Battleship: The Movie

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  1. Maybe Overwatch requests help from ODMA, but also requests help from the UN, pitting their members against each other. Then it turns out that one of the requests was actually a fake request from some evil organization.
  2. @Ambivalent

    Wow! Sorry for not reviewing this sooner!

    I love the idea of a magic-using gladiator! So many depictions involve brutish characters with axes (which is fine!) but it's nice to see some variation! Great job!
  3. I could try to draw Sora for ya, Takumi. Not the best artist, but I do it for free, anyways. : 3

    My commission of Roman and Rev Mabel was completed today, so there's that. :D
    Big image (open)

    Also some draws of my OCs and some White Rose.

    Boops (open)
  4. Poohbear ^^ Watch it with meeee