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    Welcome to East Windsor High School. Here we have a variety of clubs, classes and fun activities for our children. We have now redecorated and reinvented our classrooms to look way nicer and look new and refurbished. We have a lot of clubs like photography, eco team and fan clubs. We also have sport teams like Basketball, Hockey, Football and now Soccer, tryouts for soccer are starting in two weeks from today so we best hope you tryout. So to cut things short, we recommend you to bring your children for the learning development and the fun they will have with the friendships they will make.

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    A group of High School students sign up for a soccer team, there will be two East Windsor High School teams, one for boys and one for girls, each team has eight members. boys field is one the left side of the school and the girls on the left side, if each team loses three times then there team will be gone, i will use a randomizer for that. This will be set in japan (But i will use any names of schools and use this in English.) this will take place a week before the tryouts start, so we will start then.
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    This will take place in Tokyo, Japan. The teams will go against different teams in Tokyo, until four teams (girls and boys of Windsor, and a girls and boys from the other school) are left. Then it will be all around the world till two four teams are left in each part of the world.
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    1. I will accept each team with eight with each, if for some reason more then eighteen people (plus the coaches of each team) then i will allow members to another school.
    2. Don't fight in the OOC, you can fight in the IC thread only if it's apart of the RP, but don't go too far.
    3. Sexual themes are allowed, but anything with sexual themes put in a spoiler box and mark romance.
    4. Bad language is allowed, but don't abuse the privilege.
    5. Please only use anime photos not real life, and try to find a picture but if not then i will let you use a description.
    6. When you go inside the school for classes, i will ring the bell and time skip.
    7. Finally, the biggest rule...Have fun!
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    Age: (14-18)

    Kaito Miyuki
    Age: (14-18)

    Kaito is a nice guy, he is incredibly good at soccer, is told by his teammates that he is one of the best in Tokyo. He loves fooling around and having fun. He has a good sense of humor but is terrible at making jokes. He concentrates when he's playing soccer and shuts everyone out. He loves soccer and can't live without it. He is really honest and can't keep a secret. Stelios doesn't like training anyone and getting talked down two. He may go over the line for his friends, but no one else.

    Kaito knows a lot of tricks for soccer and is amazing at it. He is very responsible and watches his sister and will do anything for her. He loves the music Rap-core. He practices everyday even in the winter and very cold days. He respects people close to him and only respects people who respect him, he may argue with people's opinions especially concerning soccer. He is loyal to his friends and will stick up for them even if it means he'll get into trouble. He can concentrate and get into the moment.
    Amazing at soccer, very honest and loyal.
    Not a team player, gets distracted easily and is terrible at jokes.
    Kaito was born in Tokyo Japan. He was in a small neighbor hood with good people. There he met his best friend ___. They did everything together, playing soccer and video games. Kaito learned to play soccer by his father who was a huge fan of soccer, he was also an amazing player and showed him everything he knows. His father, Stelios and his best friend after school, Kaito trained and worked out everyday till he was built and had good kicks.

    When he was in elementary school, Kaito and his friend signed up for the soccer team. He met his other three friends who would train together everyday together there. They all played hard and Kaito led them to champions in Tokyo, but he wanted it to be more challenging. When the soccer season was over, they would train at each other's houses. The five became close best friends, but not as much as Kaito was to his friend he knew from the age of five.

    Finally when he was a freshman in high school, he found out that there was a Soccer tournament around the world. He was going to join when all of a sudden his father who taught him everything, died of a heart attack. For the first year he didn't play any soccer, till he was encouraged to play again by his friends. At first he was terrible, till they helped him through his fathers death and got his skills back. He then learned that there was a tournament coming up and he has been training like he used too everyday, ever since.
    ~Crush: He has realized it yet but he has a crush on one of his friends on his team~
    ~Family: Yuri (Sister=Alive) Aiko (Mother=Alive) Kaori (Father=Deceased)~
    ~Allergies: He is severally allergenic to bark and watermelon.~
    ~Hobbies: He loves soccer and plays and practice's it everyday, he loves music.~


    Boy's coach//Open//Open//
    Best friend//Mace Cerra// @MaskedMyth // Goalie
    Friend 2//Open//Open//
    Friend 3//Open//Open//
    Olympic trainer//Open//Open// (This is just a really good soccer player, not a trainer)
    New student//Open//Open//


    Olympic Trainer//Desmond Green// @FangirlingSinceBirth // Attacking Midfielder
    Girl's coach//Open//Open//Position
    Girls best friend 1//Amber Wann//@Raven //Defense//
    Girl's best friend 2//Open//Open//Position
    Girl's friend//Open//Open//position
    Girl's friend//Open//Open//position
    Newbie//Jennabee Shiutsi// @Madeline //Position

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  2. Name: Amber Wann
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Competitive, friendly, creative, intelligent, trust-worth
    Strengths: Gives her all at things she loves. Great at Soccer when it comes to defiance.
    Weaknesses: English, Offense in Soccer

    Bio: Amber was born in Tokyo Japan. She grew up in a small town was home schooled for a while but participated in many clubs and extracurricular activities at the local reparation center. Her parents weren't big on Soccer but her friends were and she loved the sport. When she was old enough to be on a real team for the rec. She signed up and soon she proved that her best position was anything defiance and she shared that her favorite was Stopper.

    When it was time for Amber to be in middle school her parents enrolled her to one of the local schools. She first started out as a soccer manager for you could not be on the team as a sixth grader and she still was on a team for the rec. Then in seventh grade Amber made the team and played as Stopper. When she made the team she meet her best friend _____. She also became great friends with the other members on the team.

    In high-school her and her friends tried out for the team there freshman year all making the team but not really getting to play because they were freshmen which made them seem less important to the coach. This year the coach is different and they plan on things coming out more fair.

    Crush: Open/wants
    Allergies: Cats
    Hobbies: Soccer, Drawing, Acting, and she loves music especially playing the drums.
    Family: (Mother) Selina Wann (Father) Clark Wann
    Grade: Sophmore
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  3. okay great, even though your not done yet accepted! what role is she?
  4. I woulds say a defender mostly she plays Stopper but can play goal when needed or another defender when needed. For those who like to change position.
  5. okay and one last thing, in all the spots at the top, which one would you like?
  6. I don't really know what would be best would be the only spot I really understand what it is would be the coach and I'll pass on that one. What are the others suppose to mean?
  7. Oh there all on the team just it says best friend 1 would be the best friend of the best member on the team
  8. Oh okay. Well I'll be best friend one then for I don't feel like being the one to clam Main.
  9. okay that's fine, i'll set you on the list :D
  10. Okay your reservation is made
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  11. Color ref: 07a357

    "Everyone calls me Dez."
    Desmond Green

    Age: (14-18)
    "I just turned 17."


    "Maybe you should open your eyes before you ask questions."


    (The picture is huge, so this is a link)


    "I would describe my self as a pretty serious person, and I am really kind to others... NAH! That was a big lie!"
    Dez can be serious at times, but she is VERY competitive and will not let anything get in her way. She is a fun person to be near, as long as you do not get in her way or ignore her totally. She is not that friendly, you can only gain her trust through hard core competition and if you seem like a worthy competitor by beating her- which is rare.


    "People have said I am good at reading people... also I am awesome at soccer! Duh!"
    +Soccer skills
    +Reading people
    +Fast runner


    "Do not EVER listen to me sing. Or eat my food."
    -She can't cook
    -She can't sing
    -Her competitive side can take over


    "I am a foreign exchange student from Latvia."
    Desmond "Dez" was born in Latvia, a unpopular country near Russia. She had two siblings named Jewel and Elizabete. Jewel and Elizabete were twins and one year older than her. She grew up rather sad and lonely, but with a competitive edge towards almost everything. She lived in this country until she was 15, and was moved here. Boring if you ask me.

    "I play Attacking Midfielder. In defense... well... anything will work!"
    -Plays Attacking Midfielder
    -She is the best player on the team... consider her the Olympic Trainer person... :/


    "Do you really need to know more?"
    -Virginity? Nope.
    -Still can not swim.
  12. definatly accepted, also from the top, which one would she wanna be?
  13. Well... I was going to do the Olympic Trainer but I realized it was only for the boys :/ how about coach
  14. well actually it would be cool for my character to have a challenge and the girls need someone to look up to, so ill list her as that
  15. ok :3
  16. okay she was added, i will start when we have two more boys and one girl
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  17. Sounds good to me. I still excited for when we can start.
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  18. same here!
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  19. Hey is the spot of the friend that kaito has a crush on taken?
  20. nope its still open,
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