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  1. @racheljessie
    so, i wanted to do a fighting, and possibly a relationship check thing. see who would match who, and other stuff. would you want to play a MxM? i know most of your characters are female, but i feel that the lesbian and straight and other stuff is all common. your choice though.
  2. Actually, that sounds cool. I've been wanting to try to play more opposite gender characters.
  3. (as long as you're okay with it!)

    first up, fighting- Croises.

    don't have to end in death
    anime physics, so you're pretty much can be a ninja on steroids....
    you lose a limb, you can fight until you can't fight.... aka bloodloss.
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  4. My character: Ceaser.

    Set us up!
  5. *poke*
  6. What does it look like inside?
  7. It is a well furnished bedroom. What does Roxas do?
  8. (*facepalm* i....i don't even know anymore.....)
  9. (i am falling asleep, night!)
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  10. (Morning!)
  11. Brb
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