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  1. It's my first time in the combat section so please bare with me or help me or give me advice i do something wrong
    But this is just a rp where I pit one of my characters(OC, fan made or fictional character) against yours(OC, fan made or fiction) in a battle to the death
    No outside help(must use the character you choose)
    One person per battle(some one can ask for a fight if interested)
    Must lists fighter's bio(skills, tools weapons, abilties)
    Can be a real character from movies , vid games, shows, manga /anime, comics etc. fan made or an oc
    Be creative
    We can discuss who wins or loses in PM
    (Again this is my first time doing a combat rp. So I would like some advice )
  2. Challenge excepted good sir!
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  3. Awesome. Do you want to uswe OC or real characters
  4. I am interested as well!
  5. OC I have some one I'm suurrree you will l:heartbeat:ve!
  6. My Oc
    Name: Zaina
    Age: looks and programmed to be 19
    Race(Human, Android, Bio-android or Supernatural creature) android
    Personality:only programmed to feel a few emotions. She is programmed to feel happiness, sadness, anger, and love
    Powers: Super strength,
    -Can lift up to 1000 pounds
    Enough durability to with stand a hit from a semi
    Scanners for Body heat, and a sonar
    She can also leap about 10 feet.
    she is also very agile
    the sonar also helps her hearing
    her body resist heat(Up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit)
    she can run up to 35m/s
    Weapons:Her arm is a cannon that has 5 functions
    Gatling gun
    have 750 bullets
    Uses a 22mm vulcan calibar
    can get jammed
    Rocket Launcher
    -can be shot one at a time or rapid fire
    enough force to destroy a concrete wall
    -only 15 rockets
    Electric Beam
    -enough power to kill two bulls
    -range is 10 feet
    -the beam can only be held for 5 minutes, any longer and it will stop. She will have to wait a hour to recharge it
    -ranges up to 5 feet
    -the flamethower run on gas, which usually runs out in 30 minutes
    the gas line can be cut, the cut will cause a explosion
    plasma canon
    -can only be shot 2 times
    -can be charges, a full charge is two shots and has a range of 5 feet
    Her left arm also has a grappling wire
    -strong steel
    ranges to 15 feet
    can be used as a whip or lasso
    Her data base has her skilled in 10 different martial arts
    also has a overdrive ability in which she puts 75% of her power to increase her strength, speed, and durability times 5. However after she won't be able to use the electrical beam
    encase the fight gets close she has a wrist blade but it can be broken off.
    Other:Her creator is unknown but is one of the finest androids.
    weakness:Her scanners can be blocked
    if she is hit in the head, she can be confused for a few minutes
    her stomach area isnt as strong as the armor on the other parts of her body
    She has no protection from magic
    enough force will break her
    not much close range weaponry
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  7. I haven't battled in months. But I'll throw my name in for a battle. I've got a character that I think would enjoy battling Zaina.
  8. Awesome thanks man :D
  9. I've had this character for some time; pretty much my stock electrokinetic to see how you fare . I think I've fleshed her out about as well as I could have hoped to. Hopefully I'm not throwing too much in. I think she's very much similar to your character, albeit in a biological form rather than mechanical.

    Just one thing, though, that I'd like to point out to you before we actually get started:

    You might want to reword that part. In particular "fries." Generally speaking, if you fry circuitry, it results in the general incapacitating of whatever it is has the circuits; at least, that's how I've grown up understanding it. You might have been looking for the work "fires" as in stimulating or accelerating. which would be a little less detrimental to the technique, though it'd probably be certain to result in frying as well. Just the way you have it worded would imply that the overdrive immediately fries her circuits, which would make the boost quite impractical.

    Name: Julia Levina
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mutant Human

    Appearance: A young woman of a somewhat average and unimpressive stature, Julia isn't much more than 5'6" in height, accompanied by a 120lbs frame. While carrying the outward appearance of a small, nonthreatening girl, she hides a surprisingly well-conditioned figure, wrought with enough physical training to put her figure on par with an Olympic Athlete. Though not the stone-chiseled, Greek statue of individually defined muscles, Julia's is one where each area is evident; looking at her, there is no doubting where calf ends and where the ankle begins. Nowhere is this more defined than upon the core of her body, whereupon the abs display a clearly growing four-pack and the chest could easily be worked into an all-muscle. Beyond this fitness grandeur, her body is proportioned as normally as one might expect, with but a noticeable over extension in the length of her legs.

    In complexion, Julia is as about as white as they come with a skin tone having an almond colored effect in the form of a light tan. She is traditionally one to use makeup to some extent to alter her face, amounting, at the very least, to a shade of violet or blue-violet about her eyelids and black eyeliner, an ensemble of colors that matches with the color of her eyes. The aesthetic choice also serves to complement her choice in hair color: blonde by nature, darkened just a few shades to give the impression of a golden yellow. In days of relaxation, she is likely to leave her hair down, allowing it to drop freely down her back and over her shoulders; otherwise she is meticulous about achieving a sense of fashion and style, often taking an hour just to think of and do something relatively unique, which leads to a punk-inspired hairdo of one sort or another.

    Current Attire: At the present moment, Julia is adorned by a sort of catsuit, specially crafted out of a material akin to the neoprene suits used by electrical workers. The suit consists of a single piece, enclosed by a dense plastic zipper on the backside. With the exceptions of the fingers, thumbs and palms, the suit is completely closed off. Over her feet, she sports a pair of knee-high boots, reminiscent military issued footwear, stylized with a hint of goth flavor, such a set of fastening straps running up the calves. The boots rubberized, offering a similar padding and resilience as the catsuit, and equipped with run-of-the-mill footwear grips.

    Combat-Oriented Skills:
    • Physical Prowess; Through a combination of intense physical training and frequent neural stimulation therapy, Julia's physical prowess has been boosted to compare to that of any well-rounded Olympic competitor. Recorded performance records clock her dead lift at around one ton her mile time at under four minutes and her cardiovascular endurance being enough to keep her running for nearly a straight hour at a five-minute mile pace.
    • Graceful; Julia prides herself on her sure-footed nature and overall proficiency in clean movement. Her sense of balance both when standing still and when moving can be considered being at a masterful level. The nature of many of her movements can be described in terms of a dancer or gymnasts' caliber of grace.
    • Fighting Aptitude; she won't pretend to being a master at any particular form of martial arts, let alone being such of many. However, in her brief time, she's drawn combat concepts and principles from many places, in a sense, developing her own means of street fighting.
    Powers & Abilities:
    • Electrokinesis; Julia Levina is a classifiable anomaly of biology, and probably physics as well. The grassroots of this power afford the capability of generating and manipulating electricity, encompassing such effects as altering electrical currents and enticing a wide variety and range of discharges. Yet the power is one that exceeds the basic manipulations of external sources. Julia's body, inside and out, is a quintessential conduit of unnaturally high levels of electrical charge. It is largely through this internal electricity that she is able to achieve the levels of strength that she has. Her ability to manipulate the electrical forces extant within her body enables the prowess of being able to alter internal stimulation of all neural functions, such allowing her to push her body and mind to greater heights both in training and in the pinch of a tough conflict. Because such vast amounts of electricity are housed by her body, she is almost never in short supply, as she is able to utilize these internal reserves to a comparable level to which she does external sources. The range of discharges she can exert span from small electrical shocks, such as those sometimes received when opening a car door, to far more exhausting generations of plasma and radiation.
    • Magnekinesis; a term used to label Julia's accompanying power to manipulate magnetic fields. She is nearly as proficient in this practice as she is in her Electrokinesis, though somewhat less in a degree of power. Yet what she lacks in terms of power, she makes up for with finesse. Julia has long recognized the characteristic attraction and repulsion attributed to magnetic fields and that all forms of matter possess such fields. From all of her body's electrical output, there comes an accompanying field of electromagnetic energy. Through this field, Julia can alter the magnetic properties of her own body and just about anything attached to it; to this extent, she can cause her body to attract innately magnetized materials, and even perform supportive maneuvers as latching to walls and ceilings. She is able to similarly use this magnetic field to influence materials that surround her, thus magnetizing nearby objects, which she is then capable of manipulating to an effect not unlike telekinesis. The range of this influence is typically effective within a fifty foot range radially and one hundred feet linearly; though she's been known to extend both ranges through exerting excess electricity from her internal stores. The level of strength she is able to exert through this seems to correlate with her physical capacity at the moment being used, thus enabling her to remotely life 1,000lbs without trial in common practice.
    • Hybridized Manipulations; a far more difficult function of her powers is the use of both electricity and magnetism within single techniques. The expanse of abilities this would allot to Julia remain untapped. What she has managed to achieve to date can only be described as the tip of a massive iceberg. Through hybrid manipulation, Julia is able to harness the effects of electromagnetic pulses, using them to fry or disorient electrical devices, effective within similar distance to her magnetic field manipulation. Over time, she has been able to develop further means of offensive and defensive measures through electromagnetism, such as basic manipulation of light, generation of electromagnetic shields that defend against energy-based attacks. Among these her most lethal application is what she calls "the breakdown," a technique in which she exploits repulsive magnetization in conjunction with electrical disruption to break apart the molecules that compose a piece of matter. However, this technique is a costly one, typically coming at the exhaustion of Julia's ready strength to exact upon consequential targets, and requires direct physical contact between her and her target. Lighter versions of this technique exist within Julia's arsenal, existing in such forms as concentrated electromagnetic energies shaped, albeit briefly, into forms akin to weapons, and small projections of such energies used to create damages akin to cuts and abrasions.
    • Electromagnetic Field Visualization; A relatively simple trait of Julia's, this affords her the ability to, on command to her visual receptors, perceive her surroundings in terms of the electromagnetic forces exerted innately by matter. The vision of this manner of sight appears similar to infrared, and can be used to see passed most physical obstructions. However, this vision can be tricked through exploitation of its sensitivity to electromagnetic energies; such effects as EMPs and strong electrical storms have been known to throw this sense off.
    • Electromagnetic Resistance & Absorption; trials in testing Julia's powers have yielded the results that she is, by nature, resistant to damages caused by most electromagnetic assaults. Weapons such as tasers have no effect on her; she can touch a live electrical wire with little consequence beyond an over-stimulated feeling. It's been assumed that this is the result of her electromagnetic field forming a buffer against such effects, even so far as her being able to nullify or disrupt discharges before they can even make contact with her. She is also proven to be capable of absorbing static energy, both ambient and focused. The latter trait has a definitive limit on how much she can take, however. The equivalent of a bolt of lightning would easily be enough to "overload" her, resulting in unconsciousness, and perhaps even death. The electricity she does manage to absorb, however, can be immediately applied as a supplement giving her additional reserves of power to draw from and apply.
  10. Sweet character! And I edited the Maximum overdrive
  11. Alright. I take you'll be wanting to start the thread? What sort of setting did you have in mind?
  12. Oh... Sorry I'm late. ^^"
    Would you like another character to face mine or that interesting little android?
  13. Very well I will be using Bafu

    Name: Bafu the Mad
    Age: 26467647465 and a half
    Gender: Claims to be male
    Weapons: Nothing in particular but has a apparently endless number of tricks and traps hidden in his hair. They range from metal hooks to grab his opponent's weapons, smoke bombs for a quick escape, to actual bear traps that he throws at his opponents. He can't have anything bigger than his abnormally long locks however.
    Shape-Shifting- Bafu is capable of changing into nearly any creature he desires in between the sizes of spiders to whales. However the transformation takes time and he must return to his normal form in between shifts.
    Agility- Having never eaten for his entire existence Bafu is very light and quick on his feet. He can out run a wolf and out jump a monkey and his claws allow him to grip on most surfaces. However he pays for such abilities in being very weak to physical attacks and not strong at all.
    Being stupidly clever- Bafu is well trained in trickery and laughs in the face of the rule book. He is quite adaptable and believes firmly that anything can be a weapon.
    Annoying the hell out of people- Bafu finds the mental battle much more interesting then the physical one. Bestowed with the ability to find what annoys people most from a few passive observations, he uses the anger of his opponent to his advantage.
    Removing the organs of people that annoy him- If your not dying fast enough or actually not being affected by his insults Bafu can get really, really mad. At this point he whips out his more powerful forms and tunnel visions on his opponent.
    Belonging in a asylum- He is insane. Being the king of a abandoned wasteland will do that to you. He never takes battles seriously, can sometimes just break out into dance, and will remove his opponent's heart to add to his collection.
  14. Name Klaus
    age ??
    Skils and abilities
    He is trained in close combat, which fits perfect hand claws which are made from Klausatiium, a metal he discovered. It stronger and lighter then titantium. Can take up over 1000 degress of heat and withstand a hit from a train.
    Being part demon his strength and skills are pushed past anormal human. He can run 2x faster then the fastest human and can lift 5x more then the strongest human.
    Also being demon he can summon hellfire, which he ca use as long range fire balls, streams, darts, and a flame whip.
    He can also use it in close combat to make his claws super hot, or even emit fire.
    He can even open portals to hell
    Klaus is insane. He will take a battle seriously,but will have fun while doing so.

    I think this cvharacter will be amore fitting oppenent.
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  15. I agree.
  16. alright I will make the thread soon
  17. A quick pointer to you, @Zerofighter

    If you're utilizing a substance of your own design/imagination, it helps tremendously to provide details on it, such as what it's chemical and physical properties are; consider things like durability and heat resistance, for example. Is it an alloy that he actually created? If so, from what materials did he combine to make this metal?
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