Battlestar Galactica: Struggle for Survival (AU - OOC)

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    Battlestar Galactica: Struggle for Survival
    (Alternate Universe)


    Machine has turned against its creator, declaring that it shall strike him down and reign supreme. The Cylon War has waged for nearly thirty years now, longer than many of the men and women fighting for humanity have lived, and still there is fighting both upon the surface and in the space above the Twelve Colonies, all of whom have united into the federal republic known as the Twelve Colonies of Kobol in order to repel the mechanized menace. With no end to the war in sight, people are beginning to lose hope as the death toll continues to rise.

    A fresh batch of pilots has been shipped to the Battlestar Defiance (BS 43), currently docked in orbit over Caprica and receiving repairs after having participated in yet another unsuccessful offensive against the Cylons...

    Universe Information

    Since it's been brought to my attention that not everyone will have seen BSG, I'll lay out the universe. The Twelve Colonies of Man were settled by humans leaving Kobol, or so myths say. Here, man flourished, eventually building artifical AI, Cylons. Cylons rebelled against man and initiated the Cylon War that is now waging in the RP. This universe doesn't concern itself with the new series that has a Galactica fleeing after a Cylon surprise attack, instead, it is muddled in a long, drawn-out war between the two factions.

    Your players are pilots of Vipers, which are space superiority fighters, stationed aboard a Battlestar. I've decided to use the more recent Cylons of the newer series because they look nicer, so this is things like a Centurion, a Raider, or a Basestar. Later designs for both Colonials and Cylons may be introduced from other sources.

    In the BSG universe, all weapons are kinetic-based, meaning they're missiles or guns that use bullets/rounds. There is also physics to an extent, though FTL exists using drives.

    Game Mechanics

    This RP is a mixture of game and RP, meaning stats will be used and will be called upon as necessary to determine success or failure of certain actions. Typically rolls will only come into play during situations such as combat or interactions with NPCs that are unusual. If you think a situation requires a check to see whether a character succeeds or fails, just send me a PM with the situation and your character's action, and I'll let you know the result as I can. This should be fairly common sense, like checking to see if your character shoots down a Raider.

    However, I do want most of the RP's emphasis to be on the human interactions between characters and other people on the battlestar.

    Chief Rules

    1. Every player can have up to two character and all player characters must be pilots.

    2. This RP involves a number of stats and rolls, the results of which must be adhered to.

    3. Write atleast a well-written paragraph per post.

    4. This is a realistic RP based on the Battlestar Galactica universe, meaning technology doesn't involve things like beam weapons. Everything is kinetic based and physical laws still apply, meaning an object in motion tends to stay in motion as well as meaning your characters aren't capable of anime-style fighting. A single bullet hit is enough to knock a human out of a fight. Sensible stuff really.

    5. Try to post at least every few days. A long absence may be grounds for character death or similar result.

    6. Other rules that make common sense apply such as don't powergame or fight in the OOC. If you don't think it's a good idea, don't do it.

    Character Template

    (21 is the minimum, 26 is the maximum.)
    (All character start as 2nd Lieutenants.)
    Colony of Origin: (What colony they come from: such as Caprica. There's a BSG wiki that lists these. Origin can help flavor a character or provide direction when making one. Use the reimagined series' names, not the old series.)

    Appearance: (If you use a picture, write a description that gives their height and other things that aren't clear from an image. I don't care if you use either anime or realistic photos, but nothing completely outlandish.)

    Personality: (Write characters with both virtues and flaws in personality, meaning aim for realistic people.)

    Stats: (This is very important. Your character's stats reflect and quantify your character as a whole. You can subtract points from one category to add to another, but your points cannot exceed a total of 30 initially. The stats system for this RP works similarly to the SPECIAL system in the Fallout games but without the Luck stat, meaning five is average, anything above that is getting better and vice versa. The initial max is ten. I would, however, be extremely wary of reducing any of the stats to 1, or god forbid, 0.)

    Strength: 5 (Effects rolls to hit when using melee weapons and other situations involving brute muscle.)
    Perception: 5 (Effects rolls to hit when using ranged weapons and other situations.)
    Endurance: 5 (Effects pain and G-tolerance, meaning this effects rolls to evade fire when in a Viper for instance.)
    Charisma: 5 (Effects rolls involving convincing others of things or situations involving leadership.)
    Intelligence: 5 (Effects rolls that involve having knowledge and not being an idiot.)
    Agility: 5 (Effects physical agility, not vehicular agility, as well as rolls to dodge using one's body.)

    History: (Place their history here. I will mention that as officers, all the characters have graduated college. Remember that all of you are green pilots who have just graduated from Flight School.)


    All accepted characters will go here, like such;

    2nd Lieutenant Joe Average: 0 Kills - Ascendant (<- just an example)
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