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  1. This is the best news ever. I loved that show!
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  2. It's like part of my childhood has been ressurected. :P
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  3. Oh man, I don't usually get hyped for things, but this hit just the right nostalgia button. Battlebots was the coolest shit ever when I was 15. Here's hoping it'll still be awesome nowadays.
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  4. YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss
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  5. Oh hells yeah. Loved this show to bits as a wee kid, so these are the best kinds of news my inner child could get.

    Super excited now!
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  6. Aww yissssss!

    Flipper Master Race!
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  7. Yes!
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  8. I was suddenly reminded of being a young teen and anxiously awaiting the next episode of Battlebots.

    This is excellent.
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  9. I remember taping pocket knifes to my remote-control monster-truck as a kid. This always made me feel so creative watching this.

    Can't wait.
  10. Ah, right in the childhood!
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  11. Ok, so I just spent more time than I would like to admit watching old episodes, and the article posted makes some good points.

    In the early seasons of this show, you can see some real creativity come out in the design and function of these bots. They were effective, but fun at the same time. (For example, I watched a match between a treaded R.O.B.-like thing with saw arms face off against something that dropped a lady-bug painted dome to trap enemies.) But go to the later days and you start seeing the dawn of the wedges, you see creativity kinda flow out as a single design takes a favorable position and you have these bland bots facing off with generic weapons, the creative ones seem more like jokes than actual competitors.

    Now, I watched some smaller-scale stuff taking place in 2012. That's still in the past, but newer compared to BattleBots. They featured some of the tech and designs used, and I think this new season will be very promising. Wedges were still common, and you generally saw bulkier frames as compared to some of the more exotic models. But that being said, it seems like the weaponry has evolved in really cool ways, some even make weapons specifically designed to take out wedges, so they were starting to see a decline in those because they were being targeted. I saw these pressure-pikes and flamethrowers that I think would be really awesome, as well as a moveable blade designed to get under thing and shoot up.

    New tech could make these things really awesome, so I'll be watching.
  12. So a Electrician friend of mine saw this and started looking at the rules.

    He's now asking me and 7 others to help with the robot.
    Some of which have some skills to offer (Car Knowledge, Fellow Electricians, Programmers, Designers etc.)
    And some others like myself are being invited on to act as idea people who can learn a lot of the stuff on the go.

    So, making a Battlebot should be interesting. :P
    He's already taken two of my ideas which was inspired by the house robots: Dead Metal & Sir Killalot.

    Dead Metal for his trapping feature, and Sir Killalot for his piercing weapon that essentially turns other bots into shishkebabs. (though granted we're doing variations that to the same action.

    Ex: Trap with spiked hammer rather than a claw. The piercing weapon is built in rather than an extended arm).

    That should be fun. :3

    Edit: Three actually. Cause one of the weapons is meant to be a spiked hammer, and their idea was to use it to apply force to help the bot correct itself when flipped over. I suggested adding pistons that when landing shoot out metal pieces that take the majority of the beating upon landing up-right, therefore inflicting minimal damage on the bot itself.
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