and had a birthday the day before a package arrived. The heads belonged to their lovers, along with a note depicting the same message," he added.

    Carina observed the photos. A frown marred her lips. "The message is taunting the victims," she commented. She glanced at Cassandra. "Were any of the lover's bodies found?" she inquired.

    Cas shook her head. "No reports of decapitated bodies showing up. The Unsub might be keeping them," she replied smoothly.

    Hadrian shuddered. "I don't want to know," he remarked. He clicked his remote and removed the pictures. He turned to Cinna. "All the victim's lovers were visiting family or a close friend," he informed. He polished the rest of his bagel and tapped his iPad. "I've sent all the reports to your tablets. You're heading to Whitefish, Montana. Every victim lived within the state of Montana, but in different cities," he announced.
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