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  1. So, here I go with a request thread!

    Let me know what genders you expect to be played during a role-play! I am open to any sort of gender match up you can think of, and then some.

    Now for some stingy little guidelines...

    • I appreciate literacy.
    I will be checking your previous posts to see if you're up to my snuff. If you feel that your current posts around here don't accurately reflect your current level of writing, feel free to provide me with a sample! Consistent typos are a huuuuge turn-off, but occasional typos are fine. I know that my writing is not perfect, nor the best, but I try to do my very best, and I expect my partner to reflect that.
    • Post Length
    I try to write as much as I can per post, but it usually only ends up being about two paragraphs per post, however, if you are constantly writing very little, I end up matching this, and over all it just ends up not being as fun for me.​

    • Whiny little bitches.
    If your character is one, be prepared to be tossed like a hot potato. I'm sorry, I don't like them. I have to deal with them enough in real life, I would appreciate not having to deal with them in a role-play.​

    • Smut or Plot?
    Well, I'm willing to smut you across the floor or plot you sweetly. It's your choice, really. I'm not too picky and, quite honestly, happy either way.​

    • Dominance or Submission?
    I have no preference for dominant or submissive roles, and I would honestly prefer to let things just happen, as opposed to deciding. If you're only comfortable playing one role or another, though, that's cool with me.
    • Threads or PMs?
    I am willing to role-play in either or, mostly because via PMs I can still edit my posts, unlike most other sites I use. If we do use PMs, I expect separate conversations for IC and OOC.​

    • Past Tense, Third Person
    If these are not a thing, I will probably drop you. I can not stand reading role-plays that are not written in this format. It literally drives my up the wall, and through the ceiling. Sorry, but I just can not do it.​

    Now... As for things I want to role-play, well, let's see, here...

    As a not, anything that is red only applies to sexual role-plays, everything else is just general.

    Power Struggles

    Off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone whom I have played with that doesn't like power struggles. They're awesome. Nuff said.

    Monsters and Other Inhuman Beings

    Allow me to put emphasis on monsters. I love them, and I will arrange to have someone bear your children if you are willing to do something with monsters with me. (I'd bear your children myself, but I don't fancy going through that pain again.)

    Slaves/Domination and Submission

    Combine slavery with power struggles, and I will love you. Do domination and submission with me at all, I will love you.

    Multiple Characters

    I love, love, love playing multiple characters. Not just side characters, but main characters. There can be a focal couple, a bunch of romantic confusion, or just a group of people that are intimate with each other on a regular basis. I don't really care. I adore playing multiple characters.

    Public Sex and Punishment

    Nothing gets me going like public sexual acts/punishments. I love voyeurism, and this is probably my favourite way of getting it.


    Chances are, I won't de a role-play without fantastic elements to it. You can try me, but I probably won't be interested. Probably.


    This would be the main exception to the fantasy thing. Both combined would just be absolutely godly.

    League of Legends

    If you are familiar with the games, its lore, and are willing to start up a role-play with me based around it (OCs or existing champions) I will be so happy. You don't even know.


    Chances are, I won't do it. There are select fandoms I would be okay with doing, but League of Legends is the only one I'm willing to do with existing characters, everything else must be original characters.


    I love characters with this particular mental disorder. It makes things much more interesting. I especially like it when their personalities are polar opposites. This also applies to characters who share their body with other beings and are able to communicate with each other via the mind.

    Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Supernatural Beings

    Can I just cream myself? Will that get across how much I love these things?

    And now for some plots!

    The Calm After the Storm (open)
    Okay, so I only have an idea of what I want for this?

    I'm looking for someone to either play a partner for my vampire, or a captive.

    So my vampire wanted to have some fun, so they decided to massacre a small village. Now, either your character will be assisting them with this, or you will be the lone survivor, and your character will become their thrall.

    I am willing to play both my vampire, and either the partner or survivor, while you play the remaining roll. If you want to, you may also take on both roles. It's entirely up to you.

    Now, I have some criteria, depending on the role you wish to have.

    - I expect them to be very dominating in bed. My character will be fighting back, so don't worry about that.
    - I really don't care what race he is, he could be human, werewolf, demon, what ever.
    - I would like to have some bondage going on, so it would be great if he was into tying people up~ (Or even being tied up ;D)

    - Preferably, I would like them to be a human.
    - I'm probably going to want to tie him up quite a bit, just so you are aware~
    - Over time, my vampire will more than likely be feeding him her blood, which will eventually either enthral them, or cause them to simply become addicted, your choice.

    As a side note, my character will probably feed off of yours, and maybe even vice versa if your character is also a vampire.

    The Unexpected (open)
    A well seasoned hunter, rarely missing a shot, but always catching their prey. Known for a keen eye, phenomenal tracking abilities, and some of the truest aim around. Having experience hunting most game, and yet unprepared for one fateful day. While on the hunt, what would they do should his prey become human?

    Pretty simple plot. I would rather play the prey as opposed to the hunter for this one, but I am willing to be flexible.

    - Someone who has a strong belief in animals just being animals, and being lesser than humans, as well as all human life being 'sacred', and should be protected. As such, this would cause them to have very conflicted feelings about the 'prey'.

    - I would like them to be innocent, completely detached from society, knowing only that humans pass by from time to time.
    - Incredibly curious, with no knowledge on personal space, or boundaries.
    - In the beginning, they merely visit the hunters camp often, possibly sometimes with gifts.
    - Either they have one set animal form, or they are similar to a druid in taking the forms of multiple animals.
    - They either have someone in their past that taught them English, or over time the Hunter teaches them. (If I am the prey, it will most likely be the former.)

    Losing it All (open)
    In one day, he lost it all. Fired from a high-end job, only to return home to a murdered family. His mind became frail, and his temper short. The authorities never found the one responsible for the deaths of his wife and kids. With a new job, and a run-down appartment, he barely scrapes by. One day, a stranger approaches him. He was told he could have what ever he wanted, revenge for his family, as much money as he could possibly know what to do with and a bit extra. Hastily, he accepts the offer, not knowing that there was more to it, that he would need to give the stranger something in return...

    I want to play the stranger(As male, or female), and there is little negotiation room here. I have my heart pretty set on that role.

    I would like to role-play through the prologue, even if it is all in an intro post, simply because I want the stranger to be creepily watching the entire time.

    A Wrong Turn (open)
    Desperate for shelter, a traveller finds an ancient ruined building. Once inside, there is a bed, with seemingly ritualistic markings on it. Too weary to pay any mind to them, the traveller lays down and goes to sleep. Upon awakening, they find themselves with unexpected company. A demon looming over them, telling them that they are now a slave.

    I'm not too particular about which role I would rather play, though I do lean a bit towards the demon.

    There may be more than one demon, if so desired.

    Pretty Kitties (open)
    A rich man with an insatiable hunger for exotic pets, such as miniature dragons, phoenixes, and sometimes even more dangerous beasts for entertainment, is made an offer he simply can't pass up. His favourite trader offers him two women with feline features. He figures that showing them off to his guests as maids or perhaps dressing them up in fancy clothing and having them keep his guests company would be sufficient use for them. However, not long after their arrival, they give him some rather unexpected entertainment.

    I want to play the girlies, this may very well be non-negotiable.

    The owner can either be a player, or non-player character. If desired, the kitties can show off their talents to guests, and not just their owner, and have said guests join in. Otherwise, there can be just fun between the ladies, maybe even some other exotic humanoid creatures(Such as succubi) purchased after them can be added into the mix.

    I can work with kitty boys, too, if so desired. Or a female master, though I'm a bit less open to this idea.

    I would like to have tail-penetration with this, any other kinks can be discussed.

    Without Song (open)
    She could use her voice to seduce anyone she wanted. She could bring even the most powerful, egocentric man to his knees. She could make even the happiest person to jump from atop a 30-story building. A Siren is a dangerous creature, but what happens when she falls in love? Would she use her power to get her hearts desire? Or would she want a more genuine form of reciprocation? Would she even accept the feeling as love?

    What I'm looking for...

    - Lots of drama for this one. Confusion, even distrust should the Siren's nature be discovered, for whatever reason.
    - I would prefer a more modern setting for this, but I am willing to negotiate.
    - The Siren's love interest can be male or female, it matters not to me. I would like them to be human, though.
    - I am willing to play either character, though I would prefer the Siren.
    - I am willing to modify this to be 'Dude Smut', but I would rather not.

    Also here have a list of League of Legends pairings if you're interested in that...

    THE LIST (open)
    Characters that are bolded are the characters I would prefer to play in their respective pairing. I am willing to be flexible, though.

    Annie x Nunu * * * * (Either PG-13, or older versions of them.)

    Darius x Swain * * *

    Darius x Garen * * *

    Darius x Jayce * * * *

    Diana x Leona * * *

    Elise x Cassiopeia * * * * *

    Elise x Evelynn * * * *

    Elise x Zyra * * * * *

    Gangplank x Miss Fortune * * * *

    Garen x Katarina * *

    Graves x Caitlyn * * *

    Graves x Twisted Fate * * * * (I have an idea for this one)

    Janna x Sona * * * * *

    Jayce x Ezreal * * * *

    Jayce x Garen * *

    Katarina x Lux * * * *

    Leona x Lux * * *

    Malzahar x Kassadin * * * *

    Maokai x Zyra * * * * * (I would like this to be romantic role-play)

    Nami x Fizz * * * * *

    Sejuani x Shyvana * * *

    Swain x Talon * *

    Talon x Lux * * * * * (Possible non-con)

    Talon x Katarina * * * * *

    Talon x Varus * * * *

    Tryndamere x Ashe * *

    Twisted Fate x Evelynn * *

    Warwick x Soraka * * * * * (Non-con desired here)

    Viktor x Orianna * * * * * (Striclty a romantic relationship.)

    Yasuo x Riven * * *

    Champions that I would like to role-play as in general...

    Miss Fortune
    Thresh (I will take any excuse to play Thresh. I love him so hard.)
    Twisted Fate

    Feel free to ask questions, recruit me for anything you think I might be interested in, and get to know me! I assure you I do not bite, unless you want me to <3
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  2. Very interested; though not sure with what plot idea. Haha!
    Anything you're desperately itching to do?

    (Also I haven't been active on here in almost a year, so I apologize for past posts!)
  3. Honestly, making decisions is hard for me, and I want to do pretty much all of these plot bunnies. So with that, it seems that a wall has been hit xD
  4. Ooh I'm quite interested in the Wrong turn Rp that you have listed. As for my posts, I just got back from being gone for a couple of months but I can send you links to rps that I'm in/working on.
  5. I like the sound of Calm after the Storm
  6. I like the sound of The Calm After the Storm, Losing it All, and Wrong Turn. Also, I adore monsters. Generally speaking, most of what you like also appeals to me.
  7. If you're still looking, I'd love to do A Wrong Turn with you. I've been absent for a while but I can send you a sample of my writing if it's what you'd like.
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